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Chapter 14: Unexpected Calamity, Riding a Tiger is Difficult

9397words in this chapter2023-12-27

In Changning Prefecture,there were three gangs and four societies,with the Green Bamboo Gang and the Flying Eagle Gang being the two weakest.The two factions were evenly matched in strength.

Although the Green Bamboo Gang lost the battle in Happy Forest,they didn't lose many members.It could be said that they voluntarily withdrew from Happy Forest.After all,the previous Happy Forest didn't yield much profit,and it wasn't worth fighting tooth and nail against the Flying Eagle Gang for a place that could barely bring in four or five hundred taels of silver a month at most.So,after just one battle,the Green Bamboo Gang conceded Happy Forest and directly retreated to Yongle Lane,adjacent to Changle District.

However,seeing that Happy Forest was thriving under the control of Su Xin,and hearing rumors that the monthly earnings of Happy Forest were close to a hundred thousand taels,made the Green Bamboo Gang envious.Especially Zhang Hong,the former head responsible for managing Happy Forest,who almost spat blood on the spot.

During his time in Happy Forest,he lived a hard life.After deducting the money to be offered to superiors and distributed to subordinates,he didn't have much money left for himself.But when the guys from the Flying Eagle Gang arrived,Happy Forest immediately turned into a gold mine.This made many members of the Green Bamboo Gang secretly mock Zhang Hong,saying he was begging for a golden rice bowl.

After withdrawing from Happy Forest,the leader Dai Chong only gave Zhang Hong a short street next to Happy Forest to manage.There were only a few dozen shops,even fewer than Happy Forest.

One night,Zhang Hong,having eaten and drunk his fill,patrolled the streets with a few underlings.He looked up and saw the brightly lit scene of Happy Forest on the opposite side,which made him even more resentful.

"Damn it!When I was in charge of Happy Forest,why didn't those merchants share the profits with me?Are they bullying us,the Green Bamboo Gang?"

One of Zhang Hong's underlings chimed in,"Brother Hong,don't be angry.Those merchants are despicable!I heard that the kid from the Flying Eagle Gang directly crippled Huang,the one running the gambling den,and the whole group obediently handed over the profits."

Zhang Hong sniffed and sneered,"Damn it,if I had known,I would have been more ruthless back then.I could have made a fortune before leaving,instead of ending up like this now."

"Hey,Hong,look,isn't that a guy from the Flying Eagle Gang?"One of the gang members pointed to the corner of the tavern.

The tavern was located between Yongle Lane and Happy Forest,and they could see it at a glance.At this moment,a guy wearing the uniform of the Flying Eagle Gang was stumbling there after relieving himself.

Today was payday for them,and it was ten taels at once.This made the gang members very excited.People who joined gang factions to live an honest life were rare,and most were living for the moment—drinking,carousing,and enjoying themselves as soon as they received their monthly pay.

So,several gang members who had a good relationship usually came to the tavern,had a big feast,and honestly paid for everything.After all,the events of the day were still fresh in their minds,and the leader Su Xin was not an easy person to deal with.

One of the gang members shook his body,pulled up his pants,and a silver ingot the size of a fist fell from his chest pocket.

Seeing that fist-sized silver ingot,the gang members behind Zhang Hong turned red with envy.Sometimes they didn't even have ten taels for the whole year.Now,these Flying Eagle Gang members could easily produce ten taels each.

The gang member who just finished relieving himself turned around and saw Zhang Hong and his group.

He recognized them as members of the Green Bamboo Gang,but he just sneered disdainfully,weighed the silver ingot in his hand,and turned to leave.

What's the big deal with a small leader?We've already driven away your leader,and now we're following Su Laoda.It's much better than your little leader!

Seeing the sneer,Zhang Hong exploded,"Damn it,even a little punk like you dares to laugh at me?Drag him over and beat him!"

The gang member,realizing things were not right,tried to run,but he had drunk quite a bit and walked unsteadily.Before he could take a few steps,Zhang Hong and his gang caught up with him,starting to punch and kick.

"I'm from the Flying Eagle Gang!This is the territory of the Flying Eagle Gang!If you mess around,my boss won't spare you!"

Zhang Hong sneered,"Your boss?That little brat who just stopped breastfeeding?Today,I'll beat you to death and see what he can do to me!"

Fists rained down like a storm,and at first,the gang member moaned in pain.However,in the end,he fell silent.


Zhang Hong shouted,and one of his underlings went over to take a look.He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said,"Brother Hong,this guy has been beaten to death!"

Everyone looked at each other,feeling that things had taken a turn for the worse.

Originally,they just wanted to teach this guy a lesson,but they had also had some drinks before coming out.Their hands were now a bit heavy,and they had actually beaten him to death.

Fighting among gangs was nothing,and even killing someone during gang wars was considered normal.But that was a decision made by the high-level members of the gang,and they were responsible for dealing with the authorities and handling the aftermath.

However,it was not so easy for their underlings.Even their actions might lead to another large-scale conflict between the two gangs.

"Hong Ge,what should we do now?"Several gang members were at a loss.

Zhang Hong looked around;there were no members of the Flying Eagle Gang nearby.The people who came with him were probably still inside the tavern,completely drunk.

"No one saw it.Let's withdraw for now.After all,this is the territory of the Flying Eagle Gang.We'll report to the big boss first,"Zhang Hong suggested.

Zhang Hong cursed himself for being too careless.Now that he had killed a member of the Flying Eagle Gang,he knew he couldn't handle it alone.Reporting to the big boss,Dai Chong,would likely cost him a substantial amount,given Dai Chong's greedy nature.

Dai Chong,the leader of the Green Bamboo Gang,was addicted to gambling.His love for money stemmed from his fondness for gambling.

Zhang Hong went directly to the largest gambling den in Yongle Lane,Golden Prosperity Gambling Den,and easily found Dai Chong.

Dai Chong,over fifty years old,was tall and robust,with a half-human-high drum-shaped golden hammer by his side.Because of this peculiar weapon,he had a resounding nickname in Changning Prefecture—Thunder Hammer.

"Boss,I've got myself into trouble,"Zhang Hong reported cautiously.

Dai Chong seemed to have won some money,and he was in a good mood.He lazily asked,"What trouble did you cause this time?"

"I accidentally killed a member of the Flying Eagle Gang."

"Oh,it's a minor issue.I'll go talk to the Flying Eagle Gang and compensate them with ten taels of silver for the burial expenses,"Dai Chong said indifferently.

Zhang Hong was dumbfounded.Was it that easy to resolve?Something didn't seem right.

"Boss,won't the Flying Eagle Gang engage in another conflict with us over this?"Zhang Hong couldn't help but ask.

Dai Chong waved his hand dismissively,"Don't worry,they won't fight.Even if we wanted to fight,the Flying Eagle Gang won't.You don't understand the situation above.By the way,we're short of one player;come play a few rounds with me."

Zhang Hong,bewildered,was pulled to the mahjong table.All he knew was that he probably wouldn't be held responsible anymore.

The next morning,at the entrance of Happy Forest,Su Xin sat in the main seat with a gloomy expression,silently looking at the corpse on the ground.Other gang members stood silently below.

"What's going on?"Su Xin finally spoke slowly.

Huang Bingcheng,with a look of sorrow and indignation,said,"It was done by members of the Green Bamboo Gang.Last night,a few of our brothers went out for a drink.When they came out,they found him beaten to death and thrown on the street."

The gang members below were all angry.The few who had gone out with the deceased had red eyes,feeling that it was their carelessness that led to their brother's death at the hands of the Green Bamboo Gang.

"Did you inform the gang?"Su Xin asked.

"They knew even before we did.Today,Hu San sent someone to deliver ten taels of silver,saying it's the burial expenses sent by Dai Chong,the leader of the Green Bamboo Gang,"Huang Bingcheng said with a look of resentment.

"Bang!"Su Xin directly smashed the teacup in his hand to the ground.

The gang members below were also full of anger.Their monthly pay was just ten taels of silver,and now,after killing someone,they were given ten taels for burial expenses.This was clearly an insult!

"What does the gang mean?Are we just going to endure this?"Su Xin asked,puzzled.The grudge between the Green Bamboo Gang and the Flying Eagle Gang had a long history.The fact that the high-level members of the Green Bamboo Gang tolerated the killing of a member of the Flying Eagle Gang without retaliation seemed strange.

"They didn't say it directly,but it seems to be the case,"Huang Bingcheng said helplessly.

The gang members below looked at Su Xin with anticipation,wondering how their leader would resolve this.

Su Xin's subordinates consisted mostly of young people who had recently joined,in addition to a few old members of the Flying Eagle Gang.The young members still had hot blood in their hearts.Even if they knew they might die in a fight against the Green Bamboo Gang,they couldn't accept being insulted like this—having their brother killed and then receiving ten taels of silver to wash their hands of the matter.

On the contrary,the veterans who had been in the gang for several years were much calmer.

The struggle between the two gangs was not that simple.Even if they wanted to fight,they needed orders from above.Now that the higher-ups had made it clear that they didn't want to resort to violence,relying on Su Xin's small group would only lead to their deaths.

"Boss,what should we do now?"Huang Bingcheng asked in a low voice.

Su Xin stroked his chin;he was in a bit of a dilemma.If he didn't fight,the little prestige he had built up would likely be completely depleted.But if he fought,and the Flying Eagle Gang didn't send reinforcements,how could he handle it on his own?Just relying on these newly recruited young people?

After pondering for a moment,Su Xin decisively said,"I,Su Xin,won't let my brothers die in vain!I'll go ask my foster father to send someone and demand justice from the Green Bamboo Gang!"

The gang members present were instantly invigorated.Su Boss indeed didn't disappoint them!

Su Xin ordered to have the dead gang member carried out for burial,and then he instructed Huang Bingcheng to bring out five thousand taels of silver notes to accompany him in meeting Hu San.