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Chapter 257:Igniting the Flames

8246words in this chapter2024-01-31

The last time Su Xin exterminated the Xunfeng Sword Sect,Suo and the others were rebuked by Su Xin for not completely wiping out the disciples of the Xunfeng Sword Sect.This time,they learned their lesson.Just like Li Huai,they decided not to take prisoners,to kill on sight,and to exterminate the entire sect.

Among the crowd of Cold Moon Hall,a young disciple,wielding two golden curved knives,roared in anger and charged towards Su Xin and the others.The blade energy was extremely cold,and the ferocious blade aura directly killed two cultivators in the innate realm,rushing towards Su Xin with red eyes.

Su Xin's eyes revealed an intrigued expression.This disciple seemed to be around twenty years old,possessing the strength of the Innate Spirit Realm.This was quite rare in a second-rate power like Cold Moon Hall.

Su Xin estimated that he was the talented disciple snatched from the Iron Sword Sect by Cold Moon Hall.

The young disciple had bloodshot eyes,holding the twin knives,and shouted,"Evil thieves!Die!"

Su Xin lightly pointed a finger,and a tremendous force shattered the twin knives in his hands.The young disciple's hands instantly became bloody,and a mouthful of blood sprayed out as he collapsed on the ground.

Despite this,he still glared at Su Xin and the others with endless hatred,sternly declaring,"You villains destroyed my Cold Moon Hall.I swear you will all have a miserable end!"

Su Xin shook his head and said,"A miserable end?I really don't know how Cold Moon Hall educated you.Are you only good at practicing martial arts and not using your brain?Do you think you still have a future?"

Ignoring him,Su Xin turned his head to Guan Jiankong,saying,"Guan Sect Master,he is probably the disciple Cold Moon Hall snatched from you back then.Now I'll leave him to you to handle;deal with it as you see fit."

Seeing the hatred in the young disciple's eyes,Guan Jiankong sighed inwardly.Once a disciple they could have been proud of had become their mortal enemy,it was indeed ironic.

Although Guan Jiankong felt a bit reluctant,he still walked over and directly killed the young disciple with a palm.

While Su Xin claimed to leave the young disciple to Guan Jiankong for disposal,in reality,he was handing him a letter of challenge.After this battle,Iron Sword Sect had no turning back.

As Su Xin and his group were about to finish their battle,a shout came from afar,"Stop!"

Sun Qian and the other two rushed over from a distance.Seeing the scene at Cold Moon Hall,their eyes turned red,wishing to kill Su Xin on the spot.

They were a step too late,even after rushing with all their might.

Initially,Sun Qian and his companions thought Su Xin was targeting Iron Sword Sect.Unexpectedly,Su Xin was still sticking to his original plan,collaborating with Iron Sword Sect to annihilate Cold Moon Hall.

The ones they wanted to rescue had turned into accomplices.Sun Qian and the others almost spat out blood on the spot.

Gongyang Wu Suan glared at Wen Mingyu and Guan Jiankong,saying coldly,"Very well,you two have done a great job,colluding with Six Doors to harm fellow martial artists in the Jianghu.In the future,the martial arts world in Jiangnan will not tolerate your two sects!"

Su Xin calmly said,"Gongyang Wu Suan,isn't that a bit biased?What do you mean by collusion?Iron Sword Sect and the Wen family were just helping Six Doors eliminate rebels.It should be rewarded.And who do you think you are?Just because you say Jiangnan's martial arts world won't tolerate them,does that make it true?Or is it that the Gongyang family has the authority to speak for the entire martial arts world in Jiangnan?"

Gongyang Wu Suan wanted to say more,but Ji Wukong stopped him,saying coldly,"Let's go."

Cold Moon Hall had already been destroyed.Anything said now would be futile.They needed to think about how to restrain Su Xin for now.

During the day,they thought about instigating which sect to eliminate Su Xin.However,Su Xin had given them a lesson on how to cut through chaos with a quick blade.

In one day,he wiped out a second-rate power,leaving Sun Qian and the others somewhat caught off guard.

In fact,that was what Su Xin intended.He didn't give the three major sects any chance to react,directly causing chaos in Jiangnan,and he succeeded.

Collaborating with the Wen family,after wiping out the Xunfeng Sword Sect,shocked the martial arts forces in Jiangnan.However,when Su Xin,together with Iron Sword Sect,annihilated Cold Moon Hall,it made many martial arts sects in Jiangnan start to consider different strategies.

Especially after the Wen family and Iron Sword Sect absorbed the forces of the other party,their strength immediately surged,making other martial arts sects jealous.

People are naturally greedy.Su Xin's former bandit-turned-constable subordinates would conceal goods that should have been handed over for a mere 10%gain.Similarly,these martial arts sects might do dangerous things for more benefits.

The two sects Su Xin eradicated were like two sparks,but the real ignition point for the entire martial arts world in Jiangnan was within two third-rate families.

In Jiangnan Dao,there are many third-rate noble families,numbering in the hundreds if not a thousand.Among them,in the Linxia Prefecture,two third-rate families,the Lin family and the Zhou family,harbored a mutual animosity.

The rivalry between them lasted for over a decade,especially intense because both families resided in the same provincial capital.Initially,under the mediation of higher authorities,the situation remained relatively calm.However,the current generation of the Lin family was significantly stronger than the Zhou family.With several talented disciples coming of age,they had the potential to completely overshadow the Zhou family.

Due to the rules of Jiangnan Dao,the Lin family couldn't outright absorb the Zhou family.However,when news arrived that Su Xin,in alliance with the Wen family,had annihilated two second-rate forces,the Lin family head saw an opportunity.In his view,with the attention of the three major first-rate forces focused on Su Xin's Six Gates,their own actions in the remote provincial capital would likely go unnoticed.

Risking wealth for danger,the Lin family head immediately gathered all his forces to attack the Zhou family,catching them off guard and ultimately annexing them.Having eliminated a longstanding adversary,the Lin family experienced a substantial increase in power.

Fueled by the thought of having successfully merged the Zhou family's influence,the Lin family head unexpectedly achieved breakthroughs overnight,advancing to the level of Yuan Shen,reaching the Nascent Divinity realm.This transformation elevated the Lin family from a third-rate power to a newly emerging second-rate force.

Thinking themselves inconspicuous as a third-rate power,the Lin family was unaware that their actions had ignited the entire martial world in Jiangnan Dao.Unlike the previous conflicts orchestrated by Su Xin to manipulate and provoke,the Lin family's move was entirely their own,yielding substantial benefits visible even to outsiders.

People are naturally inclined to follow a leader,and the Lin family's initiation sparked a chain reaction.As Su Xin had analyzed,the martial world in Jiangnan Dao had been suppressed for too long.Under the intervention of the three major martial sects,all the local forces could do was endure and compromise,unable to achieve true fairness.

The method of mediation employed by the three major sects only deepened the hatred and discontent among the martial forces.After a long period of suppression,a spark ignited a fire that spread rapidly.

From the second day onwards,chaos ensued in the martial world of Jiangnan Dao.Several rival second-rate sects engaged in conflicts and killings.The three major martial sects hastily dispatched Nascent Divinity realm warriors to mediate,but before one dispute could be settled,another erupted elsewhere.

These martial forces with Nascent Divinity realm cultivators were all second-rate sects.If the three major sects sent Nascent Divinity realm warriors to mediate,it would be considered an insult,and they would be ignored.However,with chaos erupting across Jiangnan Dao,the number of Nascent Divinity realm cultivators within the three major sects was insufficient.

Meanwhile,within the headquarters of the Six Gates of Su Xin in Jiangnan Dao,he smiled as he reviewed the information provided by Huang Bingcheng.

At this point,Su Xin had nearly completed his plans in Jiangnan Dao.He just needed one final move to solidify Six Gates'authority in the region.

Su Xin's goal was to disrupt the established order in Jiangnan Dao,thereby establishing the dominance of the Six Gates.With the region in turmoil,the rules previously set by the Xiao family in conjunction with the three major sects were shattered.Su Xin's final step involved him redefining the rules.

Wen Mingyu congratulated Su Xin,saying,"Congratulations,Master Su.This time your plan has been a complete success.The control of the three major forces over Jiangnan Dao is now reduced to zero.They have truly been defeated."

Su Xin shook his head,remarking,"They didn't lose to me;they handed their defeat to themselves.The rules they set up originally were flawed,and a simple poke from me was enough to break them.Moreover,these rules were established on the supreme authority of the Xiao family.Now,after we've annihilated two second-rate forces and stirred chaos among the other sects in Jiangnan Dao,the Xiao family has not intervened.This exposes their incompetence and is the main reason for their defeat."