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Chapter 42 Loyalty and Betrayal

8944words in this chapter2024-01-02

"Adoptive father,adoptive father,do you think these words have any meaning now?"Su Xin looked at Tiger Third Master and gently shook his head."Actually,things between us didn't need to escalate like this.You are my foster father,and it's because of you,Tiger Third Master,that I found my footing in Feiying Gang.Even if you don't act against me,whether it's the protection fee from Happy Forest or the protection fee from Yongle Lane,I wouldn't take a penny less.Why force me?"

Tiger Third Master's face turned grim,a mix of regret and resentment in his eyes.Before Tiger Third Master could reply,Su Xin continued,"In fact,even if you hadn't said anything,I could guess.You fear my growing strength and worry that you can't control me.That's why you want to suppress me and act against me.You don't trust your foster son,Chen Dao,whom you've nurtured for over twenty years,let alone me.Tiger Third Master,it seems you don't trust anyone at all!"

Taking a deep breath,Tiger Third Master coldly said,"Su Xin,what do you want to achieve?You're a clever person;you should know that if you kill me,you won't survive in Feiying Gang!"

"Adoptive father,you're overthinking.I don't want to kill you,"Su Xin shook his head.

"Then what do you want?"

"I just want you to speak up in front of the gang leader,saying that Houtong provoked the incident and I killed him in self-defense,with your consent.Furthermore,you should nominate me as the leader of Feiying Gang."Su Xin looked into Tiger Third Master's eyes,enunciating each word.

"Impossible!"Tiger Third Master outright refused."You want to shift all the blame onto me?You might as well kill me now!If I resist such a big matter,even if I don't die,my territories will be directly taken away by the gang.Just kill me;we'll all perish together!"

Tiger Third Master,who had been a top leader with Sand Feiying,displayed a hint of gangster's aura.

"Perish together?I don't think so,"Su Xin smiled."I've learned some secrets about you from a certain person.Embezzling gang funds,privately withholding protection fees.I wonder,how did you buy this mansion of yours?And these years,eliminating dissidents,even killing people under the jurisdiction of the Execution Hall,your audacity is truly impressive."

Tiger Third Master's expression changed dramatically."Nonsense!"

"Not nonsense.Adoptive father,you'll see when you meet someone,"Su Xin clapped his hands,and a middle-aged man in scholar's robes walked out from the side,bowing respectfully to Su Xin."Boss Su."

This man was Tiger Third Master's confidant,Li Shiyeh!

Seeing Li Shiyeh,Tiger Third Master truly felt despair.Previously,Jigang had said that Tiger Third Master trusted no one,except perhaps Li Shiyeh,who didn't know any martial arts.As it turned out,it was indeed the case.Only someone with zero martial skills,like Li Shiyeh,could make Tiger Third Master completely trust him.

Unexpectedly,the one who betrayed him in the end was his trusted confidant,Li Shiyeh!

Li Shiyeh had followed him for nearly twenty years.Almost all the shady things he did behind the scenes,Li Shiyeh knew.If any of these things were exposed,Tiger Third Master would qualify for direct execution by the Execution Hall.

"Li Yuankun!You were just a failed scholar back then.If it weren't for me,you would have been beaten to death by debt collectors long ago!I trusted you so much,and you dare to betray me!"Tiger Third Master's eyes turned bloodshot,as if he wanted to devour Li Shiyeh alive.

As his former master,Tiger Third Master's appearance shocked Li Shiyeh at first,but then he calmed down,sneering,"Third Master,don't paint such a rosy picture.Consider,have you really ever trusted me?You saved me initially,that's true.But in these twenty years,how much dirty work have I done for you?What have you given me in return?You trusted me only because I knew nothing about martial arts and posed no threat to you.But when I expressed the desire to learn martial arts,you did everything to hinder me.Third Master,you're getting old.Birds choose their roost,and I'm seeking refuge with Boss Su.At least I can ensure a life of prosperity and wealth in my remaining years.But continuing to follow you,who knows what the future holds?"

Huang Bingcheng and others looked at Li Shiyeh in astonishment,wondering when he had colluded with Boss Su.Even Su Xin was surprised when Li Shiyeh had come to him.He initially thought Li Shiyeh was sent by Tiger Third Master to play some tricks.It wasn't until Li Shiyeh revealed all of Tiger Third Master's secrets and provided evidence that Su Xin believed him.

"How about it,adoptive father,have you made up your mind?If you help me shift the blame,the worst that can happen is losing all your territories.With me around,I can ensure you live as a wealthy man in your next life.But if I hand all this evidence to the gang leader,things won't be so simple."

Tiger Third Master,with bloodshot eyes,in a hoarse voice,said,"What if I refuse?If you killed Houtong,you'll be executed by the gang leader anyway!We might as well all die together!"

Su Xin shook his head."It's not necessarily.Don't forget,Constant Tranquility Mansion isn't the only gang in this city.With three or four other gangs,if I join with my brothers and take a territory from Yongle Lane to join another gang,do you think they'll welcome us?"

"Don't forget,the territory of Yongle Lane was snatched from Qingzhu Gang by you!And you even killed two high-ranking members of Qingzhu Gang!"Su Xin smiled coldly."Adoptive father,adoptive father,do you really think I know nothing about the situation with Qingzhu Gang?The two high-ranking members I killed were puppets controlled by the current gang leader,Wei Feng.Killing them only earns me gratitude from the two deputy gang leaders of Qingzhu Gang.There's even a possibility that I might join Qingzhu Gang and immediately become the third deputy gang leader!"

Tiger Third Master slumped into a chair,defeated once again by his own foster son.Su Xin didn't even give him a chance to retaliate.

As Su Xin had said,he could hand over the evidence to the gang leader and easily join another gang with his strength and influence.Even the strongest gang among the Three and Four Gangs,the San Ying Club,would welcome him with open arms.

"I agree,"Tiger Third Master uttered weakly.

"Thank you,adoptive father.There happens to be a little bug here;I'll trouble you to take care of him."Su Xin threw Jigang,whose tendons and muscles had been severed,and mouth sealed,towards Tiger Third Master.Jigang,scared out of his wits,started whimpering,his eyes pleading.

Tiger Third Master glanced at Su Xin with a complex expression.His foster son's ruthlessness left him no room for maneuvering.


Tiger Third Master slapped down,and the powerful Iron Sand Palm directly shattered Jigang's heart,causing blood to flow from his mouth and nose.

"Satisfied now?"Tiger Third Master's tone was cold,but a sense of weakness was evident.

"Quite satisfied.Now,let's go see the gang leader,"Su Xin clapped his hands.

However,at that moment,a burst of cursing erupted outside.Several individuals dressed in black and red martial attire pushed aside Su Xin's subordinates and walked boldly into the room.

One of them shouted,"Su Xin!How dare you defy authority,assassinate the gang leader Houtong!It's like you don't care about the gang rules!Surrender now and come back to the main hall to await punishment!"

Su Xin frowned and looked to Huang Bingcheng beside him."Who are these people?"

Before Huang Bingcheng could respond,Li Shiyeh spoke up,"They are from the Execution Hall,under the jurisdiction of the hall master Dong Chengwu.Under the three hall masters,they all have the authority to arrest."

Huang Bingcheng shot Li Shiyeh a furious glance.This guy had just joined the boss's side and was already trying to steal the limelight?

The disciples from the Execution Hall were furious at being ignored by Su Xin.In Feiying Gang,the highest status belonged not to the Battle Hall disciples but to the Execution Hall disciples.Though they were fewer in number and not as powerful as the elite fighters from the Battle Hall who had distinguished themselves in several gang battles,their authority was the greatest.If anyone violated gang rules,even a high-ranking member,they had the right to apprehend them without reporting to the hall master.Even if a gang leader committed an offense,they had the authority to arrest them.

Dong Chengwu's Execution Hall had only thirty-odd members,but they were confident even when facing gang leaders.Now,they were blatantly disregarded by Su Xin.The leading disciple snorted and drew his sword,charging towards Su Xin.

"Defying authority,assassinating the gang leader.Disregarding the gang rules,resisting the enforcement of the Execution Hall!Su Xin,you are guilty and deserve to be punished!"

"Seeking death!"Su Xin's eyes flashed with coldness.He kicked the disciple,sending him flying.Stepping forward,Su Xin placed his foot on the man's face and said coldly,"Am I guilty?What kind of thing are you to dare to come and punish me?Do you have the qualifications?"

The other disciples from the Execution Hall were frightened by Su Xin's actions.Accustomed to acting arrogantly,they only realized their mistake when Su Xin took action.Qingzhu Gang's leaders died at his hands,and now,even their own gang leader was killed by him.They were just a bunch of lackeys in front of Su Xin,challenging him with their swords meant courting death.

"He has no qualifications.What about me?"Dong Chengwu,the hall master of the Execution Hall,entered.He carried a large ring knife on his back,his face as dark as if he could drip water.

"Release the person.The disciples from my Execution Hall don't need you,Su Xin,to teach them a lesson!"Dong Chengwu declared sternly.

Su Xin shook his head."He attacked me first.If it weren't for the camaraderie within Feiying Gang,he would have died long ago.When you wander the jianghu,drawing your sword means fighting to the death.This isn't child's play;no one will go easy on you.But for the sake of Hall Master Dong,I'll spare him a lesson."

Su Xin removed his foot from the man's head,but suddenly,he stomped hard on the man's right hand,crushing it forcefully.