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Chapter 160: Success of the Plan

8665words in this chapter2024-01-07

In the midst of the Poison Array,Su Xin's expression remained unchanged.In fact,he had somewhat underestimated the Poison Child earlier.

Although the art of poison was tricky,its strength lay in its unpredictability.Ambushes in the shadows might be effective,but in a direct confrontation,it would always be inferior.Especially these Poison Children,who hadn't even practiced a decent martial technique.In the innate realm,they might dominate with their miscellaneous methods,but in the Yuan Shen realm,if they only relied on these few tricks,they were as good as dead.

Su Xin had witnessed battles between masters of the Yuan Shen realm like Yan Huang Ji and Mo Family from the Canglan Valley.It was truly earth-shattering.These poisonous creatures,with the might of a Yuan Shen realm expert,could be dispersed with a single punch.Even if their toxins could kill Yuan Shen realm experts,they would be of no use in such a scenario.

However,Su Xin was unaware of the Poison Child's thoughts.After all,he had never considered cultivating to the Yuan Shen realm.The weaknesses of the Poison Child were too obvious.Su Xin's Blood River Divine Finger danced,agile as if it were an extension of his hands.In just a dozen breaths,one-third of the Poison Child's disciples,more than twenty people,had already perished.

Although named the Poison Array,it was a simple application of formations.It united the internal forces of numerous warriors,allowing a group of postnatal warriors to release toxin-infused internal energy,condensing into a powerful poison mist.After Su Xin killed more than twenty people,the stability of the formation began to waver,and the poison mist weakened significantly.

The disciples of the Poison Child showed panic on their faces.One disciple,unable to bear watching his senior brothers being easily slaughtered,broke down mentally and fled.Fear is contagious,and soon,the rest followed suit.In a blink of an eye,more than ten people had escaped,and the Poison Array completely collapsed.

The Poison Child's senior disciple,A Chen,hastily roared,"Come back!Fleeing in the face of the enemy,do you want to die?"But as soon as he spoke,a bloodline pierced through his chest.

Seeing even their strongest senior brother unable to withstand Su Xin's attack,the remaining disciples fled even faster.Su Xin looked at the Poison Child with a smirk,"What's the matter?Do you still want me to disable my martial arts and surrender now?"

The Poison Child's face turned dark.He miscalculated by not expecting Su Xin to possess such a mysterious martial technique as the Blood River Divine Finger,which could bypass him and kill his disciples.Su Xin had no intention of continuing to exchange words with the Poison Child.The Flowing Dragon Sword raised a series of sword cries,blood splattering as it attacked the Poison Child.

In a head-on battle,as long as Su Xin was cautious,the Poison Child basically couldn't harm a single hair on him.The Poison Child's own martial skills were mediocre.If not for the durability of his finger guard,which was no less than a yellow-grade weapon,Su Xin would have killed him long ago.

After more than ten moves,the Poison Child's hands were already covered in blood.Although the Flowing Dragon Sword hadn't injured him,the powerful shock force had shattered his hands.With the depletion of his internal energy,the Poison Child's face even started to show signs of aging,appearing extremely eerie.

Seeing himself suppressed to such an extent,the Poison Child knew that today he couldn't deal with Su Xin.It was fortunate enough if he could escape with his life under Su Xin's sword.Therefore,without hesitation,the Poison Child turned and ran,prompting disdain from the surrounding warriors.

"You're at least a well-known figure in Southern Xiangnan.Yet,your disciples are almost wiped out,and you turn and run in the face of the enemy.That's quite pathetic,"some remarked.But the Poison Child paid no attention to how others perceived him.Although face was important,his life was even more crucial.

But how could Su Xin let him leave so easily?Despite the Poison Child's fast speed,seemingly specialized in a certain body technique,Su Xin unexpectedly made an unforeseen move.He threw the Flowing Dragon Sword,a long sword gleaming with a blood-red glow,directly pinning the Poison Child to the ground.

This sword didn't pierce through his chest,so the Poison Child didn't die immediately.His eyes showed shock,as he never expected Su Xin to throw away his sword like a hidden weapon.Su Xin didn't bother continuing the conversation.The Blood River Divine Finger pointed out,directly killing the Poison Child and pulling the Flowing Dragon Sword out of his body.

Although Su Xin used a sword,he never considered himself a pure swordsman.

The so-called"sword with the person,sword lost person"was nothing but a joke to him.As long as it could kill,even if the sword broke,it didn't matter.

After killing the Poison Child,Di Yunfei almost completely wiped out the high-end forces gathered in Southern Xiangnan,leaving only Pang Feiyun,who had accompanied him to Nanning Prefecture,still alive.

There were still some innate martial artists left in the Donglin Mansion,left by Di Yunfei.However,Su Xin didn't bother with them.For him,the strength of Qi Hai realm martial artists was too weak to pose any threat.

Moreover,with Di Yunfei in Nanning Prefecture,he would need someone to deliver a message,right?

In the main hall of the Feiying Gang in Changning Prefecture,the current leaders of the Feiying Gang—Li Huai,Huang Bingcheng,and Li Qing—all wore frowns,unsure of how to respond to Di Yunfei.

The Feiying Gang was given to them by Su Xin,and surrendering it felt like not only betraying themselves but also letting down their leader.If they refused,Di Yunfei could send a few innate martial artists,and the entire Feiying Gang would be wiped out.After all,when it came to matters of life and death,nobody was fearless.

Li Huai gritted his teeth,his face darkened."If all else fails,we'll destroy all the tokens traded with those barbarian tribes,disband the gang directly,and escape to the dense forests of Southern Xiangnan.Let's see how he can find us!"

Huang Bingcheng and Li Qing were surprised by Li Huai's determination.They hadn't expected this usually silent individual to have such resolve,ready to play a dangerous game of risking everything against Di Yunfei.

However,considering the circumstances,it seemed to be the only viable option for now.They decided to disband the Feiying Gang,hide in the deep mountains and forests for a year or two,and rebuild the gang after Di Yunfei left.

"Alright,let's keep an eye on Di Yunfei's movements.As soon as he and his men arrive in our Changning Prefecture,we'll immediately disband the gang and take action!"Huang Bingcheng said,clenching his teeth.

Meanwhile,in the Chen family compound,hundreds of miles away from the Feiying Gang in Nanning Prefecture,the head of the Chen family wore a smiling face but felt bitter inside as he followed Di Yunfei back to Donglin Mansion.

In truth,the Chen family didn't want to get involved in the conflicts between major sects in the Central Plains.Although they were just a third-rate force in the martial world,they had stability going for them.Joining Di Yunfei's forces now felt like being used as pawns,and their lives might be at stake sooner or later.

However,with Di Yunfei personally coming and bringing the expert Pang Feiyun with him,refusing wasn't an option.If they declined,it might turn into a genocide.Thus,the head of the Chen family had no choice but to bring several innate martial artists from his family to join Di Yunfei's camp.

At this moment,a rider came galloping from a distance.Seeing Di Yunfei and his group,the rider hurriedly shouted,"Trouble for Young Master Di!Something big has happened in Donglin Mansion!"

Di Yunfei,in his twenties with a rugged and handsome face,frowned lightly upon hearing the news."What happened?Take your time to explain."

"'Sky Cloud Spear'Liu Baisui,'Yin Yang Ghost Hand'Kong Qiuren,'Red Yin Palm'Duan Xing,and even the Poison Child—all of them have been killed!Nearly half of the recruits we gathered in Donglin Mansion have fled!"the rider quickly reported.

"Who did it?Xiao Moyun?No,that guy is not in Donglin Mansion.Shangguan Yanqing?He just arrived in Southern Xiangnan and hasn't had time to recruit anyone;it's unlikely he would provoke me.Who could it be?"Di Yunfei's voice darkened.

The rider then truthfully recounted all the events that had occurred in Donglin Mansion in the past two days.This news instantly made Di Yunfei's face turn black,as if it could drip water.

In Southern Xiangnan,finding martial artists in the Qi Hai realm was easy,but those in the Shen Gong realm were mostly seeking opportunities to break through to the Yuan Shen realm and were challenging to recruit.

Therefore,the strongest martial artists they could gather in Southern Xiangnan were those in the Ling Zuo realm.The Poison Child and others were recruited using various methods.Originally,the plan was to use them to crush Xiao Moyun,but in just two days of Di Yunfei being away,they had all been slaughtered.

What angered Di Yunfei the most was that the person who destroyed his nearly one-month effort was just an unknown figure.This made him even more furious.If Xiao Moyun and others learned about this,he would undoubtedly face ridicule.


Di Yunfei squeezed these words out from between his teeth."Go back to Donglin Mansion immediately!"

To prevent Di Yunfei from suddenly attacking,Huang Bingcheng and others had already sent people to monitor their movements in various states and prefectures in Southern Xiangnan.However,they hadn't expected Di Yunfei's return but received the news of his direct return to Donglin Mansion.This left Li Huai,Huang Bingcheng,and others confused,but at the same time,they breathed a sigh of relief.At least,the crisis seemed to have temporarily passed.