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Chapter 248: Revenge

8014words in this chapter2024-01-28

Everyone was stunned by the overwhelming hatred-filled punch from Wen Qinghe.

As warriors from Zezhou Prefecture,they were well aware of Wen Qinghe's strength.However,the current Wen Qinghe was clearly abnormal,almost like a completely different person from their impression of him.

After sending Wu Qingyun flying with a single punch,Wen Qinghe didn't stop.Instead,his eyes glowed with a blood-red light as he walked towards Wu Qingyun.

In his heart,there was only one word:hatred!

Only by using Wu Qingyun's blood could he wash away his hatred!

Seeing this scene,the surrounding warriors shouted,"Wen Qinghe,have you gone mad?Dare you kill Wu Qingyun?The Xunfeng Sword Sect will never let your Wen family off!Do you want to bring disaster upon your family?Stop!"

But Wen Qinghe,in his current state of mind consumed by hatred,could see nothing but Wu Qingyun in front of him.

Seeing the situation turning unfavorable,the other warriors exchanged glances and immediately launched an attack against Wen Qinghe.

These warriors were not only Wu Qingyun's friends but also had connections with the Xunfeng Sword Sect.They couldn't just watch Wu Qingyun die here.

As they attacked,Wen Qinghe angrily shouted,"Get lost!"With a powerful palm strike,he directly sent the group of people flying.It was a palm of deep vengeance,fierce and profound!

Among these warriors,the lowest cultivation was at the Qi Sea Realm,and some had spiritual power.However,when they joined forces,they couldn't even withstand a single move from Wen Qinghe,which was truly terrifying.

The warriors exchanged glances again.Wen Qinghe today was too strange.The punch filled with hatred and the palm of deep vengeance were not part of the Wen family's traditional martial arts.They had never heard of them before.

Yet,these seemingly simple moves were extraordinarily eerie,turning Wen Qinghe,who was initially on par with them in strength,into something terrifying.

Several warriors didn't hesitate and immediately turned to leave.While they were friends with Wu Qingyun,it didn't mean they would sacrifice their lives for him.In Wen Qinghe's current state,they needed to report to their sect first.If Wu Qingyun could survive this,it would be his luck.If not,they could only apologize.

Watching Wen Qinghe approaching step by step,Wu Qingyun's eyes showed fear.Ignoring his own injuries,he used all his true energy and ran away.

Wen Qinghe,with an expressionless face,threw a punch.The violent fist wind penetrated several yards,directly piercing through Wu Qingyun's body and preventing him from standing up.

Although Wen Qinghe had only practiced the Fist of Extreme Hatred and the Palm of Extreme Vengeance for a few days,his state of mind and martial intent were perfectly aligned with these techniques.This made the techniques,when used by Wen Qinghe,seem like he had been practicing them for many years.

Wu Qingyun had most of his meridians shattered by Wen Qinghe's punch,making it impossible for him to stand up.

Watching Wen Qinghe step by step,Wu Qingyun,in a panic,said,"Wen Qinghe,have you gone mad?Do you know the consequences of killing me?The Xunfeng Sword Sect will surely not let your Wen family off!Although we are both second-rate forces,in terms of strength and connections,your Wen family can't compare to my Xunfeng Sword Sect.If you kill me,you are harming your entire Wen family!"

Wen Qinghe seemed not to hear Wu Qingyun's words.He walked directly over and punched down.A sound of bones breaking echoed,blood splattering.Under this immense force,Wu Qingyun lost his breath.

However,Wen Qinghe seemed oblivious,continuing to repeatedly strike with his fists until Wu Qingyun no longer resembled a person.His half-body was covered in blood,and only then did Wen Qinghe stop.

The blood-red color in his eyes gradually faded,but his body seemed drained of strength,swaying a couple of times but managing not to fall.

Su Xin leisurely walked over and asked,"How does it feel?"

Looking at his hands covered in blood,Wen Qinghe replied in confusion,"I don't know."

The enemy who had bullied him since childhood and taken away the woman he loved was dead.However,strangely,there was no excitement in his heart.Instead,there was a deep sense of confusion.

"Senior,what should I do now?"Wen Qinghe couldn't help but ask.

"What to do?Of course,run away.If you stay here,do you plan to wait for the people from the Xunfeng Sword Sect to come seeking revenge?"Su Xin said.

Upon hearing Su Xin's words,Wen Qinghe finally reacted.He immediately ran towards the exit,but after running a few steps,he turned back and asked,"What about you,Senior?"

Su Xin revealed a mysterious smile and said,"Do you think those useless people can catch me?And if fate allows,we might meet again."

Wen Qinghe thought for a moment,and indeed,with the strength of the senior,he didn't need to fear the people from the Xunfeng Sword Sect.Thus,he turned and ran.

Su Xin stood still for a while,then turned and left.His figure was like the wind,leaving no trace.

In less than half a moment,there was a commotion in the street.A group of Xunfeng Sword Sect warriors pushed through the crowd and quickly approached.

The head of the Xunfeng Sword Sect,Wu Yuanting,looked as if his face could drip water,his expression dark and ominous.The few warriors who had been drinking with Wu Qingyun were cautiously helping him up to the brothel.

Pushing open the door,they found an empty room with only the collapsed wall from Wen Qinghe's punch and Wu Qingyun's lifeless body on the ground,no longer recognizable.

The young warriors exchanged glances,shocked by the brutality of Wen Qinghe.Not only did he kill Wu Qingyun,but he also left no intact corpse behind.

Wu Yuanting gritted his teeth,uttering a chilling vow,"Wen Family!We won't rest until we settle this!"

The young warriors shivered,quietly moving away from Wu Yuanting.Meanwhile,at the Wen family residence,Wen Mingyu paced in the living room,feeling uneasy for some reason.

Suddenly,an old steward burst in,shouting,"Master,something's not right!Young Master killed Wu Qingyun of the Xunfeng Sword Sect!"

Wen Mingyu was shocked,"What are you saying?That's impossible!I know Wen Qinghe's strength;how could he have killed Wu Qingyun?"

The steward anxiously said,"It's true!The news has spread through the streets of Zezhou Prefecture,and warriors from other forces have confirmed it with their own eyes."

At that moment,Wen Qinghe returned home,covered in blood.Wen Mingyu's heart sank.Wen Qinghe then confessed,"Father,I killed Wu Qingyun."

Wen Mingyu couldn't believe it,"You killed Wu Qingyun?With your strength,even ambushing him would be extremely difficult.Did you use poison?"

If Wen Qinghe had really used poison,it would be a massive problem.Mainstream sects despised warriors who used poison or attacked in secret.Among all the forces,only the Tang Sect in the Chu region openly used poison,but they were known for their eccentricities and didn't care about others'opinions.

However,for the Wen family,using poison to kill Wu Qingyun would be disastrous.Wen Qinghe shook his head,"I didn't use poison.I killed him with my own strength."

Wen Mingyu scolded,"Are you still not telling the truth?With your strength,killing Wu Qingyun head-on is unbelievable."

Wen Qinghe explained,"It's true.My senior taught me two martial arts moves when he saved me on the stage last time.I used these two techniques to kill Wu Qingyun."Demonstrating the Fist of Extreme Hatred,Wen Qinghe's imposing aura even startled Wen Mingyu.

Wen Mingyu sighed deeply.He knew there was no free lunch in the world.These martial arts techniques were undoubtedly superior to the Wen family's traditional skills.If they were given to Wen Qinghe so easily,there must be some hidden agenda.

But it was too late to know now.Wu Qingyun was already dead.Even if they knew,what could they do?

Wen Mingyu understood Wu Yuanting's mindset.The Xunfeng Sword Sect would definitely seek revenge against the Wen family now that Wu Qingyun,the only heir,was dead.

The Wen family,unlike the Xunfeng Sword Sect,had only one direct lineage.Unless a powerful Yuan Shen Realm warrior emerged from the side branches,Wen Qinghe was destined to be the future head of the Wen family.

Wu Qingyun's death would undoubtedly make the Xunfeng Sword Sect relentlessly pursue the Wen family.Wen Mingyu decided immediately,"Qinghe,pack your things.You must leave Jiangnan Province with the head steward immediately."

Wen Qinghe protested,"Why?"

Wen Mingyu sighed,"With Wu Qingyun dead,the Xunfeng Sword Sect will definitely come after us.But I can't hand you over to them.So,you must leave.The farther,the better."

"What about the Wen family?"Wen Qinghe suddenly remembered the threatening words Wu Qingyun had spoken to him back then.

Wu Qingyun's death would undoubtedly trigger the Xunfeng Sword Sect to relentlessly pursue the Wen family.However,in his previous state of being overwhelmed by hatred,he couldn't comprehend anything.

Moreover,even if he could understand,with Wen Qinghe's cunning and calculation,he would probably think that the difference between the Wen family and the Xunfeng Sword Sect was not significant.Whether he listened or not,Wen Qinghe would still kill him.