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Chapter 152: Three Strikes, Silence Means Death

8911words in this chapter2024-01-07

Su Xin had never been to Donglin Mansion before,but the atmosphere there was definitely abnormal,with an unusually high number of martial practitioners.

On the streets,there were martial practitioners at the Profound Sky Realm,seemingly as common as in Shangshan City.There were also quite a few martial practitioners at the Innate Realm.

Su Xin found a tavern and sat down,channeling his internal energy to his ears,carefully listening to the conversations of the martial practitioners around him.Among them,a table of martial practitioners caught Su Xin's attention.

At that table,a martial practitioner in his thirties,at the Profound Sky Realm,wore a proud expression,receiving compliments from three other martial practitioners as if he were a grand figure.

One of them,a wiry and small-framed martial practitioner with a pointed mouth and monkey-like cheeks,flattered,"Senior Liu,I heard that you have joined the Zhen Sword Alliance under the command of Di Yunfei,the son of Di Yunfei.I wonder if you could introduce us and let us join Di Gongzi's command?"

Another seemingly simple and honest martial practitioner chimed in,"Yeah,Senior Liu,we all came from the same martial arts school back in the day.Now that you've become successful,don't forget your brothers."

Liu Senior Brother pretended to be hesitant and said,"It's not that I won't introduce you,but you know,Di Gongzi is the leader of the Zhen Sword Alliance,the younger brother of the Azure-eyed Flying Dragon Di Jingfei.His standards are high.Even I had to put in a lot of effort to gain his recognition and be invited to join him.Your strength is a bit lacking,and even with my recommendation,it's unlikely Di Gongzi would accept you."

"Do you know how many people have actively joined Di Gongzi in these days?Almost half of the famous figures in the southern region,including'Sky Cloud Spear'Liu Baisui,'Yin Yang Ghost Hands'Kong Qiuren,and'Red Yin Palm'Duan Xing,renowned figures in various states and prefectures in southern Xiangnan."

"And a few days ago,Di Gongzi personally led people to Five Poisons Mountain Villa,inviting the Poisonous Child and his disciples.Even the leader of the most influential southern bandit gang,'Mist Concealing Jiao Long'Pang Feiyun of Feiyun Gang,heard the news and voluntarily disbanded the gang,bringing his elite forces to join Di Gongzi."

"Only such figures are qualified to be personally welcomed by Di Gongzi.Do you think,with your strength,you are qualified to join Di Gongzi's command?"

The martial practitioners with the pointed mouth and monkey-like cheeks,as well as the honest-faced one,looked at each other and fell silent.

Compared to these famous figures in southern Xiangnan,such as Sky Cloud Spear Liu Baisui,Yin Yang Ghost Hands Kong Qiuren,and Red Yin Palm Duan Xing,they felt like nobodies.

At this point,Liu Senior Brother revealed a mysterious smile,cleared his throat,and said,"However,Di Gongzi's command still needs martial practitioners at the Profound Sky Realm.I do have some face with Di Gongzi,and if it's difficult,I can still put in a word or two."

Seeing his expression,the martial practitioner with the pointed mouth and monkey-like cheeks immediately understood his intention and reluctantly took out a small bottle,handing it to Liu Senior Brother.

"This is a reward from the last time I escorted the Thousand Blades Divine Sect's merchant convoy.One of their stewards gave me this.It's an authentic Yellow Grade Middle-tier pill,only three in total.I've only taken one,so the remaining two,consider them a token of gratitude for Senior Liu."

Liu Senior Brother grinned and accepted the bottle of pills.The martial practitioner with an honest face also pulled out a short sword,saying,"This is a practice sword for junior disciples from the Nine Hua Sword Sect.Although it hasn't reached the graded level,it is definitely a fine weapon."

"I'll accept it with pleasure,"Liu Senior Brother said with a proud expression.

After drinking a cup of wine,he looked at the last young martial practitioner who had been silent and had a somewhat slim figure,frowning,"Junior Brother Fang,why?Don't you want to join Di Gongzi's command?"

Junior Brother Fang hesitated and said,"Senior Liu,it's not that I don't want to join Di Gongzi's command,but I heard that among those who came to Xiangnan to contend for influence with Di Gongzi,many have significant backgrounds.As insignificant people like us join in,could it be dangerous?If that's the case,I'd rather stay at the martial arts school left by my master and live a peaceful life."

Liu Senior Brother snorted disdainfully,"Humph!A woman's way of thinking!It's said that wealth and honor lie in danger.What can you achieve by guarding the small martial arts school your master left you for a lifetime?Besides,those contending with Di Gongzi are indeed notable figures,including the direct disciples of the Shangguan Family in Runan and Xia Tangtang,the main hall master of the Nian Gang."

"But can these people compare to Di Gongzi?Di Gongzi is not only the leader of the Zhen Sword Alliance but also the younger brother of the Azure-eyed Flying Dragon Di Jingfei.He may even take over the Zhen Sword Alliance in the future.If you join them and Di Gongzi defeats Xia Motu and the others,he won't pay much attention to the Xiangnan forces,leaving them in our hands,the ones who joined him from the beginning."

Moreover,if we perform well,we might even have the chance to follow Young Master Di to the Zhen Sword Alliance.The martial world in the Central Plains is much more prosperous than this backwater place in Southern Xiangnan.Our future is limitless!"

Under the instigation of Senior Liu,the expression on Junior Fang's face began to waver.

Senior Liu wore a triumphant smile on his face."Junior Fang,I remember Master didn't just leave the martial arts school to you,right?He also had a set of personal armor that can resist knives and swords.It should be in your possession,right?Junior Fang,if you give me that armor,I will surely speak highly of you to Young Master Di,and you'll secure a good position."

Just as Junior Fang was about to agree,a calm voice interrupted,"Where is Di Yunfei now?"

Senior Liu turned around angrily and shouted,"Bold!Do you think you can casually mention Young Master Di's name?"

However,as he turned around,a bead of cold sweat dripped from his forehead.A young man,seemingly around twenty,was looking at him with indifference.Clad in black,holding a sword,his eyes were apathetic,as if he didn't consider Senior Liu worthy of attention.

In other circumstances,Senior Liu,who wasn't one to hold back,might have erupted when faced with a young martial artist looking at him like that.However,this young man was far from an ordinary figure.The aura he emitted was that of a Profound Sky Realm expert,accompanied by a strong scent of blood,indicating he had taken numerous lives to cultivate such a bloodthirsty aura.

During his time in the dense forests of Southern Xiangnan,Su Xin had slaughtered seven bandit gangs.The aura he exuded was no longer comparable to the leader of a small faction in Changning Mansion as he used to be.

While in Shangshan City,Su Xin had to play the role of'Meng Qingze,'so he needed to leave room in his actions.Even his true strength and the bloodthirsty aura had to be concealed.

However,now that he had returned to his original identity,there was no need for such concealment.After all,he was already on the wanted list,with a bounty on his head.What's strange about having a more intense bloodthirsty aura?

But Senior Liu,who was at the forefront,was almost scared out of his wits by this bloodthirsty aura.

This person in front of him wasn't just a young martial artist.The aura he emanated was that of a Profound Sky Realm,not inferior to Di Yunfei and others.Who was he?Su Xin wondered.He hadn't heard of any other major factions sending their disciples to train in Southern Xiangnan.

Seeing Senior Liu stunned,Su Xin couldn't help but frown."I'm asking you,where is Di Yunfei now?"

The martial artists in the tavern all moved aside,silently watching everything unfold.They kept their distance,as the matter didn't concern them,and besides,the young martial artist's direct mention of Di Yunfei's name hinted at hostility.

Such gossip was what they were most interested in.Though they pretended to stay far away,they secretly paid attention to the commotion caused by Su Xin.

Senior Liu gritted his teeth,forcing a smile."This sir,I'm just one of Young Master Di's new subordinates.How could I possibly know where he is?"

Under Su Xin's pressure,Senior Liu didn't deny because he was tough,but rather because he dared not reveal such information.His previous actions in Donglin Mansion were high-profile and arrogant,and almost every martial artist present recognized him.

Now,being questioned,if he revealed his master's details,it would mean exposing everything.Such information,once leaked,would likely spell the end of his own life.

So,Senior Liu wasn't unwilling to speak;he was just afraid to speak.

Su Xin unsheathed the Wandering Dragon Sword at his waist.A cold light flashed,and almost no one saw his sword move.Senior Liu's finger was sliced off.

Senior Liu cried out in pain,clutching his blood-drenched left hand,a look of horror in his eyes.

He wasn't afraid to deal with Su Xin,who might play some tricks,but he was terrified when faced with someone who would act without a second thought.

Su Xin said calmly,"As the saying goes,'Third time's the charm.'I've asked you twice,and now this is the third time.Where is Di Yunfei?"

Compared to the previous two sentences,Su Xin's tone in the third sentence was extremely calm,without the slightest fluctuation or threatening malice.However,precisely because of this,the current Su Xin made Senior Liu even more terrified.

"Three strikes and you're out,"Su Xin didn't say what would happen if he exceeded three questions.Still,Senior Liu could be certain that if he didn't answer this time,the next time this person unsheathed his sword,it wouldn't be just one finger that got sliced off!Faced with the choice between possible death now and probable death later,Senior Liu unquestionably chose the former.