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Chapter 43: The Big Turnaround

9204words in this chapter2024-01-02

Dong Chengwu was a man who valued rules.Feiying Gang had risen from nothing to become one of the Three Gangs and Four Associations in Changning Prefecture in less than thirty years.Apart from relying on the strength of Sha Feiying,Dong Chengwu's established rules played a crucial role.

Everyone in Feiying Gang,including Sha Feiying himself,came from unconventional backgrounds.Only Dong Chengwu hailed from the Xiangxi Shendao Sect,a legitimate martial arts sect.Due to this,Dong Chengwu placed more emphasis on adhering to rules.

Respect for hierarchy,adherence to laws and regulations—these were the rules.And now,Su Xin had violated these rules more than once.

The previous time,Su Xin had angered Dong Chengwu greatly by going against the gang's orders and personally attempting to assassinate Dai Chong.Now,Su Xin's actions were a direct challenge to Dong Chengwu's authority as the hall master of the Execution Hall.

Dong Chengwu's large ring knife swung suddenly,and the half-man-high blade tore through the air like a whirlwind,unparalleled in momentum and unmatched in fierceness.

Su Xin hastily retreated.Without his heavy sword by his side,even if he used the Great Sumeru Sword Style with his slender sword,he wouldn't be able to withstand the force of this fierce and domineering strike.

Li Huai moved like a ghost,employing the Evil Suppression Sword Technique.The chilling sword energy scattered down,but Dong Chengwu's large ring knife cut across,directly sending Li Huai flying.

Li Huai hadn't reached the early stage of the Houtian realm yet,while Dong Chengwu had already broken through to the mid-stage of the Houtian realm with over seventy-two acupoints opened.The difference in strength between them was too great.Even the fierce and sinister Evil Suppression Sword Technique couldn't resist absolute power.

Taking advantage of this opportunity,Su Xin's left-handed sword finally unsheathed,delivering a fierce and sinister thrust into Dong Chengwu's side,causing him to break out in a cold sweat,sensing the imminent danger.

"Gale Rips Through Clouds!"

The heavy large ring knife,swung by Dong Chengwu,was like a whirlwind.The surrounding tables and chairs were shattered,and Su Xin was forced to step back.

Dong Chengwu,with a background in martial arts sects,had a fighting style similar to Qingzhu Gang's Luo Zhen.Both exhibited a meticulous and flawless combat style that made it challenging for opponents to find any flaws.

While such a fighting style might be rigid when facing opponents of equal strength,it made it difficult for Su Xin to find any openings given the current power dynamics.Even if Dong Chengwu occasionally revealed a vulnerability,Su Xin's current strength wasn't enough to exploit it.

After a few moves,Su Xin was forced into a corner,and his sword hadn't even grazed Dong Chengwu.

"I must say,Dong Chengwu,you're getting more skillful,actually enjoying a fight with a young lad.How about you and I have a go?"A voice with a mocking tone came from outside.

Dong Chengwu put away the large ring knife and turned around to see Lin Fuhu.His expression immediately darkened.

"Lin Fuhu,what are you doing here?"Dong Chengwu asked with a cold expression.

"Why can't I come if you can?"Lin Fuhu countered in a challenging manner.

Their conflict had been going on for over ten years.Whenever Lin Fuhu saw Dong Chengwu displeased,he felt happy.

"Su Xin dared to assassinate the gang leader,an act of great treachery that must be punished to uphold gang rules!Lin Fuhu,if you want to make trouble,wait until I've dealt with him.I'll accompany you afterward!"Dong Chengwu sternly declared.

"Coincidentally,today,I won't let you kill this kid."Lin Fuhu spat and continued,"What kind of person is Houtong?All he knows is gambling,lying on his laurels on the merit list.Has he ever made a move in the gang battles these past few years?Even if Su Xin doesn't kill him,if he annoys me someday,I'll go cut him down!"

"Lin Fuhu!What he did is no trivial matter!Defying authority,attacking a gang leader—these are grave offenses and must be punished according to gang rules!"Dong Chengwu shouted sternly.

"Talk about gang rules;why are you so worked up?Besides,gang rules aren't determined by you alone.Since it's a significant matter,report it to the gang leader and convene all the big bosses to make a decision."Lin Fuhu spat,"If you have rules,why the shouting?Moreover,even if it's a big deal,tell the gang leader and gather all the big bosses to decide."

With Lin Fuhu present,Dong Chengwu knew he couldn't unilaterally handle Su Xin now.Therefore,he merely gave Su Xin a deep look and had his men escort Su Xin's subordinate,who had his hand disabled by Su Xin,away.

Once they left,Su Xin bowed to Lin Fuhu,saying,"Many thanks,Chief Lin,for your assistance."

Lin Fuhu waved his hand generously,"No need to thank me.I just found that old man displeasing,and today,I happened to see him leaving the main hall with his people.I followed to take a look and unexpectedly witnessed quite a spectacle.Rest assured,when we get in front of the gang leader,I'll speak up for you."

"Chief Lin's great kindness,I am deeply grateful."Su Xin showed an excited expression,successfully pleasing Lin Fuhu.

It wasn't because Su Xin flattered him;rather,it was the satisfaction of seeing Dong Chengwu humiliated.The incident over a decade ago had deeply offended Lin Fuhu,and the memory of it was enough to fuel his resentment for a lifetime.

Although Su Xin managed to drive away Dong Chengwu,the matter was far from over.Su Xin's right and wrong would still be decided by the gang leader.Even Lin Fuhu dared not make decisions recklessly in this regard.

Therefore,Lin Fuhu directly led Su Xin and others to the main hall.Dong Chengwu,who had returned early,had already gathered Sha Feiying and other major bosses.

Now,seeing Su Xin and others enter the main hall,the other big bosses showed strange expressions in their eyes.

This Su Xin is truly a troublesome character.In just a few months,he managed to gather everyone for a meeting again,all because of him.

"Su Xin,going against the higher-ups,violating gang rules,deserves to be punished!I request the gang leader to take all of Su Xin's territories into the gang and execute him on the spot!"Dong Chengwu declared sternly.

Lin Fuhu sneered,"Isn't there supposed to be a reason for going against the higher-ups?I heard this Hou Tong was the one causing trouble in Kuaihuo Forest."

"Regardless of the reason,going against the higher-ups should result in execution!"

"Who do you think you are?You can just decide to kill someone?"

Seeing the two about to argue again,Sha Feiying cleared his throat twice,immediately silencing them.

"What are your opinions on this matter?"Sha Feiying looked at the various major bosses below.

These people looked left and right but remained silent.After all,they had received a substantial sum of silver from Su Xin.They wouldn't speak favorably of him,but staying silent was acceptable.

Moreover,they had their share of troubles with Hou Tong,especially the major bosses with territories close to his.They had been harassed the most by Hou Tong.Now that Su Xin had dealt with that annoyance,they even wanted to thank him.

Dong Chengwu's face darkened.Why did these guys suddenly change their stance?In the past,they loved to ridicule and criticize in such situations.Why weren't they saying a word now?

Su Xin's face showed no expression,but his eyes turned to Third Uncle Hu.

Feeling Su Xin's gaze,Third Uncle Hu gritted his teeth and said,"Gang leader,I have something to say."

Others looked at Third Uncle Hu,and some showed a helpless expression towards Su Xin.

Your foster father is plotting against you,and the hundred thousand taels of silver can't buy our loyalty.Don't expect us to speak up for you.

Dong Chengwu also breathed a sigh of relief.As Su Xin's foster father,if he also called for Su Xin's punishment,it would carry more weight than the words of the other major bosses.

"Gang leader,in fact,the matter of killing Hou Tong isn't Su Xin's fault.It was my order for him to kill him because Hou Tong went too far!Su Xin,relying on his own strength,captured Yongle Alley.Someone got envious and wanted a share.Hou Tong personally came to me,demanding one million taels of silver.I directly refused him,and he,using his status,planned to extort Su Xin.In anger,I told Su Xin not to hold back and directly kill that bastard Hou Tong!This matter is my instruction,unrelated to my foster son Su Xin.He captured Yongle Alley and should become a major boss,not be punished by gang rules like this."

Everyone wore a puzzled expression.Third Uncle Hu's gaze seemed as if he were looking at a lunatic.

What was he doing?Elevating Su Xin to the position of a major boss and taking the blame for killing Hou Tong himself?Was this the same cunning and ruthless Third Uncle Hu they knew?

Dong Chengwu's face was full of disbelief,while Sha Feiying looked deeply at Su Xin.

He had known Third Uncle Hu for decades and would never believe that Third Uncle Hu was the type to sacrifice himself for others.

Dong Chengwu slapped the table,"Third Old Hu!Do you know what you're saying?Even if you are a major boss,you can't shoulder this crime!According to gang rules,all your territories must be handed over to the gang,and all your subordinates must be given to other major bosses!"

Third Uncle Hu revealed a bitter smile,"I know,but I did this."

Dong Chengwu looked at Third Uncle Hu in confusion.What leverage did Su Xin have over him to make him sacrifice all his territories and endure punishment to protect Su Xin?

Other major bosses looked at Third Uncle Hu with even more peculiar expressions.

The matter between Su Xin and his foster father had spread to their ears during the time of Tang Tai.They had even made fun of Third Uncle Hu,saying he was raising tigers at home,cultivating two foster sons who both turned out to be troubles.

Later,Su Xin directly bypassed Third Uncle Hu and handed over the protection money to the gang,essentially slapping Third Uncle Hu in the face publicly,exposing their conflict.

The situation between the two had escalated,and now Third Uncle Hu was risking losing all his territories and taking the blame for killing Hou Tong just to protect Su Xin.If there wasn't something fishy going on,they wouldn't believe it even if they were beaten to death.

At this point,Sha Feiying spoke,"Killing a major boss is a serious matter.Regardless,you need to provide an explanation to the gang.I'll give you a chance now;speak up."

Su Xin looked up at Sha Feiying,his face calm."I am still young,but I have strength,and I have contributed to the gang."