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Chapter 116: What is a Hero?

8583words in this chapter2024-01-06

As people age,they tend to reminisce about the past,even for a legendary figure like Yan Huang Jiu.In the past,he suffered severe injuries from his opponents and sought refuge in a small town.There,he encountered the mother of Yan Qingxue,who took care of him attentively,stirring his heart.

However,he was not an ordinary person;he was the lord of Shanshan City and couldn't abandon the legacy he had built.At that time,Shanshan City was facing a great calamity,and even Yan Huang Jiu was gravely injured.Initially,he planned to stabilize Shanshan City before bringing Yan Qingxue's mother to join him.Unexpectedly,this wait extended to ten years.

By the time Shanshan City's status was firmly established in the south of Xiang,Yan Qingxue's mother had unexpectedly passed away due to illness.Feeling guilty towards her,Yan Huang Jiu,upon seeing Yan Qingxue's current situation,began to question the rightness of his past decisions.

"Qingxue,Dad will help you once.Even if you can't surpass the eldest and the second,Dad will ensure you a worry-free life."

A fleeting tenderness appeared in Yan Huang Jiu's eyes,followed by an unusual sharpness.

"Go,summon Liang He for me."

"Yes!"responded the cloaked figure respectfully.

In less than a moment,the cloaked figure brought Liang He.Liang He,an elderly figure in Shanshan City,had been with Yan Huang Jiu since the city's establishment.However,due to his age and lack of ambition,Yan Huang Jiu assigned him to take care of Yan Qingxue.

"Liang He,what is your opinion on Meng Qingze?"Yan Huang Jiu asked calmly.

Liang He thought for a while.He couldn't find words to describe Meng Qingze and only came up with something after a pause.He said,"Quite reminiscent of a master."

A faint smile appeared on Yan Huang Jiu's lips."Reminiscent of a master?That should be enough."

Although Yan Huang Jiu hadn't personally encountered'Hermit of the Four Paragons'Zong Haoyang,he knew this rare benevolent figure in the martial world had a good reputation.As Meng Qingze's master,his character wouldn't be too bad.Yan Huang Jiu trusted Meng Qingze enough to send him to Yan Qingxue.

"Liang He,I plan to have Qingxue recruit Meng Qingze."

Liang He showed a bitter smile,cautiously saying,"City Lord,considering Miss's current situation,it's probably difficult to recruit a formidable person like Meng Qingze."

He looked at Yan Huang Jiu cautiously.Even though Yan Qingxue's current state had a lot to do with the City Lord's neglect,Liang He,who had been taking care of her for over a decade,couldn't help but see her as his own daughter.

Unexpectedly,Yan Huang Jiu did not get angry.Instead,he said in a deep voice,"It's okay.I'll give you something that will surely make you recruit Meng Qingze."

Upon hearing this,Liang He was delighted,thinking that the City Lord had finally realized the need to take care of Miss more.

Yan Huang Jiu waved his hand,and a servant immediately brought a wooden box to Liang He.

Yan Huang Jiu gestured for Liang He to open the box,revealing a scroll inside.To Liang He's surprise,it was a painting of a beautiful woman with charming eyes,holding a green umbrella,looking vivid and enchanting.

Even though the painting was exceptionally well-done,it was still just an ordinary scroll.What made the City Lord believe that it could persuade Su Xin to join them?

Yan Huang Jiu said calmly,"You must have heard of'Hermit of the Four Paragons'Zong Haoyang,Meng Qingze's master.When Zong Haoyang was in the Innate Realm,he fell in love with Shen Xijun,the eldest daughter of the Shen family in Jiannan Dao.However,due to political reasons,the Shen family wanted to marry Shen Xijun to the Situ family,a powerful family in Jiannan Dao,which led to the separation of the two lovers.In the end,Zong Haoyang was severely injured by the Shen family,and Shen Xijun chose to die rather than marry into the Situ family.This incident caused Zong Haoyang to be expelled from the Shen family.Most of his belongings were destroyed,but this painting accidentally survived and came into my possession.The significance of this painting to Zong Haoyang is profound.Since Meng Qingze is Zong Haoyang's disciple,just show him this painting,and he will agree to anything for it."

Upon hearing this backstory,Liang He was overjoyed.With this,he felt almost certain that he could persuade Meng Qingze to join Miss.

After Liang Bo left,Yan Huang Jiu coldly remarked,"Go and monitor the second brother and see if they are using the power of those sects in southern Xiangnan.Our affairs in Shanshan City don't need their interference!"

The cloaked figure who had been behind Yan Huang Jiu nodded,continuing to blend into the darkness.Although Yan Huang Jiu had formed alliances through marriages with disciples of major forces in southern Xiangnan,he would not allow Shanshan City to become subservient to the martial forces in the region.

Yan Huang Jiu sighed secretly.Approaching midnight,he felt a faint pain in his chest once again.Despite being only in his seventies,a strong practitioner in the Yuan Shen realm typically had a lifespan of over two hundred years.However,due to early severe injuries,Yan Huang Jiu's lifespan had greatly diminished,and he was now close to the end of his days.This was why he was so concerned about the issue of the successor to Shanshan City.

After Liang Bo returned,he immediately explained the origin of the painting and Yan Huang Jiu's plan.This delighted Chi Rang and Lv Li,knowing that Meng Qingze's strength was legendary.With his inclusion,who would dare to bully them?

However,Yan Qingxue hesitated,"Won't this make us indebted to him?Will it not cause displeasure from Mr.Meng?"

Liang Bo chuckled,"Miss,you don't need to worry.Judging from Mr.Meng's behavior yesterday,he is definitely not a petty person."

Hearing Liang Bo's assurance,Yan Qingxue nodded reluctantly.While kind-hearted,she was not naive.If Meng Qingze joined her,it would undoubtedly benefit her.She didn't aspire to seize the position of the city lord but hoped to secure her safety amid the pressure from Yan Zhongheng and the others.

Early the next morning,Yan Qingxue and her group,carrying the painting,went to find Su Xin without concealing their actions.This was Liang Bo's suggestion to showcase their strength to Yan Zhongheng and the others.

Within Shanshan City,Yan Zhongheng and the others,who had capable informants,quickly received the news of Yan Qingxue's move.The four individuals most capable of contending for the position of city lord had similar reactions—they all thought Yan Qingxue was acting foolishly,attempting to recruit a renowned expert from the rankings.

Upon receiving the news,the eldest,Yan Shuheng,did not pay much attention but instructed his subordinates to be vigilant and relay any updates.

Yan Zhongheng sneered.This foolish woman wanted to invite trouble for herself;let her go ahead.Did she think that someone saving her yesterday meant she could now command their allegiance?

Yan Shengheng pondered whether he could personally recruit Meng Qingze if Yan Qingxue failed.He was quite confident in his charm.

As for Yan Jiheng,his thoughts were more sinister.He even considered whether he should go now with his men and mock her harshly after Yan Qingxue's failure.

At this time,Su Xin had just awakened,and Fang Hao,who was quite clever,had arranged breakfast downstairs,waiting for Su Xin.The small healing pill he took yesterday had opened several acupoints,making Fang Hao even more attentive to Su Xin's needs.

A gentle voice outside the inn said,"Yan Qingxue is here to thank Mr.Meng for his assistance yesterday."

Su Xin was initially surprised but then revealed a faint smile.The act he put on yesterday wasn't in vain.Yan Qingxue had indeed come.

He also realized that Yan Qingxue had decent emotional intelligence.She didn't explicitly mention recruiting or seeking an audience;she simply wanted to express gratitude for Su Xin's assistance,making it difficult for Su Xin to refuse.

Su Xin said in a gentle tone,"So it's Miss Yan,please come in."

Yan Qingxue,accompanied by Liang Bo and the others,entered.She greeted Su Xin with a deep bow,saying,"Many thanks to Mr.Meng for lending a helping hand yesterday;otherwise,Ah Rang would have been in danger."

Chi Rang,with a flushed face,also bowed to Su Xin.Being less experienced in the martial world,he was somewhat nervous upon seeing Su Xin,a legendary figure.

As for Lv Li,she was more open,her big eyes twinkling as she stared unblinkingly at Su Xin.

"Hehe,Miss Yan,there's no need for so much courtesy.I already said yesterday,when the road is uneven,someone steps in;when things are unfair,someone takes action.I just couldn't stand seeing them bully a weak woman like you,"Su Xin replied with a smile.

Yan Qingxue's delicate eyebrows formed a charming angle as she softly said,"Nowadays,people with such a sense of justice as Mr.Meng are rare.There were so many martial artists present yesterday,but only Mr.Meng took action."

Su Xin chuckled,"Miss Yan,don't overestimate me.I'm far from being a righteous person.I'm just a carefree wanderer in the martial world."

Yan Qingxue curiously asked,"Then what kind of person can be considered a true hero in your eyes?"

Su Xin replied solemnly,"A true hero serves the country and the people.A great man acts according to the times and seeks to be righteous,without any regrets.Take the former leader of the Heroes'Society,'Mo Wang Tian Xia'Mo Shenghui,for example.He bravely ventured into the grasslands alone to assassinate the country teacher Sage Er of the Golden Account Khanate.He shattered the true martial law of Sage Er in a suicidal attack,pulling down tens of thousands of Golden Account Khanate's elite riders with him.This severely weakened the Golden Account Khanate,preventing them from invading our Central Plains.Such a person can be considered a true hero!"