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Chapter 260:Seeking Help from the Xiao Family

9174words in this chapter2024-01-31

While Su Xin was integrating the Six Sects system here,the three major first-class forces,including the Nine Profound Sword Sect,were almost in despair.

The entire Jiangnan region was in chaos,and now the three major forces had almost zero control over Jiangnan.Even the Nascent Soul realm warriors they sent to mediate conflicts dared to go against their orders.

"Your three major forces are indeed powerful,but even though I appear courteous to you on the surface,when it comes to a fight,it's inevitable.What can you do to me?

If it were just one force doing this,it would be manageable.The three major forces directly exerted their power,and some forces dared to go against them.Unfortunately,almost all the martial forces in Jiangnan acted this way.As the saying goes,when everyone is guilty,no one is guilty.No matter how strong your three major forces are,can you really go against the entire martial world of Jiangnan?

Helpless,the three major martial forces had to seek assistance from the Xiao family.After all,the Xiao family was the true controller of Jiangnan,and as long as the Xiao family spoke up,who in the Jiangnan martial world would dare to say otherwise?

The responsibility of seeking help from the Xiao family fell on Sun Qian and two others.

The other Nascent Soul realm warriors from their families were busy mediating disputes within various martial forces in Jiangnan and couldn't spare anyone,so the task fell on them.

Putting aside their thoughts of dealing with Su Xin for the moment,Sun Qian and the others turned to seek help from the Xiao family.

As the top of the six major families,the Xiao family had many family members and retainers.Therefore,the real residence of the Xiao family was not in Jiangnan City but in a beautiful place outside the city where there was a huge estate.

The grand estate was extravagantly decorated with gold and silver ornaments,adorned with pearls,making it even more majestic than the royal estate.

In fact,the Xiao family's residence was designed according to royal standards.Although the Xiao family was no longer part of the royal family,this estate remained.Originally built as a summer resort for the royal family,it stayed with the Xiao family even after they transitioned from the royal family to a martial family.

However,the estate,both in terms of specifications and appearance,was unique to the royal family.For the Xiao family,who were not part of the royal family,residing in a place with royal standards was a taboo.

However,whether it was the Eastern Jin Dynasty or the Great Zhou Dynasty,they didn't want to clash with the Xiao family over such a small matter,so no one bothered about it later on.

Upon arriving at the Xiao family,Sun Qian and the others immediately presented their letter of request and sought an audience with the head of the family.

As senior Nascent Soul realm elders within their sects,they were treated as honored guests in other second-rate sects.However,their strength was not considered significant within the Xiao family.

The Xiao family had over ten Nascent Soul realm experts,and there might even be some hidden Nascent Soul realm cultivators among them.

The servants welcoming the guests had seen important figures before,and their attitude towards the three Nascent Soul realm cultivators was neither humble nor arrogant.They led them to the waiting area in the living room and went to report.

After a short wait,a middle-aged man with two small mustaches and a handsome young man walked out of the hall.

The young man was Xiao Huang,also known as"Little Marquis,"and the middle-aged man was not unfamiliar to Sun Qian and the others.He was one of the leaders of the current generation of the Xiao family,known as the"Seventh Lord,"Xiao Wuji.

Xiao Wuji held the seventh position in the direct line of the Xiao family in this generation,hence the nickname"Seventh Lord."

However,among the current leaders of the Xiao family,Xiao Wuji had a very low profile.He was responsible for teaching martial arts to young family members and disciples,and he usually didn't involve himself much in external affairs.

Seeing that they were welcomed by Xiao Wuji,who usually didn't concern himself with external matters,Sun Qian and the others felt a chill in their hearts.

Nevertheless,they still had to maintain the appearance of respect.The three of them stood up and bowed,saying,"Greetings,Seventh Lord."

The corners of Xiao Wuji's lips trembled as he smiled and said,"No need for so much courtesy.Please have a seat.I wonder what brings the three of you here this time?"

Sun Qian cleared his throat and said,"Seventh Lord,Su Xin,who is in charge of the Six Sects in Jiangnan,has thrown the entire martial world of Jiangnan into chaos.Now the entire Jiangnan region is in turmoil,with major martial forces attacking each other continuously.Su Xin,in particular,ruthlessly wiped out five second-rate forces and accused them of colluding with the remnants of the Wu Kingdom.If they had colluded with the remnants of the Wu Kingdom,how could those remnants have suffered so miserably at the Jiangnan gathering?Jiangnan is our common land,and Su Xin is causing havoc here.We can't just let it go."

After saying this,Sun Qian looked at Xiao Wuji,hoping for a response.However,Xiao Wuji just smiled and looked at them without saying anything.

Helpless,Sun Qian had to be more explicit,"Seventh Lord,let me be straightforward.Our three families are unable to suppress the other martial forces.However,with the prestige of the Xiao family in Jiangnan,as long as the Xiao family speaks up,no martial force in Jiangnan would dare to disrespect you."

So,we would like to invite the Xia family to take charge and manage the situation.Otherwise,if this continues,the martial arts world in Jiangnan will truly be ruined."

Upon hearing Sun Qian's words,Xiao Wuji sighed helplessly and said,"Brother Sun,Brother Ji,Brother Gongyang,let me be honest with you.If my Xiao family could handle it,we would have done so long ago.But now,General Manager Gu Donglai of the Jiangnan Dao Military Command is watching us closely,right at the doorstep of my Xiao family.He even moved his military camp not far from us.How can we step forward?We can't handle this situation.So,please,the three of you,just go back."

Sun Qian and the other two exchanged glances.Whether the Xia family didn't want to handle it or couldn't,they couldn't force them.With no other option,the three had to bow and take their leave.

After the three left,the gentle smile on Xiao Wuji's face disappeared.The seemingly amusing little mustache on his face now carried a hint of coldness.This was the real Xiao Wuji.

Xiao Huang,who hadn't spoken all this while,suddenly asked,"Uncle Seven,can't we really do anything this time?"

As the true helm of the Jiangnan Dao,the Xia family,if they could intervene,wouldn't want to see Jiangnan Dao in chaos due to Su Xin's actions.Xiao Wuji shook his head and said,"No,this time our attempt from the Xia family has drawn the attention of the court.They won't let go easily.Life is like a gamble;if you lose,you have to face the consequences.We underestimated the power of the court,and now they will keep a close eye on us for a while.We can't do anything this time."

Xiao Huang asked,"Have we lost?"

Xiao Wuji smiled and shook his head,"Not exactly a loss,but not a win either.We misjudged the court's power,but we also understand the court's current situation.It's a kind of exchange.Don't think too much about it.Let Jiangnan Dao handle its own affairs.Our Xia family's influence is already making people uneasy.If we get involved in Jiangnan Dao,it's likely to make them even more uneasy."

Xiao Wuji turned and left.Xiao Huang stood in place,pondering for a moment before calling a servant over.

"What instructions does the young master have?"the servant asked respectfully.

"Send an invitation to Lin Xiaoxiao of the'Peerless Sword'at Sword God Mountain.Tell him that I have an ancient sword manual here and invite him to come and appreciate it,"Xiao Huang said casually.

Outside the Xia family,Sun Qian and the others were feeling frustrated.If the Xia family didn't want to intervene,Jiangnan Dao would continue to be in turmoil.

At this moment,Ji Wukong said,"Since the Xia family won't interfere,we have to find a way ourselves.Do you remember the plan I mentioned last time?"

Sun Qian and Gongyang Wuji looked surprised,"Are you saying you want to use someone else to deal with Su Xin?"

Ji Wukong nodded.Sun Qian shook his head,"It's too late.Su Xin's influence is already established,and the entire Jiangnan Dao martial arts world is in chaos under his influence.What's the use of killing him now?Moreover,Su Xin has massacred five second-rate forces.He has already scared all the martial forces in Jiangnan Dao.At this point,who would listen to your manipulation?"

Ji Wukong sneered,"Why would it be useless?Su Xin's intention is to completely disrupt the martial arts world in Jiangnan Dao.If we can kill him and then suppress each force one by one without his interference,even if we can't control the entire Jiangnan Dao,we can at least suppress half of the forces in Jiangnan Dao."

Sun Qian frowned,"Who do you plan to find?With Su Xin's current strength,except for the top twenty warriors on the ranking,no one among the same level can deal with him.As for Elemental Realm warriors,who can you find?Su Xin's identity is too sensitive.With the court's attention now focused on Jiangnan Dao,which Elemental Realm warrior would dare to take the risk of angering the court to kill Su Xin?Even if you offer a hefty sum to the Blood Cloth Tower,they won't take this job."

Sun Qian shook his head.If they could have killed Su Xin,they would have done so long ago.Ji Wukong coldly smiled,"Who said strength alone is the only way to kill?Tang Clan's hidden weapons,Ink Clan's mechanical arts–even if the user's strength is insufficient,these things can still be used for assassination."

Sun Qian looked at Ji Wukong with suspicion,"Are you planning to use these things?What about the person?"

Though rare,Tang Clan's hidden weapons and Ink Clan's mechanical arts could be found in the martial world.Especially for major martial sects like theirs,the elders or sect heads would try to obtain these items to protect their weaker bloodline descendants.However,the problem was finding someone to use them.

In their family,there were loyal assassins,but using them would implicate the family.Seeking help from outsiders was difficult,as everyone in Jiangnan Dao knew about Su Xin's reputation.Finding an Innate Realm warrior willing to assassinate Su Xin would be extremely challenging.