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Chapter 145: Time to Watch the Show

8462words in this chapter2024-01-07

"Tsk tsk,Young Master Meng actually dared to lay hands on such a beautiful woman.He's really ruthless,"sighed Fang Hao,who was watching from the sidelines,wearing a regretful expression.

Hong Lietao,standing beside him,looked at Fang Hao and chuckled,"Kid,do you know why Young Master Meng is ranked among the top,while you're just a follower at a similar age?"

Fang Hao was puzzled,"Young Master Meng has great talent and guidance from a renowned master,of course he's stronger than me."

Hong Lietao said seriously,"The word'lust'is like a double-edged sword.Young Master Meng has a tough heart;during life-and-death battles,he doesn't care about beauty or ugliness—they all end up as pink skeletons.Someone like you,I bet if you were in a fight,you'd be mesmerized and lose your bearings.Why are the monks at Shaolin Temple and the Daoist priests from the Taoist sects powerful?It's because they practice detachment,thinking less,dedicating more time to cultivation.Do you want to become strong?"

Fang Hao blinked,"Are you suggesting I become a monk or a Daoist priest?But I doubt they'd accept me."

Hong Lietao smirked,"It's too late for that now.But you can always become a eunuch in the palace;there are plenty of skilled individuals there.Among the intrigues,you'll gain insight into the world,and your strength will soar."

Fang Hao deflated,realizing Hong Lietao was just teasing him.

Meanwhile,Su Xin had consecutively injured the leaders of four sects in the arena.The disciples from those sects couldn't hold back any longer,about thirty of them rushed forward,weapons drawn,surrounding Su Xin.

Hong Lietao chuckled,"Finally,it's time for us to step in."

As he spoke,Hong Lietao and his companions unsheathed their weapons,positioning themselves behind Su Xin.

Facing a figure like Mo Tianlan,who hailed from a prestigious sect and was a level above them in cultivation,Hong Lietao's group wasn't confident of winning.However,against ordinary disciples,they had some assurance.

Su Xin sheathed his sword,saying calmly,"Take them away,or I,Meng Qingze,won't mind shedding blood."

The disciples from the four sects exchanged glances,their faces showing signs of struggle.Witnessing Su Xin's strength before,even the strongest senior disciples in their sects had been defeated.Despite their numerical advantage,they hesitated.

Su Xin didn't say anything more,allowing them to leave with a few harsh words.The only one clear-headed among them was Lan Yudie.Despite nursing her shoulder and pale face,she wore a cheerful smile,"Meng Qingze,you truly deserve your ranking.I'll remember you.Once I've recovered,I'll continue challenging you!"

Su Xin remained silent as they carried Lan Yudie and others away.

Hong Lietao rubbed his chin and said,"This woman is truly fickle.The more you hit her,the more she can't forget you.Women like her need discipline;a bit of guidance and they'll behave."

As his words fell,he felt two hostile gazes behind him.

Lv Li glared at him fiercely,and even Yan Qingsnow cast a dangerous look his way.

Hong Lietao hurriedly waved his hands,"I'm not talking about you guys.I was referring to the Holy Maiden of the Fire Cult.Don't get the wrong idea."

"Enough,stop messing around.Let's all go back,"Su Xin said.

Yan Qingsnow expressed concern,"But Young Master Meng,you've severely injured the core disciples of the four major sects in Xiangnan.This matter might escalate;they won't easily let it go."

Whether in Xiangnan or the Central Plains martial arts world,the status of core disciples was vastly different from regular disciples.Those carefully nurtured by the sect elders held pivotal positions,and the consequences of directly injuring or incapacitating them would be significant.

"Don't worry.I'm more worried they won't come.Let's go;we'll continue watching the show,"Su Xin said confidently.

Su Xin led everyone back to the residence,exuding an air of confidence.Although others were unsure of his intentions,they found comfort in his assurance.

In the living quarters of Yanzhou,twelve exceptionally beautiful women stood before Yan Huangjiu,exuding a formidable aura.Among them,one woman,dressed in fiery red attire,bore a resemblance to Lan Yudie.However,she carried a mature charm,surpassing even Lan Yudie's allure.

The woman with a similar appearance to Lan Yudie pointed at Yan Huangjiu angrily,"Yan Huangjiu,your daughter's subordinates have severely injured the Holy Maiden of our Fire Cult.Are you going to stop me from taking action?"

Yan Huangjiu remained expressionless,"They were provoked first at my Shangshan City.You should be aware of my rules;regarding my children,I don't want too many restrictions.However,I hope you won't interfere recklessly."

These women,needless to say,are representatives of twelve martial arts forces from Xiangnan,married to Yan Huangjiu in order to form an alliance.Since giving birth to heirs for Yan Huangjiu,they have been ordered not to participate in the competition between their children.However,even though they don't actively engage in the competition,through their relationships,Yan Zhongheng and others can gain significant resources and assistance from their respective sects.In ordinary conflicts,even when Yan Zhongheng's subordinates were defeated by Su Xin in the previous encounter,these women remained quiet,playing the role of virtuous wives and mothers in their residences.

However,with their direct disciples now disabled,they couldn't help but feel anxious.Yan Huangjiu coldly said,"I've said it before,what doesn't concern you,don't interfere.Yan Qingsnow is my daughter.Do you want me to personally deal with my own daughter?"

The former Holy Maiden of the Fire Cult snorted,"If you can't handle your children,then eliminate all the forces under her."

Yan Huangjiu shook his head,"Wouldn't that be the same as directly killing Qingsnow?If I really eliminate people like Meng Qingze,who will take care of Qingsnow as the Lord of Shangshan City?"

"Married for a night,bestowed with a hundred nights of love.Yan Huangjiu,do you really want to treat us like this for the sake of your daughter?"The Holy Maiden of the Fire Cult angrily shouted.

Yan Huangjiu's expression gradually turned cold."Married for a night,bestowed with a hundred nights of love?Do you even remember that we're husband and wife!?These years,I've treated you well,but in the end,you all prioritize your sects over everything.Have you ever thought that besides being the core disciples of your sects,you are also my wives!"

Yan Huangjiu sighed,"You all can go back.Don't come to Shangshan City again in the future."

Marrying these stunning women from Xiangnan wasn't due to Yan Huangjiu's lecherous nature;it was a necessity.He thought that after decades of marriage,he could influence them to wholeheartedly support Shangshan City.However,the bond of marriage paled in comparison to the sects that raised them since childhood.

The former Holy Maiden of the Fire Cult snorted,"Yan Huangjiu!Hope you don't regret your choices today!"

After saying this,she left directly,and the others,seeing that Yan Huangjiu had no intention of punishing Su Xin,also left.However,instead of returning to their residences,they went back to their respective sects to report everything that had happened.

Since they had completely torn apart their relationships,the years of marital bonds would have to be considered null and void.When everyone had left,Yan Huangjiu sighed,but his eyes revealed an endless chill."Why do they force me like this?Shangshan City belongs to my Yan family.If anyone wants to interfere,I'll chop off their hands!"

Meanwhile,the forces like the Fire Cult saw the condition of their disciples after being severely injured by Su Xin,and it was a sight to behold.Especially for Fang Chenyu,whose injuries were the most severe,almost to the point of being disabled.Saving him would require a considerable amount of precious medicinal materials.But sacrificing these resources for Fang Chenyu meant they could cultivate two or three more disciples like him,making it an unfavorable deal.

However,abandoning Fang Chenyu didn't mean they could swallow this humiliation.The audacity of Meng Qingze was too much;he had severely injured the core disciples of their four sects.Did he think he could act so recklessly just because he was a disciple of'Four Absolute Wandering Sect'under Zong Haoyang?Even Zong Haoyang,back in the day,wouldn't have dared to be so arrogant in their territory in Xiangnan!

In the cultivation sanctuary of the Fire Cult,a middle-aged man wrapped in flames,treating himself like a weapon,rose up,causing the surrounding earth within a hundred yards to dry up.When the flames disappeared,he was gone,leaving only a messenger disciple sweating profusely.

In the Mo family of Canglan Valley,an elder,upon seeing Mo Tianlan's injuries,emanated an aura as deep and unfathomable as the vast sea,as if a colossal storm could erupt at any moment.

On the peak of Nine Hua Sword Sect's mountain,a middle-aged man in white exuded endless sword energy,tearing apart the cliffs,like a mountain collapsing.

In the Qianji Divine Blade Sect,a burly man was surrounded by dozens of gigantic curved blades.As his eyes flashed with anger,the multitude of huge blades shattered.A massive crimson crescent blade rose from the fragments,radiating an endless killing intent.

Their direct disciples had been dealt such injuries by Su Xin.This was enough to stoke their anger and settle the score with Su Xin in Shangshan City.

Since disciples of the innate realm couldn't deal with Su Xin,they decided to send Martial Master experts of the Yuan Shen realm!