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Chapter 223: I've Accepted This Position

8706words in this chapter2024-01-24

After several people took their seats,Tie Zhan turned to Su Xin and asked,"How do you see the matter of the remnants of Wu Kingdom this time?"

Although the matter had clearly concluded,Tie Zhan still asked Su Xin for his opinion,which seemed a bit strange.However,Su Xin understood the meaning behind Tie Zhan's words.

Even though the rebellion of the remnants of Wu Kingdom had been defeated,it exposed numerous problems.The Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao had been completely corrupted,and even the prestigious position of Chief Constable had been controlled by others,becoming a puppet of the White Lotus Sect.This was a direct slap in the face to the court and the Six Gates.

Moreover,the situation was not as simple as it seemed.Behind the uprising of Wu Kingdom,besides the White Lotus Sect,there might be others involved.Su Xin spoke in a deep voice,"As I mentioned in the confidential report before,the Xiao family in Jiangnan is very suspicious.The Benevolence and Righteousness Manor has been established in Jiangnan Dao for decades,and those remnants of Wu Kingdom have been developing for quite some time in Jiangnan Dao.How could the Xiao family,as the local power,be completely unaware?If it were before this Jiangnan gathering,it might be said that the Xiao family was genuinely negligent and unaware.However,judging by the current situation,the Xiao family clearly knows about the plans of Jiang He Liu and the others.That's why they didn't even send a martial artist in the Yuan Shen realm to this Jiangnan gathering,and even Xiao Huang disappeared in the end."

Tie Zhan nodded,"You're right;we have similar thoughts."

A meaningful smile appeared on Tie Zhan's rugged face,"But you are thinking too simplistically.Do you think the Xiao family only knows about the plans of these remnants of Wu Kingdom and allows them to act freely?Keep in mind that several decades ago,we exterminated Wu Kingdom to the extent that not even a martial artist in the Yuan Shen realm was left.Although later the Great Zhou Dynasty moved its capital,and His Majesty focused all his efforts on eliminating Du Yuansheng and the Xiang Martial Alliance,giving these remnants of Wu Kingdom a chance to catch their breath.However,in these decades,they could not have cultivated two martial arts grandmasters in the Rong Shen realm."

Breaking through from the peak of the Divine Palace realm to the Transcendence realm might happen with the right opportunities,but advancing from the Transcendence realm to the Rong Shen realm is not so simple.Resources,cultivation,enlightenment,and more are all indispensable.

Those remnants of Wu Kingdom only recently joined forces with the White Lotus Sect.Before that,how did they strengthen themselves?This is worth pondering.

Su Xin tapped the table and said,"Is the Xiao family trying to use those remnants of Wu Kingdom as puppets and play the role of the puppeteer behind the scenes?"

Tie Zhan sneered,"They certainly have that intention,but more than that,they want to test whether our Great Zhou Dynasty is really running out of steam.If we let those remnants of Wu Kingdom succeed this time,the Xiao family might actually jump out from behind the scenes and play the game of establishing their own country."

At this point,Tie Zhan suddenly turned to Su Xin and asked,"You performed quite well this time,so my big brother and I discussed it.We are prepared to give you a choice."

Su Xin was slightly stunned.Who is Tie Zhan's big brother?He is Iron Merciless,the Chief Constable of the Six Gates,a strong martial artist in the Yang Shen realm known as'Divine Eagle'Tie Ao!

Now,Tie Zhan actually said that he and Tie Ao discussed matters related to him,which surprised Su Xin.

"What choice?"Su Xin asked.

Tie Zhan said in a deep voice,"Jin Wulin is controlled by the White Lotus Sect,and the entire Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao have been completely corrupted,becoming virtually nonexistent.Despite purging those colluding with the White Lotus Sect,the strength of the entire Six Gates in Jiangnan Dao is still weaker than the remote Xiangnan Dao and Hannan Dao.So,after discussing with my big brother,we are considering appointing you as the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao.You have successfully broken through the Divine Palace realm,and it's the perfect time for you to take on this position."

Su Xin was truly astonished by Tie Zhan's words.He never expected that Tie Zhan would actually propose for him to take on the crucial position of Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao.

It's essential to note that the Chief Constable of a Dao is the second most important figure in the court within that Dao,second only to the position of the Grand Marshal.Earlier,Tie Wuqing took over as the Chief Constable of Xiangnan Dao with his strength in the Divine Palace realm,but there were various factors involved.Tie Wuqing,as the legitimate disciple of the Iron family,was one of the factors,and the strength of Xiangnan Dao couldn't be compared to that of Jiangnan Dao.

Although Su Xin is currently considered a member of the Iron family,he is still an outsider.Moreover,the position of Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao is so crucial that even the Divine Palace realm martial artists from the Iron family may not be qualified to hold it.At least,there should be a martial arts grandmaster in the Yuan Shen realm to preside over such an important position.

So Su Xin wasn't knocked out by this unexpected stroke of luck falling from the sky.He just asked in a deep voice,"I want to know why you chose me?The position of Chief Constable in Jiangnan Dao should be held by a martial artist in the Yuan Shen realm."

Yin Xixue,on the side,also looked at Tie Zhan in shock.Although she studied in the Phantom Demon Sect,she grew up in the Six Gates and was very familiar with the system of the Six Gates.

Her cousin,Tie Wuqing,becoming the Chief Constable of Xiangnan Dao when he reached the peak of the Divine Palace realm already made her feel incredulous.Now,Su Xin was about to become the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao,making Yin Xixue wonder if her adoptive father and the high-ranking members of the Six Gates had lost their minds.

Tie Zhan sighed and said,"There are two reasons for choosing you as the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao.One is,of course,because of your abilities.The second is that we really can't find anyone else to take charge of the Six Gates in Jiangnan Dao.Jiang Heliu was somewhat correct;the Great Zhou Dynasty is indeed in decline,and the Six Gates are also overwhelmed.If the Six Gates can spare manpower this time without my intervention,more than ten Chief Constables in the Yuan Shen realm can easily handle those remnants of Wu Kingdom."

At this point,Tie Zhan's expression became somewhat unpleasant."I won't hide it from you.The Great Zhou Dynasty has been showing signs of decline since about twenty years ago.Although His Majesty is talented,the later generations are not living up to it,and internal conflicts persist.After establishing the capital too hastily and targeting Du Yuansheng too early,the consumption of strength was too great.This allowed the Northern Golden Horde,the Thirty-Six Kingdoms of the Western Regions,the restless tribes in the northwest grasslands,and the revived East Jin,which inherited the wealth of the former Eastern Jin,to recover.Now,the Great Zhou is facing internal and external threats continuously.In the past,when my Six Gates were at their strongest,every Chief Constable in each Dao had the cultivation level of the Yuan Shen realm.There were also over a hundred Chief Constables in the Yuan Shen realm for chasing and investigating.However,now that number has halved.In earlier years,we even transferred Chief Constables to certain Daos.But the number of transfers for Chief Constables and Investigating Chief Constables has decreased,and now,we really can't spare anyone from my Six Gates."

Su Xin didn't expect that the Six Gates would be in such a predicament.It was challenging even to send a martial artist in the Yuan Shen realm to Jiangnan Dao as the Chief Constable.

Tie Zhan stared directly at Su Xin and said in a deep voice,"So,what do you say?Will you accept this position?"

Facing Tie Zhan's gaze,Su Xin asked,"As you know,the situation in Jiangnan Dao is complicated.There are three top forces with martial artists in the Rong Shen realm,dozens of second-tier forces with martial artists in the Transcendence realm,and numerous third-tier forces,including the leading families like the Xiao family.I only have the strength of the Divine Palace realm.Leading the already declining Six Gates in Jiangnan Dao against them,what if I fail?"

Tie Zhan replied calmly,"It's simple.Whether it's the Six Gates or my Iron family,we don't keep useless people."

Understanding,Su Xin nodded and said,"I'll take the position."

Tie Zhan burst into laughter,"Su Xin,I didn't misjudge you.Rest assured,as long as you take over the Six Gates in Jiangnan Dao,any reasonable requests you have will be fulfilled as long as I can do them."

Su Xin tapped the table with his fingers,saying,"I want something straightforward.First,the Six Gates must help me keep an eye on the Xiao family.If the Xiao family intervenes in the affairs of Jiangnan Dao,even with my exceptional skills,it will be useless."

Tie Zhan nodded,"I've already considered this.The Xiao family's actions this time were too blatant.They think that by pushing out a fool to take the lead,they can get away with it.It's not that simple.Ge Donglai used to be the General Suppressing the North,and although his rank is the same as the General Marshal in a Dao,his military power is much greater.His sudden transfer to the position of Chief Marshal in Jiangnan Dao is mainly to guard against the Xiao family.Ge Donglai won't care about other things,but he will keep a close eye on the Xiao family.If the Xiao family shows any sign of movement,my Six Gates won't let them off!"

A hint of coldness flashed in Tie Zhan's eyes.The Six Gates were short-handed,and dealing with various matters was difficult.However,if the Xiao family dared to cause trouble again,the Six Gates would make sure the Xiao family suffered severe damage,even if it meant neglecting other areas.