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Chapter 226: Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao

9058words in this chapter2024-01-24

Su Xin is quite satisfied with the two martial arts techniques he obtained at the cost of his entire family fortune.The"Duo Transformation Star Shifting"can increase his current combat power,while the"Mountain Character Scripture"can enhance his foundation.However,in Su Xin's view,although both are at the three and a half-star level,the"Mountain Character Scripture"is much stronger than the"Duo Transformation Star Shifting,"not in terms of power but in potential.

The situation in Jiangnan Dao is currently chaotic,and Su Xin has to wait for Huang Bingcheng and others to arrive before officially taking over the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao.During this time,Su Xin has been busy obtaining all information about the personnel of the Jiangnan Dao Six Gates from Iron Battle.In the inn,he carefully studies and practices both the"Duo Transformation Star Shifting"and the"Mountain Character Scripture."

The situation at the headquarters of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao is very complicated,as Su Xin can deduce from his past conflicts with the Deputy Chief Catcher Lei Yuan of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao.Jiang He Liu is a remnant of the Wu Kingdom,and if Lei Yuan knew his identity,it would be acceptable.However,Lei Yuan is genuinely unaware of his identity,making the investigation intriguing.

A month later,using some unknown method,the Six Gates managed to bring Huang Bingcheng and Li Huai in front of Su Xin within just a month.Upon seeing Su Xin again,both Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng are somewhat excited.

Su Xin had promised to take them to the Central Plains to experience a larger stage in the future,and they didn't expect this day to come so soon.

"Leader!Uh,no,now I should address you as Lord,"Huang Bingcheng says.

"Never mind,you can still call me Big Brother;I'm used to it,"Su Xin replies.

Huang Bingcheng chuckles,"I never thought that one day I,Old Huang,would be able to wear official attire.If I return to Changning Prefecture now,would our Prefect still have to bow to me?"

Li Huai remarks,"Are you bored?"

After teasing Huang Bingcheng,Li Huai formally bows to Su Xin,"Big Brother."

Su Xin smiles and nods,"Not bad,your progress has been quite significant."

In less than a year since Su Xin left,Li Huai has not only received medicinal pills but also the"Purple Mist Divine Art."In less than a year,Li Huai has actually broken through to the Innate Spirit Aperture Realm,even opening the eyes,ears,and four apertures,which is quite astonishing.

"Now,is the Flying Eagle Gang under the command of Li Qing?"Su Xin asks.

Huang Bingcheng nods,"Yes,Li Qing is now the leader of the Flying Eagle Gang.He also has the strength of the Innate Sea of Qi Realm,enough to lead the Flying Eagle Gang to dominate Changning Prefecture."

Su Xin nods,as he had informed Huang Bingcheng to let Li Qing continue to lead the Flying Eagle Gang.At the same time,he would provide Li Qing with an undercover identity in the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao.

Su Xin doesn't want to abandon the Flying Eagle Gang,as it will be useful in the future.Therefore,he wants to leave a trustworthy person to help manage the Flying Eagle Gang.Since Li Qing's strength is slightly weaker,he brought Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng with him,leaving Li Qing in charge of the Flying Eagle Gang.

Su Xin throws the information about the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao to Huang Bingcheng,"Tomorrow we will officially take over the headquarters of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao.Here is the remaining information on the chief catchers with real authority in the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao.Take a look first."

After handing over the information,Su Xin gives the"Sunflower Manual"to Li Huai for cultivation.Li Huai's talent is indeed strong,not inferior to those disciples from major sects.With the Three and a Half-Star level"Sunflower Manual"in his hands,he can unleash its strongest power,especially since he had previously learned the"Ward-Off Evil Sword Technique,"making it easier for him to cultivate the"Sunflower Manual."

The next day,when Su Xin got up early,Gudong Lai arranged for someone to deliver something.It turned out to be the latest issue of the ranking list.After the Jiangnan Conference,there were some changes in the top twenty of the ranking list,and the most significant change was Su Xin's leap to the fifteenth place.

Apart from Su Xin,the only other change was Xie Zhiyan,who moved up from eleventh place.Half a month ago,she challenged a knife hall in Taihang Mountain,pushing her up to the tenth place and pushing Zhuge Qingtian out.

Putting away the ranking list,Su Xin says to Huang Bingcheng and Li Huai,"Let's go and see what our future territory looks like."

The headquarters of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao is naturally located in the most prosperous part of Jiangnan Prefecture,with a large area of connected courtyards in the central region.Although they appear ordinary,the walls are painted in a dark color,giving them a solemn appearance.

The only difference from other places is the black stone eagle statues guarding the main entrance instead of stone lions.These represent the founder of the Six Gates,Iron Proud,the Chief Catcher'Divine Eagle.'

Almost all the Six Gates of the Great Zhou Dynasty have this kind of decoration,with only differences in size.

In the hall of the headquarters of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao,over thirty martial artists are seated,with the central seat occupied by Lei Yuan,the Deputy Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Dao,whom Su Xin had crossed paths with before.

Among those present,all have attained the cultivation level of the Innate Divine Palace Realm.Apart from the Deputy Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Dao,there is also a Chief Catcher from a provincial capital.This Chief Catcher holds the greatest authority in the entire Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao,second only to the Chief Catcher.However,their current expressions are not too favorable.

The storm that occurred a month ago is still fresh in their memories.It was that storm that greatly weakened the strength of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao.Previously,there were four Deputy Chief Catchers in Jiangnan Dao,but now only Lei Yuan remains.In the entire eighty-three provincial capitals of Jiangnan Dao,each having a Chief Catcher of the Divine Palace Realm,only thirty-three remain.

Losing more than half of their competitors should have made them happy,as it would allow each of them to expand their jurisdiction.However,the reality is that they are now overwhelmed with busyness.

The last storm not only affected the Chief Catchers of the Divine Palace Realm but also implicated many catchers of the Innate Sea of Qi Realm,Spirit Aperture Realm,and even those in the Postnatal Realm.Currently,they are severely short of manpower.Although their jurisdictions have expanded significantly,there are not enough people to manage them,especially when there is a major event about to happen today.

Each Six Gates of Dao has considerable autonomy.Matters such as distributing various rewards are personally presided over by the Chief Catcher of that Dao.If the Chief Catcher is generous,the subordinates naturally enjoy the benefits.However,if the Chief Catcher is too stingy,the many catchers below may revolt,considering they joined the Six Gates as imperial hounds to better access cultivation resources.

Former Chief Catcher Jin Wulin,despite being controlled by the White Lotus Sect,was generous to his subordinates,fearing any unrest that might expose his secret.Now,with news of a new Chief Catcher coming,it is uncertain whether the rules will remain the same.

Many Chief Catchers glance at Lei Yuan,who is sitting in the main seat.Their expressions vary.

Lei Yuan is the only one left among the four Deputy Chief Catchers of Jiangnan Dao and can be considered the one with the most power among them.Initially,Lei Yuan didn't have much ambition for the position of Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Dao,knowing that as a martial artist of the Divine Palace Realm,he wouldn't be considered for such a role.

However,to his astonishment,a month ago,an order from above appointed Su Xin as the Chief Catcher of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao.This surprised the entire Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao,but Lei Yuan's feelings were more of indignation.

He is an old member of the Six Gates,having spent decades there.In terms of merits,hard work,qualifications,and familiarity with Jiangnan Dao,where is he lacking compared to Su Xin?Since they are choosing a martial artist of the Divine Palace Realm as the Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Dao,why choose Su Xin and not him,Lei Yuan?In his view,he is stronger than Su Xin in every aspect.

Moreover,having served as a catcher in Jiangnan Dao for decades,he is very familiar with the local martial forces.Now that the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao are at their weakest,only he can stabilize those martial sects and make them show some respect.What if Su Xin takes over and causes chaos in Jiangnan Dao?

In Lei Yuan's opinion,Su Xin's appointment as the Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Dao is solely due to his relationship with the Iron Family.Everyone knows that Su Xin was pushed to this position by the Iron Family.In recent years,the Iron Family has spared no effort in cultivating the younger generation.

First,Iron Ruthlessness served as the Chief Catcher of the Divine Palace Realm in Xiangnan Dao.Now,Su Xin,also of the Divine Palace Realm,has become the Chief Catcher of Jiangnan Dao.This deeply annoys Lei Yuan.

Although he is annoyed,he dare not voice his grievances to Iron Battle.Iron Battle stayed in Jiangnan Dao for half a month before leaving.During this time,Lei Yuan didn't dare to utter a single complaint.It was only after Iron Battle left Jiangnan Dao that he became active again.

This gathering in the hall of the Six Gates headquarters is not meant to welcome Su Xin.If that were the case,they would go outside to welcome him instead of sitting in the hall,especially since Lei Yuan is sitting in the main seat,which belongs to Su Xin as the Chief Catcher.

Lei Yuan's actions clearly indicate his intention to show authority and give Su Xin a taste of his power.As for the thoughts of other Chief Catchers from various provincial capitals,only they know.In any case,there are quite a few who support Lei Yuan's desire to assert dominance over Su Xin.

From a psychological perspective,Su Xin,a junior,has occupied the coveted position they dreamt of.This makes many people unwilling to accept it.In terms of interests,the monthly distribution of cultivation resources by the headquarters of the Six Gates is incredibly generous.If they can completely sideline Su Xin,they can enjoy these resources alone,and the benefits are immeasurable.