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Chapter 155: Information on Di Yunfei

8237words in this chapter2024-01-07

The news of Su Xin killing Kong Qiuren inside the tavern had spread throughout Donglin Mansion in less than half a day,along with Su Xin's identity and the involvement with the Feiying Gang.People instantly understood that a major drama was about to unfold.

On one side was Di Jingfei,the younger brother of the leader of the Bell Sword Alliance,known as the"Blue-eyed Flying Dragon."On the other side was the only young warrior to make it to the ranking list in Xiangnan in the past decade.If these two were to engage in a battle,it would undoubtedly be as thrilling as the confrontation between Di Yunfei and Xiao Moyun.

However,most people favored Di Yunfei.After all,there was a considerable gap in both influence and strength between the two.Su Xin might be known on the ranking list,but he was only at the 105th position.Even if he had improved within the past year,how much higher could he climb?A dozen or so positions,at best.

Moreover,Di Yunfei was also a recognized figure on the ranking list,holding the 57th position,a level significantly higher than Su Xin's.In terms of influence,even without the Bell Sword Alliance,the forces gathered by Di Yunfei in Xiangnan far surpassed those behind Su Xin.

Currently,Di Yunfei had dozens of martial artists at the Innate Realm under his command,with five or six experts at the Spiritual Aperture Realm.If all these forces united,could Su Xin withstand them?

However,not everyone shared this perspective.The warriors who had originally wanted to join Di Yunfei now became cautious.While there was great potential in aligning with Di Yunfei and possibly joining the Bell Sword Alliance,there was also the risk of being eliminated before leaving Xiangnan.

After all,Kong Qiuren had been killed not long ago,and Su Xin did not appear to be an easy opponent.Now that the news about Su Xin had spread throughout Donglin Mansion,those loyal to Di Yunfei in Xiangnan naturally became aware of it.

Di Yunfei went to Nanning Prefecture to recruit members from the Chen family,but he did not bring all his followers at once.That would have been an attack rather than recruitment.He only brought a few followers and the strongest"Misty Hidden Dragon,"Pang Feiyun.

The other recruited martial artists,such as Bai Du Tongzi,Tianyun Spear Liu Baisui,and Red Shadow Palm Duan Xing,remained in Donglin Mansion.However,unlike Kong Qiuren,they were not overly flattering and eager to please Di Yunfei.Instead,they focused on practicing in their residences,unlike Kong Qiuren who paraded around the streets with a group of lackeys.

In a large mansion at the center of Donglin Mansion,a strange-looking person,who appeared to be only five or six years old but had wrinkles all over his face,was practicing with a group of terrifying poisonous insects.

Various spiders,centipedes,scorpions,and some unnamed poisonous insects were trapped in a small cauldron,along with plenty of herbs.The strange person used internal energy to crush all the herbs inside the cauldron.The poisonous insects inside the cauldron went berserk,avidly absorbing the herbal juices.

A slight smile appeared on the strange person's face as he plunged his hands into the cauldron.The poisonous insects immediately climbed onto his hands and began biting.However,a tremendous suction force suddenly emanated from the strange person's body,directly absorbing all the poisonous insects into dust.

As the essence from these poisonous insects was absorbed into the strange person's body,the wrinkles on his face gradually disappeared.In less than a moment,the elderly dwarf turned into a cute child with smooth and rosy skin.

This strange person was none other than Bai Du Tongzi,the Spiritual Aperture Realm martial artist recruited by Di Yunfei.Bai Du Tongzi was a legend in Xiangnan.It was said that he had dwarfism from a young age,never growing taller than a five or six-year-old child.As a result,he was hated and even abused by his parents.However,he was unexpectedly noticed by a peculiar individual who took him as a disciple and taught him martial arts.

Despite his dwarf stature,Bai Du Tongzi excelled in practicing poisonous techniques.The cultivation of these techniques was akin to walking a treacherous path,with constant danger during the process.However,Bai Du Tongzi easily controlled the poisonous energy and had not encountered any accidents in his years of cultivation.

Bai Du Tongzi was both righteous and wicked.In his early years,he had performed heinous acts,such as testing poisons on living people.However,after establishing the Five Poison Mountain Villa and taking in several disciples,his poisonous skills reached a high level,and such actions became rare to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

After completing his practice,a young man dressed in the attire of the Miao people from western Hunan approached respectfully.He inquired,"Master,the news about Su Xin has caused a great stir in Changning Prefecture.Should we take action to deal with him?"

"After all,we have now joined Young Master Di's side.Su Xin is clearly opposing Young Master Di,and if we take care of him,it would be a significant merit for Young Master Di."

This martial artist was one of the most talented disciples under Bai Du Tongzi,already a mature martial artist in his twenties.He excelled in Miao people's traditional Gu techniques and gained extra proficiency in practicing the poisonous techniques taught by Bai Du Tongzi.

"Why the rush?Remember,although we have joined Di Yunfei,we are not his pets.Look at what happened to Kong Qiuren when he rushed into things.Going recklessly isn't the way to go.Su Xin,as a ranked warrior,broke through to the Innate Realm within a year and killed Kong Qiuren with a single strike.His strength is unpredictable.Even though we've joined Di Yunfei,it's best not to easily oppose someone like him."

The young disciple expressed surprise,"But if we don't show enthusiasm,when Young Master Di and others win the battle against Xiao Moyun,won't he refuse to let us join the Bell Sword Alliance?"

Bai Du Tongzi,despite his appearance as a cute child,spoke with a hoarse and seasoned voice.He shook his head continuously in response to the young disciple's words.

"Achen,you are still too young.What do you think our status is?Do we have the qualifications to join the Bell Sword Alliance?"

Bai Du Tongzi self-mockingly smiled,"Despite our prominence in Xiangnan,we're nothing when it comes to the Bell Sword Alliance.With my strength,I might be the lowest-ranking incense master in the Bell Sword Alliance,and you,as martial artists in the Innate Realm,are even less significant.The Bell Sword Alliance has over a hundred thousand members,and the weakest are at the mid-stage of the Innate Realm.When you reach the Bell Sword Alliance,at best,you'll be a mid-level member."

Achen seemed unconvinced,"But we were the first to join Young Master Di.He must give us some preferential treatment,right?"

Bai Du Tongzi chuckled,"Preferential treatment?As long as you have strength,you can ask for any preferential treatment you want.Remember,don't think too highly of yourself.To the Bell Sword Alliance,we're just pawns.Joining Di Yunfei's side,at most,is to create some momentum for them,to cheer and shout.Don't be like that idiot Kong Qiuren,charging forward in everything.Otherwise,you won't know how you'll end up."

Achen nodded in confusion.Although he didn't fully understand his master's meaning,he knew that his master's words must have some truth.

In fact,Bai Du Tongzi had more to say.Originally,he had no intention of getting involved in the struggle between Di Yunfei,Xiao Moyun,and others.As he mentioned,his strength might make him influential in Xiangnan,but compared to the Bell Sword Alliance,it meant nothing.He would rather be a leader in Xiangnan and not go to the Bell Sword Alliance to play the role of a puppet.

Unfortunately,Di Yunfei came knocking on his door.If he didn't join Di Yunfei's side,his Five Poison Mountain Villa might be in jeopardy.For disciples of major sects like Di Yunfei,face was sometimes more important than anything else.If Bai Du Tongzi dared to refuse Di Yunfei openly,Di Yunfei,feeling humiliated,might destroy his Five Poison Mountain Villa and set an example for other martial artists in Xiangnan,showing them the consequences of refusing him.

Meanwhile,other individuals in Donglin Mansion,such as Tianyun Spear Liu Baisui and Red Shadow Palm Duan Xing,had similar thoughts to Bai Du Tongzi.They were willing to show support for Di Yunfei,cheer from the sidelines,or provide a bit of assistance.However,engaging in a direct confrontation with someone as powerful and unpredictable as Su Xin was not something they were willing to do.

Although they didn't want to confront Su Xin,Su Xin had no intention of letting them go.He had vowed to turn Donglin Mansion upside down,and that meant disrupting the peace of Di Yunfei's headquarters.Why would he give up Donglin Mansion if he didn't make it secure?

Early the next morning,Su Xin,with his original appearance restored,walked out of the inn.There were still many martial artists on the street,but upon seeing Su Xin,they hurriedly avoided him like encountering a ferocious beast.After all,Su Xin was now clearly against Di Yunfei,and having just killed Kong Qiuren the previous day,his ferocity was well-known.These martial artists dared not easily approach Su Xin.

However,Su Xin had things to inquire about,and he couldn't let them slip away.He quickly approached a martial artist,grabbed him,and asked,"Where is Tianyun Spear Liu Baisui?"