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Chapter 27: Seeds of Ambition

9473words in this chapter2023-12-30

"Why is everyone silent?Did Li Qing say something wrong?"Su Xin looked at the silent crowd below and asked.

Li Qing rubbed the slightly red corners of his eyes and chuckled,"Boss,don't mind me.I was just venting,talking nonsense."

"Li Qing,you didn't talk nonsense.What's wrong with wanting money?Today,I,Su Xin,also openly admit that I joined the Flying Eagle Gang for money,for power!"

Looking down,Su Xin shouted loudly,"We're all brave men.Who would want to be a laborer for a lifetime,watching others drink and eat meat while you can't even have enough to eat!

Entering the deep waters of the Jianghu is like entering the sea.Li Qing is willing to risk his life to secure a future for the Li family.Are you willing?"


The gang members below shouted with red eyes.Even those who had been in the Flying Eagle Gang for several years,except for Li Huai,shouted along with them.

"Just being willing is not enough!You also need strength!Even if you have the desire to eat meat,you won't have the life to eat it!"

Su Xin drew the heavy sword from his waist and forcefully thrust it into the ground,causing the three-finger-thick marble surface to shatter!

"Having strength allows you to have ambition.I,Su Xin,have my current position not because of luck but because of strength!"

Su Xin pointed to the east,"Changde Lane's Seven-story Shenglong Tower,the largest and highest restaurant in the entire Channing Prefecture.In the past,only the young master could stand at the top and overlook the world.

Now,the number of people qualified to reach the top of Shenglong Tower in Channing Prefecture is no more than ten.But today,I,Su Xin,swear that within three years,I will stand there and trample the entire Channing Prefecture under my feet!"


The gang members below were inspired by Su Xin's words.If someone else said these things,they might be mocked for overestimating themselves.However,Su Xin,who had firmly established his position in Happy Forest within a month and successfully assassinated Dai Chong,became a hero in the Flying Eagle Gang.He had the right to say these things.

As Su Xin said,his current position was not due to luck but strength!

"From today onwards,I will take turns teaching you all inner strength and martial skills.If you want to climb up,you must first have the strength to do so!

Remember,under my command,Su Xin does not keep useless individuals.If you want to drink and eat meat,if you want to rise higher,you must practice and fight with all your might!

If you just want the monthly salary,don't blame me,Su Xin,for not showing mercy.Just roll out!You can starve to death even if you go to the city gate and carry large packages!

Now,I have one last question:Do you want to eat meat or do you want to go back to your hovels in Changle Lane and eat rough meals?"




A group of gang members shouted with red eyes.Even Huang Bingcheng,this cunning and sly character,had red eyes and shouted along with them.

Su Xin's words today were something no one had ever told them before.Even those who had joined the Flying Eagle Gang for several years had never heard such words.The high-ups in the Flying Eagle Gang only talked about being loyal to the gang;the gang would not mistreat you.In the end,they learned to be slick and only cared about surviving.

But now,Su Xin told them about ambition!This was a seed,a seed that could make them go further.Even if their qualifications were limited in this lifetime,as long as this seed sprouted,they would never live a mediocre and idle life again.

These words,the high-ups in the Flying Eagle Gang dared not say because blindly loyal individuals were undoubtedly easier to control,even though they might appear lifeless.

But Su Xin wasn't afraid.For him,as long as his strength was strong enough,others,no matter how strong,could only look up to him under his feet.

In the hall,the seeds of ambition gradually sprouted,and the atmosphere was completely mobilized.Su Xin smiled secretly in the hidden corners.

These people were easy to influence,or rather,they were a bit too naive.A few words could stir their desires.

In his previous life,Su Xin had conducted motivational meetings for hundreds of employees.Talking about ideals,life,and struggle,plus promotions,raises,and marrying beauties,took almost an hour to barely stir up some enthusiasm.

Compared to those slippery characters who exercised from a young age in his previous life,these gang members,who had come out of the slums and couldn't even recognize some big characters,were undoubtedly much easier to influence.

"Starting today,one-third of you will go to Happy Forest for normal patrols every day.The remaining two-thirds will come to the martial arts field to practice inner strength and martial skills.Li Huai will be responsible for teaching you real combat."

How to arrange the rotation for nearly two hundred people had already been done by Huang Bingcheng yesterday.He sent those who needed to be on patrol shifts away,and the rest were all crammed into the martial arts field behind the entrance.

"Old Huang,inform Mr.Liu and the others later.Spend money to rent their backyard as well;they don't need it anyway."

Next to the entrance of Happy Forest were Zuiyue Tower and an inn.The backyard was useless,just a place to store some miscellaneous items.Su Xin said,and it should be easy to take it over for free.

In the morning,Su Xin didn't teach them too much.He just asked them to memorize the inner strength techniques and practice slowly at home.After all,this thing depended on talent.Although everyone could practice it,the final result varied from person to person.

For example,Tiger Third Master and the three hall masters are of similar age.However,Tiger Third Master hasn't been able to open all 36 acupoints for decades,while the three hall masters are all postnatal mid-stage martial artists who have opened 72 acupoints.

Yesterday,the spiked short clubs crafted by Huang Bingcheng at Su Xin's request had been completed with the cooperation of several blacksmiths.Each person began practicing the Dog-Beating Stick Technique.

The eight-character mantra of the Dog-Beating Stick Technique is simple,but proficiency requires prolonged practice.

The real highlight was in the afternoon when Li Huai started teaching them the real struggles of life and death.

Li Huai once said that he hadn't learned any swordsmanship.His martial arts skills were all cultivated through life-and-death struggles,emphasizing speed,fierceness,and precision—simple yet practical.

These three points are the foundation of any martial art.It's a style somewhat similar to Jing Wuming's Swift Sword.Su Xin had even thought about giving Jing Wuming's Swift Sword to him.However,it was too unique,and others couldn't even get started with it.Without the 5%proficiency that Su Xin had obtained from the system,he probably wouldn't have learned it.

As for the Great Vajra Sword Style,it didn't match Li Huai's style.Forcibly learning it wouldn't increase combat effectiveness and would only affect his own fighting style.

The only two martial arts Li Huai couldn't practice,so Su Xin had to wait until he found suitable ones for him.

He wasn't afraid of Li Huai betraying him because Li Huai had never been Tiger Third Master's person.Tiger Third Master and Li Huai were at most mutually using each other;Ji Gang was Tiger Third Master's person.

Given Li Huai's personality,it would probably be challenging for him to be nurtured as a confidant by a superior.To Su Xin,however,such people were the safest.They needed very little,and without significant temptations,they wouldn't easily betray.

In his previous life,Su Xin managed hundreds of people,accumulating nearly ten years of management experience.He had seen all kinds of people.Those old engineers in the company were all arrogant,but they were the easiest to manage.On the other hand,those who smiled and showed extreme respect were the ones who would stab you in the back when you least expected it.

Li Huai's method of instructing the gang members was brutal.It wasn't so much instruction as one-sided abuse.He had five gang members stand out and directly attacked him with the spiked short clubs while Li Huai only had a wooden sword.

Despite the odds of five against one,those five gang members were stabbed and beaten by Li Huai,howling in pain.Even with a wooden sword,under Li Huai's powerful strikes,it left bloody marks wherever it hit,causing bruises.

After each of the five had been individually beaten,Li Huai told everyone how to do it,then proceeded to beat them again.This was repeated until those five could spar with him for more than ten moves,then he moved on to the next group.

This method made the gang members miserable,but because of Su Xin's previous words,they endured the pain.

Because no one wanted to go back to the slums and eat rough meals!

After watching the whole afternoon,although some people cried out in pain,not a single person complained.Su Xin nodded in satisfaction.

Li Huai's method was indeed much more cruel,but it was also effective.These people under him were young and strong,but when it came to real fights,they probably had less combat power than street thugs who hadn't even joined the gang.

Their foundation was too weak,so they could only use this"pulling up seedlings to help them grow"method to make them grow quickly.

"Old Huang,tell everyone not to go home for dinner later.Eat here after training.A large meat bun for each person,but no alcohol."Su Xin called Huang Bingcheng over to give instructions.

"These little rabbits are really blessed to have the boss like you in their past lives,"Huang Bingcheng immediately began flattering.

Su Xin shook his head,whispering,"Not necessarily.Maybe they committed sins in their past lives?"

Huang Bingcheng rubbed his head,but Su Xin had already walked away.

In the following days,the training proceeded methodically every day.In the morning,Su Xin was in charge,and in the afternoon,Li Huai taught them combat skills.

Although these gang members were tortured beyond words,the effect was immediate.At least nearly two hundred people,randomly picking one for a one-on-one,could spar with Li Huai for more than ten moves.

Just a few days ago,they could barely handle ten moves from Li Huai with five people.

During this time,some people wanted to join Happy Forest,but Su Xin rejected most of them,leaving only about twenty people with good physical conditions.

It wasn't that Su Xin didn't want people;it was just that having more people would probably bring unnecessary trouble.

Ordinary small leaders had only dozens,at most a few hundred under them.Su Xin had over two hundred,already exceeding the standard.Tiger Third Master,with six hundred under him,wouldn't just sit back if a small leader like Su Xin continued to expand.Su Xin didn't want to confront Tiger Third Master for now.Although the two of them were now superficially indifferent,Su Xin still wanted to maintain a certain level of respect on the surface.