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Chapter 158: The Poisonous Boy

7683words in this chapter2024-01-07

Duan Xing,also known as the master of the"Red Yin Palm,"is a seasoned cultivator in the Spiritual Vein realm.Most cultivators of his age in this realm have given up the idea of venturing into the next stage.Considering their age,the cost of being bold and aggressive is often death.

However,abandoning the preparation for advancing to the next acupoint does not mean they slack off in their cultivation.While the relationship between combat power and realm is direct,within the same realm,the level does not necessarily represent combat strength.Individuals like Duan Xing,although they have given up on advancing further,dedicate all their time to refining their own combat capabilities.

In terms of combat strength,they may not qualify for the rankings due to their age,but Duan Xing does not believe he is inferior to those renowned warriors on the ranking list.Facing Su Xin,a well-known figure in Xiangnan,Duan Xing shows no hesitation.With a swift strike of his right palm,a forceful blend of scorching heat and chilling cold is unleashed,creating a formidable power.


A thunderous sound echoes as Su Xin's blood-red sword energy clashes with the force from the Red Yin Palm.The Blood River Divine Sword breaks through the opposing force and continues its assault towards Duan Xing.

Su Xin's proficiency with the Blood River Divine Sword is pushed to the limit,resembling a river of blood cascading down towards Duan Xing.The successive strikes of the Red Yin Palm alter Duan Xing's expression.Su Xin's strength surpasses his expectations,creating a sense of déjàvu,reminiscent of his encounter with Di Yunfei.

Indeed,Duan Xing is the only one among Di Yunfei's subordinates in Xiangnan who had engaged in combat with him.Others,like Kong Qiuren and the'Mist Concealing Dragon'Pang Feiyun,willingly joined.On the contrary,Duan Xing insisted on a confrontation with Di Yunfei before joining his ranks.

Facing Su Xin now,Duan Xing feels a similar youthfulness but an unpredictable power,suppressing him to the point where he can't lift his head.As the sword energy approaches,Duan Xing shouts angrily,and his hands change color from a peculiar crimson to a eerie black-blue.

Two conflicting forces explode,shattering the sword energy of the Blood River Divine Sword.However,the blood lines on the sword seem alive,twisting and turning towards Duan Xing,as if Su Xin's weapon is not a sword but a lifelike stream of blood.


Duan Xing roars,releasing his Qi in an instant.A mix of cold and hot air spreads,creating a stark contrast in his surroundings.One side seems scorched by flames,with blackness and cracked bricks,while the other is enveloped in a layer of frost,bone-chilling.

Clasping his hands together,Duan Xing,in a bare-handed stance,firmly grips the sword body of the Blood River Divine Sword.Sensing the weakening force from the sword,Duan Xing breathes a sigh of relief.However,he sees Su Xin extending his left hand,raising a single finger—his index finger.

The finger radiates with blood,lightly tapping on Duan Xing's forehead.A muffled sound follows,and white liquid mixed with blood flows out from his head.Duan Xing's body collapses.

Su Xin sheaths his sword,turning towards the residence of Bai Du Tong Zi.Spectators from a distance are astonished.Su Xin effortlessly defeated Liu Baisui with a single move;one might attribute it to Liu Baisui's underestimation.However,Duan Xing,a renowned figure among peers,met his end so easily at Su Xin's hands,raising questions about Su Xin's true strength.

Some express doubts,"Su Xin is merely ranked 105 on the list,known only for his swift sword technique.Yet,his current strength feels comparable to Young Master Di.Also,that sword technique with the intense blood glow is quite terrifying.It's never been recorded on the ranking list before."

Others scoff,"The ranking list updates monthly.Su Xin hasn't been seen in the martial world for a year.Who knows what he encountered during this time?Perhaps he gained unique experiences—elixirs,secret techniques,or guidance from senior cultivators—during his struggles.Legends say that those pushed to the brink often encounter extraordinary opportunities,be it miraculous medicines,profound martial arts,or the guidance of seasoned martial artists in seclusion."

Regardless,after encountering such a situation,the one being hunted down will undoubtedly experience a significant increase in strength.After a period of cultivation,they will master powerful techniques,then reappear to wreak havoc,annihilating their enemies and creating a legendary tale in the martial world.

Such legends are not a rare occurrence in the martial world.Although some people recognize them as baseless rumors,the majority still believe in them.At this moment,people looking at Su Xin have a feeling akin to witnessing a martial world legend.

After all,Su Xin,a leader of a small faction,was on the blacklist of the Qingcheng Sword Sect just a year ago,hunted down like a stray dog.Now,he has remarkably advanced in martial arts,daring to challenge Di Yunfei.If he hasn't had some extraordinary encounters,who would believe it?

Observing Su Xin heading towards the residence of Bai Du Tong Zi,someone curiously asked,"Do you think Bai Du Tong Zi will confront Su Xin to the end,or will he listen and leave East Lin Mansion?If he refuses to leave,Su Xin will truly act decisively,just like what happened to Liu Baisui and Duan Xing."

"Hehe,it's different this time.Bai Du Tong Zi is not the same as Liu Baisui and Duan Xing.He has never been a lone wolf.Just watch,there's going to be an interesting show."

Su Xin has fought two consecutive battles,and Bai Du Tong Zi has already received the news.His disciple,A Chen,expressed resentment,"Master,I told you,we should have taken the initiative and directly dealt with Su Xin.Now,look at how arrogant he has become.He even dares to order us to leave East Lin Mansion.Utterly audacious!"

Bai Du Tong Zi's face also darkened.He didn't expect Su Xin to provoke them actively when they had chosen not to provoke him.However,leaving East Lin Mansion was not an option for him.Similar to Liu Baisui and Duan Xing,it was a matter of face.

If Bai Du Tong Zi were just an insignificant figure,it wouldn't matter.In the face of absolute strength,you have to yield when told to leave.Moreover,Bai Du Tong Zi had dealt with such matters before when he used to test medicines on living people,attracting numerous enemies seeking revenge.In those times,he had done all sorts of submissive things.

However,now he was a prominent figure,the creator of the Wudu Mountain Villa,with numerous Spiritual Vein realm cultivators under his command,along with dozens of disciples at the Acquired Realm.In the martial world,maintaining face is crucial.If he bowed down to Su Xin today,where would Bai Du Tong Zi's face go?

Besides,Su Xin hadn't pressured him to such an extent yet.Even if Su Xin killed Liu Baisui and Duan Xing,Bai Du Tong Zi was different from them.His followers were not limited to himself,and although his disciples were only at the Acquired Realm,the combat power of practitioners of poisonous arts couldn't be measured solely by their realm.

In certain situations,even a martial artist in the early Acquired Realm could poison and kill a practitioner in the Advanced Realm if handled properly."Go,inform your junior brothers,tell them to prepare the Poisonous Array.Today,I'll personally experience the strength of this Su Xin,the ranking expert!"

A Chen eagerly agreed,immediately turning to notify his junior brothers.Unlike the seasoned Bai Du Tong Zi,he was only in his early twenties,aiming to climb higher.If they could kill Su Xin today,their merit would be considerable.Perhaps they could return to the Central Plains with Di Yunfei and join the Zhengjian Alliance.

Due to the large number of people under Bai Du Tong Zi's command,what used to be his residence could no longer be called a courtyard but rather a mansion.

Su Xin had just arrived at the entrance,finding the gates wide open.Approximately sixty cultivators of the Acquired Realm stood before him,giving him a predatory look.Dressed in black,Bai Du Tong Zi,resembling a five or six-year-old innocent child,emerged from the gate,bowing slightly to Su Xin."Young Master Su,must we be enemies today?Your dispute with Young Master Di is not something I wish to meddle in.If you retreat now,we can pretend this never happened."

Su Xin shook his head,calmly saying,"Same old story—get out of East Lin Mansion or die.Choose one."

Bai Du Tong Zi took a deep breath and said coldly,"Since it's come to this,don't blame me for being ruthless.I,Bai Du Tong Zi,am not that easy to kill!Set up the Poisonous Array!"

With his command,the more than sixty Acquired Realm cultivators immediately arranged themselves in a peculiar formation around Su Xin.Their auras began to merge,and a black mist spread between them.