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Chapter 44: Sha Gang Leader's Concerns

8605words in this chapter2024-01-02

Su Xin's words were somewhat unclear,leaving those present puzzled.

"So what if you're young and powerful?How does that relate to killing Hou Tong?As for contributing to the gang,your merits are significant,but precisely because of that,we can't let you off lightly.If someone else follows your example,achieving some success and then causing trouble,wouldn't the gang fall into chaos?"

Su Xin looked at Sha Feiying,and his words weren't meant for everyone.As long as Sha Feiying could understand,that was sufficient.Everyone was clever,and Sha Feiying's gaze at Su Xin became more serious;he understood the meaning behind Su Xin's words.

In essence,Su Xin's three sentences conveyed one message:"With me around,I can help you balance the three hall masters!"

The situation in Feiying Gang was similar to Qingzhu Gang.Sha Feiying also had a son,but he was already old.In contrast,the three hall masters were in their prime.If Sha Feiying were to die,relying on his son,Sha Yuandong,who wasn't much better than Wei Feng of Qingzhu Gang,how could he control Feiying Gang?

The lesson from Qingzhu Gang was right in front of them;caution was necessary!

Now,even if Lin Fuhu was loyal,would he support Sha Yuandong against Dong Chengwu and Zhuang Li?

Dong Chengwu,needless to say,and although Zhuang Li looked amiable,a seemingly kind old man,before joining Feiying Gang,he was a notorious bandit in southern Hunan,ruthless and bloodthirsty.

Others might not know,but Sha Feiying was well aware.Even though Zhuang Li hadn't personally acted in over a decade,he still secretly practiced his famous double-edged Miao knife!

If these two joined forces,relying solely on Lin Fuhu,who seemed straightforward,would they be able to deal with them?Clearly not.

At this moment,Sha Feiying needed someone with different interests but who could balance them,and that person was Su Xin!

Su Xin was young,and even if he had strength and ambition,he couldn't suppress other major bosses and take over.These old members of Feiying Gang would never submit to Su Xin.

Su Xin had strength,and if given the space to grow,he could compete with Dong Chengwu and Zhuang Li.Su Xin had contributed to the gang,and he was loyal.If Su Xin didn't have the conditions to seize power,then supporting him as the assistant leader,challenging Dong Chengwu and the others,was the only option.

Three sentences,three meanings,and Sha Feiying understood them all.

Leaving Su Xin would help him balance the other two hall masters,but punishing Su Xin severely would only lead to dissatisfaction among Su Xin's subordinates and unrest in the gang.

Moreover,given the current strained relationship between Su Xin and Dong Chengwu,even if they wanted to unite in the future,it would be impossible.

As the gang leader,Sha Feiying had a much broader perspective than others,so he decided to keep Su Xin!

"Fighting in the same room,violating gang rules.Such a significant matter cannot be dismissed so easily,"Sha Feiying spoke slowly.

Dong Chengwu's face showed no surprise.Su Xin had gone too far,and even if Lin Fuhu wanted to speak up for him,the gang leader wouldn't tolerate it.

"So,I've decided that all of Third Uncle Hu's territories will be integrated into the gang,and only ten of his subordinates will remain.The rest will be distributed among other major bosses."

Everyone's eyes widened.

Wasn't Su Xin supposed to be punished?Why did it turn out to be Third Uncle Hu?Did the gang leader really agree to shift Su Xin's blame onto Third Uncle Hu?

Dong Chengwu stood up abruptly,"Leader!Su Xin is the one who killed Hou Tong!"

Sha Feiying glanced at him,saying,"Third Uncle Hu is Su Xin's foster father,his mentor.He ordered Su Xin to kill Hou Tong.If Su Xin had refused,wouldn't that be disloyalty and unfilial?In that case,why punish him?Wouldn't it make the brothers in the gang feel chilled?In the recent battle with Qingzhu Gang,Su Xin single-handedly captured Yongle Alley.With such significant merit,he should be promoted to a major boss.Since Hou Tong is now dead,Su Xin will take his position."

Seeing Sha Feiying make this decision,although Dong Chengwu felt resentment,he could only accept it reluctantly.

Formally,in situations like this,the gang leader should not make unilateral decisions;it should be discussed by several hall masters and major bosses.However,as long as Sha Feiying was present,Feiying Gang was essentially a one-man show.

This was the gang he had built,and the authority Sha Feiying held was unmatchable even if all three hall masters combined their strength.

Other major bosses felt a bit uneasy.Back when Su Xin was their age,they were still indulging in the pleasures of life,pursuing women in brothels.Meanwhile,Su Xin had already become one of the decision-makers in Feiying Gang.

Moreover,with Su Xin's influence,once he became a major boss,he would be the strongest among them.

Dong Chengwu left with a wave of his hand,not uttering a word.Others followed suit and left.

"Foster father,let's go,"Su Xin came to Third Uncle Hu's side,speaking softly.

Looking up at Su Xin,who showed no hint of joy,Third Uncle Hu sighed,realizing he no longer harbored any desire to vie for supremacy with Su Xin.

Now he understands Li Shiyé's thoughts;following a leader like Su Xin,the future is limitless.But following him,who is already aged,the future can only be preparing for retirement.

After everyone had left,Sha Feiying remained seated at the head without moving.Rubbing his wrinkled forehead,Sha Feiying wasn't sure if the decision he made this time was right or wrong.

Su Xin has ambition,strength,and means,all of which Sha Feiying can see.This young man is definitely not someone easy to deal with;even the cunning Third Uncle Hu is completely under his control.

However,Su Xin's three sentences pointed out his own importance,forcing Sha Feiying to keep him to balance Dong Chengwu and Zhuang Li.

If there were other candidates,Sha Feiying would never have chosen the openly ambitious Su Xin.

"Sigh,there were quite a few people killed back then,"Sha Feiying rubbed his temples,sounding somewhat regretful.

When Feiying Gang was first established,there were more than thirty major bosses,all stronger and more talented than the three hall masters,Dong Chengwu and the others.But later that night,those uncontrollable people all died by Sha Feiying's hand.

"Dad,hasn't your meeting finished yet?"A young man pushed the door open,impatiently asking.

This young man was probably in his early twenties,and traces of Sha Feiying's youth could be vaguely seen in his features.Naturally,he was Sha Feiying's only son,Sha Yuandong.

As the middle-aged son of Sha Feiying,his expectations for him were high,but unfortunately,Sha Yuandong was a bit too spoiled.In the recent gang war with Qingzhu Gang,he caused trouble with Wei Feng of Qingzhu Gang over a courtesan,turning it into a joke in Changning Prefecture.

"For a trivial matter,you started a gang war?In the eyes of other big bosses,it's simply unbelievable."

"Yuandong,do you have something to discuss with me?"

Sha Yuandong nonchalantly said,"I saw a fine horse from the Eastern Jin in Changde Alley,a genuine curly-maned lion's mane,priced at a hundred thousand taels without negotiation.I just managed to snatch it from the people of the Three Heroes Club.But I didn't bring enough money.I had someone guard it there.Dad,give me a hundred thousand taels now,and I'll go buy that curly-maned lion's mane."

"Always indulging in extravagances!You're not a kid anymore.When I die,Feiying Gang will eventually be handed over to you.With your current state,what will you rely on to manage Feiying Gang?Your curly-maned lion's mane?"

Sha Feiying scolded sternly,immediately frightening Sha Yuandong pale.

Although Sha Feiying resented Sha Yuandong's lack of discipline,he couldn't bear to be too harsh on his son.

Seeing Sha Yuandong scared like this,Sha Feiying's tone softened.

"Yuandong,your dad is old.I can't protect you forever.Look at Wei Feng now.Do you want to end up like him,a puppet under someone else's control?Your dad won't be able to protect you all your life.What do you rely on now to lead the subordinates if you continue like this?"

Sha Yuandong disdainfully said,"This Feiying Gang was founded by our Sha family.With our Sha family's prestige,who would dare to say no?"

Disappointment appeared on Sha Feiying's face;his son was still too naive.If these words were spoken by Su Xin,he would never have said them.

Even in the great dynasties,if the emperor was incompetent,he would be pulled off the dragon throne.Not to mention Feiying Gang,such a small gang.

Thinking of Su Xin and then looking at his own son,Sha Feiying thought that if Sha Yuandong had one-tenth of Su Xin's cunning,he wouldn't worry so much.

"Alright,you can go down first."

Sha Yuandong cautiously asked,"What about the hundred thousand taels?"

Sha Feiying wearily waved his hand,"Ask Zhuang Li for it."

Sha Yuandong's face brightened,immediately turning and running out.

At this time,Su Xin,upon returning to Kuailuolin,immediately dismissed the others.

From the moment Sha Feiying announced him as the major boss,the voice of the system echoed in Su Xin's mind.

"Congratulations to the host for completing the mainline mission'Heroic Attitude(II),'with a completion rate of 50%.The reward is one specified category draw(two stars or above,three stars or below).Does the host want to draw now?"

At that moment,Su Xin decisively chose not to.Although entering the space would only cause a momentary distraction,he didn't want others to notice.

After returning to Kuailuolin,Su Xin immediately announced that he was going into seclusion and entered the system to prepare for the draw.

The last time,the three intermediate draws had thoroughly tricked Su Xin.If he was unlucky again this time,it wouldn't be a matter of his luck but the system deliberately tricking him.