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Chapter 115: Ingenious Mistakes

8511words in this chapter2024-01-06

I have to say,the false identity arranged by Liu Shanmen for Su Xin is quite thoughtful.His deceased master,who has been dead for many years,still carries a significant deterrent force,enough to intimidate many petty criminals.At least Yan Zhongheng,persuaded by Zhang Guang,finally gave up the idea of causing trouble for Su Xin.

Zhang Guang also secretly breathed a sigh of relief.The other party is a formidable figure,and even though he may not necessarily be powerless against him,it's better not to provoke conflicts if possible.The local powerhouses in Shangshan City are not limited to just Yan Zhongheng.Engaging in a mutually damaging confrontation with Meng Qingze would only benefit Yan Shuheng and his group.

At this moment,Su Xin is unaware of Yan Zhongheng's intentions,but he has already arranged a room at the inn,ready to greet them at any time.However,Su Xin is destined to wait in vain,as his envisioned scenario of Yan Qingsnow personally coming to recruit him did not materialize.

Su Xin stroked his chin and murmured,"Could it be that I went a bit too far in showing off,causing the other party to be too intimidated to come?If that's the case,then I've made a fool of myself."

Su Xin is quite insightful when it comes to understanding human nature.He almost figured out Yan Qingsnow's thoughts,but the result made Su Xin bitter.He initially wanted to portray himself as a powerful and free-spirited young swordsman wandering the world with righteousness and charm.This image is almost like the ideal white knight in the minds of many people in the martial world.He believed that Yan Qingsnow would surely have a favorable impression of him.

However,his attempt at showing off went too far,causing the other party to hesitate in approaching him.This derailed Su Xin's plan to get close to Yan Qingsnow.Now,if he were to actively seek her out,it would surely raise suspicions.

"Well,I guess I'll have to think of another way to approach Yan Qingsnow."

Just as Su Xin was about to rest,a knock on the door suddenly sounded.Su Xin opened the door,and to his surprise,the person standing there was none other than the somewhat talkative martial artist,Fang Hao,who had guided him before.

Upon seeing Su Xin,Fang Hao immediately revealed a flattering smile."Brother Master,you really made it difficult for me.Why didn't you tell me earlier that you are Meng Qingze,a renowned figure on the Ranking List?"

Su Xin shrugged and said,"I mentioned that I'm Meng Qingze as soon as we met.Should I have shouted it loudly everywhere I went?"

Fang Hao was momentarily speechless.However,at that time,Su Xin didn't exude the aura of an innate martial artist,so it's understandable that no one would think a person asking for directions would be a ranked martial artist.

But Fang Hao quickly dismissed those thoughts.The important thing now wasn't Su Xin's identity but something else.He looked at Su Xin eagerly and said,"Brother Master,are you still recruiting subordinates?You're unfamiliar with life in Shangshan City,but I can be your guide and follower."

Su Xin smiled ambiguously and asked,"Is it for free?"

Fang Hao awkwardly rubbed his hands and said,"Someone as generous as Brother Master surely won't mind giving me a little tip.But since you're such a carefree and transcendent person,I'm not asking for money.Any low-level martial arts techniques or elixirs you happen to have,a small reward will do.I'm not picky."

Su Xin looked at Fang Hao,a hint of amusement in his eyes.This person was indeed interesting.Su Xin initially thought Fang Hao was just talkative,but he didn't expect him to have such thick skin,boldly coming to offer himself and request martial arts techniques and elixirs.Su Xin had never encountered such a shameless martial artist before.

However,despite Fang Hao's audacity,he wasn't foolish.He dared to do this because of Su Xin's current identity as Meng Qingze.Meng Qingze's master,Zong Haoyang,was a well-respected figure with a good reputation in the martial world.Considering Su Xin's previous righteous actions,Fang Hao believed that even if Meng Qingze refused him,it wouldn't be too harsh.If it were someone with a fierce and wicked reputation,Fang Hao wouldn't dare to approach them in this manner.

But if Fang Hao knew Su Xin's true identity as the notorious black-listed figure,it's uncertain whether he could still maintain his enthusiastic demeanor.

"Alright,during my time in Shangshan City,you can follow me,"Su Xin agreed after some thought.He wasn't familiar with the people and affairs in Shangshan City,and having Fang Hao,a local guide,wouldn't hurt.Besides,Fang Hao seemed clever enough to handle miscellaneous tasks.

Upon hearing Su Xin's acceptance,Fang Hao rejoiced,saying,"Haha!I knew Brother Master would accept me.I might not be good at many things,but when it comes to information in Shangshan City or even the entire southern region,there's nothing I don't know."

Su Xin tossed a bottle of elixir to him and said,"Don't call me Brother Master;it sounds awkward.This is an advance on your rewards.I'll give you more when I leave Shangshan City."

Su Xin gave him Shaolin's Small Returning Pill,which he had won in a lottery and had used some of them.However,he still had three left,which was sufficient for Fang Hao.

Sure enough,when Fang Hao opened the pill and saw it,a look of ecstasy appeared on his face."Shaolin's Small Returning Pill,high-quality stuff!Thank you,Brother Master...No,I'll call you Young Master,how about that?"

Su Xin nodded and said,"Whatever you like.Go and get a room at the inn first.We can discuss matters tomorrow."

Fang Hao immediately nodded,happily running out with the Small Returning Pills from Shaolin Temple.For a martial artist at his level,pills of this grade were considered divine medicine.When Su Xin first got these pills,he used them for ten days,significantly advancing to the mid-stage of the Houtian realm due to their powerful medicinal properties.Even for innate martial artists,Small Returning Pills could be used for normal cultivation,albeit with slightly reduced potency.

In the dim hall of Shangshan City's Lord's residence,seated on a dragon-shaped golden throne,was an elderly man.Despite his old age,his sharp eagle-like eyes revealed an enduring spirit.This old man was none other than the Lord of Shangshan City,a martial arts grandmaster in the Fusion Realm,Yanzhao Nine!

Yanzhao Nine,born in poverty,rose from obscurity in his youth and built Shangshan City,establishing himself as a formidable figure in the southern martial world.Though aged and nearing the end of his life,his imposing presence remained,still the dominant figure in Shangshan City.

In front of Yanzhao Nine stood a cloaked figure,respectfully handing over a booklet.Inside were detailed records of the events that occurred on the Fengyun Arena today.When Yanzhao Nine read the disrespectful remarks made by Yanzhong Heng towards Yanqingsnow,his eyes flashed with a cold light.

"The second son has gone too far!"

He could tolerate his children competing with each other and even encouraged it,but outright humiliation and bullying were things he couldn't overlook.When he saw Su Xin appearing,a peculiar expression appeared in Yanzhao Nine's eyes,especially after reading the poem'In our generation,we shape the world'written by Su Xin.He couldn't help but feel a surge of emotion.

The carefree and unrestrained atmosphere of the poem,full of pride and heroism,could evoke the initial aspirations of most martial artists.

"Zong Haoyang's disciple?He has inherited three out of the four things—sword,poetry,wine,and chess.His strength is indeed impressive."

In Yanzhao Nine's perspective,Meng Qingze,who could defeat Yanzhong Heng with a single sword strike,was definitely not as simple as his ranking of 106th on the Ranking List suggested.However,due to his limited achievements,Meng Qingze's ranking was severely underestimated.

"Did Qingsnow go to recruit Su Xin later?"Yanzhao Nine asked.

The cloaked figure shook his head and replied,"Lianghe suggested Miss to recruit Su Xin,but she refused."

Lianghe was the name of Liang Bo,Yanzhao Nine's subordinate.

"Qingsnow's face is still too thin,"Yanzhao Nine sighed,feeling a sense of guilt in his heart.Though he had thirteen children in total,Yanqingsnow was the only one he felt indebted to.

Over the years,despite Yanzhao Nine treating all his children fairly and providing them with equal resources,Yanqingsnow had some innate shortcomings.She lacked the advantages of her siblings'maternal families,faced exclusion from other siblings,and suffered the consequences of her father's neglect,leading to her current situation.

Initially,Yanzhao Nine wanted to fairly choose qualified successors,but looking at the current situation,where was absolute fairness?

Thinking of Yanqingsnow,Yanzhao Nine involuntarily thought of her mother,the only woman who had truly moved him.

To outsiders,Yanzhao Nine's life seemed to be filled with joy and blessings,marrying twelve beautiful wives and concubines,each with extraordinary backgrounds.However,only he knew that he married these twelve women to establish Shangshan City firmly in the southern region.Establishing the first city in the southern region alone,even with Yanzhao Nine's strength in the Fusion Realm,was impossible.The major martial forces in the southern region wouldn't allow him to rise uncontested.Their only choices were suppression or alliance.

For the sake of survival,Yanzhao Nine compromised,choosing to marry the daughters of major forces in the southern region.This allowed Shangshan City to rise smoothly and become the largest city in the southern region.However,Yanzhao Nine lost something in the process,something only he knew.