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Chapter 142: Strategy

8245words in this chapter2024-01-07

In Mo Tianlan's view,to help Yanshu Heng ascend to power,two things need to be taken care of.Firstly,winning the favor of Yan Huang Jiu is crucial.The second is dealing with the'Meng Qingze,'the strong individual on the ranking list.

The attitude of Yan Huang Jiu is of utmost importance,but with Mo Tianlan's current strength,it is impossible for him to influence Yan Huang Jiu.It requires the intervention of the Mo family's Yuan Shen realm powerhouse.

The only person he can handle is Meng Qingze.In Mo Tianlan's eyes,the few innate martial artists around Yan Qingxue are not worth mentioning.Only Meng Qingze deserves his attention.

"A ranked individual,huh?If I defeat him,can I make it to the ranking list?"Mo Tianlan murmured to himself.He never believed he was inferior to those so-called ranked individuals.If he hadn't chosen to break through the Spiritual Aperture realm in seclusion five years ago but instead ventured into the Central Plains martial world,he was confident he would have made a name for himself on the ranking list.Of course,at his current age,just under thirty-five,it's not too late to make it to the list now.

Many others share Mo Tianlan's thoughts.With Meng Qingze as the only prominent figure around Yan Qingxue,once he is dealt with,everything will be smooth sailing.

While others rested in their residences,Jiu Hua Sword Sect's Fang Chenyu brought Yanshu Heng to the largest brothel in Shangshan City.He directly rented the entire place,summoning all the girls for entertainment.

Yanshu Heng wanted to refuse,but he dared not defy Fang Chenyu's words and obediently followed his instructions.

In the martial world of Xiangnan,Fang Chenyu's reputation is not favorable.Despite being from a reputable sect,he is cunning and lecherous,engaging in acts of forcefully taking married women and even daring to approach female disciples of major sects,causing trouble for Jiu Hua Sword Sect.

Thinking that Jiu Hua Sword Sect sent such a person to help him,Yanshu Heng felt displeased.So,while Fang Chenyu enjoyed himself,Yanshu Heng pushed away the girls around him and drank alone.

Seeing Yanshu Heng's demeanor,Fang Chenyu pushed aside the girl next to him and grinned,"Kid,feeling unhappy?Think I'm just here for fun and not helping you seize the position of the city lord?"

Yanshu Heng quickly shook his head,awkwardly smiling,"Senior Brother Fang,you're overthinking.Why would I think like that?"

Fang Chenyu patted Yanshu Heng's cheek.The insulting gesture angered Yanshu Heng,but he dared not retaliate.His mother was just an ordinary disciple of Jiu Hua Sword Sect,nowhere near the status of Fang Chenyu.Relying on the support of Jiu Hua Sword Sect to secure the position of the city lord,he couldn't afford to offend them.

"Kid,have you heard people outside saying I'm lecherous and only know how to eat,drink,and have fun without helping you secure the position of the city lord?"Fang Chenyu asked with a smirk.

Yanshu Heng hurriedly shook his head,but Fang Chenyu coldly chuckled,"Those idiots know nothing!I do like women,but so what?Based on the troubles I've caused,the sect could have invalidated my martial arts and expelled me,yet they tolerate me.Do you know why?"

Fang Chenyu lightly tapped,releasing a white true Qi that sliced off a portion of a teacup.The surface remained smooth and undamaged.

"They tolerate me because,compared to the troubles I caused,I,Fang Chenyu,am more valuable!Among the young disciples of Jiu Hua Sword Sect,there are thousands,but only I,Fang Chenyu,broke through the eyes,ears,nose,and mouth before the age of thirty-five!"Fang Chenyu proudly declared.

Being lecherous or causing trouble meant nothing as long as one displayed enough potential.The sect would let him be and protect him.Yanshu Heng's face showed shock;he didn't expect Fang Chenyu,who had a bad reputation,to be so formidable.Even with Mo Tianlan's strength,it took five years of seclusion to break through the eyes,ears,nose,and mouth.What had Fang Chenyu been doing during those five years?Constantly stirring up trouble outside.

If he had focused on cultivation like Mo Tianlan,he might have already made a name for himself on the ranking list.

"Senior Brother Fang,shall we directly confront Meng Qingze and that woman when the time comes?"Yanshu Heng asked excitedly.

Fang Chenyu looked at him as if he were an idiot,"Who is that woman?Is she your sister,the designated heir to the city lord position by Yan Huang Jiu?If we dare touch her,your old man will definitely send our sect to collect our corpses."

Fang Chenyu coldly snorted,"I don't want to die so soon.Forget about this stupid idea.Now,our goal is to eliminate all the forces around Yan Qingxue.Even if she becomes the city lord,without her trusted aides,relying on the temporary warriors assigned by Yan Huang Jiu,it's uncertain if she can control them.That's when you guys should make your move."

Yanshu Heng worriedly asked,"Will my father intervene in our struggle?"

Fang Chenyu took a big sip of his drink,"Don't know,but you used our influence before,and Yan Huang Jiu didn't say anything.Of course,back then,we only sent one or two innate martial artists to accompany you.Now,it's the elite of our sects."

If Yan Huang Jiu continues to remain passive as he used to,with the people we bring,it should be enough to eliminate those around Yan Qingxue.

However,if he decides to take action,it becomes uncertain.There are many capable individuals around Yan Huang Jiu.Over the years,he has recruited numerous formidable figures from the martial world.If he intervenes,we may need to seek assistance from the elders of our sects."

After hearing these words,Yanshu Heng genuinely started to appreciate Fang Chenyu.Analyzing the current situation in Shangshan City so thoroughly,Fang Chenyu is definitely not the reckless troublemaker people may perceive him to be.Despite his past troubles with other martial sects due to women,he managed to avoid severe consequences,not only because of his potential but also due to his understanding of whom to provoke and whom to avoid.

After a moment of contemplation,Fang Chenyu rubbed his chin and said,"I guess idiots like Ling Tao and that fool Mo Tianlan are thinking the same.Clear out those around Yan Qingxue first.However,this levels the playing field for everyone.Even if we eliminate Yan Qingxue,the four of us will still have to compete.We need to find a way to gain an advantage."

"Advantage?What kind of advantage?"Yanshu Heng asked.

Fang Chenyu sneered,"The position of the heir to the city lord is the advantage.Having it gives us a righteous pretext.In the future,when vying for the position of city lord,it at least increases our chances by thirty percent.Unfortunately,you guys are all useless.Letting a woman snatch the advantage from you."

Yanshu Heng,feeling embarrassed,remained silent.Indeed,in the competition for the position of the city lord's heir,he was the most awkward one.He was young,lacked personal strength,and the support from Jiu Hua Sword Sect was not substantial.While Yan Huang Jiu showed some favoritism,it only amounted to sending him two innate martial artists,with no further measures.

"Oh,is this Yan Qingxue beautiful?"Fang Chenyu suddenly asked.

Yanshu Heng hesitated for a moment and then nodded.Despite his resentment towards Yan Qingxue because of his mother,he couldn't deny her physical beauty.

"Senior Brother Fang,you don't intend to pursue Yan Qingxue,right?But you just said she is off-limits,"Yanshu Heng cautiously asked.

While Fang Chenyu is known for being lecherous,he is also a smart person.Could he be getting carried away at this moment?

Fang Chenyu glanced at him,"When did I say I want to pursue Yan Qingxue?Since she's relatively beautiful,I have another idea."

"What idea?"

"I'll go propose marriage directly.I want to marry Yan Qingxue!"

"What!?"Yanshu Heng was suddenly startled.

Fang Chenyu frowned,"Why are you shouting?Let me finish.Yan Qingxue,as an unmarried woman,won't stay single forever.She and I are of similar age and status.Besides,it's a suitable match.As long as she marries me,our Jiu Hua Sword Sect can use this to directly control Shangshan City,occupying a righteous position.The Mo family and others won't stand a chance against us."

Yanshu Heng looked at Fang Chenyu.While the idea he proposed was indeed good,taking a different approach and possibly securing Shangshan City without a fight,what about himself?

"What about me?Should I still compete for the position of city lord?"

Fang Chenyu patted his shoulder,"Don't worry,your mother is from our Jiu Hua Sword Sect.Naturally,you are also considered one of us.How could we let you suffer a loss?If I marry Yan Qingxue,and our Jiu Hua Sword Sect controls Shangshan City,we will need to appoint a practical administrator.Besides you,who else is suitable?Even if you aren't the city lord officially,you will practically have the authority of one."

Hearing Fang Chenyu's words,Yanshu Heng reluctantly nodded.While he harbored resentment towards Yan Qingxue,the ideal scenario would have been him becoming the city lord,avenging his mother,and proving himself.However,with Fang Chenyu wanting to marry Yan Qingxue,he had to abandon that idea.Offending Jiu Hua Sword Sect would likely strip him of the chance to manage Shangshan City.

"Don't worry.What's meant to be yours will be yours,and no one can take it away,"Fang Chenyu comforted,patting Yanshu Heng's shoulder.He then turned around and began to indulge himself with several girls.