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Chapter 141: Martial Forces in Southern Waters Mobilize

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In front of everyone,Yanzheng Xue was announced as the heir,and Yanzheng Jiu handed over a token to her.This token symbolized that from now on,all finances and trade routes of Shangshan City would be under Yanzheng Xue's jurisdiction.There was another token that controlled all the forces in Shangshan City,but Yanzheng Jiu kept it in his hands for the time being,not yet willing to relinquish it.

After announcing the results,Yanzheng Jiu left with his people.However,before leaving,he looked deeply at Su Xin,wondering if this person was worthy of his trust.Meanwhile,Yanzheng Shengheng and his group,upon returning to their residence,immediately informed the forces behind them and sought assistance.

Since Yanzheng Jiu had declared Yanzheng Xue as the heir to Shangshan City,the powers bestowed upon them by Yanzheng Jiu were now unusable.Their only option was to seek help from the martial arts sects behind them and see what plans they had.

Yanzheng Zhongheng and the others were not fools.They understood that if their sects got involved in the struggle for the position of Shangshan City's master,even if they eventually became the master,they would be mere puppets.The real power would still be in the hands of their respective sects.

However,if they didn't involve their backing forces,they wouldn't stand a chance of becoming the master of Shangshan City.Moreover,they had grown up with the teachings of these martial arts sects,and they didn't reject them.In their view,they were also members of these martial arts sects.What difference did it make if Shangshan City leaned towards them?

With this mindset,almost instinctively,the four of them sent messages to their respective sects,hoping they could find a way to help them secure the position of city master.

Upon receiving the news,the four martial arts forces behind Yanzheng Zhongheng and the others all took action.The position of Shangshan City's master was a must-have for them,not only for the city's wealth but also for the strength of its warriors.If the future master of Shangshan City aligned with a particular force,that force could potentially dominate the entire region.

Three days later,at the entrance of Shangshan City,more than ten riders entered the city.Among them was a young man around thirty years old,with a handsome face and an extraordinary aura.He murmured to himself,"Is this Shangshan City?After five years of seclusion,my cousin still hasn't taken the position of Shangshan City's master.I can't believe my family has to intervene personally.What a waste."

These ten-plus individuals were naturally the ones sent by the Mo family from the Canglan Valley after receiving Yanshu Heng's letter.

As soon as they entered the city,Yanshu Heng welcomed them at the gate.Seeing the leading young man,Yanshu Heng's face immediately brightened.This young man was no ordinary person;he was Mo Tianlan,the eldest grandson of the Mo family in the Canglan Valley and a leading figure among the younger generation.

Thinking this,Yanshu Heng greeted him with a radiant smile,"Cousin,I didn't expect you to be the one coming this time."

However,to his surprise,Mo Tianlan didn't even dismount from his horse.He calmly said,"Yanshu Heng,after so many years,you still haven't made any progress.You haven't even broken through to the innate realm."

The smile on Yanshu Heng's face froze,and he chuckled,"Where do I have the talent like my cousin?I'm afraid,even among the young generation of the entire Southern Martial Arts world,my cousin is undoubtedly the leader."

But just as he finished speaking,a fiery red whip lashed out,directly striking Yanshu Heng's face and leaving a blood mark,numbing him with pain.

"Bold!Who is it!?"Yanshu Heng turned around and roared angrily.Who dared to attack him within Shangshan City?Wasn't that asking for trouble?

"Hmph!Yanshu Heng,I don't care if you flatter Mo Tianlan,but among the young generation of the Southern Martial Arts world,he is not qualified to be the leader!"A clear and crisp voice,even when cold,gave people a bewitching and fiery feeling.

A horse,as red as flames,appeared in front of Yanshu Heng.It was a special breed known as the Flame Stallion,worth millions of gold,a priceless treasure.On the back of the Flame Stallion stood a woman dressed in a fringe red skirt,revealing a glimpse of her snowy white waist.With picturesque eyebrows,she looked like an otherworldly spirit.

She held a fiery red whip in her hand—the same one that had just struck Yanshu Heng.It was her,and Yanzheng Zhongheng stood behind her,revealing a mocking smile towards Yanshu Heng.

Seeing this woman,Yanshu Heng suddenly lost his temper.This time,he had spoken out of turn,and there was nothing he could do about it.

This woman is a member of the Fire Sect behind Yanzheng Zhongheng,with a status even more extraordinary–she is the Sect's Holy Maiden.In the Fire Sect,aside from the Sect Leader and a few Vice Leaders,the Holy Maiden holds the greatest authority.Moreover,if the Holy Maiden remains unmarried,she can even directly ascend to the position of Sect Leader.Throughout history,over ten Holy Maidens have successfully assumed the role of Sect Leader,indicating that the position of Holy Maiden is nearly on par with that of the Sect Leader's heir.

The current Holy Maiden is named Lan Yudie.Though her name sounds delicate,she is known for her fiery temperament and being not easy to deal with.Despite being a woman,she is unusually competitive and enjoys challenging the younger disciples of various major sects whenever she has free time.

There were suitors who proposed marriage to Lan Yudie,but almost all of them were severely injured by her.According to her,unless a man can truly surpass her,the Holy Maiden will remain unmarried for life.

Lan Yudie,still under thirty,has already opened her eye acupoints.Her cultivation speed even surpasses that of Mo Tianlan.Among the younger generation of Southern Martial Arts,there is hardly anyone who can subdue her.

Yanshu Heng rubbed his face;he had brought this upon himself.Saying that Mo Tianlan was the leader of the younger generation in Southern Martial Arts in front of Lan Yudie was just asking for trouble.

Mo Tianlan frowned and said,"Lan Yudie,even if Yanshu Heng is a bit useless,he's still my cousin.Isn't it a bit excessive to hit him in front of me?"

Lan Yudie snorted,"I hit him,what can you do?If you're dissatisfied,we can exchange a few moves.Let's see what you look like after five years of seclusion."

Mo Tianlan rubbed his head with a headache.He knew he couldn't reason with this woman.They came to help Yanshu Heng compete for the position of city master,and he had no intention of fighting with the crazy Lan Yudie.

"Oh,it's quite lively today.You guys are here early."A slightly ostentatious voice sounded,and two more groups entered from the city gate.

One group had Yansheng Shengheng with them,all carrying twin blades–they were from the Thousand Machinations Divine Blade Sect.

Leading the Thousand Machinations Divine Blade Sect was a young man with an arrogant expression.He had a dazzling gold and silver blade on his back,looking quite extraordinary.

The other group was led by another young gentleman in white attire.This young man was exceptionally handsome,with a long sword hanging from his waist.Although he looked good,his peach blossom eyes seemed a bit frivolous,constantly sweeping over Lan Yudie's exposed white waist and alluring peaks,revealing an unclear intent.

"Lingtao of the Thousand Machinations Divine Blade Sect and Fang Chenyu of the Nine Hua Sword Sect,you're not late either,"Mo Tianlan said calmly.

These two groups were from the Thousand Machinations Divine Blade Sect behind Yansheng Shengheng and the Nine Hua Sword Sect behind Yanzheng Jihu.Lan Yudie felt Fang Chenyu's gaze and couldn't help but show a trace of disgust.Gripping the whip,she released a wave of heat.With a swing,a burst of fire exploded,creating a three-foot-deep hole in the ground.

"Fang Chenyu,put away your disgusting gaze.Do you believe I'll gouge your eyeballs out?"Lan Yudie coldly said.

Warned by Lan Yudie,Fang Chenyu chuckled and retracted his gaze.Apart from this crazy woman,everyone was now thinking about how to seize the position of Shangshan City's master.There was no time to waste with Lan Yudie.

There's only one position for the master of Shangshan City,and each of them wants their chosen candidate to claim it.Cooperation among them is not possible.After exchanging a few words at the city gate,they turned and left.

Yanshu Heng brought Mo Tianlan and others back to their residence.Mo Tianlan said indifferently,"Tell me about the current situation in Shangshan City.I just came out of seclusion and don't know much about what's happening here."

Yanshu Heng immediately detailed the current situation in Shangshan City,waiting for his response.

Mo Tianlan pondered for a moment and said,"You really had an unjust loss this time.Do you know how much effort our Mo family put into persuading the Nameless Sword Villa to sell ten thousand jin of profound elemental heavy iron?Unexpectedly,you made such a basic mistake and messed things up."

Embarrassment flashed across Yanshu Heng's face.His mistake was indeed the most basic,and it was a mistake that no one had expected.

Mo Tianlan sneered,"Originally,if you became the heir and took the lead,our Mo family would only need to send people to stabilize the order in Shangshan City.Others wouldn't dare to cause trouble,and you would naturally sit securely in the position of city master.But now,your position as heir is lost.I have to deal with Yanzheng Xue first before I can help you ascend.This additional step will require a considerable effort."