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Chapter Five: Cunning Argumentation

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Chapter Fourty-Nine Districts of Changning Prefecture,belonging to the territory of the Flying Eagle Gang,actually only have four,among which the most run-down is the Changle District.

As one of the thirteen big bosses of the Flying Eagle Gang,Hu Sanye's territory accounts for one-third of the Shunyi District.Compared to Changle District,Shunyi District is much more prosperous.The streets are bustling,with constant traffic,unlike Changle District,which looks like a slum with perennial sewage flowing.

"Hu Sanye has his own mansion in Shunyi District,three entrances and three exits.Hmm,when can we live in a mansion with three entrances and three exits?"Huang Bingcheng exclaimed with envy.

For people like them at the bottom of the gang,their aspirations are not about becoming famous;rather,they seek a stable and secure life.

There are two Flying Eagle Gang members guarding the entrance of Hu Sanye's residence.Huang Bingcheng quickly approached and ingratiatedly said,"So,it's Big Brother Wang and Brother Tian at the door today?Could you both please inform him?Just say that Su Xin from Changle District requests an audience."

"Su Xin?The one who killed Chen Dao?"The two men looked at Su Xin with a playful expression.

Huang Bingcheng's heart skipped a beat;as expected,the news had reached Hu Sanye's ears.Surprisingly,the two men didn't give Su Xin a hard time;they simply said,"Go in;Hu Sanye is waiting inside."

Perplexed,Huang Bingcheng led Su Xin inside,and the two men immediately closed the door behind them.

"I say,Old Wang,do you think this kid can come out alive?"

"I don't know,but if he can come out of here,he'll surely have a place in the Flying Eagle Gang!"

"Why?Just because he killed Chen Dao?"

"No,it's because after killing Chen Dao,he dared to come here.That kind of courage is extraordinary!"

In the hall,Su Xin finally met the renowned Hu Sanye.

In addition to the gang leader,the Flying Eagle Gang has three hall masters responsible for punishment,logistics,and the most powerful force—the battle hall.Apart from them,the thirteen big bosses are the decision-makers of the Flying Eagle Gang.Hu Sanye is one of the stronger ones among them.

Hu Sanye is already over fifty years old,approaching sixty.He has some white hair at his temples and is one of the oldest brothers who followed the gang leader,Sha Feiying,in their early days.

At first glance,Su Xin noticed Hu Sanye's hands.He seemed like an ordinary old man,but his hands had exceptionally wide bones,dark and even gleaming with a golden-iron hue.

Su Xin had read Hu Sanye's information.He had cultivated the Iron Sand Palm for nearly forty years,reaching a high level of proficiency,able to split stones and crack metal!

"So,you're Su Xin?Just killed my adopted son and dared to come see me.That's quite a bold move!"Hu Sanye coldly spoke,and with a forceful grip of his left hand on the teacup,the entire cup instantly shattered!

Huang Bingcheng trembled,almost scared to kneel on the spot.The person's reputation certainly precedes them.This Hu Sanye has quite a temper.

"It's not that I'm bold;I just know you won't kill me,"Su Xin calmly sat in a chair,showing no signs of fear.

Hu Sanye,infuriated,retorted,"Won't kill you?Do you know how long it took me to nurture Chen Dao?From the age of twenty until now—twenty years!I spent twenty years cultivating my successor,only for you to kill him with one sword.Do you think I won't kill you?"

Su Xin's gaze directly met Hu Sanye's without any intention of avoiding it."Even if I hadn't killed Chen Dao,someday you would have killed him!"

Hu Sanye's expression changed abruptly."What do you mean?"

Su Xin calmly continued,"You're over fifty years old,but Chen Dao is already forty.When you wanted to groom him as your successor,he performed well.But for you,it's not a good thing.He matured too quickly!A warrior in his prime,with your age,you could still be the big boss for at least another decade.Can you wait for another ten years?But can Chen Dao?Clearly possessing strength comparable to a big boss,yet he has no territory and no subordinates.Will he accept that?I believe you've felt it too.You can hardly suppress him anymore.The Flying Eagle Gang is so vast,and even though he has the strength of a big boss,he lacks the territory and manpower of a big boss.His only choice is to let you retire early.If you step down,he takes over!"

After Su Xin finished speaking,he picked up the teacup on the table and took a sip,looking completely composed.However,Huang Bingcheng was shocked.Was our boss a storyteller before?How can he come up with such a bizarre story?Now,he has angered Hu Sanye;we might all get slapped to death here!Unexpectedly,Hu Sanye didn't rush over to give them a slap,as Huang Bingcheng had imagined.Instead,he stared at Su Xin,his eyes showing a trace of fear!

Back in the days when he was Su Xin's age,he was full of hot-bloodedness,only understanding the ways of violence.However,Su Xin's analysis just now seemed like he could see through his thoughts like a worm in his belly,almost revealing everything he had in mind.

This scheming doesn't seem like that of a sixteen or seventeen-year-old;it's more like that of a seasoned veteran approaching middle age.

Little did they know,Su Xin's past life involved dealing with people's affairs.Managing hundreds of people under him,he might not be a technical expert,but understanding how to manipulate people was a skill he honed over several years.If he didn't know how to manipulate people,he wouldn't have held his position for so many years.

Hu Sanye stared coldly at Su Xin.Just when Huang Bingcheng was nearly scared out of his wits,Hu Sanye suddenly burst into hearty laughter.

"Good!Very good!Everyone in the Flying Eagle Gang says you,Su Xin,are a formidable fighter.But in my opinion,what deserves the most praise is your intellect."

Hu Sanye looked at Su Xin with admiration."However,this matter is not so easily settled.You killed one of my adopted sons,so you owe me one,don't you?"

Without hesitation,Su Xin dropped to one knee,respectfully clasping his fists."Child pays respects to adoptive father!"

Saying this,Su Xin immediately took out the 500 taels of silver from his pocket and presented it with both hands.

"Although 500 taels of silver may be meager,it is the child's sincerity.I hope adoptive father will accept it."

"Very well!Su Xin,I haven't misjudged you."Hu Sanye accepted the silver note,placed it on the nearby table,and his expression of admiration deepened.

While 500 taels of silver might not be much to him,Hu Sanye appreciated Su Xin's insight and understanding of the situation.It was rare to find a young person with such perceptiveness and strategic thinking.Strength can be cultivated,but this level of cunning is not easily acquired.

"Su Xin,from now on,you will be in charge of Happy Forest.I will report your status to the gang.However,just becoming a small leader,your subordinates,apart from yourself,are mostly ordinary gang members.Here,I have two young men with decent skills.They will follow you from now on."

Hu Sanye clapped his hands,and two young men walked in from outside the courtyard.One was in his twenties,expressionless,as if everyone owed him money.The other was about thirty,with an opposite demeanor,appearing amiable and smiling.

"This is Li Huai and Ji Gang.They have followed me for quite a few years,and their skills are decent.They can assist you."

Li Huai,with a poker face,nodded at Su Xin,and Ji Gang,with a cheerful smile,said,"Boss Su,I'll be following you for a meal from now on."

"Brother Ji,you're too polite.As a senior in the Flying Eagle Gang,I should learn from you."Su Xin humbly responded.He didn't believe that Hu Sanye sent these two over just to help him.After killing his own adopted son and analyzing Hu Sanye's thoughts so thoroughly,Su Xin considered Hu Sanye's caution quite normal.

However,Hu Sanye's plan to balance Su Xin with just these two was overly simplistic in Su Xin's eyes.

"Alright,you two go outside and wait.I still have some words to say to Su Xin."

Hu Sanye waved his hand,and Li Huai and Ji Gang immediately exited the room.

Huang Bingcheng looked at Su Xin with a look of admiration.The boss is indeed extraordinary;he resolved this matter in just a few words and even gained the support of Hu Sanye,such a powerful ally!

With Hu Sanye as his adoptive father,Su Xin's position in the Flying Eagle Gang was now solid as a rock.As the first member to join Su Xin,Huang Bingcheng's gamble seemed to have paid off!

After everyone left,Su Xin respectfully asked,"Adoptive father,do you have any other instructions?"

"Have you learned any internal martial arts?"Hu Sanye's question immediately stunned Su Xin.

According to his information,only the gang leader and the three hall masters in the Flying Eagle Gang were truly proficient in internal martial arts.How did Hu Sanye know that he practiced internal martial arts?

Seeing Su Xin's shocked expression,Hu Sanye nodded in satisfaction and said,"Don't worry;I won't take your internal martial arts cultivation method.Internal martial arts are something I also practice."

Su Xin asked cautiously,"But I've heard people say that only the gang leader and the three hall masters in our Flying Eagle Gang have learned internal martial arts.Adoptive father,you and the other hall masters are said to be proficient in some external martial arts."

"They know nothing!"Hu Sanye disdainfully said,"When our Flying Eagle Gang was first founded with just over thirty people,most of us,including me and a few others,followed the gang leader to establish our dominance.Since the gang leader knew internal martial arts,would he not teach us?In fact,all thirteen big bosses in the Flying Eagle Gang have learned internal martial arts.However,martial arts are not only about diligent learning and practicing;they also depend on talent.The human body has 108 acupoints.Refining 36 acupoints is considered the early stage of the acquired realm,72 acupoints for the middle stage,and 108 acupoints for the complete stage.Only by stepping into the acquired realm can one be a true martial artist.Unfortunately,it took me nearly forty years to refine only thirteen acupoints."

Su Xin was unaware of these details,but he should find information about these concepts in the"Primary Internal Martial Arts"manual he obtained from the lottery.However,he had just drawn the martial art and hadn't had the chance to read it yet,relying on the system's gift of five percent proficiency to cultivate a bit of true qi before seeking revenge.

"With the power of your Iron Sand Palm,even a martial artist in the early stage of the acquired realm wouldn't be your match."Su Xin complimented.

"Enough,you don't need to flatter me.Go back and work hard.Happy Forest borders Qingzhu Gang's territory.Remember,don't disgrace the Flying Eagle Gang."Seeing that his words had impressed Su Xin,Hu Sanye nodded in satisfaction.

"Yes,adoptive father.I'll take my leave then."Su Xin stood up,respectfully bowed to Hu Sanye,and then turned to leave the living room.