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Chapter 159: The Thousand Poisons Formation

8568words in this chapter2024-01-07

Witnessing Bai Du Tongzi using his disciples to engage in a group fight,the warriors who followed were unable to hold back a disdainful sigh,expressing their contempt.They enjoyed spectacles,but for them,one-on-one life-and-death battles were the most interesting.If Bai Du Tongzi insisted on orchestrating a siege,it would spoil the fun.

Moreover,Bai Du Tongzi was considered a senior figure in the martial world.Wasn't his behavior a bit excessive?But Bai Du Tongzi had never regarded himself as a senior in the martial world.For someone who had roamed the martial world for decades,pretending to be a senior without reason would only bring death closer.

Confident in facing Su Xin in battle,Bai Du Tongzi relied not only on his own strength but also on the Poison Formation created by his disciples.While Bai Du Tongzi's personal strength was indeed higher than Su Xin's,having opened up his acupoints,the addition of this acupoint didn't significantly enhance his combat power.His real trump card was his expertise in poison.

He imparted his poison skills to his disciples,but the potency of the poison depended on the variety of toxins one could cultivate.These toxins,once absorbed,became a type of true energy.Bai Du Tongzi,the"Hundred Poisons Child,"likely had close to a hundred different toxins in his body.However,when teaching his disciples,he kept a trick up his sleeve.Each disciple specialized in cultivating a single poison.Though lacking in variety,this approach accelerated their progress in mastering the poison technique.

Furthermore,each disciple chose a different poison.Once they formed the Poison Formation,the true energy of all individuals combined,and the toxins within the true energy fermented in the Poison Formation,creating a more potent toxin than Bai Du Tongzi's individual poison technique.

As the Poison Formation took shape,a faint black mist emanated from each warrior's body,combining to produce a foul odor with a hint of death.Even though the observing warriors were several dozen yards away from Su Xin and his group,the sight was enough to make them retreat further.

Martial artists were particularly wary of practitioners like Bai Du Tongzi who cultivated poison techniques.Incorporating toxins into their bodies and merging them with true energy meant their entire being was toxic.If they were to eat at a restaurant,everyone might flee at the mere scent.

Su Xin furrowed his brow,sensing the formidable challenge posed by the Poison Formation.Ordinary martial artists couldn't release their true energy externally,but the sixty-plus warriors now joined forces to force the toxins out using true energy.

Having absorbed a significant amount of toxins,the toxic mist affected Su Xin,causing a tingling sensation and a faint feeling of dizziness.Holding his breath,Su Xin activated the Purple Haze Divine Art to eliminate the trace of toxins.

While Purple Haze Divine Art could easily dissolve ordinary foreign true energies,the toxins emitted here were not exactly true energy;they were merely toxins induced by internal force.Su Xin could only slowly expel them with his true energy.If the toxin quantity was substantial,there was no quick way to eliminate them.

Realizing he couldn't hold his breath forever,Su Xin drew his sword and attacked the formation of sixty-plus martial artists.

Bai Du Tongzi sneered,swiftly moving like a ghost towards Su Xin.It was his usual tactic:use his disciples to trap the opponent in the Poison Formation and then personally engage in combat.The toxins within the Poison Formation originated from the same source as those in his body and posed no harm to him.However,his opponents would weaken gradually due to the increasing intake of toxins,eventually needing to focus on suppressing the toxins within themselves.At that point,Bai Du Tongzi could strike without fear.

Not many knew that Bai Du Tongzi had successfully employed this strategy to kill a peak Spirit Opening Realm warrior.Hence,he confidently awaited Su Xin,showing no intention of escaping.

Bai Du Tongzi wielded an unusual weapon–ten fingerstalls crafted from unknown animal bones.Polished to a razor-sharp edge,they gleamed with an ivory-like purity.However,under the influence of Bai Du Tongzi's poison technique,the fingerstalls turned pitch-black,exuding a horrifying aura.

Despite his petite stature,Bai Du Tongzi possessed extraordinary speed.Leaping towards Su Xin,he deftly parried Su Xin's Dragon Sword with his left hand and reached directly for Su Xin with his right hand.

The fingerstalls were made of an unknown material,incredibly resilient.Su Xin's Dragon Sword struck them,producing a resonating clang like the clash of gold and iron.Surprisingly,the fingerstalls remained unbroken,displaying their remarkable durability under Bai Du Tongzi's poison technique.

Most importantly,Bai Du Tongzi's poison technique surprisingly had the effect of corroding true energy.When he grabbed Su Xin's Blood River Divine Sword,the blood-colored sword aura shattered instantly!

Su Xin pointed out with his left hand,and a mighty force,like a heavy hammer,caused a thunderous explosion,pushing Bai Du Tongzi back.Just when he had relaxed a bit,a trace of poison infiltrated his body again.Su Xin didn't waste any time and turned to attack other martial artists in different directions.

Bai Du Tongzi sneered,his low figure moving as swiftly as the wind,once again advancing towards Su Xin.Suddenly,two golden snakes shot out from his black robe like arrows towards Su Xin.

Su Xin turned around,pointing out with his Shocking Spirit Finger.Powerful finger force,like thunder,instantly blasted the two golden snakes away.The blood of the two golden snakes flowed on the bluestone floor,corroding a large pit,startling the onlookers.

If these toxins truly penetrated the body,what would be the consequences?It would be pure poison coursing through every inch of one's body!

Bai Du Tongzi sneered,seemingly unconcerned.He then pulled out a staff from his robe,activated something,and a poisonous mist sprayed out.A buzzing sound emanated from it,revealing numerous unknown insects surviving within the poisonous fog.

Onlookers were horrified by this display.Bai Du Tongzi's actual strength wasn't considered formidable.Aside from his fast footwork,he seemed to lack proficiency in other martial skills.Considering his dedication to studying various poisons,finding time for internal cultivation and lightness techniques was already commendable.Who has the time to master martial skills?He wasn't relying on martial skills to defeat his enemies.

What truly terrified people about Bai Du Tongzi was his endless variety of methods,annoying opponents to the point of frustration.If you accidentally got touched by his poisons,trouble would ensue.Even if you managed to evade all of Bai Du Tongzi's attacks,the Poison Formation continued releasing toxic fog,gradually weakening opponents within the formation.Bai Du Tongzi could wear them down through attrition alone.

In their view,the only effective method against Bai Du Tongzi's tactics was to directly break the formation.Ignoring Bai Du Tongzi's distractions and dismantling the Poison Formation was the only way to defeat him.

In the current situation,the blood-colored radiance on Su Xin's Dragon Sword burst,directly obliterating the poisonous fog along with the insects.However,Bai Du Tongzi swiftly retreated ten yards,evading the Blood River Divine Sword's onslaught.

"This running-around-like-a-monkey style of fighting is really annoying,"Su Xin remarked casually.

Bai Du Tongzi sneered,"Whatever works,as long as it kills.Su Xin,if you abandon your martial arts and surrender now,I can spare your life.I'll let DíGongzi deal with you when he returns.If you insist on resisting,don't blame me for not warning you.You'll suffer under my poison technique,and it won't be a pleasant experience.You might wish for death when the time comes."

"Is that so?I'd like to see how you make me wish for death."

Su Xin snorted,pointing out with three fingers from his left hand.Three blood-colored lines shot out,resembling sword auras,heading towards the other martial artists.

Bai Du Tongzi was momentarily stunned.He had seen finger techniques before,but Su Xin's ability to release three powerful finger forces simultaneously was something he had never witnessed.

"Avoid it!"Bai Du Tongzi shouted,rushing towards one of the blood lines.Dense black true energy gathered in his hands,blocking the path of one blood line.

A resonating sound echoed.While the Blood River Divine Finger that could instantly kill Kong Qiuren couldn't kill the Five Poison Child,it still shattered his true energy,leaving his hands numb and even splitting the skin,allowing a trickle of blood to flow.

Bai Du Tongzi was horrified.If his fingerstalls weren't made from the bones of exotic beasts,second only to top-grade weapons,they might have been crippled by this attack long ago.

Meanwhile,after Bai Du Tongzi's loud shout,his disciples immediately started evading.With their considerable combat experience and having participated in the Poison Formation to kill martial artists of the same level or even stronger before,they began dodging when Su Xin's Blood River Divine Finger attacked.However,to their surprise,the Blood River Divine Finger suddenly changed direction,directly penetrating two of the martial artists and killing them instantly.

Bai Du Tongzi was stunned,and so were the other spectators.What kind of finger technique was this,capable of changing direction midway?

Actually,Su Xin had used this move when killing Kong Qiuren,but it hadn't spread widely due to the limited number of witnesses.

If Bai Du Tongzi knew that Su Xin possessed such a bizarre martial skill,he wouldn't have been so confident in letting his disciples set up the Poison Formation to trap and kill Su Xin.