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Chapter 153: Have You Finished Speaking?

8749words in this chapter2024-01-07

The saying goes,"Those who understand the current situation are the wise."Senior Liu believes that if he doesn't speak up now,he will surely meet a tragic end soon.

So Senior Liu immediately said,"Young Master Di is not currently in Donglin Mansion.He has gone to Nanning Mansion with his men to recruit members of the prominent Chen family.The Chen family has several innate martial artists,so Young Master Di personally took action."

"Oh?What about Xiao Moyun and the others?"

Senior Liu quickly explained,"Last time,Xiao Moyun and his group clashed with Young Master Di's men.However,instead of personally intervening,Young Master Di had their subordinates engage in a confrontation.Xiao Moyun's recruits were easily defeated by the'Mist Concealed Jiaolong'in a one-on-three battle.Losing face,Xiao Moyun left Donglin Mansion and is now preparing to recruit another formidable figure comparable to Pang Feiyun.As for the son of the Shangguan family in Runan,who came late to Xiangnan,he is also recruiting followers outside."

"Not in Donglin Mansion?"Su Xin murmured and asked,"Do you know how the Feiying Gang in Changning Mansion is doing now?"

Senior Liu exclaimed,"Is that the small gang that dares to refuse Young Master Di's recruitment?I heard Young Master Di say that if it weren't for their trade channels with those southern barbarians,who stubbornly refuse to acknowledge anyone else,that small gang would have been wiped out long ago.Now,Young Master Di doesn't have the patience to delay further with them.He will give Feiying Gang one last chance after recruiting the Chen family in Nanning Mansion.If they still don't comply,Young Master Di would rather forgo the profits from those southern barbarian specialties and completely annihilate them."

Iron Merciless has mentioned that Di Yunfei and his group came to Xiangnan because Su Xin raised the price of those southern barbarian specialties,attracting attention.However,this incident is just a prelude.While the annual profit from raising the prices of southern barbarian specialties is significant,it hasn't been a concern for forces like the Zhenjian Alliance.Their main goal is to train their disciples.

So,when Di Yunfei and his group recruit and provoke conflicts in Xiangnan,by the end,their followers may all be wiped out,but Di Yunfei and his group will likely be unharmed,considering it just as losing a game.

The entire Xiangnan is just a chessboard for them to train their disciples.The income from Changning Mansion is also inconsequential to Di Yunfei;he is more concerned about the attitude of the Feiying Gang.

If they repeatedly refuse,it is undoubtedly challenging his authority.Di Yunfei will not tolerate the continued existence of the Feiying Gang.

When other martial artists hear Su Xin inquire about the Feiying Gang,combined with his current appearance,they can't help but think of something.The rankings are updated monthly,and people usually pay attention to the changes in the rankings and who enters them.

For Su Xin,who has been on the list for over a year and consistently at the bottom,most have forgotten about him.Only in the first few months when Su Xin entered the list,people were surprised that a postnatal martial artist could make it to the rankings.

Now,after a year without any news from Su Xin and no change in his ranking,some even speculate that he might have died under the bounties of the Black List.When Six Gates finds Su Xin's body and confirms his death,he will be completely removed from the list.

However,the martial artists in Xiangnan are different from those in Central Plains.Over the past decade,the martial forces in Xiangnan have dwindled significantly.The disciples of major sects in Xiangnan dare not venture into the Central Plains.In more than ten years,not a single young martial artist from Xiangnan has entered the rankings.

Although Su Xin is not from a major sect in Xiangnan,he is still a local,so when he entered the rankings,it immediately caught the attention of many Xiangnan martial artists.Even now,many still remember him.

Cloaked in black,wielding a peculiar frequency yellow-grade weapon,coupled with his youthful appearance and astonishing sword speed,plus his recent question about the Feiying Gang,it's easy for people to associate him with Su Xin.

With these thoughts,someone naturally whispers,loud enough for the entire inn to hear.Now,everyone scrutinizes the person closely,finding that he indeed bears a 99.9%resemblance to the Su Xin who entered the rankings a year ago.

As for the issue of strength,it's even simpler.A year ago,Su Xin was able to kill the innate realm martial artist Fang Dongting.Now that he has become an innate martial artist himself,what's strange about that?

Among the people present,only two are in the Innate Sea Realm.They haven't even attempted to break through the Spiritual Aperture Realm,not understanding the significance of advancing from the Sea of Qi to the Spiritual Aperture in a year.Even many core disciples of major Central Plains sects rarely achieve this feat.

Upon hearing others confirm that the person in front of them is Su Xin,Senior Liu breathes a sigh of relief.Of course,he knows Su Xin's name—the only martial artist in Xiangnan to enter the rankings in over a decade.

Senior Brother Liu is afraid that Su Xin might be a disciple from those top martial arts sects in Central Plains.In that case,even if Su Xin kills him,it would be in vain.

Earlier,when he spoke to his junior about seeking wealth and risk,it wasn't just him deceiving his junior.Having been in the martial world for over a decade,he can naturally see that the conflict in Xiangnan is just a game set up by the major martial arts sects in Central Plains.The goal is simply to hone Di Yunfei and his companions.

When they reach the end of the conflict,there will certainly be a winner and a loser.The loser will only lose face and return to Central Plains,facing stricter discipline from their sect.However,for the followers recruited locally in Xiangnan by Di Yunfei,the outcome might be much worse—they might even be massacred.

For Di Yunfei and his group,these Xiangnan martial artists are just tools.If they fail,they will inevitably return to face punishment from their sects.Who cares about their lives?

Senior Brother Liu and the other martial artists who joined Di Yunfei are well aware of this,but they are taking a gamble.If they win,following their master to victory in the conflict means they can take over Di Yunfei's influence in Xiangnan and continue to dominate the area.The best outcome would be joining the Zhenjian Alliance with Di Yunfei,securing a promising future.

In the previous conflict,Di Yunfei's subordinate,Pang Feiyun,single-handedly defeated three innate realm martial artists under Xiao Moyun,showing no mercy.Xiao Moyun didn't even bother seeking revenge for them.

If the person in front of Senior Brother Liu is of the same status as Di Yunfei,then even if Senior Brother Liu dies under Su Xin's sword today,it would be his own misfortune.

However,the real identity of the other person turns out to be Su Xin,the former leader of the Feiying Gang,making the situation much more manageable.

As the former leader of a small gang,even though Su Xin made it onto the rankings,he can't be compared to Di Yunfei's status as a disciple of a major martial arts sect.

Senior Brother Liu speaks earnestly,"Master Su,Young Master Di is not in Donglin Mansion now.It's futile to look for him.Why not release me first and wait for him in Changning Mansion?Also,the Feiying Gang is stubborn,daring to disrespect Young Master Di.Now that you're back,if you can persuade the Feiying Gang to join Young Master Di and hand over the profits from the southern barbarian specialties,I guarantee you'll have a place under Young Master Di."

Senior Brother Liu has his own calculations in saying this.Despite boasting in front of his junior and others,he has barely met Di Yunfei in person.Joining Di Yunfei's side wasn't a decision personally approved by Di Yunfei but rather a result of Di Yunfei's intention to recruit many innate realm martial artists as subordinates.As long as their strength is not too poor,they can join.

Senior Brother Liu,facilitated by a senior martial artist responsible for recruiting subordinates,smoothly joined Di Yunfei's side.However,in reality,his status is still that of an inconspicuous lackey.

Yet,the person in front of him,Su Xin,gives Senior Brother Liu a glimpse of an opportunity.Su Xin,as the former leader of the Feiying Gang,surely still holds considerable influence over the gang.With a word from him,the Feiying Gang will undoubtedly submit to Di Yunfei.

Moreover,Su Xin possesses innate realm strength himself.Considering that Di Yunfei currently has only about five or six innate realm martial artists among his subordinates,Su Xin's addition,especially as a ranked martial artist,would significantly boost Di Yunfei's prestige.

Senior Brother Liu expects significant rewards if he can make this happen.

However,Su Xin,at this moment,shows no expression on his face and calmly asks,"Have you finished speaking?"

Senior Brother Liu hesitates,"I-I've finished."

Su Xin nods,speaking calmly,"It's good that you're done.Now it's my turn.I dislike those who think they're clever.When I ask you a question,you answer.Remember this:the weak should not attempt to manipulate the thoughts of the strong."

Before Senior Brother Liu can say anything,a white light flashes,and his head has already soared into the air,landing neatly on the table beside him.

The three innate realm martial artists accompanying Senior Brother Liu are nearly petrified,especially his junior,who,despite reaching the mid-innate realm,has never killed anyone.This almost scares him into a shocked exclamation.

Just a moment ago,Senior Brother Liu was talking about seeking wealth amidst danger.Now,it seems perilous indeed.He hasn't even tasted that wealth,and he's already been killed by a single sword.

Master was right;the martial world is treacherous.Perhaps it's better to quietly live out his life at the martial arts school left by his master.