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Chapter 275:"Peerless Sword"Lin Xiao

8489words in this chapter2024-02-03

"Suxin!You dare to kill the direct disciple of my Falling Feather Villa.Do you really want to completely break ties with Falling Feather Villa?"Ji Wukong's eyes were bloodshot,and he,usually composed,was genuinely angry this time.

Su Xin sheathed his sword and sneered,"Break ties?No,no,no.I just want to break ties with you.You incited Lian Yuehai to assassinate me,and now I've returned the favor.What's wrong with that?Besides,do you really think I know nothing about the situation in your Falling Feather Villa?The losses suffered by Falling Feather Villa are caused by you,and Ji Lin's death is also on your hands.Instead of wasting time talking here,you should think about how to explain everything to the other Nascent Soul realm warriors when you return to Falling Feather Villa."

Currently,Su Xin had only three top-notch sects left unresolved in the entire Jiangnan Dao.Nine Profound Sword Sect and the Gongyang Clan chose to keep a low profile.Since Falling Feather Villa had decided to cause trouble,Su Xin naturally needed to thoroughly investigate the villa to find any weaknesses.

After a careful examination,Su Xin indeed discovered quite a few things.Falling Feather Villa's old master,Ji Haishan,had limited lifespan left.In the competition for the position of the villa master,the Nascent Soul realm warriors were vying against each other.If Falling Feather Villa could produce another Nascent Soul realm warrior at this critical moment,many issues could be resolved,and their strength could suppress everything.

However,the old master clearly favored Ji Wukong,causing dissatisfaction among other Nascent Soul realm warriors.At this crucial moment,most people aimed not for great achievements but avoiding mistakes.Ji Wukong's aggressiveness led to him being targeted by other Nascent Soul realm warriors.

Su Xin's analysis hit the mark.With the recent events,Ji Wukong's main adversary was no longer Su Xin but internal conflicts within Falling Feather Villa.However,the onlookers were unaware of these complexities.They only witnessed Su Xin killing Falling Feather Villa's young disciple,Ji Lin,in front of Ji Wukong.Surprisingly,Ji Wukong left without saying a word,seemingly acknowledging defeat.

Those independent martial artists and warriors from small factions now had a heightened perception of Su Xin's power.Huang Bingcheng,by Su Xin's side,asked,"Boss,do we continue the blockade?"

Su Xin shook his head,saying,"No need.It won't take long for this news to spread throughout Jiangnan Dao.Even if we're not there to watch,no one will dare to buy Falling Feather Villa's elixirs."

As Su Xin anticipated,after this incident,Ji Wukong was said to have received the family law of Falling Feather Villa and was sentenced to several years of confinement.Falling Feather Villa chose not to completely sever ties with Su Xin.

Now,the authority of the Six Gates was firmly established in Jiangnan Dao,and Falling Feather Villa's master,Ji Haishan,might be able to kill Su Xin,but what use would that be after Su Xin's influence had already been firmly established?Moreover,killing Su Xin would provoke the imperial court,which Falling Feather Villa couldn't afford.

All the Red Maple Pavilions of Falling Feather Villa in Jiangnan Dao closed on the same day.However,this didn't mean Falling Feather Villa stopped selling Red Spirit Pills.There were still many second-rate sects friendly with Falling Feather Villa.They could discreetly sell the pills to these sects at a much lower price.Falling Feather Villa's loss was only the loss of independent martial artists and some small factions as customers.

Meanwhile,in the Xiao family,Xiao Huang was feeding the koi in the pond while listening to the reports of recent events in Jiangnan Dao from his servants.Upon hearing about Falling Feather Villa,he sneered.

If you hit a snake,be prepared to be bitten.Although Ji Wukong was aggressive,he was still too naive.Since he decided to deal with Su Xin,three Heavenly Pivot Sword Puppets were not enough.Even if he managed to kill Su Xin with them,Falling Feather Villa would undoubtedly face a catastrophe afterward.

Due to the influence of the Gold Martial Arts League,these prominent families had forgotten how terrifying the spies of the Six Gates could be.Xiao Huang had already investigated Ji Wukong's use of the three Heavenly Pivot Sword Puppets relying on the extensive information network of the Xiao family in Jiangnan Dao.

Even without the solid information network of the Xiao family,the newly deployed spies in Jiangnan Dao were elite agents borrowed from other regions.They were more than capable of discovering such matters.

"Master,Lin Xiao,the young master of the Sword God Mountain,has come to visit,"a servant reported.

"Invite him to the living room,"Xiao Huang instructed.

Sword God Mountain was one of the five major sword factions.It had been the most dominant among them in the past.Unfortunately,due to the obsession of its warriors with swords,the faction fell into decline unless an exceptionally talented individual appeared in one generation.Otherwise,Sword God Mountain would remain in obscurity.

This generation's Sword God Mountain is in a lukewarm state,neither surpassing the quality of Yijian Gate nor the quantity of Qingcheng Sword Sect.After entering the reception hall,Xiao Huang saw Lin Xiao standing there with a long sword on his back,hands behind his back,his face rugged but devoid of any expression.

The practitioners of Sword God Mountain have the deepest obsession with swords,reaching the point where they hardly ever part with their swords.Lin Xiao,being in his position,certainly has a mustard seed bag,but he never puts his own sword into it because,in his view,that would be an insult to the sword.

Seeing Xiao Huang's arrival,Lin Xiao spoke,"Didn't you bring an ancient sword scripture for me to appreciate?Where is it now?"

His voice was hoarse and rigid,carrying a sense of clashing metal,making it extremely awkward.Xiao Huang smiled and said,"Brother Lin,why the hurry?Haven't we seen each other in such a long time?Let's catch up."

Although he said that,Xiao Huang had someone bring out a sword scripture made of bronze and placed it in front of Lin Xiao.Upon seeing the scripture,Lin Xiao immediately began flipping through it.

The ancient sword scriptures from the ancient times are much simpler compared to the intricate techniques nowadays,lacking many subtle variations.However,because of this simplicity,the ancient swordsmen had a purer understanding of the sword.Many elements of returning to the basics were present in their sword scriptures,making them worth studying.

Lin Xiao was engrossed in reading the scripture and didn't respond to Xiao Huang's words.It might seem a bit impolite,but Xiao Huang knew that this was Lin Xiao's personality.So,Xiao Huang sat next to Lin Xiao,leisurely sipping tea,waiting patiently.When Lin Xiao finally put down the scripture,Xiao Huang revealed a perfect smile and asked,"Brother Lin,how was it?"

Lin Xiao let out a sigh and said,"The harvest is not in swordsmanship but in the way of the heart.The owner of this scripture followed the path of the heart and controlled the sword with it.The larger the heart,the farther the sword intent can be unleashed.Although it's different from my path,there are things I can learn."

After finishing,Lin Xiao looked up and asked,"Tell me,why did you come to me this time?I don't believe you brought out an ancient sword scripture just to show me."

A hint of a smile appeared on Xiao Huang's lips as he said,"Am I really such a profit-driven person in Brother Lin's eyes?"

Seeing Lin Xiao's expression,Xiao Huang shook his head helplessly and said,"Alright,I indeed have something I want Brother Lin to handle."

"What is it?"

Xiao Huang said solemnly,"I want Brother Lin to challenge Su Xin to a duel."

"The 15th on the Bounty List,Blood Sword God Finger,Su Xin from the Jiangnan Dao?"Lin Xiao questioned.

"Who else is worth having Brother Lin take action against?"Xiao Huang asked,"I want to know why.Everyone knows the situation of the Xiao family.Even if I defeat Su Xin,the Xiao family will still be closely monitored by the court for some time,making it pointless."

Xiao Huang shook his head and said,"There isn't much reason.It's just that Su Xin has been too successful,and he needs a failure.In less than half a year,Su Xin has established such a high reputation in Jiangnan Dao.Many second-rate forces dare not speak out under his influence,and the three major first-rate forces endure silently.With my Xiao family unable to intervene,everyone regards him as an invincible existence.This is not a good thing."

Suddenly,Lin Xiao said,"Are you jealous of Su Xin?"

Xiao Huang was stunned,shook his head,and said,"Am I the type to be jealous of others?"

Indeed,someone like Xiao Huang,who was a martial arts prodigy from a young age and later became a martial arts giant as the head of the Xiao family,had no reason to be jealous of others.Even the Dao fanatic Lin Changhe,ranked first on the Bounty List,wouldn't make him jealous.

As for why he had to take action against Su Xin,Xiao Huang couldn't explain clearly.Anyway,he would never admit to being jealous of Su Xin;there was no one in the world worthy of making him jealous.

Lin Xiao said,"I don't care whether you're jealous or not,but using an ancient sword scripture to persuade me to challenge Su Xin is not enough.His identity is sensitive,and I don't want to cause trouble for Sword God Mountain."

Xiao Huang said,"Su Xin's sensitive identity is only a concern for the martial forces in Jiangnan Dao.Outsiders are not included.You,as a powerhouse on the Bounty List,challenging Su Xin to a duel will raise no objections."

Although Xiao Huang said so,Lin Xiao still shook his head and said,"I won't go."