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Chapter 178: Joint Attack

9457words in this chapter2024-01-09

Suddenly being attacked,this was something Su Xin had never anticipated.

Of course,it was also because the assassin had hidden exceptionally well.If it weren't for the shocked expression on the face of the warrior who had previously sold the Kai Sheng grass,Su Xin might have thought he was also involved.

Remaining calm in the face of danger,Su Xin unsheathed the Blood River Divine Sword,and a rich blood glow tore through the sky as he swiftly retreated.

However,at this moment,three figures suddenly leaped out from the crowd,with blades,swords,and spears sweeping towards him!

"Su Xin,your life ends here!"shouted Zhu Zefang angrily,his long sword emitting a faint glow as he thrust it towards Su Xin.

The other two,naturally,were the'Moonblade Knife'Duan Tianya and the'Red Fire Thunder Spear'Zhou Changxin.

Su Xin had not concealed his traces along the way.Although the World Escort Bureau was not specifically involved in intelligence work,their connections were extensive.As soon as Zhu Zefang gave the order,people along the way immediately reported Su Xin's movements to them.

This carefully planned fatal strike had been discussed among the four beforehand.It was arranged by the green-clothed assassin from the Blood Cloth Tower,and the combined attack of four experts in the Divine Palace realm.They didn't believe that Su Xin could escape this!

At this moment,Su Xin was indeed surprised.He didn't expect Zhu Zefang's connections to be so strong,capable of bringing three Divine Palace realm warriors to assassinate him.

Zhu Zefang used the 72 ultimate skills of the Shaolin Temple,specifically the Damo Sword.

The sword style was intricate,merging offense and defense seamlessly.Although it seemed unremarkable,it was impossible to find any loopholes in it.

This was a sword technique that reached the extreme in mediocrity and perfection,a flawless sword art.

Simultaneously attacking with Zhu Zefang's Damo Sword was Duan Tianya's Moonblade Knife.He was nicknamed Moonblade because he used a peculiar weapon,a narrow blade resembling a crescent moon.

His knife strikes carried a sense of mercy,seemingly lacking any killing intent,but containing a power of destruction.

Mercy transcending the world,using killing to stop killing!This was the intention behind Duan Tianya's Merciful Knife.

Duan Tianya and Zhu Zefang had been brothers for decades,and their intentions were in sync.Their attacks with sword and knife almost struck at the same time.

Su Xin closed the index and thumb of his left hand,and two blood lines burst out from them,slamming into the sword and knife.The two immediately stepped back.

Meanwhile,the green-clothed assassin from the Blood Cloth Tower had already arrived.His thin sword followed Su Xin like a shadow,sticking to him like a maggot to the bone.

Even though he was temporarily delayed by the Blood River Divine Sword's sword radiance,with a swing of his sword,he directly tore through the blood glow and thrust towards Su Xin's throat!

Su Xin's eyes flashed with determination.Instead of retreating,he advanced,and the Blood River Divine Sword in his hand erupted with a dazzling blood-colored light,slashing out!

The green-clothed assassin's expression remained unchanged.His thin sword strangely split in two,attacking Su Xin from both sides.

In a head-on collision,Su Xin was undoubtedly at a disadvantage.He had already divided some of his energy in the earlier confrontation with Zhu Zefang and Duan Tianya,and the strength of this green-clothed assassin was slightly superior.

Nevertheless,Su Xin did not retreat.The sword radiance of the Blood River Divine Sword suddenly surged three feet higher,and the fierce,annihilating sword intent approached.The green-clothed assassin was alarmed.

If he didn't retreat now,even if his thin sword could pierce Su Xin's throat,he wouldn't escape being instantly killed by the Blood River Divine Sword.

He was an assassin,not a loyal soldier.The assassination of Su Xin had just begun;there was no need to confront Su Xin at this moment.

So,the green-clothed assassin retreated.He suddenly threw out his left-hand thin sword,which unexpectedly shattered.The sharp fragments were mostly cut through by Su Xin's sword radiance,leaving bloodstains on his side.

Their exchange was lightning-fast,appearing almost instantaneous to outsiders.At this moment,a long spear with a scorching aura descended with the force of wind and thunder!

The last one to make a move was Zhou Changxin with the'Red Fire Thunder Spear.'He was the strongest among the four.

Also originating from the Shaolin Temple as a lay disciple,Zhou Changxin was taught one of the Shaolin Temple's 72 ultimate skills,the Great Mighty Subdue Demon Staff.After leaving the Shaolin Temple,he incorporated the family's spear technique,'Fire Thunder Spear,'into the staff technique,creating this new technique,'Red Fire Thunder Spear.'

Although this move was a spear technique,because it incorporated the Shaolin Temple's Great Mighty Subdue Demon Staff,it appeared extremely powerful.When Zhou Changxin made his move,he didn't use the piercing techniques of a spear but instead descended like a red sun,smashing down with an extraordinarily breathtaking momentum.

Su Xin took a deep breath,his pointing finger emerging as if the intense sun was falling.He seemed to intend to clash head-on with Zhou Changxin!

The slender finger collided with the powerful long spear,and intense true qi erupted,causing the surrounding ten yards to become a mess of rubble and flying stones.

Amidst the violent roaring,Su Xin spewed out a mouthful of blood,flying backward.A triumphant smile appeared in Zhu Zefang and the others'eyes.

But before they could burst into laughter,the figure spitting blood in mid-air suddenly turned sharply.Then,propelled by this force,he leaped several yards and disappeared without a trace.

The smiles on Zhu Zefang and the others froze instantly.He snorted and said,"Chase!"

The four immediately followed Su Xin.If they allowed Su Xin to escape after the four Divine Palace realm warriors had surrounded and attacked him,they might as well consider taking their own lives.

Although their confrontation seemed lengthy,from the moment they attacked to Su Xin's escape and Zhu Zefang's pursuit,this series of actions actually comprised fewer than ten moves.

The surrounding warriors were all bewildered,and it wasn't until Zhu Zefang and the others vanished that they regained their composure.Then,a tumultuous uproar echoed.

The sight of four Divine Palace realm warriors battling was a rare scene in the entire Songyang Prefecture.What made it even more peculiar was that these four weren't fighting amongst themselves but were united in assassinating a martial artist who had just reached the Divine Opening realm.

This scene left everyone perplexed.Four Divine Palace realm warriors assassinating a Divine Opening realm martial artist—what was happening in this world?

Suddenly,someone shouted,"I know who the martial artist being attacked and surrounded is.He's'Blood Sword God Finger'Su Xin,ranked 54th on the People's List!"

Upon hearing this,everyone suddenly realized that the young martial artist being attacked and surrounded seemed to be the formidable Su Xin,ranked on the People's List!After all,Su Xin's Blood River Divine Sword had already been featured on the People's List,and some observant individuals had recognized it immediately.

This revelation heightened the excitement.A martial artist ranked in the top sixty on the People's List was being attacked and surrounded in Songyang Prefecture.This would undoubtedly be major news outside.

Initially,they thought that the four Divine Palace realm warriors surrounding a Divine Opening realm martial artist was exaggerated.However,if the person being attacked was Su Xin,54th on the People's List,it all made sense.

Being listed on the People's List meant strength surpassed simple realms.Everything was based on actual power.

Someone murmured,"Why do the people attacking Su Xin seem so familiar?I feel like I've seen them somewhere."

Upon hearing this,the crowd recollected the scene they witnessed earlier and suddenly gasped.

"That's Zhu Jiazhuang's master,Zhu Mingze,the senior elder of the Mingyue Sect,'Moonblade Knife'Duan Tianya,and the head of the World Escort Bureau,'Red Fire Thunder Spear'Zhou Changxin!Unbelievable,they're the ones attempting to assassinate Su Xin.How terrifying must Su Xin's strength be?

Originally,they thought Su Xin escaped so easily because the Divine Palace realm warriors were too weak.However,once they identified Zhu Zefang and the others,no one dared to question the situation.

Among the three,Zhu Zefang was considered skilled in Han Nan Dao,but'Moonblade Knife'Duan Tianya had a considerable reputation in Nan Han Dao,and Zhou Changxin's name was even more astonishing.

All three were lay disciples of the Shaolin Temple.Their strength was no less than that of disciples from major sects.They were not ordinary martial artists who luckily reached the Divine Palace realm.

"You're missing one person.The assassin who attacked earlier is even more terrifying than Zhou Changxin!If I'm not mistaken,that assassin should be the green-clothed killer from the Blood Cloth Tower.These things usually don't interest them.I wonder what means Zhu Zefang used to get the Blood Cloth Tower's assassin to come out."

People in the martial world enjoyed gossip,and news of Su Xin defeating Shangguan Yanqing and the others in Xiangnan Dao had spread to Han Nan Dao over ten days ago.Su Xin also revealed the incident of killing Zhu Yanxin and others,indicating that Zhu Zefang had come for revenge for his son.

Three out of the four were lay disciples of the Shaolin Temple,and many warriors recalled the rumors about lay disciples of the Shaolin Temple.Now,seeing the truth,it confirmed their suspicions.This group was undoubtedly well-connected;anyone who crossed them would be unlucky.

If Su Xin were a disciple of a major sect,Zhu Zefang might hesitate and endure this temporary setback.However,Su Xin was known to be a lone cultivator without any influential background.

Although it was somewhat disgraceful for four people to surround and attack Su Xin alone,considering that Zhu Zefang came seeking revenge for his son,no one found it strange.

Lay disciples of the Shaolin Temple confronting a young and talented martial artist ranked 54th on the People's List was a sensational event for them.It might become big news spreading throughout the martial world by tomorrow.

Therefore,some idle and curious individuals began to follow Su Xin,albeit unable to catch up with him due to their slower pace.Nonetheless,they could gradually trace the path left behind and were eager to witness the outcome.After all,they were here to witness the result.