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Chapter 84: Outsiders

10385words in this chapter2024-01-05

Getting White Chou Fei is indeed an unexpected delight;he is one of Su Xin's favorite antagonist characters,a character with a true soul.

What further pleased Su Xin was that White Chou Fei should only possess one powerful martial technique,unlike other characters who might have an assortment of various martial skills,leaving room for uncertainty.

Sure enough,the system's voice came:"Congratulations to the host for drawing the character White Chou Fei,character rating level three and a half stars,with the inherent martial technique'Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing Spirit Finger.'The martial technique is rated three to four stars,and there's no need for additional drawing.

Note:'Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing Spirit Finger'consists of two parts—the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Finger,rated three stars.Once the proficiency of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Finger reaches one hundred percent,you can comprehend the'Three-Finger Skybreaking':'Breaking Evil,''Astonishing Dream,''Heaven's Foe.'The first two fingers are rated three and a half stars,and the last move'Heaven's Foe'is rated four stars and can only be used after enlightenment."

Su Xin clapped his hands,just as he expected;White Chou Fei only had this one martial technique.

The power of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing Spirit Finger,needless to say,was one of the world's most powerful finger techniques,created by White Chou Fei at the pinnacle of a high mountain,integrating the mysteries of the heavens and earth with the Twenty-Four Solar Terms.

However,judging by the rating the system provided,the power of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Finger was already as high as three stars,and the'Heaven's Foe'in the Three-Finger Skybreaking even reached four stars.

Of course,the conditions for using this final move were quite demanding,requiring enlightenment before it could be employed.

In the original work,White Chou Fei had indeed never used this last move'Heaven's Foe,'making its specific power truly unknown.

With the acquisition of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing Spirit Finger,Su Xin spent most of his time secretly practicing this martial technique in his courtyard,treating it as a trump card.Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng were responsible for handling matters within the gang.

During this period,the entire Changning Prefecture appeared quite calm.The fundamental reason was that the monopolistic strategy Su Xin implemented left other gangs with no time to cause trouble;they were all busy purchasing and monopolizing goods from the southern barbarian territories.

Although Su Xin had given them the tokens from those southern barbarian tribes,he also kept the tokens from the three largest southern barbarian tribes for himself.During this time,Huang Bingcheng also dispatched people to the outskirts of the southern barbarian jungle to plunder the special products from those areas.

The joint sweep by the five major gangs in Changning Prefecture cleared out the entire southern barbarian territory within a few days,wiping out a year's accumulation.

By the time midsummer arrived,when merchants from the Central Plains came to Changning Prefecture,they were surprised to find that the southern barbarian tribes,who used to sell various exotic products,were nowhere to be seen.

Instead,the five major gangs in Changning Prefecture presented a variety of southern barbarian specialties,openly for sale at marked prices.This left the Central Plains merchants gnashing their teeth but forced to pay several times more than before.

Su Xin set the prices quite cleverly.He had people thoroughly investigate the prices of these southern barbarian specialties in the Central Plains and calculated the expenses from the Central Plains to Xiangnan.Only then did he set the prices for these specialties.

While the new prices didn't allow the merchants to make the kind of enormous profits they used to,it still ensured multiple times the profit.This forced the merchants to reluctantly accept the situation.

If they didn't want to buy,they could go elsewhere to try their luck,or they could resort to more forceful means.

Unfortunately,these merchants were still just merchants.Even if they had plenty of money to hire innate martial artists as guards to escort them to Xiangnan,they would not have innate realm guards to deal with the five major gangs in Changning Prefecture.

As the saying goes,a strong dragon cannot crush a local snake.Outsiders attempting to disrupt the rules of Changning Prefecture would undoubtedly face joint resistance from the five major gangs.

Last time,it was Chen Zhao brought by Meng Changhe,and they weren't even targeting them.This made the spokespersons of the five major gangs in Changning Prefecture very unhappy,thinking that Meng Changhe had broken the rules.

Now,if outsiders dared to provoke,the informal alliance established by Su Xin would likely become a reality.

Innate martial artists were powerful;one could easily defeat all the spokespersons of the five major gangs in Changning Prefecture.

But even if you were a powerful innate martial artist,you were still a human,not a god.

If you dared to provoke,the five major gangs in Changning Prefecture would total over a hundred thousand people.Each one of them could drown you in a sea of spit.

Those innate martial artists weren't fools.They were Central Plains escorts,and fighting with the entire gang of a prefecture in Xiangnan was purely seeking death.

So,in this way,those merchants could only honestly spend a high price to purchase these specialties and take them back.

But it wasn't all disadvantages.At least,the speed would be much faster.

Previously,when they directly purchased from the southern barbarian tribes,due to language barriers and the fact that those southern barbarians came with a mishmash of goods,the process took a long time.

Now,Su Xin and his gang had organized the goods systematically.Some items were even categorized,making things much more convenient.

Changning Prefecture thrived for three months in midsummer.When the Central Plains merchants left,Changning Prefecture returned to its usual calm.However,at this time,outside Changning Prefecture,some unexpected guests arrived at the northern gate.A group of young men and women,wielding long swords,arrived in a hurry,covered in dust.

Upon seeing the gray walls of Changning Prefecture,a young boy,probably around fifteen or sixteen years old,complained,"The roads in this southern barbarian land are just too difficult to traverse.Finally,we're here."

Beside him,a girl of similar age with a delicate face also pouted and complained,"Yeah,I don't understand what our master was thinking,sending us to such a ghostly place."

Three boys and two girls,all under eighteen,continued to voice their complaints.At this moment,a young woman in yellow attire calmly said,"Alright,stop complaining.As the saying goes,read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles.If you haven't traveled far and wide in the martial world,how can you comprehend the true nature of the world?

If you can't endure this little hardship,you won't qualify to truly roam the martial world.Even if you want to leave,the sect won't allow it because you would bring shame to the Yijian Sect."

The woman in yellow had a serene and gentle face.At first glance,she might not seem stunning,but upon closer inspection,there was a tranquil and distant beauty,an extraordinary and refined aura surrounding her.

Despite the hardships of the journey,she still couldn't conceal her otherworldly demeanor.

In the eyes of these young boys and girls,the woman in yellow held high prestige.After her words,they immediately showed embarrassed expressions and fell silent.

"Alright,follow me into the city.Remember the task assigned by the sect this time—strive for no mistakes,not necessarily for achievements.We brought you out here just to let you experience the real martial world.Don't cause any trouble or embarrass the Yijian Sect,"the woman in yellow reminded them with care.

"We understand,senior sister,"the young boys and girls replied in unison.

Meanwhile,warriors from the west,south,and east gates were entering the city,each with remarkable appearances.The usually calm Changning Prefecture suddenly became lively.

At this moment,Su Xin was unaware of these events,celebrating Xiner's birthday inside the Shenglong Tower.

In the past,Su Xin would only treat Xiner to a bowl of beef noodle soup to satisfy her cravings on her birthday.But now,he could reserve an entire floor of the largest Shenglong Tower in Changning Prefecture for Xiner's celebration.

Although Su Xin booked the entire Shenglong Tower,he didn't invite many people.Both he and Xiner disliked crowded scenes,so only Li Huai,Huang Bingcheng,and a few high-ranking members of the Feiying Gang were invited to create a lively atmosphere.

These people knew that Xiner was the gang leader's beloved sister,and each prepared exquisite gifts for her.

Li Huai's gift was the most peculiar–a delicate and lightweight sword.The blade was adorned with many mystical patterns,exuding an extremely magnificent aura.

This fine sword was crafted by an artisan from a southern barbarian tribe,using a special meteoric iron.It was tough yet exceptionally lightweight,even lighter than a wooden sword.

Huang Bingcheng once mocked Li Huai,questioning his choice of giving a sword as a birthday gift to a little girl.However,among all the gifts,Xiner liked Li Huai's fine sword the most.She clutched it tightly and refused to let go,leaving Huang Bingcheng dumbfounded.

After enjoying a full meal,the Shenglong Tower's manager personally brought tea and snacks,also returning the venue fee Huang Bingcheng had paid in advance.

In theory,it was highly irregular for Su Xin to book the entire Shenglong Tower for the day,but given Su Xin's status in Changning Prefecture,even the Shenglong Tower had to give him face and break the rules for him just this once.

Since the rules were already broken,why bother taking the money?Fortunately,this good deed was done in one go.

After several polite refusals,under the insistence of the Shenglong Tower's manager,Su Xin reluctantly accepted the money.

Just as Su Xin and his party were preparing to leave,Tie Wuqing suddenly ascended the Shenglong Tower,pushing the door open.

In his hands,he still toyed with the two iron gallbladders,and a faint smile graced his lips."Master Su,long time no see.You've been quite busy.And you didn't even invite me when you were treating guests at the Shenglong Tower.That's not very proper,is it?"

Su Xin chuckled,"Lord Tie,you might as well call me by my name directly.This'Master Su'title is a bit awkward.I'm just celebrating my sister's birthday today.Considering your busy schedule,I didn't dare disturb you."

Tie Wuqing's strength was immeasurable,and before him,Su Xin never pretended to be superior.

Likewise,Tie Wuqing was quite satisfied with Su Xin's attitude.If Su Xin were the type to become arrogant upon a bit of success,he wouldn't have valued Su Xin so much.

Rubbing Xiner's little head,Tie Wuqing said,"Blame it on you.It's our little birthday girl's special day,and I didn't prepare a gift.I feel quite sorry about it."

Xiner squinted her big eyes and said,"It's okay.Having so many people celebrate with Xiner already makes her very happy."

Hearing Xiner's reply,Tie Wuqing burst into laughter,"Little Xiner is right.The most important thing in life is contentment.Unfortunately,some people insist on being greedy and cause unnecessary troubles.It's really annoying."

Su Xin narrowed his eyes,"Lord Tie,is there someone in Changning Prefecture trying to cause trouble?Do you need my help?"

Tie Wuqing's lips curled with a hint of coldness,"It's not a big deal.Just a bunch of pests hidden in the dark,greedy for more.No need for your help;I'll handle it when the time comes."