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Chapter 64: Seeking Death in Style

9108words in this chapter2024-01-03

Su Xin now has nearly five hundred men under his command,and placing them in the Happy Forest is more than sufficient.After settling people like the crew from the**"Yi Meaning Academy,"**Su Xin called Huang Bingcheng and said,"Old Huang,go and bribe two people from Yongle Lane.Look for clever ones,and don't worry about the money."

"Boss,are you planning to take action against Sha Yuandong?"Huang Bingcheng asked in confusion.

Su Xin shook his head,"Take action?I don't need to lift a finger against that waste.He can play himself to death.The two people I want you to bribe are just for gathering information.However,the information must be timely.Normally,messages are transmitted twice a day,in the morning and evening.If there's an emergency,the message must be delivered immediately."

"Alright,no problem,"Huang Bingcheng nodded.

Bribing two people wasn't too difficult.The current members of Yongle Lane were newly recruited into the Flying Eagle Gang by Su Xin,and they weren't particularly loyal to him.However,their loyalty to Sha Yuandong was even less significant.As long as the price was right,bribing two people was not an issue.

After instructing Huang Bingcheng,Su Xin asked Li Huai to continue training his men.These nearly five hundred men were the core combat force under his command and were worth the effort to cultivate.

Although the profits from Yongle Lane were gone,he still had the Happy Forest.Su Xin,unlike other gang leaders,didn't hoard money for himself.The dividends from the Happy Forest were enough to support these nearly five hundred gang members.

After arranging everything,Su Xin returned to his yard,where he closed himself off for cultivation.Apart from daily activities like taking Xiner to the private school and listening to Huang Bingcheng's reports on Yongle Lane,he rarely left his residence.

While Sha Yuandong was causing trouble in Yongle Lane,Su Xin took advantage of this time to solidify his foundation.

Currently,he had the Purple Cloud Divine Art for internal strength and the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art for external skills.Both of these martial arts were not quick to master,requiring focused practice to build a strong foundation.Moreover,with the three elixirs he had obtained from the lottery,his strength would surely skyrocket once he came out of seclusion.

Not bothering with the arduous training,Su Xin,who was devoted to cultivation,became unaware of the changes happening in the Flying Eagle Gang.

On the other hand,Sha Yuandong was feeling quite pleased with himself.Before,he hadn't managed a gang because he was too young,and Sha Feiying feared he couldn't handle the responsibilities.Additionally,all the power within the Flying Eagle Gang was controlled by the big bosses and the three hall masters,leaving no position for him.

Now that he held power,Sha Yuandong immediately felt the taste of authority.Every day,his subordinates respectfully called him the Young Gang Leader,and he strolled through the streets with a sense of importance.Even the merchants bowed and scraped before him,a satisfaction that Sha Yuandong found fulfilling.

However,after the joy,Sha Yuandong suddenly felt a sense of responsibility.Su Xin had established some rules for Yongle Lane in the past,but who managed Yongle Lane now?It was under his control!Sha Yuandong decided to break all the rules Su Xin had meticulously set up.

Su Xin's rules,which were carefully tailored for Yongle Lane's future development,were now shattered by Sha Yuandong.He didn't want to use them,fine,but he didn't consult Xu Chang's opinion either.Instead,he made decisions directly.

This move directly led to chaos in Yongle Lane for some time,and the first to suffer was the Transfer Skill Hall.

In fact,after Su Xin's people left,the Transfer Skill Hall was already in decline.Su Xin's"Primary Internal Strength of the Quanzhen Sect"and"Damaged Version of Dog-Beating Staff Technique"were almost learned by all members of the Flying Eagle Gang,but whether it was internal strength or martial skills,self-learning required talent.If someone was not bright,even a lifetime of self-study wouldn't yield much.

The Transfer Skill Hall used to be managed by Li Qing and others under Su Xin's command.They were old subordinates of Su Xin,approaching the advanced stage of Houtian,and their rich combat experience made them more than capable of teaching newcomers.

However,Sha Yuandong's men were different.Besides the newcomers Su Xin had given him,the rest were directly under Sha Feiying's subordinates.

These subordinates weren't weak.In fact,among the previous members of the Flying Eagle Gang,their strength was second only to the War Hall.Although they had also practiced the"Primary Internal Strength of the Quanzhen Sect"and the"Damaged Version of Dog-Beating Staff Technique,"it was only after Su Xin announced the establishment of the Transfer Skill Hall that they came to learn for two days before the Transfer Skill Hall was returned to the gang.

They hadn't really understood it themselves,so how could they teach other gang members?

Previously,Su Xin had instructed the gang members who came to learn martial arts to come in batches to prevent overcrowding in the Transfer Skill Hall,enhance the quality of teaching,and avoid a situation where the instructor explained for a long time but the audience couldn't hear anything.However,now that Sha Yuandong had ordered all the Flying Eagle Gang members who wanted to learn martial arts to come to the Transfer Skill Hall at any time,the whole hall turned into a chaotic marketplace without any order.

As a result,those gang members who came once never returned.

Those responsible for imparting martial arts techniques barely even understood the techniques themselves.Who was teaching whom?Moreover,with such chaos on the scene,were they there to learn martial arts or simply to chat and reminisce?In less than three days,the Transfer Skill Hall was completely abolished.

While the annihilation of the Transfer Skill Hall might be forgivable,Sha Yuandong's subsequent actions directly stirred anger within Yongle Lane.Upon learning that Su Xin had taken over Yongle Lane,Sha Yuandong not only raised the standard fee from thirty taels to fifty,but he shockingly increased it to one hundred taels.This move left all the merchants in Yongle Lane dumbfounded.

Initially,upon hearing that Su Xin had been deprived of territory and authority by the Flying Eagle Gang,these merchants secretly celebrated,thinking that the domineering Su Boss had finally left.They believed that by flattering the new Young Gang Leader and perhaps offering some money,they could persuade him to reduce the standard fee back to thirty taels.However,Sha Yuandong,upon learning of this,directly decided to double the standard fee.

At the time,Su Xin had the confidence to restrain his subordinates from exploiting major businesses,convincing Yongle Lane that the extra twenty taels were justified.This prevented widespread discontent,and though there were occasional grievances,no one continued to openly oppose it.

However,after Sha Yuandong doubled the standard fee,the merchants in Yongle Lane found that although they paid more,the environment did not improve.In fact,it worsened.Su Xin had strictly disciplined his men on what actions were permissible and what were not.Those who dared to exploit or embezzle from businesses within their territory were swiftly dealt with by Li Huai,responsible for punishments.

Sha Yuandong,on the other hand,had no such discipline for his subordinates.He allowed them to exploit businesses recklessly,and some even resorted to direct extortion.These men were originally direct subordinates of Sha Feiying sent to support Sha Yuandong.Unfortunately,they failed to establish their influence but proved adept at squandering money.

When these merchants complained to Sha Yuandong,he not only dismissed their grievances but also physically threw them out.The next day,those merchants were forcibly extorted,almost bankrupting a few of them.

Moreover,after Su Xin and his people left,there was no one managing the streets of Yongle Lane.Petty thieves,troublemakers,and ruffians emerged freely.Previously,when Su Xin was in charge,the entire Yongle Lane adhered to his rules.Anyone causing trouble on the streets would be promptly taken to the hall for a chat by Su Xin's men,making them more effective than regular patrolling officers.

These troublemakers were organized,and even during the reign of the Green Bamboo Gang,they were not easily provoked.For example,the Old Wolf from Heishui Street.However,Su Xin quickly subdued the Old Wolf upon his arrival,establishing him as the most powerful underground force in Yongle Lane,making others compliant.Now,with Su Xin gone,they began causing trouble again.

These troublemakers were like a swarm of locusts,disregarding not only the patrol officers but also the fact that they were damaging the reputation of Yongle Lane and making life difficult for its residents.However,Sha Yuandong,considering these people insignificant,ignored them,asking,"Why should I care?They're only causing trouble for the businesses and common folks in Yongle Lane."

The patrol officers of Yongle Lane were unable to handle these troublemakers.If they arrested them,they couldn't catch them all,and if they didn't,some even reported the situation to the prefect,leaving the patrol officers without dignity.

Little Zhang,one of the patrol officers,also approached Sha Yuandong,but his pleas fell on deaf ears.Though Sha Yuandong treated Little Zhang courteously,he didn't take his words seriously.Sha Yuandong was cautious not to offend government officials,as advised by Xu Chang.However,Little Zhang's position wasn't a concern for Sha Yuandong.

Government officials couldn't be offended,but if you say one word,and I,the Young Gang Leader of the Flying Eagle Gang,treat it as a royal decree,what does that make me?

This logic worked well for Tie Wuqing,but after Little Zhang finished speaking,Sha Yuandong continued to disregard the issue.

Within less than ten days,Yongle Lane was filled with complaints due to Sha Yuandong's actions,yet he remained oblivious,feeling quite satisfied with himself.The news from the Happy Forest continued without interruption.Su Xin received these updates with a cold smile,acknowledging that certain individuals were digging their own graves.He didn't need to incite any trouble;he only had to watch as the Zhu Lou collapsed,and that would be enough.