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Chapter 225: Mountain Scripture

7289words in this chapter2024-01-24

The result of this lottery was even more frustrating for Su Xin than the last time.One martial art had a staggering 40%failure rate,leaving Su Xin with a sense of helplessness.

"Let's proceed with the draw,"Su Xin said.

The emblem of the martial art on the big screen kept changing between black and white,finally settling on a grayish-white hue.

"Draw failed,this advanced lottery is void,"the announcement declared.

Su Xin remained unfazed,stating,"Continue the draw."

This time,a familiar figure appeared on the big screen–clad in purple robe and black cloak,with three long beard strands flowing below the jaw,exuding an unparalleled aura of dominance.It was none other than the powerful character,Xiong Ba.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing the character Xiong Ba,equipped with the techniques:Tian Shuang Fist,Cloud-Ranking Palm,Wind God's Leg,Three-Point Divine Finger,and Three-Point Returning Yuan Qi.Character rating:four and a half stars,technique rating:three and a half to four and a half stars."

A note followed:if Xiong Ba's Wind God's Leg was drawn,it could be exchanged for half the store selling price in villain points.

However,due to the character already possessing two four and a half-star or higher techniques,the draw did not support specific selections using villain points,and there was a 40%chance of failure.

The message further inquired if Su Xin wanted to increase the winning chance by 10%for every additional 1000 villain points.Su Xin declined,opting for a direct draw.

Unfortunately,the symbols of various techniques on the big screen eventually turned gray and white.

"Draw failed,this advanced lottery is void,"the announcement repeated.

Su Xin frowned;it seemed luck was not on his side.

In the final draw,an imposing old man with sharp,cold eyes appeared on the big screen.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing the character Murong Bo,equipped with the techniques:Star-Shifting Battle,Unity Finger,Dragon City Swordsmanship,Shaolin Temple's Seventy-Two Supreme Techniques,and others.Character rating:three and a half stars,technique rating:two and a half to four stars."

Su Xin could choose to randomly draw or spend 3200 villain points for a specific selection,with a note that the Seventy-Two Supreme Techniques needed an additional draw to determine one.

"This one is not bad,"Su Xin murmured.

As long as he didn't draw the Seventy-Two Supreme Techniques,Su Xin considered himself fortunate.These techniques varied in strength,ranging from four-star to two and a half-star.

Su Xin decided to proceed with the draw.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing the technique Star-Shifting Battle,rated three and a half stars."

Su Xin's eyes lit up;the Murong family's exclusive skill would greatly enhance his combat capabilities.However,the technique had its fatal flaws,being effective against opponents of similar strength but less effective against stronger foes.

Having experienced two failures out of four advanced draws,Su Xin turned his attention to the remaining three intermediate draws and 52 basic draws.He converted them into eight intermediate draws,hoping for better luck.

Despite the uncertainty,Su Xin ended up with three bottles of pills,all rated between two and two and a half stars.Additionally,he obtained a useless weapon–Duan Yanqing's Thin Iron Rod–and two miscellaneous items,which he considered mostly worthless.The only useful item he ever drew from the miscellaneous category was Wang Lianhua's human skin mask.

Su Xin got two more draws,both of them being martial arts.One of them was the Xuanming Divine Palm of the Xuanming Elder,rated at two and a half stars,which was somewhat lackluster for Su Xin at the moment.Moreover,Su Xin had always followed the path of expansive martial arts,and Xuanming Divine Palm was not suitable for his style.

However,the last draw brought a pleasant surprise to Su Xin.A young and handsome man appeared on the big screen,with thick eyebrows,starry eyes,a face like jade,and dressed in elegant clothing,exuding an air of nobility.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing the character Fang Yingkan,equipped with the techniques:Blood River Divine Sword,Black Sun Divine Spear,Heartbreak Little Arrows,Endure Shame Divine Skill,and Mountain Scripture Thirteen Edition.Character rating:three and a half stars,technique rating:three and a half to four stars."

Su Xin had the option to randomly draw or spend 3200 villain points for a specific selection.The system would refund half of the selling price in villain points if Su Xin already had part of the Blood River Divine Sword.

"Let's proceed with the draw,"Su Xin said.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing Mountain Scripture Thirteen Edition,technique rating:three and a half stars."

Su Xin raised an eyebrow;this time,he drew the somewhat peculiar Mountain Scripture.It was considered peculiar because every person who obtained the Mountain Scripture seemed to cultivate a unique version.Hence,the system added the words'Thirteen Edition'to the Mountain Scripture.

The Thirteen Edition of the Mountain Scripture,modified by the great demon Yuan Shisan,was the version Su Xin desired the most.It was considered the most powerful among various editions.The Mountain Scripture was initially a legitimate Daoist scripture recorded in Dao Zang and Yun Ji Seven Monographs.

When it fell into the hands of Jin Hua Dart Bureau's owner Jin Xiaodu,it became infused with poison.Later,in the possession of the Venomous Snake Sect's Venomous Snake Hand,it gained a demonic aspect.When the Three-Whip Daoist Yujin Hua used it,it exhibited an exceptionally sinister quality,almost like two separate techniques.

The final version of the Mountain Scripture was altered by the Three-Whip Daoist and handed over to Yuan Shisan.Yuan Shisan,with his extraordinary talent,managed to turn the haphazardly modified Mountain Scripture into a formidable force.Paired with the Heartbreak Little Arrows,it became immensely powerful.

Su Xin carefully studied this peculiar martial art after obtaining it.Although the Mountain Scripture's strength was considered average,its real uniqueness lay in the unconventional path of internal energy circulation.It allowed the fusion of one's own techniques and skills with the Mountain Scripture,resulting in different manifestations for each practitioner.

Even though Fang Yingkan inherited the Thirteen Edition from Yuan Shisan,the anomalies he displayed were not present in Yuan Shisan's version.

Su Xin was eager to see what he could cultivate with the Mountain Scripture in his possession.

Exiting the system,Su Xin felt a mysterious aura within him.Although the Mountain Scripture didn't produce its own true energy,it seemed to blend with Su Xin's existing true energy,enhancing its quality significantly and carrying a strange essence.

Su Xin unleashed his Blood River Divine Finger,and the once sharp and agile technique turned eerie.The blood lines twisted like living spirits,radiating endless bloodlight,illuminating the entire room like a blood domain.This scene had never occurred before.Previously,Su Xin's Blood River Divine Finger was sharp and flexible,akin to a sword technique that could be deployed multiple times at will.

Now,the Blood River Divine Finger exhibited an eerie and mystical quality,clearly influenced by the effects of the Mountain Scripture.

With a gentle tap,the Blood River Divine Finger penetrated the ground,leaving a hole of unknown depth.The anomaly disappeared along with it.

Su Xin then fully activated his true energy.A bright moon rose behind him,and as he clasped his hands together,endless streams of light flowed within,resembling a divine figure.

"Is this an illusion?Indeed,this is the extraordinary ability I gained after integrating the Mountain Scripture."

Su Xin muttered to himself.The power of the Blood River Divine Finger had undoubtedly become stronger,but this external anomaly could also affect the opponent's mental state.

Seemingly unreal,neither completely true nor false,it blended reality and illusion like a dream.True and false intertwined,making it impossible to distinguish,similar to the illusions used by Yin Xixue.

Yin Xixue's illusions directly impacted the opponent's mind,while Su Xin's Mountain Scripture caused variations in his martial techniques,merging truth and illusion,reality and dream,making it nearly impossible to break through.