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Chapter 139: Monopoly and Price Hike

8582words in this chapter2024-01-07

Yan Shu Heng was confident that he had already secured the victory,unaware that Su Xin and others were just missing a small stool to sit and enjoy his joke.

In fact,Yan Shu Heng did create a big joke himself.In order to sell his mysterious heavy iron,he had invited more than ten merchant groups to bid.However,when they finished bidding and were ready to divide the mysterious heavy iron,Yan Shu Heng's subordinates realized something was wrong.

Unlike Yan Shu Heng,who was oblivious to external affairs,his subordinates were well aware of the properties of the mysterious heavy iron.As soon as they thought about dividing it,they immediately realized their mistake,a colossal one.

In the current situation,no one could swallow so much mysterious heavy iron in one go.Thus,Yan Shu Heng could only watch helplessly as the most valuable and profitable commodity he had carefully prepared smashed in his hands.

Although Yan Shu Heng still had a few other business routes,he hadn't paid much attention to them.He believed that once his mysterious heavy iron was on the market,everyone else would be eliminated,and the other business routes could be handled by his subordinates.

Therefore,the products from those other routes couldn't compete with what Yan Shu Heng and his team brought.Three days later,everything brought by Yan Shu Heng and his team was completely sold out.

Under the leadership of Yan Shu Heng,his capable subordinates managed to sell the goods for a total of seven million,while Yan Ji Heng only managed to sell for over five million,a significant difference.

Seeing the results,a smile appeared on Yan Shu Heng's face.Yan Shu Heng had messed up everything,Yan Zhong Heng had voluntarily given up,and his younger brother,lacking in talent,had no chance either.Now,only Yan Qing Xue remained.

However,she had not started selling her goods yet,seemingly having voluntarily given up.The position of the heir was basically in Yan Shu Heng's hands!

Although Yan Shu Heng had told him that even possessing the position of the heir didn't guarantee much,as there would still be competition in the future,seizing the position of the heir now was like gaining an advantage.Even if there were future competitions,this status would be extremely advantageous for him.

Seeing the results for Yan Shu Heng's group already out,and their side still showing no signs of movement,Yan Qing Xue became somewhat anxious.

"Meng Gongzi,there is less than three months left until the one-year deadline.Is it still possible for us to sell our goods?"

Su Xin confidently replied,"Don't worry,it's coming soon,and it will definitely be in time.Moreover,even if those merchants beg us to sell to them,we can't let go easily.At least we need to make a hefty profit from them."

Since they intended to monopolize,Su Xin planned to play it tough this time.In the past,when in Changning Prefecture,Su Xin,along with various major factions,raised the prices of Southern Barbarian specialties,a form of monopolization.However,they didn't go too far back then,only slightly increasing the prices to ensure that merchants could still make a profit.They didn't want to bother with the local powerhouses.

But now,the situation was different.Su Xin represented the Yan family of Shangshan City.Even if he raised the prices to the maximum,those merchants could either reluctantly accept it or angrily leave.Shangshan City's influence might not be significant in the Central Plains,but in the southern regions,it was enough to be considered top-tier.

At this time,those merchant groups from the Central Plains,who had gone through the dense forest to reach Changning Prefecture,were told that all the Southern Barbarian specialties were gone,not a single item left.

The merchants were furious,having spent a substantial amount just to hire guards at the Innate Realm for the journey,only to find out that there was nothing left?

Following Su Xin's instructions,Huang Bingcheng,without concealing anything,informed them that all the goods had been taken by Yan Qing Xue of the Yan family in Shangshan City.

However,these merchants were not convinced.They went to inquire at the Iron Knife Society,but the situation was the same.

As for the Blood Cloth Society,these merchants knew about their background and understood they wouldn't be involved in such matters.

The merchants even wanted to personally go into the Southern Barbarian forest to procure the specialties,but unfortunately,the Southern Barbarian tribes,having received double the silver from Su Xin,had obediently hidden deep inside the forest.

The Southern Barbarian forest was full of dangers,even for Innate Realm warriors,who were cautious about entering it.Thus,the merchants had no choice but to reluctantly give up.

Although other states in the southern region could still acquire some specialties,the output of those areas compared to Changning Prefecture was like a drop in the ocean.

One merchant group would have been enough,but at this time,there were dozens of merchant groups coming to the southern region!

Helplessly,numerous merchant groups returned to Changning Prefecture empty-handed,cursing Yan Qing Xue and Meng Qingze endlessly.

"You've already taken everything from Changning Prefecture,and you didn't say anything.You made them go through all this trouble for nothing;it's truly unforgivable."

After returning to Changning Prefecture,the leaders of those merchant groups flocked to Yan Qing Xue's mansion,clamoring to purchase various specialties of Changning Prefecture from them.

A hint of joy appeared on Yan Qing Xue's face.She wanted Uncle Liang to go out and greet those merchants,but Su Xin stopped her,saying,"No need to rush.Let them wait for two more days.When dealing with those merchants,you can't show them a friendly face."

Su Xin had plenty of experience dealing with these merchants.When he was in Changning Prefecture,he had dealt with them thoroughly.

Although these merchants were more powerful than those in Changning Prefecture and some even represented major martial arts factions,they were,at the core,still merchants with the same character.

Indeed,after two days of waiting,these merchants became even more anxious,almost camping outside Yan Qing Xue's mansion gate.

When Su Xin opened the gate,a group of people rushed in.

"Miss Yan,sell these Southern Barbarian specialties to me.The price is negotiable,and we can establish a long-term partnership!"

"Miss Yan,I only need half,and the price is still negotiable.Also,Mister Meng,we brought three special Red Flame Horses from the Western Liang region.As long as Mister Meng asks,these three priceless Red Flame Horses will be yours!"

The group clamored,but Su Xin shouted,"Quiet!"

The Innate Realm warrior's roar instantly silenced the merchants.Su Xin waved his hand,and Tao Qian and others brought out the specialties purchased from the Southern Barbarians.

"Everyone,this year,all Southern Barbarian specialties are concentrated here.If you want them,it's simple:highest bidder wins.These are the prices I've set for all the specialties today.If anyone wants to buy,follow these prices.In case of competition,you'll need to bid."

Su Xin's words ended,and Fang Hao quickly handed a small booklet to those merchants.The booklet listed the prices of various Southern Barbarian specialties.

However,when those merchants saw the prices on the booklet,their faces turned black.Were Yan Qing Xue and Meng Qingze,this couple,being too unreasonable?It seemed like they left no room for negotiation.

For example,there was a type of Seven-Leaf Clover found in the Southern Barbarian forest,used to refine a mysterious-grade elixir.This item was exclusive to the Southern Barbarian forest,and its annual output was not high.

Previously,when they purchased directly from the Southern Barbarian tribes,the price was unstable.Sometimes,a few bags of rice could exchange for one plant,while other times it required several dozen taels of gold.

Although the prices were unstable,they still made a profit.Later,when these Southern Barbarian specialties were monopolized by several factions in Changning Prefecture,the price of Seven-Leaf Clover became a thousand taels per plant.

Although the price was higher,the quantity was much larger,and if they transported it to the Central Plains,the price could increase tenfold.

Now,the price for Seven-Leaf Clover set by Su Xin was a staggering eight thousand taels per plant.

Such a high price,minus the transportation costs to Xiangnan,would barely leave any profit for them.

"Mister Meng,isn't the price you set a bit outrageous?"

"Right!I've been traveling the trade routes to Xiangnan for over ten years,and I've never seen such outrageous prices!"

"That's it!I might as well not buy!"

Hearing the protests and commotion below,Yan Qing Xue became a bit anxious.After all,she had never experienced such a situation before.

However,Su Xin coldly smiled and said,"Not buying?That's fine.If you don't want to buy,just get out.No one is forcing you to buy!"

The merchants were infuriated but dared not be audacious here.This was not the Central Plains;this was Xiangnan,Shangshan City.Su Xin,a renowned figure on the rankings,stood here,and behind him was the daughter of the lord of Shangshan City.

If they caused trouble here,their bodies might be hanging on the city gate the next day.

Even if these merchants were backed by major martial arts factions in the Central Plains,it wouldn't change the fact that this was Xiangnan.If disciples from those martial arts factions personally came,it would be a different story.However,now it was just a group of ordinary merchants,equivalent to a pet owned by those factions.

If they were killed in Xiangnan,when those martial arts factions learned the truth,they would scold them for being foolish and then send another representative.They would never go through the trouble of sending a powerhouse to Xiangnan for revenge.