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Chapter 292 The Current Situation in Jiangnan Dao

7423words in this chapter2024-02-19

Magistrate Cui felt he had already told Su Xin everything he needed to,so he said,"Alright,during this period,focus on cultivating here.At the very least,you need to master the basics of your Cold Hell True Interpretation technique.Since you'll be facing external enemies in the guise of a member of the underworld,it's best to primarily rely on this technique to avoid exposing your true identity.Also,you still have a task pending.Once you've mastered the technique to a basic level,I'll arrange for you to complete an introductory task."

Su Xin was surprised."What task?"

Magistrate Cui explained,"The so-called introductory task is essentially like a test of loyalty.Anyone who joins our underworld must first complete a task to truly become a member,whether they're part of the inner circle or the outer circle.It's just that the difficulty of the tasks varies.Originally,with your current status,you should have been assigned an inner circle task,but since you haven't reached the Yuan Shen stage yet,you can only complete those meant for outer circle members.These tasks are quite simple and should pose no challenge given your abilities;they're more of a formality."

Su Xin nodded and asked Magistrate Cui,"Can you check the current situation of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao after I arrived in the underworld?"

Since arriving in the underworld,Su Xin had been feeling increasingly uneasy.The ambush by Jiang Heliu and Yue Qingping wasn't as straightforward as it seemed.The remnants of the Wu Kingdom had almost disappeared from Jiangnan Dao,with the presence of Gu Donglai overseeing it and the attention of the court.If Jiang Heliu and his group dared to show themselves,they would immediately be discovered by spies and likely dispatched by Gu Donglai.However,when they ambushed him,there was no trace of the local spies,which seemed suspicious.Furthermore,Jiang Heliu appeared confident,allowing Yue Qingping to attack first before intervening himself.If there were no tricks involved,Su Xin couldn't believe it.

Magistrate Cui nodded."Of course,but as I mentioned,you're already a formal member of our underworld,so you don't need to address me as'Lord.'Just call me by my name."

Su Xin nodded in appreciation."Thank you,Magistrate Cui."

After Magistrate Cui left,Su Xin carefully recalled the Cold Hell True Interpretation.This technique was based on the legendary King Chujiang,who ruled over the Cold Hell.Its core was these four words.Since it was an ancient technique,it differed from modern ones.In ancient times,martial arts and techniques were often intertwined.However,this approach was rigid and gradually phased out as martial arts evolved.

The Cold Hell True Interpretation Su Xin obtained was comprehensive,including swordsmanship,palm techniques,finger techniques,and various other martial skills.However,without the system's assistance,Su Xin had to explore it on his own.

Thinking of the system,Su Xin had an idea and entered to check the level of the Cold Hell True Interpretation.To his surprise,it was rated at four and a half stars!Considering his only other four-and-a-half-star technique was the Primordial Unseen Sword Qi,this was a significant boon from the underworld.

As Su Xin focused on his cultivation in the underworld,little did he know that chaos was erupting in Jiangnan Dao.The sudden appearance of remnants from the Wu Kingdom and the death of Su Xin,the Chief Constable of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao,spread like wildfire,leaving everyone shocked and alarmed.

However,their surprise wasn't unfounded.The suddenness of the events caught them off guard,leaving various factions with different intentions.It was said that Gu Donglai nearly demolished his office upon hearing the news.His anger wasn't directed at Su Xin's death but rather at the audacity of the Wu Kingdom remnants to emerge and assassinate the Chief Constable under his watch,which was a direct affront to his authority.

Furthermore,the spies of the Six Gates in Jiangnan Dao were practically useless.With such a significant event happening,they didn't even notice,which infuriated Gu Donglai.However,these spies protested,claiming they were following orders from Yin Ji to investigate remnants of the Wu Kingdom elsewhere.Moreover,those remnants were real,including a powerful practitioner at the Fusion Realm.However,as soon as they arrived,the Wu Kingdom practitioner fled.Knowing it was Yin Ji's order,Gu Donglai couldn't confront him directly.Yin Ji held a position equivalent to a Chief Inspector,and Gu Donglai risking confrontation would likely anger the Six Gates,whose authority wasn't solely dictated by the Iron Family despite their close ties.So,Gu Donglai sent someone to the Six Gates headquarters to seek clarification.

However,the situation at the Six Gates headquarters in Shengjing City was unfavorable to the Iron Family.Iron Ao was injured and went into seclusion after revealing some information.Only Iron Zhan was left to fend for himself.On the issue of Yin Ji,Liu Fengwu insisted on supporting him and even aimed to promote him to the position of Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao.Initially,Liu Fengwu sent Yin Ji to Jiangnan Dao with the intention of letting him seize power.Originally,Liu Fengwu estimated that Yin Ji gaining forty percent of power from Su Xin would suffice,preventing Jiangnan Dao from becoming Su Xin's dictatorship.However,the timely occurrence of Su Xin's death caught Liu Fengwu off guard.If he didn't support Yin Ji,it would be foolish.As for suspicions about Yin Ji's involvement,Liu Fengwu had indeed entertained them.Although on the surface,Yin Ji seemed innocent,it all seemed too coincidental to the seasoned detectives of the Six Gates.Nevertheless,Liu Fengwu staunchly supported Yin Ji.As Jiang Heliu had said before,Liu Fengwu couldn't allow Jiangnan Dao to remain solely in the Iron Family's hands.With Iron Ao in seclusion,Liu Fengwu,along with other two chief inspectors,exerted pressure on Iron Zhan and made the decision to promote Yin Ji to Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao without punishing him.This decision was made swiftly,with the Six Gates headquarters transmitting the information to Jiangnan Dao within three days,causing a stir.

Upon receiving this news,Li Huai,Huang Bingcheng,and the five confidants Su Xin had previously promoted—Lu Xu,Liu Hao,and Zhao Yiming—gathered to discuss their options.Li Huai was the first to speak:"I don't believe our boss is dead."Lu Xu and the others exchanged glances,unsure where Li Huai's confidence stemmed from.After all,the opponent was a peak-level Fusion Realm practitioner with murderous intent.But Huang Bingcheng chimed in:"I also believe our boss isn't dead.Do you three feel differently?"Zhao Yiming snorted,standing up:"What do you mean?Of course,I don't want our boss dead,but now that the court has appointed a new Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao,what are we supposed to do?"A glint of coldness flickered in Li Huai's eyes.Although he had gotten along well with Zhao Yiming recently,if someone showed disloyalty at this critical moment,he wouldn't hesitate to wield his sword.Sensing the tension rising,Liu Hao quickly intervened,restraining Zhao Yiming.Lu Xu followed,saying,"With the current crisis,internal discord will only lead to our demise.I also don't believe our boss is dead.Previously,our boss clashed with the'Evil-Slaying Monk'of Shaolin Temple and the'Nine-Mountain God'Dong Buyi.Several Fusion Realm martial artists indirectly died by his hands.But now,our boss's fate is unknown.Since the court has swiftly handed over the Six Gates to Yin Ji,how we treated Yin Ji before,he will treat us the same.We were the trusted inner circle of our boss.As long as we're in the Six Gates,it's obvious Yin Ji will see us as thorns in his side."

After Lu Xu spoke,silence descended upon the group.He was right;as Yin Ji assumed the role of Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao,his first order of business would likely be to eliminate dissenters.At this moment,Huang Bingcheng suddenly said,"Actually,there's no need to be so pessimistic.Yin Ji isn't our boss.Our boss could control the entire Jiangnan Dao Six Gates with his Divine Palace Realm strength,intimidating the martial world of Jiangnan Dao.But Yin Ji can't."Huang Bingcheng sneered,"Not everyone can do what our boss can.If Yin Ji wants to play,then we'll play along.The Six Gates have their rules;he can eliminate dissenters,but I don't believe he would dare to directly kill us,right?"