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Chapter 210: Issues

8113words in this chapter2024-01-19

A young man in luxurious attire walked into the hall and greeted Jiang Heliu with a bow,saying,"Greetings,Uncle Jiang."

Jiang Heliu's expression changed slightly,and he asked,"Yue Fang,why are you here?"

The young man named Yue Fang replied,"My elder brother has some matters and couldn't attend the Jiangnan gathering,so I came to take a look.Of course,if my elder brother is here today,how can we let some arrogant individuals shout here?"

Su Xin glanced at him and asked Jiang Heliu,"Who is this fool?"

Yue Fang's face showed anger,and he exclaimed,"Who are you calling a fool?"

Jiang Heliu quickly explained,"This is Yue Fang,the younger brother of the ninth-ranked on the martial arts list,Yue Qingping.Yue Fang is young and not a sect leader yet.I hope,Sir Su,you won't be bothered by him."

Su Xin coldly looked at Jiang Heliu.Although he had been polite before,this was the first time he had been called"Sir Su"due to Yue Fang.

Unfortunately,Yue Fang didn't appreciate it.He directly pointed at Su Xin and said,"Just a lackey of the Six Gates,what qualifications do you have to be arrogant here?You want to check the owner of the Righteousness Token?Ridiculous!My elder brother also has the Righteousness Token.If you have the guts,go check with him!My elder brother originally didn't want to participate in the Jiangnan gathering,but now it's not certain.Su Xin,if you have the courage,fight with my elder brother at the gathering,or stop shouting here!"

Su Xin shook his head and said,"The ninth-ranked on the martial arts list,quite a background.Unfortunately,your elder brother is Yue Qingping,not you.If he said that,it might be acceptable,but you,on what grounds?Today,let me teach you a lesson.It's okay to act arrogantly with borrowed authority,but if the tiger is not around,and you still play the same tricks,that's seeking death!"

Suddenly,Su Xin made a move,his right hand forming a sword-like gesture,and a crimson bloodline shot towards Yue Fang.

The people present were surprised;Su Xin indeed acted without hesitation.Even against Yue Qingping's younger brother,he dared to make a deadly move.If he angered Yue Qingping,there might be consequences at the Jiangnan gathering.

Before the blood river divine finger could reach Yue Fang,Jiang Heliu intervened.He made a move for the first time since entering the Righteousness Pavilion.With a dragon-catching gesture,powerful internal force crushed Su Xin's blood river divine finger.

Su Xin exclaimed in surprise,choosing not to continue the fight but instead calling for Iron Yao Hua to leave.

Everyone was stunned.What was Su Xin playing at?He seemed ready to create a scene in the Righteousness Pavilion,but as soon as Jiang Heliu took action,he left.Did he retreat knowing the situation wasn't in his favor?

Jiang Heliu stood still,his expression changing.Yue Fang,seemingly realizing the danger now,continued to curse Su Xin,but he was inwardly scared.Su Xin's attack was incredibly fast,and if not for Jiang Heliu's intervention,he might have been killed on the spot.

Outside the Righteousness Pavilion,Iron Yao Hua asked,"Why did you suddenly stop?Now,no one can stop you inside the Righteousness Pavilion.It's an opportunity to force Jiang Heliu to reveal the owner of the Righteousness Token."

Su Xin shook his head and said,"It's meaningless now.At least I can confirm that there's definitely something wrong with the Righteousness Pavilion,and this incident is related to them."

"How can you be sure?"Iron Yao Hua inquired.

"Because Jiang Heliu is a Martial Arts Grandmaster at the Soul Refining Stage!At the weakest,he has the cultivation of an Early Soul Transformation Stage!"Su Xin said with a solemn tone.

Iron Yao Hua was shocked,"He's already at the Soul Refining Stage!?"

Su Xin nodded,"Jiang Heliu concealed it well,but when he intervened just now,he leaked a trace of his aura.It's extremely subtle;even if I hadn't fought against Soul Refining Stage experts,I might not have noticed it.As the owner of the Righteousness Pavilion,he was once diagnosed with injuries that were deemed impossible to recover from,preventing him from reaching the Soul Refining Stage in this lifetime.How can he explain his current cultivation?If it was due to accidental recovery or some special encounter leading to a breakthrough,Jiang Heliu should publicly announce it."

After all,with a Martial Arts Grandmaster at the Soul Refining Stage in charge,the Jiangnan Righteousness Pavilion will surely gain even more fame,and its influence will be stronger than ever.But he is concealing something.Do you think there might be no issues here?"

"So what should we do now?"Iron Yao Hua asked.

Su Xin pointed upwards,saying,"Our task is done.Now it's the concern of those higher up.We need to report to the headquarters of the Six Gates.We shouldn't and can't get involved in other matters."

"But..."Iron Yao Hua began,only to be interrupted by Su Xin,"No'buts.'What was the task you told me the Six Gates gave me?Just gather information.Now that the information has been gathered,I can guarantee with a hundred percent certainty that the Righteousness Pavilion is definitely connected to this incident.With the current owner of the Righteousness Pavilion,Jiang Heliu,being a Martial Arts Grandmaster at the Soul Refining Stage,it's beyond our capability to handle.So,we must let someone from higher up deal with it.I'm a person who knows my limits.I'll only take on as much as I can handle;otherwise,I might end up biting off more than I can chew,and there won't be anyone to pick up the pieces."

Although Su Xin's current identity is with the Six Gates,he won't sell his life entirely to them.That's why,when he discovered that Jiang Heliu possessed the cultivation of the Soul Refining Stage,he immediately turned and left the Righteousness Pavilion without any delay.

Iron Yao Hua still wanted to say something,but seeing Su Xin's resolute attitude,she had to give up.

Back at the inn,Su Xin locked himself in his room,claiming to write a report for the Six Gates.However,he hadn't written a single word.Instead,he closed his eyes and seemed to be waiting for something.

It wasn't until midnight when Su Xin heard a faint sound.After waiting for a moment,he immediately put on a set of night clothes and jumped out of the window.Not far ahead of him,there was a familiar figure moving in the shadows—Iron Yao Hua!

Iron Yao Hua was fast,but with Su Xin's Wind God's Legs,his speed wasn't much slower.However,fearing that Iron Yao Hua might notice him,he kept a considerable distance behind her,trailing her.

Running all the way,Iron Yao Hua arrived in the bustling market area of Jiangnan Prefecture,where various brothels gathered.Her figure dimmed,and if not for Su Xin following closely behind,he might not have noticed Iron Yao Hua hiding on the rooftop of one of the brothels.

Iron Yao Hua concealed her figure and searched each brothel rooftop.It seemed like she had finally found her target.With a swift movement,she leaped into one of the brothels.Surprisingly,no one in the brilliantly lit brothel noticed her actions.

In this brothel,earlier,Yue Fang,who had boasted about making Su Xin pay,was entertaining many young martial artists.His identity might not be outstanding,but his elder brother,Yue Qingping,was highly renowned.Although Yue Qingping was an independent cultivator,he had a master in the Soul Fusion Realm,making him more influential than some disciples of major sects.Moreover,he had a broad network and close relationships with many young martial artists.

Yue Fang,as Yue Qingping's brother,would receive respect from most martial artists when inviting them for a drink.In the brothel,a martial artist poured a drink for Yue Fang and asked,"Brother Yue,I heard that Su Xin forcibly entered the Righteousness Pavilion today and caused a commotion,injuring several seniors from the Jiangnan Dao.Is it true?"

Yue Fang sneered,"It's true.I was there myself.It's just that my elder brother wasn't around,allowing Su Xin to be so arrogant.That'Dual Sword Profound'Shen Jin and'Night Flowing Hand'Liu Xiao are useless;they didn't even dare to make a move.If my elder brother were here,Su Xin would have been disabled long ago."

Hearing this,some people in the background showed disdain.Even though they were brothers,Yue Fang's actions were vastly different from his brother's.Yue Qingping had a broad network and was well-regarded,while Yue Fang's words had already created enemies among the younger generation.

Although news about today's incident at the Righteousness Pavilion would inevitably spread,it was different when spoken by Yue Fang himself.By openly discussing it,Yue Fang might offend those who lost face today,and this could even implicate Yue Qingping.

Moreover,Yue Fang directly pointed out Shen Jin and Liu Xiao,creating animosity between them.Liu Xiao was the young master of the Golden Jade Pavilion,and mocking him as useless and inferior to Yue Qingping could lead to enmity.Shen Jin,although not as influential as Liu Xiao,was still a legitimate martial artist ranked in the top twenty on the martial arts list.If he harbored resentment,it would be troublesome.

Yue Fang,without any reason,had set up two powerful enemies among the younger generation,and who knows how Yue Qingping would react when he learned about it.