The strongest villain system
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Chapter 259:Rose Sword

9344words in this chapter2024-01-31

The eruption has concluded.If everything goes as planned,there will be additional updates on Saturday and Sunday.If the author writes more during the weekdays,there will be additional updates for rewards and monthly tickets.

Originally,Su Xin wanted to exchange for an Earth-grade weapon,requiring 3200 points of villain value.Currently,he has 4 advanced lottery draws,which can be exchanged for 2400 villain points.Even with the remaining 479 points,it's not enough for 3200.

Su Xin still has 32 remaining basic lottery draws,but unfortunately,it's still not enough.So,Su Xin can only compromise and exchange 3 advanced lottery draws for 1800 villain points.After exchanging for a Profound-grade weapon,he is left with 679 points,which he plans to keep for emergencies and doesn't intend to use.

There is also one last lottery chance,which Su Xin decides to use.Even if it's just testing his luck.

"Exchange 3 advanced lottery draws for villain points,and use the remaining one for a draw,specifying martial arts category."

The roulette on the big screen starts spinning again.This time,a monk's image appears in front of Su Xin.Initially,he thought it was Jiumo Zhi,but upon seeing the monk's appearance,Su Xin dismisses his speculation.

The monk has a handsome and mysterious appearance,with eyes that flicker like stars,seemingly peering into one's soul.Standing there,he exudes a transcendent and otherworldly aura.

"Congratulations,host,for drawing the character Basiba.It comes with the martial arts'Annihilation Palm'and'Spiritual Art of Changing Heaven and Earth.'The character is rated four stars,and the martial arts are rated between three and a half to four stars.The host can choose to draw randomly or spend 3200 villain points for a specific draw."

"Proceed with the draw,"Su Xin immediately says.The two martial arts continuously rotate on the big screen.

"Congratulations,host,for drawing'Spiritual Art of Changing Heaven and Earth,'rated four stars."

"Spiritual Art of Changing Heaven and Earth!"Su Xin's face shows a hint of joy.Today can be considered a great outbreak of luck.

The two martial arts brought by Basiba,Annihilation Palm,and Spiritual Art of Changing Heaven and Earth,are decent in terms of power for Su Xin.However,Spiritual Art of Changing Heaven and Earth is particularly useful.

In the process of refining the power of heaven and earth through the Spirit Palace,Su Xin can now preliminarily sense his own spiritual power.This aligns well with his deficiency in spiritual cultivation.

Among the martial arts sects in the martial world,there are quite a few that specialize in spiritual cultivation.The most famous ones are undoubtedly the Phantom Demon Sect and the White Lotus Sect.

Su Xin has fought against Yin Xixue,and her illusion techniques are indeed powerful,enough to trap Su Xin if he is not careful.

As for the people from the White Lotus Sect,although Su Xin has not fought against them,seeing Jin Wulin,a well-known Nascent Divinity expert,being misled by their Bewitching Heart technique,it's evident that the White Lotus Sect's mind-controlling techniques are formidable.

Before acquiring spiritual martial arts,Su Xin had to be cautious when facing warriors who specialized in illusion techniques.Now,with the Spiritual Art of Changing Heaven and Earth,Su Xin has filled in his last gap.

With the remaining villain points,Su Xin plans to choose a Profound-grade longsword from the store.The store system offers numerous Profound-grade weapons,including swords,spears,and various exotic weapons,totaling hundreds.After searching for a while,Su Xin finally finds the weapon he desires.

"Exchange for the Rose Sword."

"Congratulations,host,for successfully exchanging for the Rose Sword.1600 villain points deducted."

A longsword,entirely red like blood,with a scabbard of the same color,is now in Su Xin's hand.This Rose Sword is the personal sword of Yan Nanfei,a major antagonist in the game"Tianya Mingyue Dao."

Not only is the Rose Sword extremely sharp,but it can also kill without being unsheathed.Its scabbard is dyed red with the juice of the"Blood Roses,"which are roses nurtured by five kinds of poisonous blood.The scabbard carries a strong toxicity.

The Rose Sword is said to blossom a soul-consuming rose when encountering evildoers,but this is just a story fabricated by Yan Nanfei.

This time,Su Xin's gains are substantial,and he exits the system directly.The Rose Sword is hung on his waist,and as for its origin,he isn't afraid of suspicion.He simply claims to have found it in the treasure vault of a certain sect.

Having slaughtered five sects this time,one of them had a member wielding a Profound-grade weapon.However,that sword was a thin blade,which Su Xin finds uncomfortable to use.So,he plans to give it to Li Huai.Unfortunately,Li Huai was accustomed to using a longsword,and suddenly switching to a thin blade would require re-familiarization,causing inconvenience for someone whose martial path is already established.Therefore,Li Huai declined.

Among Su Xin's subordinates,the only one accustomed to using a thin blade is Zhao Yiming.His Dual Swords of Sun and Moon are already a set of one yin and one yang,one large and one small,one swift and fierce.The thin blade suits Zhao Yiming's use as the'Moon Sword,'so he happily accepts the Profound-grade weapon.This makes the other chief constables from various regions envious.

Upgraded weapons are extremely rare,and even if you get one,it might not be suitable.Therefore,even some Nascent Divinity experts may not have a handy Profound-grade weapon.Now that Zhao Yiming has obtained one,it can be considered his good fortune.

Su Xin called Huang Bingcheng and others before leaving.He also handed the Youlong Sword to Li Huai,saying,"From now on,this sword belongs to you."

Li Huai and others also saw the blood-red Rose Sword at Su Xin's waist,realizing that Su Xin must have acquired a new weapon.Therefore,they gave the original Youlong Sword to Li Huai,and envy couldn't help but appear in their eyes.

Among the yellow-grade weapons,there are distinctions between good and bad.Su Xin's Youlong Sword is undoubtedly an excellent one among yellow-grade weapons,even stronger in certain aspects than profound-grade weapons.

Although everyone envied Li Huai,there was no jealousy.Li Huai had been a loyal follower of Su Xin since he came from Southern Xin,and his own strength was formidable.Despite Li Huai currently being in the Spiritual Awakening Realm,individuals like Lu Xu and others had secretly sparred with him and found that in one-on-one situations,none of them could defeat Li Huai.

Because of this,the admiration for Li Huai was genuine,and they also marveled at the generosity of their leader,casually giving away such a precious yellow-grade weapon.

Li Huai took it calmly,accepting the long sword and expressing his gratitude to Su Xin with a nod.

Su Xin's generosity was well-known to Li Huai.The Zixia Divine Art alone,treated as the foundational martial art of a first-class force,was more than enough.Yet,Su Xin had easily handed it over to him.In comparison,what was a mere yellow-grade weapon?

"Old Huang,send invitations to the martial arts circles of Jiangnan.After ten days,we will convene in Jiangnan Prefecture for a discussion.I want to see how many forces will not attend,"Su Xin instructed.

Upon hearing this,Huang Bingcheng immediately laughed triumphantly.The previous three times he delivered invitations were quite frustrating for him.The first time,the other party was just paying lip service.The second time,they thought he was ill.By the third time,they didn't even bother to meet him,and he ended up getting beaten.

This time,with the reputation of the Six Gates of Jiangnan well-established in the martial arts circles,especially after the destruction of the five major sects,Huang Bingcheng anticipated a different reception when he delivered invitations to those sects.

After instructing Huang Bingcheng to send the invitations,Su Xin turned his gaze to Li Huai and others.

"Prepare yourselves during this period.We will select disciples with suitable talents,potential,and character from the Six Gates of the major provinces.Concentrate them for training.Remember,quality over quantity.I want an elite force."

Li Huai nodded.He only needed to execute Su Xin's tasks diligently.

However,Lu Xu and others were somewhat puzzled and didn't understand Su Xin's intentions.

Su Xin tapped the table lightly and said,"To restore the reputation of the Six Gates of Jiangnan,we have almost completed the task.We should receive some rewards from higher-ups.I've mentioned before that following me,you won't regret it.The position of Deputy Chief Constable in Jiangnan is still vacant.I plan to suggest elevating all of you to that position.So,you must train a group of elites,the strongest force of the Six Gates of Jiangnan."

This was well received by Zhao Yiming,who had never been interested in official positions.However,Lu Xu and Liu Hao were excited.Lu Xu,from a family associated with the Six Gates of Jiangnan,had always held the position of Chief Constable at the prefecture level.But now,it seemed he was going to surpass the limits of his family.

As for Liu Hao,he was even more pleasantly surprised.Among Su Xin's subordinates,he was the most cautious.When Su Xin made decisions,Lu Xu would question them,while Liu Hao just faithfully executed Su Xin's orders.After all,he had gone against Su Xin for the benefits received from Lei Yuan.Although Su Xin spared him,Liu Hao was still worried about his standing in Su Xin's eyes.

The position of Deputy Chief Constable in Jiangnan was tempting for Liu Hao,and he never expected it to fall into his lap.

For Su Xin,he didn't intend to hold onto the position of Deputy Chief Constable in Jiangnan forever.In other regions,there might be power struggles between Deputy and Chief Constables,but Su Xin didn't worry about that in Jiangnan.The people he chose,including Lu Xu and others,were personally selected and trained by him.At least for now,they had no reason or daring to disrespect him in the position of Deputy Chief Constable.

As for training an elite force,this was something Su Xin had long wanted to do.Just like when he was in Changning Prefecture with the Flying Eagle Gang,there was a Battle Hall dedicated to combat,while other territories had ordinary members handling various tasks.

Now,in Jiangnan,the territory was vast.They couldn't gather forces from major provinces every time they took action.It was not only slow but also prone to errors.

Therefore,Su Xin planned to cultivate an elite force solely for combat.Their monthly salary and profits would be higher than ordinary constables,but the danger would also be much greater than those patrolling in the prefecture.