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Chapter 85: Major Martial Arts Sects

9000words in this chapter2024-01-05

Iron Ruthless spoke vaguely,and Su Xin did not deliberately inquire further.At that moment,a member of the Feiying Gang suddenly entered,handing a note to Huang Bingcheng.

After reading the note,Huang Bingcheng walked over to Su Xin and said,"Leader,there's something strange.We received information that many foreign martial artists have appeared in Changning Mansion today,and they all seem to be powerful.Moreover,after arriving in Changning Mansion,they started inquiring about the strongest forces in Changning Mansion,and we don't know what they're up to."

Iron Ruthless interjected,"Your information is quite slow.I came today to tell you about this.Something significant is about to happen in Changning Mansion."

"Something significant?What is it?"Su Xin asked.

Iron Ruthless teased,"Do you know who came today?"Without waiting for Su Xin's response,he continued,"I'll tell you,and it might shock you.Firstly,it's Xie Zhiyan,the'Heavenly Maiden'of the Sword Southern School,one of the five sword factions.She's the direct disciple of Meng Jingxian,the current head of Yijianmen,and ranks 78th on the Martial World Ranking.

Secondly,from the Qingcheng Sword School,one of the five sword factions as well,came Fang Dongting,the son of an elder,ranking 105th on the ranking.

Thirdly,from the Southern Gangs,the head of the Nian Gang of the Seven Gangs,Jiang Ling,is here.The Nian Gang is divided into four seasonal halls:Spring,Summer,Autumn,and Winter,and the one visiting is the head of the Summer Hall,Jiang Ling.Although he's not on the ranking due to his age,his strength rivals those in the top 80.

Fourthly,disciples of the Ruan,Zhang,and Jiang families from the three major families in the Southern Gangs also arrived.These three families may not be well-known in the Central Plains martial arts community,but they are prominent figures in the Southern Gangs."

After Iron Ruthless finished,he expected to see a shocked expression on Su Xin's face,but to his surprise,Su Xin looked puzzled.

"Don't tell me you don't know about these martial arts schools,"Iron Ruthless said in astonishment.

Su Xin smiled bitterly,"Should I know?I've just stabilized my position in Changning Mansion.Why would I bother investigating these distant martial arts schools that have nothing to do with me?"

Iron Ruthless shook his head helplessly,"You really live in your own world.You may not need to know now,but in the future,not knowing will surely be a disadvantage.Anyway,let me tell you about the top martial arts schools in the martial world.

The Great Zhou region is divided into 41 territories,hundreds of prefectures,and there are also external regions like East Jin,the Northern Grasslands Jin Kingdom,Northwest ethnic groups,and the 36 Western Regions.Where there are people,there is a martial arts community.In this vast territory,there are tens of thousands of martial arts schools,but only a few can be considered top-tier.

These top schools are:the Three Buddhist Temples,the Four Daoist Sects,the Five Sword Factions,the Six Great Families,the Seven Gangs,the Eight Unorthodox Schools,and the Nine Prison Demons.I won't go into specific names;you can ask anyone in the martial world to find out.

Among the visitors today,both the Qingcheng Sword School and Yijianmen are part of the Five Sword Factions,and the Nian Gang is one of the Seven Gangs."

"From Three to Nine,what about One and Two?Are there such rankings?"Su Xin asked.

Iron Ruthless shook his head,"Yes,but that's beyond what I,a small constable,can know.These martial world secrets,without sufficient status and strength,you simply don't have the qualifications to know."

Su Xin nodded;it was indeed the case.Some worlds were beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

"By the way,what's this Ranking List about?"Su Xin inquired.

Iron Ruthless explained,"The Ranking List is established by the court,comprising 108 positions.Anyone in the martial world under the age of 35 qualifies for the list,and those who surpass the age or break through the innate realm will be removed.The court updates the list monthly,ranking individuals based on their strength,achievements,and other comprehensive information.

If there are significant changes in the rankings,the court may update the list ahead of schedule.Apart from the Ranking List,there's also the Heaven List with 36 positions and the Earth List with 72 positions.However,only martial artists at the master level can enter the Heaven List,so it doesn't have rankings."

Su Xin pondered for a moment and then laughed,"Two peaches kill three masters;the court is indeed cunning.With these Ranking and Earth Lists,I estimate there's been no shortage of bloody conflicts and battles among these martial artists."

As a martial artist,there were many who sought wealth and beauty but very few who did not desire fame and fortune.No one willingly accepted being inferior to others,and for the sake of these lists,there would undoubtedly be a considerable amount of bloodshed.

The court had used these two seemingly insignificant lists to incite bloody internal struggles and battles among the martial artists.Whoever came up with this strategy was not a simple person.

Iron Ruthless commented,"Even without these lists,martial artists would create their own rankings through comparisons.The desire for fame and fortune has never disappeared.The court merely plays a role in fueling the flames from behind."

Su Xin nodded.The struggle for reputation in the martial world has existed since ancient times.Two strangers,upon hearing rumors that one is stronger than the other,might engage in a life-and-death battle—a commonplace occurrence.The court merely magnifies and clarifies such situations with a list.

Of course,the court doesn't go too far.For instance,the Heaven List has no rankings;it only records the top 36 Grandmasters in the martial world,a level even the court dares not provoke easily.Provoking such powerful individuals might lead them to the Imperial Palace to have a heart-to-heart with the emperor.

"Why would these major martial arts sects,with such strength in the Central Plains martial arts community,come to this remote place like Changning Mansion?"Su Xin asked with confusion.

Iron Ruthless explained,"That's the reason I came to see you today.They are said to be here for the treasure left behind by the former Three Xiang Martial Alliance leader,Du Yuansheng.They are inquiring about powerful factions in Changning Mansion,likely seeking a local power to help gather information.Your Feiying Gang is one of the five major gangs in Changning Mansion,and they will surely come to you.Facing these people,you can't refuse,and you don't need to.Consider it a favor for me;keep an eye on them,and don't let them cause trouble in Changning Mansion."

"Three Xiang Martial Alliance leader?Why haven't I heard of such a position?"Su Xin asked in confusion.

Iron Ruthless,playing with his iron courage,showed a rare expression of admiration on his face."Of course,you wouldn't know because Du Yuansheng has been missing for eighteen years.Nevertheless,he is one of the few people I deeply respect.In the past,Great Zhou rose in this desolate Southern Barbarian territory,and Du Yuansheng assisted in its early glory,rallying all the martial arts experts in the Three Xiang regions—Xiangnan,Xiangjiang,and Xiangxi—to form the Three Xiang Martial Alliance.Together,they attacked the former Central Plains hegemon,East Jin.This man was a strategic genius,instrumental in Great Zhou's current status.However,eighteen years ago,when Great Zhou was about to completely destroy East Jin,Du Yuansheng suddenly disappeared.The Three Xiang Martial Alliance fell apart,leading to a temporary halt in Great Zhou's offensive and allowing East Jin to survive until now."

Iron Ruthless lifted the tea bowl from the table,took a sip,and continued,"During the peak of the Three Xiang Martial Alliance,its power and strength were not inferior to the current top martial arts sects.Du Yuansheng,alongside Great Zhou,exterminated numerous sects affiliated with East Jin,collecting countless treasures,powerful martial arts manuals,and divine elixirs.Even top-notch sects like Yijianmen would envy these possessions."

Su Xin also took a sip of tea and said,"From the looks of it,this treasure of Du Yuansheng is still just a legend.Is it worth such a commotion for a rumored treasure?"

Iron Ruthless chuckled,"Those major sects are not so foolish.Acting openly would lead to embarrassment if they couldn't find the treasure.If there truly is a treasure,their actions would attract the attention of other sects.The disciples they sent this time are from the younger generation,at the Innate Realm level.They are here to scout;if they discover the treasure,they can send reinforcements later."

After finishing,Iron Ruthless stood up to leave,saying,"I'll leave now.Dealing with these martial arts sects is awkward with my official identity.If anything happens,have someone inform me."

Su Xin nodded.After Iron Ruthless left,Huang Bingcheng approached and asked in a low voice,"Leader,what should we do now?"

Su Xin replied calmly,"What else can we do?We'll wait for representatives from those sects to come find us.You heard what Iron Lord said;those sects are not something our small gang can provoke."

The sudden arrival of these martial arts sects in Changning Mansion did catch Su Xin off guard.However,since there was no conflict between them,and if they sought help,Su Xin wouldn't refuse.After all,he had promised Iron Ruthless to keep an eye on their activities.

As Su Xin and his group were preparing to leave,a commotion suddenly erupted on the first floor of the Shenglong Tower.Su Xin descended to take a look and found several young swordsmen in conflict with the innkeeper.

One of the teenagers,around fifteen or sixteen years old,slammed the table and sneered,"What's the meaning of this inn?In broad daylight,you want to chase us away,afraid we can't afford the silver?"The youth tossed a silver ingot onto the table with a loud'clang,'a considerable weight suggesting at least fifty taels of official silver.

Seeing the arrogance of these young individuals,the innkeeper felt a chill down his spine.The origins of these youths were likely not simple,evident from their aura.Ordinary small gangs and sects could not cultivate such an imposing presence.