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Chapter 74: Make Him Explain to Me

8473words in this chapter2024-01-03

"If you don't apologize,we'll break your right leg.If you still won't apologize,we'll break your arm.Well,a person's body has many parts,you see."

Su Xin's words echoed in the ears of the stout man surnamed Liu.As he looked at the handsome young man before him,he felt like he was facing a demon.It turns out the rumors about Su Xin being ruthless and merciless were true.He hoped he'd never have to witness it himself.

Upon Su Xin's command,several gang members immediately stepped forward,pinning down the person Su Xin pointed at.Ignoring his screams,they drew short guns from behind and directly smashed one of his legs.Flying Eagle Gang had recently equipped all its low-ranking members with these short guns,sacrificing flexibility for increased lethality.Although the grappling techniques were less effective,they excelled in stabbing and thrusting attacks.

This particular short gun weighed over ten kilograms.The gang member,eager to impress in front of the gang leader,showed no mercy.He ruthlessly shattered the left leg of the Jiangyang Gang member,contorting it into a grotesque shape,causing the man to writhe on the ground in agony.

"Apologize or not?"Su Xin asked calmly.

The chubby boy,now pale with fear,stubbornly shook his head.

"No apology?Well,it's impressive that you can endure watching your underling being maimed like this.Quite a strong-hearted young man,with a touch of a hero's aura."

Su Xin turned and said,"Continue."

The executioner immediately proceeded,consecutively breaking all the joints of the Jiangyang Gang member,ending with a malicious strike to his'fifth limb,'causing him to pass out from the pain.

"No apology yet?"Su Xin asked again,glancing at the chubby boy,who was now visibly terrified.

However,before Su Xin could give him a chance,he said coldly,"No need to apologize.There are still three others;you have plenty of time."

The executioner,understanding Su Xin's intentions,promptly had another Jiangyang Gang member held down.They systematically broke all the joints,the bone-cracking sounds making everyone shudder.

The stout man surnamed Liu and the remaining member of the Green Bamboo Gang were sweating cold bullets.If the chubby boy didn't apologize soon,they would all end up crippled by this demon in front of them.

The continuous cries of pain and the gruesome scenes were pushing the chubby boy to the edge.His expression became increasingly terrified,eventually breaking down into tears.

"Sorry,sorry!I was wrong!"he cried.

The sound of the chubby boy's wailing was like celestial music to Liu and the other gang member's ears.They felt an immense relief,almost collapsing on the spot.

Su Xin,however,casually remarked,"Not apologizing to me.Apologize to Xiner."

The chubby boy quickly turned to Xiner,repeatedly apologizing.Clearly,he had been frightened out of his wits.

"Alright,take these two and leave."Su Xin waved his hand,and Liu immediately assisted the other Jiangyang Gang member,preparing to leave.

But at that moment,Su Xin said indifferently,"Go back and give a message to your boss.He owes me an explanation."

Liu was dumbfounded,"Su Gang Leader,isn't the matter already settled?What explanation does he owe?"

Su Xin replied coldly,"The issue with this chubby boy bullying my sister is settled.But your Jiangyang Gang dared to send people into Flying Eagle Gang's territory without notifying me.This matter isn't so easily resolved!"

The stout man surnamed Liu turned pale.This incident had just escalated into a big problem.People from major gangs generally avoided intruding into other gang territories without a specific reason,as it could be seen as a deliberate provocation.Sending low-ranking members for personal matters or visits was one thing,but being dispatched by the boss without informing the local gang leader was another matter entirely.

Putting his son in Su Xin's territory was one thing;dispatching people daily without informing him was another.It was a matter of disrespect.

This situation could be big or small,depending on whether the other party wanted trouble.

Jiangyang Gang's boss,Jiang He,had already acted improperly in this matter,and his son had bullied Su Xin's sister.If Su Xin didn't address this,it would be strange.

Liu,looking dispirited,left with the two crippled men and four subordinates.Su Xin waved his hand,signaling others to disperse.

Once everyone left,Xiner held Su Xin's hand and said with a pitiful tone,"Brother,I'm sorry."

Su Xin was puzzled,"Why are you apologizing?"

"Because my fight caused trouble for brother."Xiner answered cautiously.

Today's situation not only scared the chubby boy but also frightened Xiner.Su Xin hadn't exposed her to many cruel things before,but today was an exception.While he would always protect Xiner,the treacherous nature of the martial world meant that dangers far worse than today's events could happen at any time.

He didn't want Xiner to become the kind of delicate lady who would scream and cry at the first sign of trouble.That's why he taught Xiner martial arts and exposed her to scenes like today.

Su Xin patted Xiner's head and said in a deep voice,"Xiner,you did nothing wrong.Remember,if you encounter such a situation again,don't be afraid—fight fiercely!If someone scolds me,I'll punch them;if someone hits me,I'll strike back with a knife!Don't be afraid of trouble;your brother is here if anything happens."

Xiner nodded in innocence.She remembered that when she was younger,whenever someone bullied her,her brother would rush to fight them,often ending up with bloodshed.So,she learned to be cautious,avoiding trouble when going out,so her brother wouldn't have to fight.

Huang Bingcheng,listening from behind,couldn't help but comment,"Boss,is it really okay to educate a child like this?"

Su Xin glanced at him and said,"Then what should I teach her,virtues and morality?Do you believe in such things?"

"Well,of course not,"Huang Bingcheng quickly shook his head.

People like them,if they hadn't abandoned their conscience,they would probably have been played to death by others long ago.

"By the way,tell the brothers to be cautious with outsiders,especially martial artists.The members of Jiangyang Gang were coming and going right under our noses for quite some time,and we didn't even know."

Su Xin had done such things as infiltrating others'territories for assassinations before,but he didn't want others doing the same to him.

Huang Bingcheng nodded.In fact,this time,it couldn't entirely be blamed on the lack of attention from their subordinates.The members of Jiangyang Gang had been in Golden Moon District for quite a while.Before,when Sha Feiying's subordinates were poorly managed and not paying attention,it was understandable.Now,with the gang's reorganization and the replacement of personnel managing Golden Moon District,people assumed they were part of the district from the beginning.

Meanwhile,the stout man surnamed Liu had already rushed back to Jiangyang Gang's headquarters in Dongsheng District,afraid that Su Xin might detain him.

Liu was quite clever,realizing that this matter had escalated beyond what their boss could handle.It might even implicate the boss.So,he directly went to report to the gang leader.

Among the three gangs and four associations,Jiangyang Gang was arguably the weakest.The gang leader and two vice gang leaders were only at the mid-stage of the acquired realm.In contrast,the leaders of the other factions had reached the late stage of the acquired realm or beyond.Jiangyang Gang was the only one without a high-level martial artist.If it weren't for their long-standing history and a substantial base of low-ranking members,they might have been wiped out long ago.

So,Jiangyang Gang had always been cautious,afraid of offending others.However,even with their carefulness,they still managed to cause trouble.

"Idiot!Jiang He is an idiot!He dared to place his son in Flying Eagle Gang's territory,didn't he know to keep a low profile?Bringing his subordinates to bully the sister of Flying Eagle Gang's leader on their turf?This is just asking for trouble!"

Jiangyang Gang's leader,Jiang Beifei,slammed the table in frustration.

One of the vice gang leaders,Yang Dong,said,"It's just kids fighting.Boss,do you have to be this furious?But that Su Xin is really audacious,asking us for an explanation.What explanation does he want?Why should we give him any?"

Another vice gang leader,Shen Zhongming,sighed,"He has the audacity because he has the capital.Moreover,in the entire Changning Prefecture,who dares to provoke our Jiangyang Gang?"

Hearing this,Jiang Beifei's expression turned extremely unpleasant.As the leader of Jiangyang Gang,he felt responsible for the gang's current miserable state.

Feeling that he had misspoken,Shen Zhongming quickly added,"Boss,that's not what I meant.I meant,Flying Eagle Gang is not to be trifled with.We need to deal with this quickly."

Jiang Beifei sighed,"It's difficult.This matter can be big or small,depending on what Flying Eagle Gang decides.Now,they're asking us for an explanation,clearly intending to escalate the issue.It won't end easily."

Yang Dong grumbled,"Su Xin is just a young lad in the martial world.Now,he dares to ride on our necks and defecate.What kind of mess is this?I say we ignore him.Let's see if he really dares to mobilize the entire Flying Eagle Gang to attack us over such a small matter.They are powerful,but Jiangyang Gang isn't weak either.Even if he wants a fight,we'll knock out one of his teeth!At that time,hurting the enemy a thousand and ourselves eight hundred.Let's see how he continues to compete with his old adversary,the Green Bamboo Gang!"