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Chapter 15: Cruel Reality

8042words in this chapter2023-12-27

At the residence of Tiger Lord in Shunyi Lane,this time Su Xin didn't need to announce himself.The two gang members guarding the door directly let Su Xin and Huang Bingcheng in.

Having made such a big impact in Huoyi Forest,even if Su Xin wasn't Tiger Lord's adopted son,he deserved their respect.

In the living room,Tiger Lord sat in the main seat,as if expecting Su Xin's visit.Li Shiyeh stood behind Tiger Lord.

"Su Xin pays respects to adoptive father."Su Xin quickly stepped forward,bowing in salute.

Tiger Lord,holding a teacup,smiled and said,"Rise.You've been doing well in Huoyi Forest during this time.Father didn't misjudge you back then."

Su Xin complimented,"Adoptive father,you're too kind.My achievements today are indeed reliant on your influence.If you weren't standing behind me,I wouldn't be able to suppress those businessmen."

"Alright,you don't need to be modest.Among the younger generation of the Flying Eagle Gang,you are indeed the most capable.The reforms in Huoyi Forest have received praise even from the gang leader."Tiger Lord spoke.

"By the way,adoptive father,do you know about the incident where one of my brothers was killed by members of the Green Bamboo Gang yesterday?"Su Xin asked.

Tiger Lord replied,"Of course,I know about that.It's just a misunderstanding.Daichong,the leader of the Green Bamboo Gang,has already come to apologize and compensated with ten taels of silver.Let's consider the matter settled."

Su Xin,suppressing his anger,said,"Adoptive father,the Green Bamboo Gang killed our brother.Should we just let it go?Is an apology worth a life?"

"What else do you want?You're still young.The conflicts between gangs are not that simple,"said Tiger Lord with a solemn tone.

Su Xin wanted to say more,but Tiger Lord directly stated,"Enough.Your development of Huoyi Forest has just begun.Don't waste your energy on such trivial matters.I'm tired.Li Shiyeh,escort Su Xin out for me."

Hearing Tiger Lord's words,Su Xin knew that there was little hope of the Flying Eagle Gang getting justice in this matter.He could only leave with Huang Bingcheng.

Li Shiyeh followed them with a smiling face and said,"Master Su,don't dwell on this matter.Just offer a bit more burial expenses to that gang member,and consider the incident closed."

"Don't address me that way,Li Shiyeh.Just call me by my name,"Su Xin said.

Su Xin didn't underestimate Li Shiyeh,who had followed Tiger Lord for decades.Li Shiyeh shook his head and said,"No,courtesy should not be abandoned.You are the adopted son of Lord Tiger,and it's appropriate for me to address you as Young Master."

Su Xin,with a meaningful look,took Li Shiyeh to the corner of the doorway.Huang Bingcheng quickly understood,taking out ten thousand taels of silver and skillfully handed it to Li Shiyeh.

Li Shiyeh glanced at the denomination of the silver ticket,immediately feeling pleased.He discreetly put it into his sleeve.

"Cough,Young Master Su,you're truly too generous,"Li Shiyeh said with a smile.

Su Xin clasped his hands,"Li Shiyeh,I'm not being overly polite.I sincerely want to ask you,why did the Green Bamboo Gang kill our people,and yet,the higher-ups are unwilling to demand an explanation from them?Is it because Lord Tiger doesn't want to lose his brothers?"

Li Shiyeh looked around and,seeing no one approaching,sighed,"Young Master Su,let me be honest with you.This matter has little to do with Lord Tiger.It's a decision from above."

Su Xin raised an eyebrow,understanding that there must be some connection.

"Do you know why we went to war with the Green Bamboo Gang last time?"Li Shiyeh asked.

"Isn't it because of the competition for Chang Le Alley?"Su Xin answered.

Li Shiyeh disdainfully sneered,"Nonsense!That's just an excuse to fool ordinary gang members.Chang Le Alley,apart from Huoyi Forest,has nothing else valuable.And Huoyi Forest only thrived after you took over.Before that,the monthly income from Huoyi Forest was barely over a thousand taels,not even enough to cover the rewards for our brothers after the battle in Chang Le Alley.

"We went to war with the Green Bamboo Gang because our Young Master Sha Yuandong was jealous of their Young Master and wanted revenge after suffering a slight loss.So,this was just a matter of two young masters vying for dominance.The war was pointless,causing losses in terms of both manpower and money.

"Now,because one small gang member died,and the Green Bamboo Gang apologized,offered ten taels of silver,and saved face for the Flying Eagle Gang,why spend a large sum to attack the Green Bamboo Gang for the sake of an insignificant justice?"

Li Shiyeh's words left Su Xin and Huang Bingcheng stunned.They had never imagined that the cause of the gang war over a month ago was actually a rivalry between two young masters.

Looking around cautiously,Li Shiyeh whispered,"Young Master Su,let me say one more thing.Above,there are no plans to send someone to demand an explanation.Apart from this reason,there's also some intention to target you.Your Huoyi Forest is earning nearly two hundred thousand a month,even surpassing the monthly income of some major leaders.Many people are envious and want to suppress you."

Su Xin replied in a deep voice,"Doesn't adoptive father intend to support me?"

He had given Tiger Lord eighty thousand taels out of the one hundred and eighty thousand he earned this month.One reason was to show filial piety,and the other was to prevent jealousy,relying on Tiger Lord to shield him.

Formally speaking,Su Xin,as a small leader,fell under Tiger Lord's jurisdiction,and Tiger Lord was also his adoptive father.If someone wanted to suppress Su Xin,the one who received the silver,Tiger Lord,naturally had to stand up for him.

However,Li Shiyeh didn't directly answer this question.Instead,he asked,"Young Master Su,did you give eighty thousand taels to Lord Tiger last month?"

Su Xin nodded.

"Lord Tiger only found out later that you earned a total of one hundred and eighty thousand taels last month!"

After saying this,Li Shiyeh arched his hand and left directly.

"People are insatiable,"Su Xin understood the meaning behind Li Shiyeh's words and a cold light flashed in his eyes.He left with Huang Bingcheng.

"Damn!What the hell is going on!A big battle with the Green Bamboo Gang for the sake of two young masters,and now our own people are killed by the Green Bamboo Gang,but they won't do a damn thing!"Huang Bingcheng cursed all the way,showing extreme indignation.

He had also participated in the battle in Chang Le Alley.Although,given his personality,he would never charge into a fight,this incident had still given him a sense of injustice.

The high-level members of the Flying Eagle Gang really didn't regard them,the ordinary members,as human beings!

In contrast to Huang Bingcheng's anger,Su Xin seemed calm."Be more open-minded.Those in high positions only care about one thing:profit.Obviously,what we want to do doesn't align with their interests,so they won't intervene;they might even suppress us.Instead of relying on others,it's better to rely on ourselves."

Su Xin had understood this in his previous life.Never entrust your fate to others.

"If I may ask,Boss,are you thinking..."Huang Bingcheng looked at Su Xin in shock.

Su Xin didn't speak,but a hint of coldness flashed in his eyes.

Back at the entrance of Huoyi Forest,his subordinates were eagerly waiting,wanting to know if someone from above would seek justice for them.However,seeing only Su Xin and Huang Bingcheng returning,they felt a sudden chill.

Facing the expectant gazes,Su Xin calmly said,"The higher-ups have spoken.The Green Bamboo Gang has apologized,and this matter is considered settled.They won't send people to have another big battle with the Green Bamboo Gang."

His subordinates were instantly stirred up,even though they had guessed this news.There was still a sense of frustration.

Ji Gang in the crowd shook his head,revealing a disdainful expression.

As Tiger Lord's confidant,he naturally had some understanding of the high-level members of the Flying Eagle Gang.After this incident,he knew that the higher-ups would absolutely not send people to help Su Xin seek justice.

Amidst the restless crowd,Su Xin knocked on the table,and everyone fell silent.

Although Su Xin had only been their boss for a little over a month,he had earned their respect with clear rewards and punishments.

But seeing their brothers killed by an opposing gang,and in return only receiving an apology and ten taels of silver,they still felt a sense of resentment.

Although this matter had little to do with Su Xin,they still held a grudge.

How could they fully trust and respect a boss who couldn't even protect his own subordinates?

Seeing this scene,Su Xin breathed a sigh of relief.

This should be the scene that the high-level members of the Flying Eagle Gang,or Tiger Lord,wanted to see,right?

Letting him become a boss with money but with disloyal subordinates,making it easy for others to manipulate him?

Su Xin smiled coldly,knocked on the table,and declared,"It's fine if the higher-ups won't send anyone.They have their concerns,but I,Su Xin,won't let my brothers die in vain!By this time tomorrow,I will be holding the heads of Zhang Hong and Dai Chong to mourn our fallen brothers!"

The entire entrance fell into stunned silence.