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Chapter 222: Conclusion

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Although Ge Donglai and the others were outnumbered three to four,they held the upper hand.As soon as several warriors in the Nascent Soul realm took action,the remnants of Wu Kingdom in the Renyi Manor also joined the fight.

Yue Qingping snorted coldly,bypassed everyone,and with a palm covered the sky,pressing down on Su Xin.The bloodthirsty light burst out from Su Xin's sword,creating a river of blood that engulfed the heavens and earth.

The enormous palm print collided with the bloodthirsty light,and this time,Su Xin didn't retreat but only swayed a bit.Yue Qingping had reached the half-step Nascent Soul realm of unity with heaven and man,and although Su Xin was still slightly inferior,the gap wasn't as significant.

Meanwhile,the elite guards brought by Ge Donglai,all in the Pre-Natal realm,also joined the battle.Having fought on the northern grasslands against the elite of the Golden Tent Khanate,their collective combat strength even surpassed the remnants of Wu Kingdom in Renyi Manor.

Seeing the unfavorable situation,other martial forces from Jiangnan quickly retreated.This battle seemed inexplicable to them;they just wanted to develop their influence in Jiangnan peacefully,and the grudges between the court and the remnants of Wu Kingdom had nothing to do with them.

Zhuge Qingtian unsheathed his Seven-Star Sword,and the dazzling starlight directly attacked Yue Qingping.At the same time,Yin Xixue revealed her true nature,dancing like an elf,and a brilliant flower of the other shore descended,seemingly beautiful but containing endless killing intent.

Yue Qingping shouted angrily,and with a palm from the Broken Jade Hand,he shattered Yin Xixue's demonic illusion.The countless flowers disappeared,leaving only the burst of true energy echoing in the air.

The Seven-Star Sword in Zhuge Qingtian's hand erupted with powerful star power,radiant and unmatched.The power of the Broken Army Star was the strongest star power Zhuge Qingtian could control,but Yue Qingping reached out his right hand,directly pierced through the starlight,and grabbed the Seven-Star Sword,throwing it away.

Facing two opponents,Yue Qingping's full-strength attack exceeded their expectations.However,Su Xin and the others were still three against one.If they couldn't defeat Yue Qingping in this situation,they might as well not continue their existence on the ranking list.

In the moment Yue Qingping shook off Zhuge Qingtian,Su Xin's astonishing Finger of Shocking Thunder was already in action.Thunder roared instantaneously,shocking and stirring.

"Boom!"The intense true energy explosion shattered the blue stone bricks under the feet of the three,turning the surrounding area into a mess.After taking Su Xin's Finger of Shocking Thunder head-on,Yue Qingping spat out a mouthful of blood,and his expressionless face revealed a grimace.

"Why did you,from the Illusion Demon sect,get involved in this matter?"Yue Qingping asked sharply.

Yin Xixue chuckled and said,"You should ask yourselves.You Wu Kingdom rats are causing trouble behind the scenes,and although I can't control that,you are colluding with the White Lotus Cult.That's a big taboo for my Illusion Demon sect."

At this point,Yin Xixue's charming face instantly turned icy,"Anyone colluding with the White Lotus Cult will face endless pursuit from my Illusion Demon sect."

Yue Qingping's face showed a silent smile.The survivors from Wu Kingdom,after struggling to connect with the White Lotus Cult and gaining its support,ended up becoming mortal enemies with the Illusion Demon sect.Whether this deal was worth it or not was now in question.

While Su Xin and the others were in a fierce battle,on Ge Donglai's side,victory was about to be determined.The Nascent Soul realm experts acted decisively,ending the fight faster than Su Xin's group.

Of course,this was also because the strength on Ge Donglai's side was somewhat overwhelming.Three martial masters in the Soul Fusion realm,ranking above the Earth Ranking,joined forces.In just a few moves,the Soul Fusion warrior who had been severely injured by Zhuge Liuyun's Qiankun Finger was killed by Tie Zhan's sword,and Jiang Heliu and others were also seriously injured.

Jiang Heliu's face couldn't help but reveal a trace of despair.For this uprising,they had planned for several years and paid a huge price to join the White Lotus Cult.They had almost become vassals of the White Lotus Cult,but unexpectedly,they still failed.

However,Jiang Heliu,who had established the Renyi Manor and endured in Jiangnan for decades,was not someone who couldn't accept defeat.When they,the survivors of Wu Kingdom,were most miserable,and couldn't even find a Nascent Soul warrior to protect them from the pursuit of the Great Zhou Dynasty,the current situation,even if it was a loss,was still much better than before.

Therefore,Jiang Heliu made a decisive decision:"Retreat!"

Jiang Heliu shouted loudly,quickly coming to Yue Qingping's side,and pulled him away directly.The controlled Jin Wulin and the Nascent Soul warrior from Wu Kingdom also turned and fled,not bothering with the remnants of Wu Kingdom in Renyi Manor who were still fighting against Ge Donglai's guards.

In a battle between Nascent Soul realm warriors,it was easy to defeat the opponent or inflict injuries,but if one side wanted to escape with all their hearts,it wouldn't be so easy to keep them.

In the recent battle,a martial artist in the Soul Fusion realm was killed.This was possible because he had been severely injured by Zhuge Liuyun's Qiankun Finger before,allowing for his defeat.

Therefore,Ge Donglai and the others didn't pursue him,knowing it would be futile.As for the remnants of Wu Kingdom left at the scene,seeing Jiang Heliu flee,some of those with weaker wills immediately surrendered.Only a few resisted stubbornly but were quickly slain.

These individuals were remnants of Wu Kingdom,not members of the royal family,and most had joined later under the influence of Jiang Heliu.They didn't possess significant secrets,so in this critical moment,Jiang Heliu decisively abandoned them.However,their loyalty to Jiang Heliu and others was questionable.

This episode in Jiangnan concluded hastily,prompting other forces from Jiangnan to bid farewell and leave.Fortunately,the victory belonged to the court.Otherwise,their decision on which side to support would have been a dilemma.

After instructing others to clean up the battlefield,Ge Donglai and Tie Zhan approached Su Xin.

"Greetings,Commander Tie,Chief Ge,"Su Xin bowed.

Tie Zhan laughed heartily,patting Su Xin on the shoulder."Impressive,recommended by that Iron Hearted kid,you didn't disappoint.Your contribution this time is significant.If you hadn't timely delivered the message,the Six Fan Sect wouldn't have been so well-prepared for this Jiangnan event."

Ge Donglai nodded in agreement."Exactly,I underestimated these rats from Wu Kingdom.I sensed something was amiss in Jiangnan for the past few years,but I didn't expect the entire Six Fan Sect in Jiangnan to be infiltrated by them.We were completely blindsided.Your information came at the right time.If it had been a bit later,even with the information,we wouldn't have had time to prepare."

Wu Kingdom had risen in regions like Jiangnan.Initially,under the suppression of the Six Fan Sect in Jiangnan,there were not many survivors.However,later,when Jin Wulin was controlled by the White Lotus Cult,they practically allowed these remnants of Wu Kingdom to flourish.Even secret messages were passed to them,enabling their development over the years,causing concern for both the Six Fan Sect and Ge Donglai.

"You two are too kind.I just did what I should do,"Su Xin modestly replied.

At this moment,beside Su Xin,Yin Xixue portrayed an obedient appearance,bowing to Tie Zhan's group."Greetings,Foster Father."

Upon hearing Yin Xixue's address,Su Xin was momentarily stunned.He had always believed that Yin Xixue had killed Tie Yaohua,obtained information and tokens from her using illusions,and then appeared before him in the guise of Tie Yaohua.

However,things seemed a bit off now.Yin Xixue not only didn't run away upon seeing Tie Zhan but even addressed him as a foster father.Did this mean she still had a connection with the Six Fan Sect?

Yin Xixue lightly chuckled."You've always claimed that I'm impersonating someone.I never said my identity was fake.Tie Yaohua is me,and Yin Xixue is also me.Is that not allowed?"

Tie Zhan waved his hand."Enough,don't make trouble.Back then,I asked you to help Su Xin,but I didn't expect you to deceive him with another identity.What if something major had gone wrong?"

Yin Xixue giggled,"If someone highly praised by Iron Hearted is so useless,what qualifications do I have to help him?"

Su Xin coldly watched Yin Xixue.This woman truly had a witch-like personality.He hadn't expected her to have another identity hidden from him.

Tie Zhan explained,"Our Tie family,despite being influential in the Six Fan Sect,doesn't have abundant manpower.So every year,we select some talented orphans without parents to adopt as foster sons and daughters,allowing them to join our Tie family.Yin Xixue is one of them.However,due to a certain deal between our Six Fan Sect and the Illusion Demon Sect,she joined them under a different name."

Su Xin nodded in understanding.The specifics of the deal were not disclosed,and he had no right to ask.

Since Zhuge Liuyun appeared,Su Xin knew that the Six Fan Sect and some forces in the martial world were not sworn enemies.Being top-tier existences,they couldn't easily eliminate each other.As long as there was an opportunity,cooperation was also possible,just like this time,when the Zhuge family collaborated with the Six Fan Sect to deal with the remnants of Wu Kingdom.

"Alright,pack up,and let's discuss matters elsewhere.I'll capture those remnants of Wu Kingdom to suppress their martial arts.The rest is up to you,Six Fan Sect,"Ge Donglai waved his hand.

Tie Zhan nodded and led Su Xin and Yin Xixue into Ge Donglai's mansion.

After settling down,Tie Zhan took out two iron gallbladders from his pocket and played with them in his hand.

Su Xin had always wondered where Tie Wuqing got the habit of playing with iron gallbladders.It turned out to be a tradition passed down in the Tie family.

However,the iron gallbladders that Tie Wuqing played with were made of refined steel.The two iron gallbladders that Tie Zhan was playing with now,Su Xin recognized,were made of Profound Origin Heavy Iron.Each was about the size of a thumb and weighed dozens of pounds.