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Chapter 63: Watch Him Rise to Glory, Watch His Tower Fall

9412words in this chapter2024-01-03

Sha Yuandong had no grudges with Su Xin;in fact,they hadn't exchanged a single word before.The Art of Intent Academy

Today,he publicly seized Su Xin's territory and position because he envied him.

Humans have seven deadly sins,and envy is one of them.

Even a saint wouldn't dare claim never to have felt envy in their lifetime,let alone Sha Yuandong.

Originally,Sha Yuandong had no feelings about the achievements Su Xin made.In his eyes,no matter how outstanding Su Xin was or how much territory he conquered,he was just a dog raised by the Sha family.Did he really need to envy a dog under his command?

However,recently,Sha Feiying kept murmuring about how remarkable Su Xin was.If only he had Su Xin's strength,he wouldn't have to worry about this and that.This made Sha Yuandong very unhappy.

He couldn't understand why he,who could manage Yongle Lane,couldn't take over the newly established Transfer Skill Hall.It was precisely because he was dissatisfied that he decided to snatch Su Xin's territory and position,to show his father that he was no worse than Su Xin!

The meeting hall fell into silence,and everyone's eyes turned to Su Xin.

They thought there was no chance left,but unexpectedly,Sha Yuandong came forward and helped them.

This was a blatant slap in the face.Could Su Xin endure this?

Unfortunately,Su Xin disappointed them.Faced with Sha Yuandong's provocative gaze,he seemed as if he hadn't seen it,remaining calmly seated.

Sha Feiying breathed a sigh of relief.To prevent further complications,he declared,"Everyone,go back and prepare.Within three days,you must complete the handover tasks."

Seeing no more opportunities,the crowd dispersed with resentment and dissatisfaction.

Su Xin waved his hand,signaling Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng to leave.

After leaving the main hall,Huang Bingcheng,who had been holding back,angrily said,"What does the gang leader mean?Why should we return the hard-won territories to the gang?What kind of nonsense is this?Helping others grind the mill,or rabbit death and dog cooking?No,that's not right!"

Su Xin patted his shoulder,"Alright,don't show off your idioms.I know what you mean."

"Boss,since you know,why didn't you oppose it on the spot?We could rebel against the Flying Eagle Gang.If they won't have us,we'll find another place to stay!"

Li Huai also looked at Su Xin with a puzzled expression.Although they hadn't followed Su Xin for long,they knew that their boss was not one to endure humiliation.

Su Xin's lips curled into a mysterious smile,"Rebel against the Flying Eagle Gang?Why rebel?If we really rebel and leave the Flying Eagle Gang,and establish our Transfer Skill Hall,all the hard-earned reputation we've accumulated will be in vain.Don't worry;today,we hand over the territories and positions,and in the future,we'll reap even more.There's a saying:watch him build the vermilion tower,watch him entertain guests,and watch him collapse.We just watch,without doing anything.Some things they can't take away."

Although Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng didn't quite understand Su Xin's words,seeing their boss so confident,they felt reassured.

As they walked back to the branch,the system's voice suddenly rang in Su Xin's mind.

"Activate side quest:Poisoned Husband.Quest explanation:A small measure makes a gentleman;a poisoned husband does not live!If someone offends me,I will repay tenfold!Kill Sha Feiying and Sha Yuandong within three months.

Accept quest:Reward for success-Intermediate draw 1 time,Villain Points 300.Penalty for failure-Deduct Villain Points 300 and Intermediate draw 1 time.If Intermediate draws are insufficient,use Villain Points to offset.

Abandon quest:No reward,no penalty.

Please choose whether to accept the side quest,Host."

Su Xin was receiving a side quest for the first time.Although the rewards for this side quest were not as lucrative as the main quests,the penalties for failure were smaller.You would only lose as much as you gained,and you could choose to abandon the quest with no consequences.

"Accept,"Su Xin said without hesitation.

If it were in the past,Su Xin wouldn't accept this side quest.Sha Feiying,with his strength in the advanced Acquired Realm,being the leader of a gang,wanting to kill him within three months would be a mission with a success rate of less than fifty percent.

But now things were different.Sha Feiying's so-called centralization reform seemed like a death wish to Su Xin.

If Sha Feiying genuinely had the gang's best interests at heart,gradually merging the forces within the gang and initiating a centralized system,Su Xin wouldn't have much to say.Unfortunately,Sha Feiying forcefully stripped the big bosses and hall masters of their rights,treating them like dogs.Dogs in a hurry would jump over the wall.

Just as Su Xin had told Huang Bingcheng,he would watch Sha Feiying build the vermilion tower,entertain guests,and watch him collapse.Su Xin didn't need to intervene in the early stages.He had no intention of doing so.Just let the conflict escalate to a certain point,then a small spark would be enough to ignite it.

Su Xin had nearly 500 core gang members under his command.After becoming the head of the Transfer Skill Hall,he recruited nearly 2,000 more gang members.This time,Su Xin didn't conduct any special screening.As long as they met the basic requirements for gang members,he accepted them all,although their monthly allowances were only one or two taels of silver.

Nevertheless,there were still a large number of people eager to join Su Xin's gang.Even one or two taels of silver for monthly allowance were considered high in the entire Changning Prefecture.Some stingy big bosses couldn't even get one or two taels per month.

After organizing these people,Sha Yuandong came with his men three days later to take over Yongle Lane's territory and Transfer Skill Hall.Accompanying Sha Yuandong was one of the big bosses,Xu Chang,who had never stood out among the thirteen big bosses.However,today,he turned out to be the most slick person.As the gang leader took back the power,and he was unwilling to retire,his only way out was to follow Sha Yuandong and become a big boss with a name but no real power.

Although it couldn't compare to the previous life of a local tyrant,at least it was better than retiring.

As Sha Yuandong was too young and lacked experience in handling gang affairs,having someone like Xu Chang,an old man,to give him advice made Sha Feiying naturally agree to let him stay by Sha Yuandong's side.

"Young Gang Leader,here is the register of Yongle Lane and the profits for this month."

Su Xin handed over the register,neatly organized by Huang Bingcheng in three days.However,Sha Yuandong just gave a light snort and let his men take the register.

Unconcerned,Su Xin smiled and turned to leave.Seeing his calm demeanor,Sha Yuandong felt uneasy about what he wanted to say next,but he couldn't hold it back.


Su Xin turned back,"Is there anything else,Young Gang Leader?"

With a cold expression,Sha Yuandong said,"Su Xin,it doesn't feel good to be the one making a wedding dress for others,right?With the vast territory of Yongle Lane gone,and the Transfer Skill Hall you built now in my hands,don't you resent me?"

Su Xin's lips curled into a mocking smile,"Young Gang Leader is joking.The territory and the hall are originally the property of the gang.Taking them back is only natural.Why would I resent you?"

Sha Yuandong sneered,"Alright,Su Xin,you don't have to pretend.Losing the territory and subordinates must hurt,right?But you need to understand,everything you have is given by my Sha family.Just like my father could give you these things before,now I can take them back!But you are a smart person.I'm giving you a chance now.Follow me in reorganizing the Flying Eagle Gang.Within three years,I will elevate the Flying Eagle Gang to a higher level,truly comparable to the Three Heroes Association.At that time,I will still bestow upon you all these privileges."

Su Xin's expression remained unchanged.He replied calmly,"Young Gang Leader,what are you talking about?I am also the hall master of the Flying Eagle Gang now.Naturally,reorganizing the Flying Eagle Gang is my responsibility."

Sha Yuandong sneered,"Su Xin,don't pretend to be ignorant.Losing the territory and subordinates,doesn't it make you resentful?But you have to know that everything you have is given by my Sha family.While my father could give you these things before,now I can take them back!But you're a clever person.I'm giving you a chance now.Follow me to reorganize the Flying Eagle Gang.Within three years,I will elevate the Flying Eagle Gang to a higher level,truly comparable to the Three Heroes Association.At that time,I will still bestow upon you all these privileges."

Su Xin lightly shook his head,his eyes carrying a hint of mockery.It seemed that Sha Yuandong had learned some threatening and enticing techniques from somewhere,but unfortunately,they were immature and laughable.

Taking back what belonged to him,then threatening and enticing him,expecting him to work hard to achieve results,and then giving it back—did they expect him to be grateful?

In Su Xin's eyes,Sha Yuandong was not much stronger than Wei Feng from the Qingzhu Gang in essence.Both were pampered rich kids with lofty ideals,thinking that the gang's territory was inherited from their elders,and they could easily control such a large gang with the help of their elders'influence.

They failed to understand that the most crucial aspect of a gang was not the territory but the people managing those territories!Sha Feiying built a tall building for Sha Yuandong,but unfortunately,this building was destined to collapse.

"Hehe,Young Gang Leader,if there's nothing else,then I'll take my leave."

Su Xin chuckled,directly turning and leaving with his people,without giving any regard to Sha Yuandong's face.

"Damn Su Xin!Even after the power in his hands has been taken back by the gang,he's still so arrogant.When I become the gang leader,the first thing I'll do is drive him out of the Flying Eagle Gang!"

Seeing Su Xin's dismissive attitude,Sha Yuandong's resentment grew stronger.

On the side,Xu Chang's forehead was covered in cold sweat.He had just been scared to the point where he didn't dare to breathe.He was afraid of provoking Su Xin,who might suddenly attack them both.

This boss was famously audacious.He dared to kill the Deputy Head of the Three Heroes Association;would he not dare to kill the Deputy Young Leader of the Flying Eagle Gang?

In Xu Chang's opinion,dealing with someone like Su Xin should involve slowly consolidating his influence,preferably without provoking him.Sha Yuandong's behavior was simply courting death.

Xu Chang wanted to advise,but considering Sha Yuandong's stubborn and self-willed character,he decided against it.