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Chapter 274: Menace

8203words in this chapter2024-02-03

Ji Lin stared at Su Xin.This time,he had secretly left the Falling Feather Villa with the intention of challenging Su Xin.After all,both were ranked among the top martial artists,and Ji Lin couldn't help feeling a sense of imbalance seeing Su Xin competing with the previous generation's top martial artists.

However,it was unfortunate that Su Xin had no intention of engaging in a confrontation with him.Su Xin's eyes revealed a hint of coldness as he calmly said,"If you don't interfere,that's fine.But let everyone around here listen carefully.Anyone who dares to buy elixirs from the Crimson Maple Pavilion might be remnants of the Wu Kingdom.If you enter this gate,you must first come with me to the Six Fan Pavilion,explain the situation,and prove your innocence before you're allowed to leave."

The surrounding martial artists couldn't help but show a bitter smile.What did it have to do with them if the Six Fan Pavilion and the Falling Feather Villa were fighting here?When immortals fought,mortals suffered,and they immediately wanted to leave.

However,Ji Lin forcibly dragged a spectator into the store,handed him a bottle of elixir,leaving the poor man in tears.

"Send him back to the Falling Feather Villa.I am a customer of the Falling Feather Villa.Let's see who dares to touch them."Ji Lin provocatively glanced at Su Xin.

Although impulsive,Ji Lin was not foolish.He had no intention of directly confronting Su Xin.If you say you want to take everyone who bought elixirs from my Falling Feather Villa back to the Six Fan Pavilion,then fine.I will protect them all the way to the Falling Feather Villa.Let's see what you can do to them!By then,your words,as the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao,will be as worthless as a fart.You won't dare to come to my Falling Feather Villa to take anyone,and your reputation will be tarnished.

Su Xin shook his head and said,"Clever,but not useful."

Su Xin had encountered many top martial artists on the Men's List,some with deep scheming like Pei Yanjun and Xiao Huang,and others hot-headed and reckless like Li Chenfeng.Ji Lin seemed to fall somewhere in between,perhaps clever,but lacking in vision and experience.In short,he needed more practice to stand on his own.

Unfortunately,it was something the elders of the Falling Feather Villa should consider,and it had nothing to do with Su Xin.

"Attack!Everyone,take them down!"Su Xin shouted,and immediately,Li Huai and others behind him rushed towards the disciples of the Falling Feather Villa.

Ji Lin was momentarily stunned.He didn't expect Su Xin to dare to attack the people of his Falling Feather Villa.

"I suspect this person is a remnant of the Wu Kingdom.What do you mean by protecting him?Collaborating with remnants of the Wu Kingdom is a crime deserving of death!"

A small Ji Lin couldn't stop Su Xin.He had promised to give the Falling Feather Villa a big gift,and he had to keep that promise.As for Ji Lin,he was just an added bonus.

Since the Falling Feather Villa dared to instigate an assassination against him,they had to be prepared for retaliation.

Su Xin waved his hand,and five sword energies shot out.Several disciples of the Falling Feather Villa who stood in front of him were as fragile as dolls and were easily torn apart.

Li Huai and others also rushed forward,suppressing the disciples of the Falling Feather Villa.Ji Lin,being a young disciple of the Falling Feather Villa and not holding any real authority,did not bring the elite members.The strength of his group was evident.

Seeing that even the people on his side were almost killed by Su Xin,Ji Lin had no choice but to grit his teeth and charge out.A slender,crimson leaf-shaped blade slipped from Ji Lin's sleeve and swung towards Su Xin,unleashing a torrent of blade aura that seemed exquisite.

Su Xin did not draw his sword but used his finger as a substitute.Pure sword energy shot out,shattering Ji Lin's blade aura.With a flick of his finger,Su Xin effortlessly forced Ji Lin into a corner,leaving him with no retreat!

It was only at this moment that Ji Lin realized the vast difference between himself and Su Xin.

The former Ji Lin had always been arrogant,thinking that even the outstanding disciples of top sects could not compare to him.However,facing Su Xin,he seemed to have no resistance at all and was instantly forced into a corner.

At this moment,a stern shout suddenly came from behind Su Xin.Ji Wukong's figure was swift as the wind,almost as if he had shrunk to an inch,arriving in front of Su Xin in just a few steps.

Ji Wukong didn't expect Ji Lin and the others to start fighting with Su Xin so quickly.Moreover,it seemed that Su Xin intended to kill them!

Ji Lin's losses were not a big deal,but if he died,it would be a major incident.Ji Lin was not only one of the most outstanding young disciples of the Falling Feather Villa,but also the son of his elder brother,Ji Wucheng.

This whole situation was initiated by Ji Lin.If Ji Lin died because of this,it wouldn't be as simple as being reprimanded and confined within the Falling Feather Villa.

"Originally,it's Senior Ji.I promised to give you a great gift,and now the most significant gift is right in front of you.How can you not accept it?"Su Xin spoke casually while his left hand,adorned with the Blood River Divine Finger,pointed forward.Three blood lines,with eerie twisted arcs,surged towards Ji Lin.

Meanwhile,his right hand grasped the air,and five sword auras burst out instantly,formless and tearing through the void.The pure and formidable sword energy surprised Ji Wukong,as even the Sword Lord He Xiu,ranked second on the martial arts list,couldn't achieve such mastery.

To understand,a sword is a sword,and Qi is Qi.Without a sword,where does the sword energy come from?Sword energy,produced by combining one's own Qi with the sword,cannot be termed as such without an actual sword.However,Su Xin exhibited the most genuine sword energy.

It seemed as if his flesh itself was a sword sheath.With every movement of his body,hundreds of sword auras erupted in an instant.Invisible but resonating,the surrounding void echoed with bursts as the sword energy ruptured,turning the area within ten yards into a domain of swords.

The onlookers,martial artists,were stunned.Su Xin's strength was well-known,but witnessing it was a different experience.The legends now seemed real as Su Xin,at the God Palace realm,took the initiative against a Martial Spirit realm warrior.

As the sword energy danced,each of Su Xin's moves carried a certain rhythm.However,with every motion,a lethal sword aura erupted.Although he lacked a physical sword,he could still unleash sword energy at will–a realm where his swordsmanship seemed unbelievably profound.This was something even the Sword Lord He Xiu,second on the martial arts list,couldn't achieve.

"Begin!"Ji Wukong roared,substituting his palm for a blade.Feathers scattered in the sky,and with one slash,he tore through the vast sword energy.

However,Su Xin didn't aim to defeat Ji Wukong in a direct confrontation.He didn't harbor such illusions.After one move,temporarily holding Ji Wukong back,Su Xin took advantage of the moment.His left hand wielded a sword,and a blood moon rose behind him.A tidal wave of blood surged,heading straight for Ji Lin!

Witnessing Ji Wukong's arrival,Ji Lin had initially breathed a sigh of relief.With their Martial Spirit realm powerhouse present,Su Xin wouldn't be able to kill him.Yet,he didn't expect Su Xin's threat to be so intense,even in the presence of a Martial Spirit realm expert.

Thinking this,Ji Lin couldn't help but reveal a hint of anger."I,Ji Lin,may indeed be no match for you,Su Xin,but can you withstand even one move?"

As the leaves of his Willow Leaf Blade crazily slashed down,the crimson blade Qi descended,but under the invasion of the blood river,it vanished without a trace.

A violent surge of true Qi resounded,and the yellow-ranked Willow Leaf Blade shattered in Ji Lin's hands.He spat out blood,flying backward.

Ji Wukong's expression darkened;Su Xin's sword strike was formidable.Ji Wukong might be injured,but it wasn't fatal.He rushed forward after cutting through Su Xin's sword energy,intending to say something.However,his face suddenly changed.He felt Ji Lin's vitality rapidly disappearing!

Ji Wukong turned around,and Ji Lin,now completely red,seemed like a blood-colored flower composed of true Qi,rapidly devouring his life force.Ji Wukong immediately slapped the air,dispersing the blood-colored flower.However,instead of dissipating into the air,it instantly merged into Ji Lin's body,causing him to spew blood and die on the spot!

This peculiar ability was a combination of Su Xin's Rose Sword Sheath,the Three-Character Classic,and the Blood River Divine Sword.The Rose Sword Sheath,soaked in poisonous blood from seven-inch yin snakes,centipedes,thousand-year cold pythons,fervent fire poisonous berserkers,and the blood of evildoers,could release lethal Qi even without drawing the sword.

Though powerful,the toxins were somewhat limited against the martial artists of this world.Su Xin didn't use this ability until he discovered that the true Qi from the Three-Character Classic could integrate with the poison during his study of the Mountain Scripture.This combination,demonstrated through the Blood River Divine Sword,resulted in a deadly technique.

Similar to the legend of the Rose Sword Sheath reviving when encountering evil,Su Xin almost recreated the scene,not as a falsehood but as a lethal move that could take lives!