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Chapter 227: Displaying Authority

7374words in this chapter2024-01-24

Su Xin,accompanied by Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng,entered the headquarters of the Six Fan Gates on Jiangnan Road.However,they were surprised to find no one coming out to greet them.A slight smirk appeared on Su Xin's lips.

Huang Bingcheng sighed,"Someone is trying to show us their authority."

Su Xin replied calmly,"It's normal.After all,we are outsiders.Suddenly parachuting into Jiangnan Road and becoming their top bosses,it would be strange if they all welcomed us with open arms."

The three entered the hall,and Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng noticed Lei Yuan sitting in the center.Anger immediately flashed on their faces.

This position belonged to their leader.Why was he sitting there?

Su Xin gestured to Li Huai not to act rashly and confidently walked into the hall.Seeing Su Xin and his companions,the many chief catchers present showed a hint of surprise.They hadn't seen Su Xin before,and despite hearing about his achievements,they were still amazed at his youth.

Lei Yuan laughed,"Su brother,I never thought that after the incident at Renyi Inn,we would have a day of cooperation.But rest assured,we are now acquaintances.If you have any questions in Jiangnan Road,feel free to ask me.I'm known for being fair,and I won't withhold any information."

Li Huai,standing beside Su Xin,stared at Lei Yuan.Lei Yuan was clearly disrespecting Su Xin.Su Xin,being his superior,was referred to as a brother,and Lei Yuan even made it seem like Su Xin had to come to him for advice.If Su Xin accepted it,he would become a mere decoration.

Lei Yuan continued to smile but suddenly felt uneasy.Su Xin didn't join in the laughter;instead,he looked at Lei Yuan coldly,making Lei Yuan feel uncomfortable.

"Su brother,what do you mean by looking at me like that?"Lei Yuan couldn't help but ask.

Su Xin's eyes revealed a hint of coldness,"May I ask who you're calling Su brother?A month ago,I was appointed as the Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Road,and you think it's appropriate to address me as a brother?Or is it that Deputy Chief Catcher Lei Yuan has always been so disrespectful?"

Su Xin emphasized the word"Deputy,"reminding Lei Yuan not to forget his position.Lei Yuan stood up abruptly,his voice angry,"Su Xin!Don't go too far!Even if you are the Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Road,so what?The current Jiangnan Road is supported by us.Suddenly coming in and enjoying the benefits,now you're picking on me for a title.Isn't that unreasonable?Everyone,don't you think so?"

The surrounding warriors also began to persuade,"Su Sir,Deputy Chief Lei absolutely did not disrespect you."

One of the catchers,Wang Jingping,known as'Feathered Willow Blade,'who was close to Lei Yuan,sneered,"We're not like those catchers at the headquarters who speak politely.We've been in the martial world for a long time,even after joining Six Fan Gates for many years,we can't change our ways.If you're not used to it,don't mind.We can change for you."

Su Xin coldly glanced at Wang Jingping.He knew this catcher well–the man was creating an issue out of nothing.Another catcher,Chen Bai,the Chief Catcher of Songjiang Prefecture,spoke up.He was an old and experienced member of Six Fan Gates,closely associated with Lei Yuan.

"Su Sir,this is the headquarters of Six Fan Gates in Jiangnan Road.If you two fight here over a title,it will be a joke,and even those above us might intervene.We're all one family in Six Fan Gates,it's just a title,let it go."

This was a warning to Su Xin and Lei Yuan.The three catchers supporting Lei Yuan were among the most influential in various prefectures.When they spoke,Lei Yuan couldn't help but smile.

"Su brother,you're new here,not knowing some rules is normal.We won't blame you.After all,we're colleagues now.In the future,we'll fully support you.With our efforts,let's restore the glory of Six Fan Gates in Jiangnan Road."

Lei Yuan's words sounded noble,but they carried a veiled threat.He was warning Su Xin that if he stayed calm and stable,they would support him.However,if he caused trouble,he'd have to face the consequences.

Within the leadership of the Six Fan Gates in Jiangnan Road,apart from the three previously mentioned influential figures,there were only two individuals whose strength and influence were considerable.

One was Lu Xu,the Chief Catcher of Weizhou Prefecture,known as'Flowing Light Blade.'He maintained a low profile but had been serving in the Six Fan Gates for three generations.His grandfather was among the early members who followed'Divine Eagle'Tie Ao to establish dominance.In this generation,Lu Xu's lineage had a high reputation in Weizhou Prefecture.Although seemingly inconspicuous within the Six Fan Gates of Jiangnan Road,his influence ranked among the top three.

The other was Zhao Yiming,known as'Sun-Moon Sword.'He had a background as a wandering martial artist and joined the Six Fan Gates only a few years ago.Despite his hot temper,few in the Six Fan Gates of Jiangnan Road were willing to engage with him.Nevertheless,his strength was formidable,and in one-on-one combat,he ranked among the top three in Jiangnan Road's Six Fan Gates.

These two individuals had not spoken so far.Under the leadership of Wang Jingping and Liu Hao,the remaining Chief Catchers were mostly expressing their support for Lei Yuan.Those like Lu Xu and Zhao Yiming,who had not spoken,were simply keeping a detached attitude,not willing to get involved.

Lei Yuan,with a theatrical gesture,pointed to the empty seat beside him and said,"Su brother,please have a seat.Today,everyone is here,and we can discuss the future plans and development of our Six Fan Gates in Jiangnan Road."

While there was only one main seat,Lei Yuan added another chair,clearly indicating a desire for Su Xin to sit,intending to put them on equal footing or even overshadow Su Xin directly.

Su Xin,understanding Lei Yuan's intentions,calmly remarked,"Lei Yuan,it seems you still haven't grasped the situation.Do you think the Six Fan Gates headquarters appointed me as the Chief Catcher without a reason,instead of you?"

In Lei Yuan's mind,he thought,isn't it because of your relationship with the Tie family?

Pointing at himself,Su Xin continued,"It's because I am stronger than you."

With those words,Su Xin made his move!An endless radiance gathered in Su Xin's hands,like the rising sun,suddenly bursting forth.Lei Yuan was startled;he couldn't draw his weapon in time and used his hand as a substitute.A scorching blade aura accompanied by a hot breath was unleashed,cutting across the rising sun,relieving Lei Yuan.

However,before he could exhale,the sun suddenly exploded,and a violent true energy instantly overwhelmed Lei Yuan.Su Xin's hand emerged from the sun,gripping Lei Yuan's neck!

This was Su Xin's Shanzi Scripture,mysterious and surreal,beautiful yet eerie!

Everyone present was shocked by Su Xin's sudden action.No one expected him to be so direct,launching an attack right away and reaching the realm of unity between man and nature.Lei Yuan,who was half a step into the Yuan Shen realm,couldn't even resist a single move from Su Xin.

At this moment,someone seemed to recall that Su Xin's ranking on the Martial Arts Rankings had once again risen.He was now ranked fifteenth.

Lei Yuan had underestimated the situation.He didn't expect Su Xin to dare make a move in such a gathering,especially with half of the Chief Catchers supporting him.'Feathered Willow Blade'Wang Jingping,having a close relationship with Lei Yuan,saw Su Xin attacking and instinctively drew his willow leaf blade.

However,Li Huai was faster than him.

Almost everyone saw a black shadow flash by,and a series of metallic clashes ensued.Li Huai's long sword was already held against Wang Jingping's neck!

Everyone present was astonished once again.Such speed was terrifying.Where did Su Xin find such a monster?

Initially,when Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng entered,no one took them seriously.One was only in the Innate Spirit Perception realm,and the other was merely in the Postnatal realm.They were thought to be Su Xin's followers.However,Li Huai's outstanding performance,especially in terms of speed,made him worthy of being compared to Martial Arts Ranking warriors.If he defeated a Martial Arts Ranking warrior,he could immediately secure a spot on the rankings.

Su Xin,holding Lei Yuan by the neck,inflicted a strong sense of suffocation on him.Lei Yuan's face turned red,as if Su Xin would crush his throat at any moment!