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Chapter 258:Innate Unseen Sword Qi

8985words in this chapter2024-01-31

Wen Mingyu was initially forced to join forces with Su Xin and go against the entire martial arts world in Jiangnan due to being manipulated by Su Xin.However,the more he interacted with Su Xin,the more he felt the terror within him.The young man's strength wasn't his greatest asset;it was his strategic vision.

While Su Xin claimed that the failure of the three major forces this time was their own fault,without Su Xin's manipulation,those three would not have been defeated.Wen Mingyu was somewhat grateful that Su Xin initially chose him.

If Su Xin had chosen to cooperate with someone else,the situation might have been different,and the Wen family might have faced retaliation long ago.

"Sir Su,what's your plan next?"Wen Mingyu asked.

A cold glint flashed in Su Xin's eyes as he replied,"Of course,I'll eliminate a few more forces.Otherwise,how can the prestige of Six Fan Gate be established?"

Wen Mingyu's expression became serious.The initial prestige of Six Fan Gate came from the repeated slaughters of sects.In recent years,however,there hadn't been any major opposition to the rule of the Great Zhou Dynasty,making Six Fan Gate maintain a low profile and avoid such mass killings.

But now,Su Xin seemed determined to revive that tradition,not just to restore Six Fan Gate's reputation but also to fulfill a mission.The task was to annihilate five forces of the second-tier or higher,and three were still pending.

According to the system,the destruction of forces would reward villain points based on their overall strength.If Su Xin could eliminate one of the three major forces,the villain points would likely be a staggering number.

However,Su Xin's current strength was insufficient to deal with the three long-standing forces with profound-level experts.Just as those forces couldn't touch Su Xin,he couldn't touch them either,even with covert actions.With absolute strength,the three major forces were immune to covert attacks,redirecting their attention to second-tier forces.

Using Su Xin's current strength,he managed to wipe out three second-tier forces within three days,putting the entire Jiangnan region in a state of fear.Despite the terror,no one dared to protest because Su Xin collaborated with three factions to target their mutual enemies.

Initially,when the Wen family cooperated with Su Xin to eradicate the Xun Feng Sword Sect,many martial arts sects in Jiangnan cursed the Wen family for collaborating with a lackey of the imperial court to harm fellow martial artists.Now,with multiple martial forces cooperating with Su Xin,such accusations faded away.

After completing the mission,Su Xin refrained from further action.His influence was already significant,and continuing the killing spree would make him a public enemy in Jiangnan,something he wanted to avoid.

After dismissing the others,Su Xin immediately entered the system space.

"Congratulations,host,on completing the mainline mission:Imperial Court's Hunting Dog.Mission rewards:three advanced draws,twenty intermediate draws,and a total of 5800 villain points for the destruction of five second-tier forces."

"Wow,quite a harvest,"Su Xin sighed.

Having so many villain points and draw opportunities was worth considering.With 5800 villain points,advanced draws were undoubtedly the best choice.

Su Xin possessed numerous martial arts techniques,but he needed more.Additionally,he lacked certain materials for cultivation.Currently,he didn't have to worry about pills,thanks to the salary provided by Six Fan Gate.What he lacked were weapons.

The Flowing Dragon Sword was only a yellow-grade weapon.While it might be decent for ordinary innate martial artists,it was insufficient for Su Xin.Faced with top-ten ranked opponents like Yue Qingping,the yellow-grade weapon couldn't withstand the immense pressure and might shatter at any moment.Thus,Su Xin needed a new weapon,preferably a mysterious-grade one.

Regarding martial arts,Su Xin aimed to strengthen his swordsmanship.Although he required improvements in other areas,they weren't as urgent.

Therefore,Su Xin decided to exchange all the draw opportunities for advanced draws,a total of five chances.He wanted to see if he could obtain powerful martial arts techniques.If there was something suitable for his current use,he would ensure to acquire it,even if it required using villain points for specific selections.

As for the remaining villain points,Su Xin intended to exchange them in the store for a mysterious or even an earth-grade weapon.While he could use draw opportunities to obtain weapons,the advanced draws contained a variety of weapons,and Su Xin only needed a longsword.Even acquiring a greatsword or a rapier wouldn't be acceptable.

So Su Xin decisively gave up the idea of using a lottery to draw weapons and decided to directly purchase them with antagonist points.

Within the store system,the price of Earth-grade weapons is 3200 points,while Mystic-grade weapons are priced at 1600 points.Both are not cheap,so Su Xin needs to reserve at least 1600 antagonist points as a backup.

"Use the advanced lottery,specify the selection of martial arts,and draw."Su Xin said.

The roulette on the large screen started spinning,and this time it took almost a minute,which caught Su Xin's attention.

From Su Xin's experience,the longer the roulette spins on the large screen,the more likely it is that a higher-level character will be drawn.

When the roulette stopped spinning,a tall figure appeared on the large screen.The face was young,but with an indelible sense of age,and the most captivating feature was his eyes.

Those eyes had no emotions,not only devoid of emotions but also thoughts.No past,present,future–nothing at all.Like a black hole,it entrapped people without escape.

Su Xin's heart couldn't help but tremble a bit.He vaguely guessed something but didn't say it out loud.

At this moment,the system's voice came:"Congratulations to the host for drawing character Guan Qi,who comes with martial arts'Innate Breaking Body Invisible Sword Qi,''Great River North-South Qi Gong,'and'Little Abandoning Wife Capturing Hand.'Character level rating is four and a half stars,and martial arts level rating is between three and a half to four and a half stars.Note:Because the character drawn by the host comes with a martial art of four and a half stars or above,this lottery does not support specifying with antagonist points,and there is a 60%chance of drawing nothing."

Su Xin was truly shocked this time.He didn't expect that the first advanced lottery would draw Guan Qi,one of the Four Great Masters in Wen Shu!

The Seventh Lord of the Mystic Heaven Alliance,undeniably one of the strongest.

With severely injured body,he used his unparalleled internal strength to break through curses,poisonous restrictions,and faced off against more than ten top experts such as Mi Cangqiong,Wu Jingtao,Wu Qing,Qi Shaoshang,Zhu Yueming,Fang Yingkan,and Di Feijing,making him invincible.

Among Guan Qi's martial arts,what Su Xin desired the most was the'Innate Breaking Body Invisible Sword Qi.'

Guan Qi was exceptionally talented,bringing together the essence of Qi and Sword to the extreme,creating the legendary'Innate Breaking Body Invisible Sword Qi.'

Su Xin was determined to obtain this martial art,but unfortunately,a martial art of four and a half stars couldn't be specified with antagonist points.Moreover,the chance of drawing nothing this time was 60%,which surprised Su Xin because the last time he drew Xiong Ba,the chance of drawing nothing was only 40%.

Regarding Su Xin's doubt,the system explained:"Even if they are both four and a half stars martial arts,their power and potential differ.Therefore,the chance of drawing nothing varies based on the changes in the martial arts."

Su Xin furrowed his brows.He desperately wanted the'Innate Breaking Body Invisible Sword Qi.'Since that's the case,he could only rely on luck,a one-third chance.

"Use 6000 antagonist points to increase the success rate by 60%."Su Xin gritted his teeth.

"Success rate increased by 60%,now starting the draw."

On the large screen,the pointer moved back and forth among the three martial arts,finally landing on one of them,making Su Xin's heart skip a few beats.

It was no joke;this time,Su Xin had invested the most in the lottery,a whopping 6000 antagonist points.He was betting on drawing the'Innate Breaking Body Invisible Sword Qi.'

"Congratulations to the host for drawing'Innate Breaking Body Invisible Sword Qi,'rated four and a half stars."

Hearing this voice,Su Xin immediately breathed a sigh of relief.The system wasn't too disappointing this time.

Before this,Su Xin had drawn Xiong Ba and Huaiyin Zhanghou,but failed to draw martial arts rated four stars or above.

This time,Su Xin had invested so much and finally succeeded once.

After obtaining the'Innate Breaking Body Invisible Sword Qi,'Su Xin carefully studied the martial art.

According to the martial art,the'Innate Breaking Body Invisible Sword Qi'had five realms.

The initial stage was the'Innate Breaking Body Invisible Sword Qi.'

After evolving,it became the'Breaking Body Invisible Sword Qi,'eliminating the distinction between innate and acquired.

Then it turned into the'Invisible Sword Qi,'not limited to inside or outside the body,the sword Qi merged with the void and became invisible.

Next was simply'Sword Qi,'at this point,Guan Qi's raised eyebrow could release a sword Qi at will,as he pleased,the sword Qi originated from the heart.

In the final realm,there was no longer a sword;only an overwhelming'Qi'field remained,comparable to a domain,like a demon god.

With the 5%proficiency Su Xin possessed,he was currently at the first realm,'Innate Breaking Body Invisible Sword Qi.'

Su Xin got what he wanted,but the remaining advanced lottery would have to be used in a different way.

This time,Su Xin threw all his savings into the lottery.Although he finally obtained the'Innate Breaking Body Invisible Sword Qi,'his antagonist points were now only 479,far from enough to exchange for a Mystic-grade weapon.

PS:There are two versions of the'Innate Breaking Body Invisible Sword Qi,'one is the original version,and the other is the manga adaptation.This book uses the original version's setting.