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Chapter 154: Kong Qiuren, the 'Yin-Yang Ghost Hand'

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Su Xin,without hesitation,beheaded Senior Brother Liu,shocking everyone in the entire restaurant.Compared to Su Xin,a renowned figure on the ranking list,Senior Brother Liu was just an insignificant individual.

However,the problem was that Senior Brother Liu was currently affiliated with Di Yunfei,the young master of the Di family.If Su Xin killed him like this,how would Di Yunfei explain the situation on his end?

Su Xin wiped the blood off his sword,remaining calm and composed.Di Yunfei wanting Su Xin to join him?What a joke.

These disciples from major sects treated the warriors in the Southern Lakes as pawns,using them to train their own disciples.Sadly,even though the Southern Lakes warriors were aware of this,they still flocked to the major sects.

Su Xin was different.Even if he was weak,he never saw himself as a pawn;he only saw himself as the one playing the game.

The Flying Eagle Gang wanted Su Xin to rescue someone,but he wouldn't wait in Changning Mansion for Di Yunfei to arrive.He intended to turn the tables,as Di Yunfei's current base was the East Forest Mansion.Well then,he would create chaos there and see if Di Yunfei still had the mood to recruit the Flying Eagle Gang!

At that moment,a commotion erupted outside the restaurant,and more than ten warriors entered.Among them,only one was in the Innate Spirit Realm,while the rest were in the acquired realm.

The Innate Realm warrior had an ugly appearance,with a slanted mouth and crooked eyes.The most peculiar thing about him was his pitch-black hands,emitting a faint foul smell.

Upon seeing this person entering,the warriors in the restaurant fell silent,as he was not someone easy to get along with.

Di Yunfei had recruited many Innate Realm warriors in the Southern Lakes,nearly dozens of them,but only five or six were in the Innate Spirit Realm.Kong Qiuren,also known as the"Yin-Yang Ghost Hand,"was one of them.

Kong Qiuren had a notorious reputation in the Southern Lakes,mostly for his evil deeds.Despite the word"仁"(benevolence)in his name,he had nothing to do with benevolence.

Kong Qiuren,a wanderer by origin,was cunning and treacherous,known for his sinister deeds.He unintentionally offended a disciple of the Fire Departure Sect,resulting in a thousand-mile chase.Just when he was about to be killed by the sect's disciple,a member of the Liu family in the Southern Lakes saved his life.

Unexpectedly,after recovering,Kong Qiuren plotted to seize a century-old spiritual medicine,the Vermilion Fruit,from the Liu family,wiping them out in the process and obtaining the coveted fruit.With the Vermilion Fruit,he smoothly broke through to the Innate Spirit Realm.

His title"Yin-Yang Ghost Hand"didn't only refer to his martial skills but also to his ruthlessness,signifying the separation of yin and yang under his"ghostly hands."

Entering the restaurant,Kong Qiuren noticed the headless body of Senior Brother Liu on the table,and his expression turned cold.Having received news of the disturbance before leaving,Di Yunfei had entrusted him to temporarily manage the East Forest Mansion.Upon hearing about the incident,Kong Qiuren rushed over with his men.

His nickname,"Yin-Yang Ghost Hand,"implied more than just martial prowess;it hinted at his mercilessness.Under his management,no warrior dared to cause trouble in the East Forest Mansion during this time.Unexpectedly,today,he encountered someone seeking trouble.

However,Kong Qiuren didn't anticipate that as soon as he entered the restaurant,the troublemaker had already killed Senior Brother Liu.

A mere acquired realm warrior's death wasn't a big deal,but considering his affiliation with Di Yunfei,if Kong Qiuren didn't demand an explanation,it would make him appear useless.

With a cold tone,Kong Qiuren said,"Friend,do you know who you just killed?He is under the command of Young Master Di.If you kill him,you need to provide an explanation."

Su Xin responded casually,"Oh?What kind of explanation do you want?"

Both being in the Innate Spirit Realm,Kong Qiuren didn't immediately take an aggressive approach.Instead,he coldly said,"Killing someone under Young Master Di's command requires punishment.Come with me now,and we'll settle it when Young Master Di returns."

Upon hearing Kong Qiuren's words,Su Xin burst into laughter,a bold and arrogant laughter.

Kong Qiuren frowned,"What do you mean?Is my proposal laughable?"

Su Xin shook his head,"It's not your proposal that's laughable;it's you.May I ask,who do you think you are?Are you even qualified to punish me?Does Di Yunfei have the authority to handle me?"

Kong Qiuren's expression changed instantly,angrily shouting,"Presumptuous!Regardless of who you are,daring to disrespect Young Master Di like this,you won't leave the East Forest Mansion today!"

With so many people watching,he couldn't let such arrogant words slide.Even though Kong Qiuren was cunning and malicious,he had his principles.His reputation in the Southern Lakes was thoroughly tarnished,and even those of the same realm avoided him.

If he ventured alone into the Central Plains,he might be better off staying in the Southern Lakes without any backing.Moreover,in a place like the Central Plains,where powerful individuals abound,given his temperament,if he couldn't resist doing something outrageous,he might end up being swiftly dealt with by a young hero from some sect,putting an end to his righteous deeds with a sword.

So,he had to hold on tightly to Di Yunfei's strong support,hoping that Di Yunfei would emerge victorious in the struggle against Xiao Moluo and others.Then,he could join the Sword Alliance alongside him.

Among the Innate Realm warriors seeking refuge with Di Yunfei,his attitude was the most diligent,even bordering on flattery.Kong Qiuren's angry shout prompted his men to rush forward,and he,too,aimed a palm strike at Su Xin.

Practicing an extremely venomous technique involving using corpses to refine his skills,Kong Qiuren extracted toxins from the decomposed bodies into his palms.This technique was a terrifying form of poison cultivation.Unlike regular poison techniques vulnerable in direct confrontation,his method could corrode the opponent's true energy.Typically,opponents weakened progressively,ultimately succumbing to his"Ghost Hands."

A dark,foul-smelling true energy erupted as Kong Qiuren's palm descended,resembling a putrid giant expanding and bursting open,nauseatingly foul.

Su Xin pointed a finger,and a chilling frost seemed to freeze the surrounding air.Astonishingly,the dark true energy was condensed in mid-air.

With the force of Su Xin's astonishing finger technique,the black true energy was instantly shattered,scattering onto the surrounding ground and tables,corroding huge pits.

Kong Qiuren was pushed back by Su Xin's shocking finger technique,his palms numb,and he felt as if his hands were frozen stiff.

Su Xin had used the"Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing Finger"many times in Shangshan City,and he continued to use it now,unafraid of being exposed.The variations of this technique were too extensive.Su Xin had only demonstrated a few during his time in Shangshan City,and now,with a slight modification of the moves,it was difficult for anyone who hadn't carefully studied him to notice.

If those who had fought against Su Xin before,like Mo Tianlan and others,were present,they would surely recognize it.After all,these people had been seriously injured or even crippled by Su Xin,leaving a deep impression of this martial art.

Unfortunately,Mo Tianlan and others were not only recovering from their injuries but also refraining from conflicts to avoid any confrontations with Di Yunfei's group.

Kong Qiuren snorted coldly,"Your strength is not weak,but it's a pity you're just arrogant.Young Master Di's power is beyond your imagination.You're not qualified to face him.Today,I'll deal with you,and Young Master Di can handle the rest when he returns!"

Black corpse poison enveloped Kong Qiuren's palms.Instantly,countless palm prints filled the air,accompanied by eerie wails,creating an extremely eerie atmosphere.

Among the warriors in the restaurant,someone exclaimed,"Kong Qiuren actually used his'Ghost Hands'imprint.Su Xin has really pushed him to this extent!"

Kong Qiuren's technique was somewhat similar to Nie Fang's Iron Refinement Hand,but it belonged to the dark and twisted path.The Iron Refinement Hand utilized one's true energy to smelt metal,a legitimate martial art.In contrast,Kong Qiuren's martial art required practicing with corpses and used the poison condensed in his palms.Normally,a small amount of corpse poison would be sufficient against an ordinary warrior.Excessive use would affect the cultivation of this technique.

The current move,the Bone-Changing Ghost Hands Imprint,was one of his finishing moves,explosively releasing all the corpse poison in his palms.The consumption was exceptionally high,and even after several days,the corpse poison in his palms would be unusable.Therefore,Kong Qiuren rarely used this move unless in desperate situations.

Even though the move was powerful,Kong Qiuren couldn't help but be cautious.He didn't know Su Xin's true identity,but observing his young age and already being in the Innate Spirit Realm,he could either be from a major martial sect,receiving guidance from renowned masters,or someone with a high realm but lacking practical combat experience.

However,it was evident that Su Xin wasn't an ordinary warrior.Even with just one exchange,Kong Qiuren could tell he was dealing with a seasoned martial artist.

Given this,Kong Qiuren had to be careful and go all out.Even if he rendered himself powerless for several days after using the Bone-Changing Ghost Hands Imprint,being in the East Forest Mansion under Di Yunfei's command,he didn't have to worry about anyone coming to trouble him.