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Chapter 21: Master of Acting

8693words in this chapter2023-12-30

"Because I am a member of the Flying Eagle Gang,that's why I chose to assassinate Dai Chong!"

Su Xin's face was full of excitement:"Dai Chong killed my brother,provoked my Flying Eagle Gang,simply unforgivable!My current status is all thanks to the cultivation of the Flying Eagle Gang.Insulting the gang is insulting me,Su Xin!"

"Have you considered the consequences of this?"Dong Chengwu sneered.

Su Xin patted his chest:"My parents died early,I haven't read many books.I can't think too much.Anyway,I've already killed everyone.If this affects the gang,I,Su Xin,am willing to apologize with my life!"

These passionate words did touch quite a few people.After all,the leaders and three hall masters present had fought their way up from the bottom.In their youth,they were as impulsive as Su Xin,not considering the bigger picture.

However,Third Master Hu almost coughed up blood,wishing he could expose Su Xin on the spot."You've read too few books,haven't you?Back then,Su Xin used his eloquence to turn himself from a murderer of the boss into a small leader of the Happy Forest.He's even more cunning than a fox!"

Moreover,in just one month,Su Xin managed to manipulate the businessmen in the Happy Forest.This guy seemed impulsive and hot-headed?

None of the people present had interacted with Su Xin before,not understanding his temperament.Although Third Master Hu knew,he could only stay invisible in the corner,not daring to speak up.No matter what,Su Xin was under him,his acknowledged adopted son.If he openly attacked Su Xin in front of everyone,Third Master Hu's reputation in the Flying Eagle Gang would be completely ruined.

"And dying in apology?If we really go to war with the Qing Zhu Gang,it won't be just one or two people from the Flying Eagle Gang who will die.Can you afford the consequences of just one person's life?"Dong Chengwu was not moved by Su Xin's words.

While Dong Chengwu remained unmoved,someone else was impressed."Old Dong,don't be so heartless.Back in the early days of our Flying Eagle Gang,I beheaded three flood dragons in Sheng Le Fang with just a firewood knife,winning our gang's first territory."

The speaker was Lin Fuhu,the master of the War Hall among the three hall masters.He was tall and powerful,in charge of the War Hall where the strongest fighters resided.

Su Xin's eyes lit up,looking"excited":"When I first joined the Flying Eagle Gang,I heard about Master Lin's deeds.With just one person and one knife,you secured the first territory for our Flying Eagle Gang."

"Hehe,heroes don't dwell on past glories.It's fine not to mention these things."Lin Fuhu spoke modestly,but there was an undisguised sense of pride on his face.After all,this was the most proud achievement of his life.

Dong Chengwu glanced at Su Xin and frowned at Lin Fuhu:"Old Lin,this is different from our early days.We had to fight hard to establish our gang back then.But now,the gang has become formalized.Going to war with the Qing Zhu Gang,which is almost equal in strength,won't bring us any benefits."

Lin Fuhu dismissively waved his hand:"Dong Chengwu,the older you get in the martial world,the more timid you become.We're just going to war with the Qing Zhu Gang.We've fought them before,haven't we?I think this kid is not bad.He has the spirit I had back then.Instead of punishment,he should be rewarded.Otherwise,won't it chill the hearts of those young people who are working hard for the gang?"

"You're twisting the facts!Working for the gang and disobeying orders,acting recklessly,are two different things!"Dong Chengwu slammed the table with a bang,almost knocking over the tea cups.

"What do you mean by this,Dong Chengwu?Who are you banging the table at?Are you trying to scare me?"Lin Fuhu stood up suddenly,his eyes flashing with a murderous light.

Seeing the intense argument between the two,Su Xin chuckled inwardly.It seemed that Huang Bingcheng's intelligence was quite accurate.

When Su Xin took over the Happy Forest,he had asked Huang Bingcheng for information about the high-ranking members of the Flying Eagle Gang.Of course,in Huang Bingcheng's eyes,it was just gossip.

It was common knowledge that the Master of the War Hall,Lin Fuhu,and the Master of the Penalty Hall,Dong Chengwu,didn't get along.Lin Fuhu was quick-tempered and impulsive,while Dong Chengwu was stern and impartial.A few years ago,during a battle,a disciple from the War Hall intentionally tortured a surrendered member of an opposing gang,violating the gang's rules.Dong Chengwu wanted to punish him to set an example,but the protective Lin Fuhu came to plead for mercy.

In Lin Fuhu's eyes,killing a surrendered gang member was no big deal.They were all passionate men,and occasional excesses were normal.The result of that incident was evident:Dong Chengwu showed no mercy,breaking the limbs of the War Hall disciple and turning him into a cripple.The enmity between the two hall masters was irreparable.

Su Xin's current situation was similar to that of the War Hall disciple back then.Naturally,Lin Fuhu would lean towards him.

Just now,Su Xin's impassioned words might have seemed a bit theatrical to Dong Chengwu,but in the eyes of Lin Fuhu,he was a good disciple of the Flying Eagle Gang–young,passionate,and daring.

"Enough!You two are almost a hundred years old combined,and you've been arguing for so many years.Haven't you had enough?"Sha Feiying intervened,and immediately the two fell silent and obediently sat back down.

"Zhuang Li,what do you think?"Sha Feiying asked the master of the Kindness Hall,Zhuang Li.

At first glance,Zhuang Li was short and chubby,with a friendly smile on his face,not looking like a gang leader but more like a wealthy gentleman.

Upon hearing Sha Feiying's question,Zhuang Li answered with a smile:"What ideas can an old man like me have?Let's go with whatever everyone discusses.But this matter should be handled cautiously.Once mishandled,as Master Lin said,it's easy to make the disciples in the gang feel uneasy."

Dong Chengwu gave Zhuang Li a deep look,a hint of gloom passing through his eyes.

Everyone present,unless too naive,could discern the meaning behind Zhuang Li's words–he supported Lin Fuhu.

Dong Chengwu,in charge of the Penalty Hall,during his tenure,dealt not only with members of the War Hall but also with many disciples from the Kindness Hall.While making some extra gains on the side was normal for the Kindness Hall,if discovered by Dong Chengwu,the penalty would be severe.

However,Zhuang Li's depth of mind was not as shallow as Lin Fuhu's.Even if he resented Dong Chengwu,he wouldn't tear their relationship apart on the spot.

With two different opinions from the three leaders,there was no rule in the Flying Eagle Gang about majority rule.The three hall masters merely expressed their stances,and the ultimate decision rested with the gang leader.

"Cough,cough."Sha Feiying cleared his throat and said,"Regarding Su Xin's matter,we should handle it carefully.In theory,for killing Dai Chong,you should be heavily rewarded,even elevated to a higher rank.However,without rules,chaos ensues.The gang has already strictly forbidden you from provoking the Qing Zhu Gang,yet you still acted.This is a violation,and there must be a punishment.So,considering the overall situation,we won't reward or punish you this time.But remember,only those who follow the rules can live longer."

With the final sentence,Sha Feiying gave Su Xin a deep look,his words carrying a different meaning.

Upon hearing Sha Feiying's judgment,Dong Chengwu's expression turned unpleasant.Not punishing Su Xin meant that Sha Feiying sided with Lin Fuhu.

"Leader,how should we respond to the Qing Zhu Gang next?They won't just let the death of Dai Chong slide,"Dong Chengwu asked,feeling somewhat discontent.

Sha Feiying waved his hand,saying,"Let them not let it slide.The Qing Zhu Gang's strength is already slightly inferior to ours.Now,with the loss of Dai Chong,if they want to escalate things,we'll play along.However,I believe the people from the Qing Zhu Gang are not fools.Losing a frontline warrior like Dai Chong puts them at a disadvantage.But we also can't be complacent.Tell our brothers to stay vigilant and be ready for battle.If anything unexpected happens,we strike immediately!"


All the leaders present responded in unison.

Lin Fuhu's face showed satisfaction.The War Hall was the least afraid of gang warfare.The more intense the battle,the greater the achievements for the War Hall.

Dong Chengwu left with a dismissive toss of his hand,and as he departed,he cast a deep look at Su Xin.

Lin Fuhu patted Su Xin's shoulder and laughed heartily,"Not bad,kid.I like your style.Daring to assassinate Dai Chong with just one person and one sword–that takes courage!If you weren't already a small leader now,I'd want to recruit you into the War Hall."

"Thank you for your kind words,Master Lin.When I joined the Flying Eagle Gang,I considered Master Lin my idol,"Su Xin skillfully flattered,successfully amusing the master of the War Hall.

After the other leaders left,Third Master Hu stood up,patted Su Xin's shoulder,and said,"You did well,but remember,don't be so impulsive next time.If there's anything,discuss it with your adoptive father."

Su Xin lowered his head and replied,"I was just afraid of causing trouble for my adoptive father."

"What nonsense is that!Do I look like someone afraid of trouble?"Third Master Hu scolded playfully.

"Yes,I understand.If something like this happens again,I will definitely discuss it with my adoptive father."

With an appearance of filial piety,they put on a show,though it was unclear who they were performing for.After this hypocritical exchange,Third Master Hu left the main hall.

Outside,both Li Shifu and Huang Bingcheng were getting anxious.Seeing Su Xin safely coming out,they immediately knew that Su Xin had successfully navigated through the crisis.

However,the reactions of these two were different—Huang Bingcheng was pleasantly surprised,while Li Shifu was stunned.