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Chapter 80: Instant Kill

8785words in this chapter2024-01-03

Chen Zhao was seething with anger,and the atmosphere in the room became incredibly tense.However,Su Xin responded with a light laugh,his face adorned with a mocking smile.

"Teach me a lesson?Alright,let me teach you one too.Since you've chosen to retire,be a good recluse.The current martial world is not a place for you to casually participate in or qualify to be a part of!"

Su Xin gestured like a knife,raising his hand to deliver a seemingly light-handed chop that suddenly burst into intense flames.A massive wave of heat swept out,and the fiery blade,resembling a red-hot sword edge,instantly blocked all avenues of escape for Chen Zhao.

With a thunderous roar,Chen Zhao was sent flying,crashing through several tables.A colossal sword scar,burnt black and revealing bone,stretched across his chest.

Esoteric Flame Blade!

Su Xin initially intended to use this flame blade as a last resort for self-preservation,but he unexpectedly employed it so soon.If Chen Zhao hadn't pushed him too far,Su Xin wouldn't have resorted to using this precious consumable item.

The onlookers were left stunned.What kind of martial technique was this?External release of True Qi?

No,it was even more formidable than external True Qi(The Strongest Antagonist System,Chapter 80)!The so-called external release of True Qi by an Innate Realm martial artist involved moving internal energy outside the body,forming external True Qi.However,Su Xin's unleashed flame blade was far more exaggerated than mere external True Qi.

In the Innate Realm,the initial Qi Sea realm could project True Qi a few feet,forming a sword qi.That was already considered remarkable.Su Xin's attack,compared to the legends of the Innate Realm,was on par with the Divine Palace realm.

Could Su Xin be a powerhouse in the Innate Divine Palace realm?

People hesitated to look at Su Xin,their eyes revealing an undisguised sense of fear.Su Xin's previous strike was terrifying;Chen Zhao,an Innate Realm martial artist,was instantly annihilated without any resistance.

Su Xin approached Meng Changhe and the others at a leisurely pace,causing them to step back in fear.

Not to blame them for being too timid,but Su Xin's previous strike was indeed too frightening.

Seeing their reaction,Su Xin chuckled,"No need to be so nervous.I,Su Xin,am a person who values rules.Everyone is making a living in Changning Prefecture;let's adhere to some rules for the benefit of everyone.Master Meng,do you agree?"

Meng Changhe's face alternated between red and white,lacking the courage to retort.Although Su Xin wanted to settle the matter with the Three Heroes Alliance here,it was impossible.

The Flame Blade consumable was a one-time use that consumed nearly half of Su Xin's internal energy.Even if Meng Changhe and his group were currently intimidated by Su Xin's previous strike,if they realized Su Xin wasn't as powerful as they imagined,things could turn disastrous.

Not wanting to escalate the situation with the Three Heroes Alliance at the moment,Su Xin refrained from further taunting Meng Changhe.Instead,he turned his gaze to Ma Qingyuan and Chen Hong,who stood there dumbfounded.

What does it mean to count one's chickens before they hatch?It referred to them.

Originally,the two of them could have taken the two million taels of silver to retire peacefully and enjoy a lifetime as wealthy gentlemen.Unfortunately,they couldn't let go of their power,attempting to use the two million taels to make a comeback.Now,it seemed they had lost and lost miserably.

Su Xin sighed,"I gave you two a chance.You took half of the Qingzhu Gang's silver and escaped.I didn't send anyone after you.But this time,you came to me.That's not my fault.In this world,when you make mistakes,you must face the consequences.Wouldn't you agree?"

As soon as Su Xin finished speaking,his Dragon Roaming Sword was already unsheathed.The speed was so fast that even the onlookers couldn't see how he drew the sword.It was as if the sword had appeared in his hand in an instant.

The people present were once again astonished.

If the Flame Blade from earlier seemed a bit fantastical,making them doubt their eyes,this lightning-fast sword was enough to prove Su Xin's true strength.

They had heard that Su Xin's sword was fast,but to what extent was it fast?The onlookers never truly understood until now.

Now they saw it,and even if they wanted to defend against it themselves,they would need to summon all their concentration.Otherwise,that insidiously fast sword might sever their throats at any moment.

The Dragon Roaming Sword,with its peculiar frequency,cut through the air and thrust towards Chen Hong.The sword's brilliance was like a meteor,almost appearing in front of Chen Hong in the blink of an eye.

The moment of life and death was the easiest time for breakthroughs.Su Xin's strike,exchanged for a usual Chen Hong,would have been absolutely impossible to parry.

However,he was fortunate enough to instinctively draw out the short knife from his bosom,placing it horizontally in front of him and managing to block the strike.

Yet,before he could feel relieved,a tremendous shockwave erupted directly from the sword.The short knife,made of fine steel,shattered,and the Dragon Roaming Sword instantly pierced through his throat!

Ma Qingyuan by his side immediately exclaimed,shouting at Meng Changhe,"Master Meng,save me!I gave you all the silver!"

"Shut up!"

Meng Changhe angrily shouted,slamming a palm that directly shattered Ma Qingyuan's internal organs,killing him.

"Tsk tsk,Master Meng's hand is ruthless.After all,he gave you all the silver,"Su Xin said with a half-smile.

"Hmph!Let's go!"Meng Changhe snorted and left directly with his people.Duan Xiao and Ning Luojun shook their heads and followed Meng Changhe,leaving as well.

The performance at Shenglong Tower today was simply a farce.Besides enhancing Su Xin's reputation once again,the Three Heroes Alliance had completely lost face.

Although they secretly blamed Meng Changhe for acting recklessly,the deed was done.Saying more would only make them the butt of jokes.

Others bid farewell with clasped hands.However,this time,when they spoke with Su Xin,it was not the indifferent greeting as when Su Xin arrived at Shenglong Tower.Strength represented everything,and Su Xin was now worthy of their attention.

Su Xin looked out of the window towards the street.Shenglong Tower,with its seven floors,was the tallest building in the entire Changning Prefecture.Standing here and looking down,he could see the entirety of Changning Prefecture.

He had once told his subordinates that he would one day trample the entire Changning Prefecture beneath his feet.Now,had he fulfilled that vow?

After a moment of contemplation,Su Xin shook his head and said,"Let's go.The farce is over,and we should leave."

Huang Bingcheng and Li Huai were still somewhat dazed.Upon hearing Su Xin's call,they quickly caught up as Su Xin walked out of Shenglong Tower.

"Old Huang,launch a direct attack on the Jiangyang Gang tonight,"Su Xin ordered.

The leader and deputy leader of the Jiangyang Gang were terrified earlier in the day.Taking advantage of the situation to capture the entire gang now would save some effort.

After instructing Huang Bingcheng,Su Xin casually looked around.Although he had been to Changde Square before,he hadn't taken a close look.

Being in the central area of Changning Prefecture,Changde Square was indeed much more prosperous than other districts.

The most eye-catching were some exotic tribesmen from the south.They were trading local products with local people or merchants from the Central Plains.

Changning Prefecture's most significant feature was its proximity to the southern barbarian mountains.Every summer,a large number of southern barbarians came to the city to trade with merchants from the Central Plains.Many outside caravans also came here for purchases.

Although Changning Prefecture's resources were not abundant,and poverty was widespread,commerce was highly developed.It could even compete with some large cities in the Central Plains.

Su Xin observed some of these southern barbarians carefully.They looked similar to the people from the Central Plains but had dark skin and wore peculiar clothing.They conversed in a difficult-to-understand foreign accent or a crude Central Plains language while bargaining with local people.

Seeing Su Xin interested in these southern barbarian traders,Huang Bingcheng quickly asked,"Boss,do you want to buy something from these southern barbarians?"

Su Xin shook his head,saying,"No,I'm just taking a look.Did the Flying Eagle Gang ever buy anything from these southern barbarians?"

Huang Bingcheng nodded,"Of course,we did buy from them.Although most of the things these southern barbarians bring are not useful for us and are bought by merchants from the Central Plains,there are still many valuable items.For example,a tribe from there brings a kind of medicinal wine.It's brewed by their tribal witch doctor and is exceptionally effective in treating external injuries,even more potent than the best wound medicine.However,their supply is limited.They only bring a small amount when they come every summer."

"Then,how are their prices?"Su Xin asked.

"Of course,they are very cheap;otherwise,those caravans from the outside wouldn't spend a lot of money hiring powerful escorts to traverse the bandit-infested forests in southern Xiangnan to come here.Some large southern barbarian tribes may ask for gold,silver,or beautiful jade in trade,while smaller ones might only ask for some daily necessities or food.It's almost like giving things away,"Huang Bingcheng explained.

"But some southern barbarians are not easy to deceive.Some have even learned the official language of Da Zhou and can be quite tough in negotiating prices.However,such tribes are rare among the southern barbarians,and coupled with the fact that major tribes often have internal conflicts,the prices of their unique products fluctuate a lot each year,with almost no fixed price,"Huang Bingcheng added.

Su Xin nodded in understanding.A plan began to form in his mind,but he needed to investigate and refine it before implementing it.