The strongest villain system
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Chapter 140: Heir

4339words in this chapter2024-01-07

The momentum on Su Xin's side has become so great,and Yan Shengheng and the others have known about it for a long time.

Originally,Yan Shengheng was worried that this batch of southern barbarian specialties would really be sold at an exorbitant price.Who would have thought that Meng Qingze would be so ignorant and set a price that made those merchants bleed.

Now,those merchants have all left,and the originally good hand has been ruined by Meng Qingze.Thinking about this,Yan Shengheng couldn't help but sneer in his heart;women are always women,too indecisive.

Meng Qingze's strength is indeed strong;he deserves his reputation as one of the top experts.Yan Shengheng admits this.However,everyone has their own expertise.In terms of business acumen,the conservative and experienced Liang Bo should be more suitable.Bringing Su Xin in was a sure way to mess things up.

However,the results of the situation surprised everyone the next day.The Central Plains merchants agreed to Su Xin's astonishing price to buy the batch of southern barbarian specialties.

Of course,they didn't consume it all individually;with their wealth,they couldn't.These dozens of merchant caravans each took a portion,effectively emptying their pockets.Su Xin's trip basically drained all their money.

Upon hearing this news,Yan Shengheng and others could only feel that these merchants'heads had been kicked by a donkey.How could they agree to such a high price?If these goods were sold in the Central Plains,they wouldn't just fail to make a profit;they might even incur losses!

The journey from the Central Plains to Xiangnan takes up to half a year for the farthest route.Besides the attendants of the caravans,they also need to hire martial artists of both innate and acquired realms as escorts.Even if they did nothing else,the expenses would easily exceed several hundred thousand taels of silver.

Accepting such an exorbitant price,after deducting other expenses,they were basically making a big fuss.

But these merchants were shrewder than ghosts;they wouldn't willingly lose money.They would still make a profit from this batch of goods.Su Xin raised the price for them,and when they sold in the Central Plains,they could raise the price as well.They wouldn't go bankrupt,at the very least.

With hundreds of carts of goods sold out in a day,Su Xin and his team earned a whopping fifty million taels of silver.And that's just in silver.Some caravans,short on silver,used the goods they brought from the Central Plains as collateral,adding up to another few million taels.

Even without considering the value of those goods,Yan Qingxue had undoubtedly won this time.After the accountant from the Yan family calculated the results,Yan Emperor Nine's order came the next day,asking Yan Qingxue and the other children to come and see him.In front of everyone in Shangshan City,Yan Qingxue was declared the heir.

Upon receiving this news,Yan Zhongheng didn't show much reaction.He had already prepared himself for not getting the heir position.

However,Yan Shengheng was so angry that he smashed a cup.He was supposed to win this time,but Yan Qingxue unexpectedly took advantage of the situation.How could he accept this?

While the position of the heir didn't represent everything,at least having that position would give an advantage in the future struggle for the city lord's position.

In contrast to the gloominess on Yan Shengheng's side,Yan Qingxue and the others,upon receiving the news,were so excited that they almost burst into tears.

Green Hedge directly hugged Yan Qingxue and shouted in excitement.Liang Bo also smiled and comforted her.Having watched Yan Qingxue grow up,he even treated her as his own daughter.Now that she got this position,he felt relieved.

Looking at Su Xin,who was smiling but not saying anything,for some reason,Yan Qingxue felt a trace of reluctance.

Previously,Young Master Meng had promised to help her secure the position of the city lord's heir.Now that the position was secured,should Young Master Meng leave?

She had been with Young Master Meng for almost a year.During this time,whenever there was a problem,Young Master Meng would be the first to step forward and shield her from wind and rain.Now,Yan Qingxue had gotten used to having Young Master Meng by her side.It felt like as long as he was there,she didn't have to worry about anything,as if she had found someone to rely on.

When Yan Qingxue was young,her ideal reliance was her father,an imposing figure described by her mother.But when she met her father in reality,he was indeed tall and imposing but didn't become her support.Instead,he set cold rules and left her to her own devices.

Now,in Young Master Meng,she had found that sense of reliance again.

"Miss,what's wrong?"Seeing her standing there in silence,Green Hedge quickly pushed Yan Qingxue.

Yan Qingxue smiled and walked to Su Xin,saying,"Young Master Meng,I can secure the heir's position,and your contribution can be said to be the greatest.To be honest,I don't know how to thank you."