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Chapter 273:The Failure of Ji Wukong

8328words in this chapter2024-02-03

Under the instigation of Su Xin,the entire Jiangnan region had already descended into chaos.The rules established by the three major top-tier powers had become meaningless,as many Nascent Soul realm warriors went out to mediate disputes but ended up in a trap.

Seizing the opportunity,Su Xin took action and established a rule that benefited everyone in the martial world of Jiangnan,reducing the chaos and conflicts.Except for those confident in their ability to eliminate their opponents,other forces chose to settle their disputes on the life-and-death arena planned by the Six Gates.

At this point,the martial world in Jiangnan was similar to other regions,with internal frictions,disputes,and even bloody battles.However,overall,a semblance of peace was maintained.

The superficial harmony followed by explosive internal conflicts was a truly pathological state.After this incident,the three major top-tier powers realized they had completely failed.They were defeated by Su Xin,a junior who hadn't even reached the Nascent Soul stage.Although angered,they were helpless.

As a result,Ji Xuan Sword Sect and the Gongyang Clan withdrew their people.There was no point in sending representatives to mediate when the entire martial world of Jiangnan would no longer listen to them.

The only force unwilling to give up was the Falling Feather Villa.This was because Ji Wukong had set up a line through Lian Yuehai earlier,although it proved ineffective and even led to the loss of three precious Tian Shu Sword Puppets.

Ji Wukong's plan could be considered a complete failure,but he was unwilling to give up.Only the owner of the Falling Feather Villa,who had reached the Divine Fusion realm,could command him.

Now,the aged owner of the Falling Feather Villa,Ji Haishan,who was over two hundred and eighty years old,wanted to have a personal talk with Ji Wukong.He hoped to make him stop and avoid further futile efforts.

For a warrior in the Divine Fusion realm seeking a breakthrough,whether it be the Nascent Soul or Divine Fusion realm,the age around a hundred years was considered the prime of their life.After this period,both physical strength and vitality would gradually decline,albeit slowly but perceptibly.

Therefore,Ji Haishan hoped to cultivate another warrior in the Divine Fusion realm for the Falling Feather Villa during his remaining years,ensuring the villa's future stability.

Among the several Nascent Soul realm warriors in the Falling Feather Villa,Ji Wukong was the one he had the highest expectations for.He was the youngest Nascent Soul warrior in the Falling Feather Villa,and youth often represented boundless hope.

Moreover,Ji Wukong was adept at strategy and calculation,much better than those with single-minded dedication to cultivation.Ji Haishan considered him the most suitable candidate to take over the Falling Feather Villa.

Unfortunately,Ji Wukong's recent actions had earned criticism from the Falling Feather Villa's members.It was acceptable to plot against Su Xin,but the result was losing three valuable Tian Shu Sword Puppets,giving others an excuse to attack.

In a martial world where every faction had its own agenda,especially within the Falling Feather Villa,where many eyed the position of the next villa lord,Ji Wukong's actions brought disgrace to the villa,both internally and externally.

Therefore,Ji Haishan planned to have a thorough talk with Ji Wukong,asking him to stop and providing a symbolic lesson to satisfy the other members of the Falling Feather Villa.

"Wukong,your actions this time were inappropriate.Our Falling Feather Villa is allied with Ji Xuan Sword Sect and Gongyang Clan.Yet,you acted independently,secretly instigating Lian Yuehai to assassinate Su Xin.Such actions may lead the other two factions to have second thoughts,"sighed Ji Haishan.

Ji Wukong shook his head,"Villa Lord,I deliberately ignored the decisions made by Ji Xuan Sword Sect and Gongyang Clan this time,but my intention was for the benefit of our Falling Feather Villa.If we can eliminate Su Xin,our prestige will surely rise.In the future,the three major powers in Jiangnan will be led by our Falling Feather Villa."

Ji Haishan sighed again,"You still haven't understood.Even if our Falling Feather Villa becomes the leader of the three factions,what difference does it make?We will still be under the shadow of the Xia Family.We'll become their vassals,and as long as the Xia Family commands,we must follow their lead.Otherwise,the balance of power among the three major factions will shift,and there are many other second-tier sects in Jiangnan with potential."

The Xia Family had dominated Jiangnan for too long,making it impossible for any sect to defy their orders.When Ji Wukong's group learned of the Xia Family's stance on this matter,they were already considering withdrawing.However,Ji Wukong had secretly arranged the Lian Yuehai line,hiding it from them.

Seeing that Ji Wukong still seemed somewhat unwilling,Ji Haishan continued,"Wukong,I know you are a bit impulsive,but if you want to lead a top-tier sect,being impulsive is not enough.You need to consider more than others.Before victory,you should already be thinking about defeat.If you are too impulsive,Falling Feather Villa may indeed soar under your leadership,but there's a greater chance it will crumble directly."

Ji Haishan's expression became serious,and he said in a deep voice,"In the martial world,it has always been a matter of winner takes all.If you win,everything is negotiable.But if you lose,many people will rush in to deliver the final blow,completely trampling you into irrelevance.

This situation is no different.Just as you said,if Yue Haizhen could truly kill Su Xin and orchestrate everything from behind the scenes,you would naturally gain significant benefits.However,Su Xin didn't die,and we lost three Tian Shu Sword Puppets,giving others a handle to grasp.

Many outside now claim you acted recklessly,breaking the rules of Falling Feather Villa,and insist on punishment.I managed to suppress these voices,but you still have to face consequences–one year of confinement,consider it a lesson."

"Thank you,Villa Master."

Ji Wukong didn't argue because arguing would be futile.As Ji Haishan said,it's a matter of winner takes all,and this time he lost,so he must face the consequences.Moreover,a one-year confinement is relatively lenient,especially for cultivators like them,for whom seclusion is typically measured in'years.'

However,at this moment,a servant of Falling Feather Villa urgently knocked on the door,seeming quite distressed.Ji Haishan frowned;he was having a private conversation with Ji Wukong,and interruptions were unusual.

"Come in."

The servant entered hastily,saying,"Villa Master,Su Xin has sealed our Red Maple Pavilion's shops in Jiangnan Dao,no,not sealed,threatened..."

Seeing the servant's disorganized words,Ji Haishan scolded,"Slow down,why are you in such a hurry?"

The servant took a breath and explained everything Su Xin did to their shops in Jiangnan Dao.Ji Wukong's expression changed immediately;was this the"gift"Su Xin mentioned?It was indeed a heavy one.

The servant continued,"Young Master Ji Lin has just learned about this and has gone to handle it."

Ji Haishan scolded,"What can he handle?Can he deal with this matter?Nonsense!"

Ji Lin was a prominent figure among the younger generation of Falling Feather Villa,with the cultivation of Divine Palace Realm,ranked thirty-seventh on the People Ranking.However,facing Su Xin,the various forces in Jiangnan Dao wouldn't treat him as a junior.If Ji Lin handled ordinary matters,it would be fine,but facing Su Xin might lead to dire consequences.

Ji Haishan turned to Ji Wukong,"You go and deal with this.Don't let Ji Lin get into trouble;after all,this matter was caused by you."

Ji Wukong walked away with a gloomy expression.He knew that even after handling this,many in Falling Feather Villa would continue to criticize him.Meanwhile,Su Xin had already traveled to multiple Red Maple Pavilions in different prefectures,disrupting Falling Feather Villa's business.

As Su Xin arrived at the Red Maple Pavilion in Zezhou Prefecture,preparing for the same strategy,he saw a group of martial artists gathered in front of the shop.There were more than ten individuals,all at the Innate Realm,led by a young man in his twenties with the strength of Divine Palace Realm.

"Sire Su,it seems you want to completely ruin Falling Feather Villa's business,"said the young man coldly.

Su Xin shook his head,"I have always been impartial towards people;oh,sorry,misspoke,I mean impartial towards matters,not people.

I'm just following the laws of the Great Zhou,not targeting anyone.Also,may I ask who you are?"

"Falling Feather Villa,ranked thirty-seventh on the People Ranking,Ji Lin!"

Su Xin shook his head again,"Apologies,never heard of you.But now,please leave,or else,I'll consider you obstructing official business."

Ji Lin's eyebrows twitched.Even if Su Xin was the fifteenth on the People Ranking,he,Ji Lin,was ranked thirty-seventh;he couldn't believe Su Xin hadn't heard of him.

However,Su Xin genuinely didn't know who Ji Lin was.For him,if you were ranked lower on the People Ranking,your strength was definitely weaker.As a member of the Six Gates,Su Xin might not be able to directly change the People Ranking,but he could modify his information a bit,ensuring certain details about his techniques and skills were not disclosed.

For example,if he didn't want certain skills and martial arts to be known by the People Ranking,a letter to Tie Zhanxiu would suffice,and those details would be omitted.