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Chapter 211: The Identity of Iron Yao Hua

8437words in this chapter2024-01-23

Yue Fang and a group of warriors were cursing Su Xin's arrogance in the brothel,enjoying themselves with drinks.However,at this moment,a figure in black suddenly burst into the room,and an earth-shattering blood-red sword aura erupted instantly!

Under the fierce killing intent,Yue Fang couldn't resist at all and was torn apart by the blood-red sword aura.Several warriors around him also fell victim to the attack and were similarly slain by the sword.

After killing Yue Fang with a single sword,the black figure didn't pause for a moment and flew away immediately.

The sequence of actions was too fast,leaving everyone somewhat bewildered.It wasn't until the singing girls in the room screamed that people realized what had just happened.

"The Blood River Divine Sword,it's the Blood River Divine Sword!It's Su Xin!"someone exclaimed.

The blood-red sword aura was too conspicuous;it could only be the Blood River Divine Sword.Just a moment ago,Yue Fang was talking about defeating Su Xin,and now he was killed by Su Xin.

This was a shocking event,and now people had no mood to continue drinking.They hurriedly stood up and prepared to report to their respective sects.

In the alley outside the brothel,Iron Yao Hua,dressed in black,initially intended to leave after killing Yue Fang.However,a person appearing in front of her made her pause.

Su Xin emerged from the darkness,saying calmly,"Miss Iron,oh,wait,how should I address you now?"

A hint of a smile appeared on Iron Yao Hua's face,no longer the bold and hearty smile she had before.Instead,she seemed to have gained a somewhat enchanting allure.

"A name is just a code,does it really matter?What confuses me is when did you start suspecting me?"she asked.

"In fact,I never doubted your identity.Your knowledge of the Six Sects and your identity token are genuine.However,yesterday at Renyi Manor,you showed two small flaws,very subtle ones."

"Oh?What two flaws?"Iron Yao Hua raised an eyebrow.

Su Xin extended two fingers."The first one is that you were too calm when entering Renyi Manor,as if you were accustomed to such grand scenes.Your role as an undercover agent involves gathering intelligence in the shadows.This calmness would be fitting for a Windchaser Patrol,but not for you as an undercover agent.Especially considering your status as a member of the Iron family in the Six Sects,you should have the ability to handle a Windchaser Patrol role."

"Secondly,your second flaw is even more obvious.Outside Renyi Manor,I already revealed Jiang Heliu's identity as a Martial Grandmaster in the Yuan Shen Realm.Yet,you still tried to incite me to cause trouble at Renyi Manor,as if afraid of chaos.A composed and calm demeanor is crucial for an undercover agent.Getting involved in a commotion at Renyi Manor,forcing Jiang Heliu to take action–that's not something an undercover agent,especially one from the Iron family,would do."

Looking at Iron Yao Hua,Su Xin continued,"That's why I suspected something was wrong with you.The most likely scenario is that Iron Yao Hua's identity is real,the mission assigned by the Six Sects is real,but the only fake part is you!I just don't understand why you had to use my identity to kill Yue Fang.I can sense that your target isn't me.So,what's the point of framing me?"

Iron Yao Hua chuckled,"It's meaningless.It's just because Yue Fang offended you during the day,and now he's dead by'your'hands.It makes more sense this way.With you as bait,the person behind Yue Fang will show up.Otherwise,even if I killed him,the person behind him wouldn't know the killer and might stay hidden."

Su Xin unsheathed his Dragon Roaming Sword,shaking his head."But unfortunately,I detest being used as someone else's pawn."

Iron Yao Hua giggled,"However,you may not necessarily defeat me."

As she spoke,Iron Yao Hua's figure moved a couple of times.Suddenly,her stature rose,becoming more slender and graceful.Her skin became fairer,and her previously spirited face turned into one with a charming allure,both coy and delightful.

Su Xin stared without blinking at the'Iron Yao Hua'in front of him.This method went beyond simple disguise;it seemed like an illusion,a constant and ever-present illusion.At the same time,the aura around Iron Yao Hua began to change.She transitioned from the Spiritual Nascent Realm directly to the Divine Palace Realm,and the surrounding spiritual energy became denser,enhancing the atmosphere in the area.

The phenomenon caused by a Martial Grandmaster in the Divine Palace Realm can only be explained by'Iron Yao Hua'reaching the state of unity between man and heaven,just like the Deputy Chief of the Jiangnan Dao,Lei Yuan!At such a young age,possessing peak Divine Palace Realm strength and the unity of man and heaven,specializing in a mystical illusion technique.Combining all these characteristics,if Su Xin still can't figure out who this person is,he might as well commit suicide.

Su Xin took a deep breath and said,"Ranked seventh on the People's List,one of the Nine Prison Demons,the'Thousand-Faced Witch'Yin Xixue from the Illusionary Demon Path,right?"

Yin Xixue giggled,"Correct,but unfortunately,no reward for you.Do you still want to fight me now?"

"Why not?Ranked seventh on the People's List,I was just curious to see how far I am from the top ten strongest in the world."

As he spoke,a blood-red sword aura already flashed!In the pitch-black night sky,Su Xin's entire body was stained with a blood-red hue.His Dragon Roaming Sword seemed as if forged from blood,emitting a bizarre color.

Su Xin exerted full force as soon as he made a move.Although Su Xin hadn't encountered those in the top ten of the People's List,the strength of warriors at this level represented the most powerful individuals among the younger generation in the entire martial world.

Yin Xixue playfully pointed,and instantly,like a hundred flowers blooming,the blood-red brilliance dissipated in the dazzling light.As one of the Nine Prison Demons and specializing in the Illusionary Demon Path,Su Xin knew quite a bit about Yin Xixue.

Even though the Nine Prison Demons had been low-key in recent years,during the years of upheaval in the Great Zhou Dynasty,they dominated,suppressing over ten top righteous sects in the Central Plains with the combined power of the Nine Sects.

Among the Nine Prison Demons,those who practiced the Illusionary Demon Path excelled in illusions and mental attacks,almost possessing the power to bewilder the world.As one of the outstanding disciples of the Illusionary Demon Path,Yin Xixue,ranked seventh on the People's List,was truly formidable.

Her earlier splendid and dazzling finger attack was one of the legendary killing moves of the Illusionary Demon Path–Illusory Finger.It was dreamlike,yet like a bubble in a dream,it shattered in an instant!

The blood-red Divine River Sword that Su Xin had fully unleashed was easily shattered by Yin Xixue's Illusory Finger.He lunged forward with the first move of the Wind God Leg–Capturing the Wind and Seizing the Shadow,closing in.

But Yin Xixue's figure danced like a celestial being.Regardless of how fast Su Xin was,he couldn't catch up with Yin Xixue.

Su Xin felt something was amiss.The explosive power of the Wind God Leg was terrifying,at least among the warriors he had encountered,no one could match its short-range explosive power.

Yet Yin Xixue's speed was now unbelievably fast,as if she were truly a celestial being flying through the air.

Su Xin closed his eyes,sensing the changes in the surrounding spiritual energy.His true energy erupted,and he shouted,"Shatter!"

The surrounding space reversed.Su Xin remained in place,performing the Wind God Leg,but instead of attacking Yin Xixue,he was unexpectedly spinning in place.

"What a powerful illusion!"

A trace of amazement appeared in Su Xin's eyes.Originally,he had some doubts about things like mental attacks and illusions.However,witnessing the formidable illusion displayed by Yin Xixue,he understood that when illusions were cultivated to perfection,they could truly kill without a visible trace.

Just now,Su Xin didn't feel anything wrong at all.However,he had already fallen into the illusion.If he hadn't reacted in time,breaking free from the mental confusion imposed by the opponent,he might still be foolishly chasing after the illusory image now.

"Su Xin,you need to be careful."Yin Xixue's voice came from behind Su Xin,and a terrifying aura immediately swept over him.

As Su Xin turned around,the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing God Finger was launched consecutively,producing a loud and intense explosion.

Turning around,Su Xin saw Yin Xixue's figure resembling a fairy,dancing with enchanting steps.Her fists and palms struck with a magnificent murderous intent.In Su Xin's eyes,it seemed as if a demoness was dancing,splendid and brilliant,yet full of murderous intent at every step!

This was the Illusionary Demon Path's Dance of the Heavenly Demon.Su Xin had heard of this martial skill–a demonic dance that bewilders the soul.

Currently,Yin Xixue's Dance of the Heavenly Demon had not yet revealed its powerful bewitching force,but just the power displayed when she attacked made Su Xin unable to resist!

Yin Xixue covered her mouth and chuckled,"Now do you understand the strength of the top ten on the People's List?Sorry,but I don't want to play with you anymore.Don't worry,I won't watch you die.I'll come to rescue you after the person behind Yue Fang shows up."

As she spoke,Yin Xixue was about to leave,but at this moment,a seven-star sword fell in front of her,exuding a stern cold aura,trapping Yin Xixue in the narrow alley.

PS:'Thousand-Faced Witch'Yin Xixue is a character for the reader Anmui(Xian'er).