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Chapter 151: The Weak Martial Arts Scene in Xiangnan

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Iron Heart nodded,"Indeed,they are outsiders,and they have a significant background.They are forces from the Central Plains martial arts."

"Central Plains martial arts?"Su Xin exclaimed,"Why would the martial forces from the Central Plains come to the southern part of Xiangnan?"

"Well,part of the reason is because of what you caused."

"Me?"Su Xin pointed at himself in surprise.

Iron Heart nodded,"Yes,because of you.Do you remember when you monopolized the specialty goods of the southern barbarians in Shangshan City and directly sold that batch for a sky-high price of fifty million taels?"

Originally,the income from these southern barbarian specialties in Xiangnan was just about ten million taels of silver,and it wasn't taken seriously by the major Central Plains sects.Now,with your operation,the price of these specialties suddenly increased fivefold,drawing attention from certain individuals.

"Fifty million taels of silver is already a year's tax revenue for a Dao in the Great Zhou Dynasty.Even in a small place like Xiangnan Dao,the annual tax revenue doesn't reach three million taels."

Su Xin furrowed his brows,"As far as I know,those martial sects in the Central Plains are not short of money.For example,the Xuan Yuan Heavy Iron produced by the famous Sword Villa is worth over a hundred million.Would they really send people specifically for the money in Xiangnan?"

Iron Heart touched his nose and said,"Martial sects like the Sword Villa,which is one of the top five sword sects,won't go so far as to send people just for such profits.The ones eyeing these gains are actually second or third-rate sects.The real challenge comes from the Zheng Sword Alliance,Nian Gang,Shangguan Family,and other forces among the Seven Gangs.They send their disciples to Xiangnan to engage in a battle for the purpose of training.The bet is to see whose influence in Xiangnan grows stronger until they completely expel their opponents from Xiangnan."

Su Xin frowned,"These Central Plains forces are going too far.If they want to train their disciples,why don't they do it in their own territory?Why come to Xiangnan?Don't the martial forces in Xiangnan Dao care?"

Iron Heart shrugged,"It's simple.Because the martial forces in Xiangnan are weak,and the weak are meant to be bullied.Do you know how the powerful Eastern Jin Dynasty trained its soldiers in the past?Every year,they would send a large number of soldiers to invade smaller countries,not for plunder,but for training.Now,the Western Regions have thirty-six countries,but in the past,there were over seventy small countries.A significant portion of them perished due to the Eastern Jin Dynasty's training policy.The number of troops sent by the Eastern Jin Dynasty each year remained the same.If you resisted,they wouldn't attack again,but if you couldn't resist,the country would be destroyed.Xiangnan Dao is now in a similar situation,weaker than others,and can only be bullied."

A hint of a cold smile appeared on Iron Heart's face,"Ever since the Three Lakes Martial Alliance led by the fierce lion Du Yuansheng fell apart more than a decade ago,the martial forces in Xiangnan Dao have been declining.The real strong ones either died on the way to attack the Eastern Jin,or they were purged by the court afterward.What's left are some waste and weaklings.The Zheng Sword Alliance and Nian Gang are training their disciples in their territory,and they don't even dare to make a sound.Flying Eagle Gang became unlucky because they monopolized the specialty goods in Xiangnan,earning a lot of silver,which made those second and third-rate sects jealous.They incited the disciples of the Zheng Sword Alliance to take over all the gangs in major prefectures and counties in Xiangnan.Changning Prefecture,being the closest to the southern barbarians,and Flying Eagle Gang being the largest gang in Changning Prefecture,with control over such a lucrative business,naturally became one of the targets that must be taken over."

Su Xin pondered for a moment and said,"Thank you,Lord Iron,for telling me this news.It seems I need to return to Changning Prefecture first."

Iron Heart said,"Don't forget,you are now a member of the Six-Fan Gate.If the other party goes too far,our Six-Fan Gate headquarters in Xiangnan Dao will naturally not stand idly by.But if they don't violate the rules too much,I can't intervene.After all,there are powerful figures behind them,and even Six-Fan Gate would be cautious."

Su Xin nodded,understanding Iron Heart's meaning.

Although the Six-Fan Gate is nominally responsible for overseeing all martial sects,and sometimes even carries out tasks such as slaughtering sects,it depends on who the target is.If the other party is a second or third-rate small sect,it's fine.However,if the target is a first-class sect like the Zheng Sword Alliance or Nian Gang,Six-Fan Gate has to be cautious.Before the other party goes too far,if Six-Fan Gate takes action,the other party probably won't let it go without a fight.

After Iron Heart left,Su Xin did not rush to Changning Prefecture but entered the system first.

After completing the mission in Shangshan City,Su Xin now has a total of 840 points of anti-protagonist value,5 times for intermediate draws,and 7 times for primary draws.

After some contemplation,Su Xin decided to exchange 3 intermediate draws for anti-protagonist value,so he would have 1020 points of anti-protagonist value.The real Blood River Divine Sword consists of three parts:swordsmanship,Blood River Divine Finger,and the weapon Blood River.Su Xin had previously spent 1300 points of anti-protagonist value to exchange for the Blood River Divine Sword.Now,he only needed to spend another 700 points of anti-protagonist value to exchange for the Blood River Divine Finger,leaving him with 320 points of anti-protagonist value for a one-time consumable exchange.

There's no need for 7 primary draws;regarding the two opportunities for intermediate draws,Su Xin thought for a moment and said,"Let's just go for it and eliminate the empty options."

The roulette on the large screen in the system space began to spin.The first draw resulted in a bottle of intermediate Qi-boosting pill,with a system rating of only one and a half stars.For Su Xin at the moment,it was better than nothing.

The second draw commenced,and the roulette landed on the consumables section,revealing an old man in a vermilion eunuch's attire on the large screen.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing a one-time consumable,'Heavenward Staff,'belonging to the character Mi Cangqiong.Martial art level rated three and a half stars.<>

Su Xin's expression was peculiar.He actually drew a eunuch,but this eunuch might be the most unique one in all martial arts novels.

Historically,most of the top martial experts in the palace were eunuchs.Mi Cangqiong was the top expert in the"Who is the Hero in the Hero"series,titled as the number one expert in the palace by Zhang Hou,the Supreme Hall Master of the Beheading Scripture Hall.He was personally bestowed the name Mi Youqiao by the emperor and formed the Youqiao Group with Fang Yingkan.

Mi Cangqiong was unique because of his martial arts.In most martial arts novels,the martial skills of eunuchs tended to be sinister and malicious,reflecting their physical shortcomings and personalities.But Mi Cangqiong was different.He was the direct disciple of Zhang Hou,the Supreme Hall Master of the Beheading Scripture Hall,and learned the'Heavenward Staff,'an integration of the'Wind Knife Frost Sword'with one thousand and one styles.

In terms of seniority,Mi Cangqiong was of the same generation as Yuan Shisanxian and Zhuge Zhengwo.

Unlike other eunuchs whose martial skills were sinister,Mi Cangqiong's'Heavenward Staff'was awe-inspiring and unparalleled in its might.With just one strike,he killed Zhang Sanba,the leader of the Heavenly Dragon Sect,and shook both the righteous and demonic paths.The power of his'Heavenward Staff'was evident from its rating of three and a half stars.

Using it as a life-saving trump card was indeed a good choice.The only awkward thing was the issue of the weapon.

In the original work,Mi Cangqiong once used only one finger to unleash the'Heavenward Staff.'However,now it was Su Xin using it,and to unleash the full power of this consumable,he needed to find a staff.The system space couldn't hold things not belonging to it,and Su Xin couldn't carry a staff just for this consumable.

So,he planned to exchange a wrought iron staff from the system space when using the'Heavenward Staff.'

An ordinary wrought iron staff with a half-star rating in the system space could be exchanged for just 20 points of anti-protagonist value.

After exiting the system space,Su Xin traversed through the dense forests of Xiangnan and headed towards Changning Prefecture.

Whether the last massacre in the Xiangnan forest had subdued the bandits or not,this journey was remarkably peaceful.There was not even a hint of disturbance along the way.

Upon leaving the Xiangnan forest,Su Xin noticed an increase in the number of martial artists on the roads.Some were riding alone,while others were in groups of three to five,all heading in the direction of Donglin Prefecture.

Besides Changning Prefecture,which was once the capital,Donglin Prefecture was twice the size of Changning Prefecture.Previously,Tao Qian's martial arts school was located in Donglin Prefecture.

Su Xin casually stopped someone and asked,"Why are there so many martial artists heading to Donglin Prefecture now?Did something big happen there?"

The person he stopped had a mid-stage acquired realm cultivation,and Su Xin's innate realm pressure was overwhelming,almost causing the martial artist to collapse in fear.

The martial artist quickly and respectfully replied,"Congratulations,senior,for obtaining the'Heavenward Staff'consumable.Di Yunfei,the young master of the Zheng Sword Alliance,is inviting martial heroes from Xiangnan to join him.Right now,there are also well-known young talents from the Nian Gang and the Shangguan family inside Donglin Prefecture,actively recruiting personnel.Of course,we are going there to join their ranks."

Su Xin frowned,"They are all martial artists from the Central Plains.Are you comfortable joining their ranks so readily?"

The martial artist cautiously replied,"Respected senior,to be blunt,someone like me,a wandering martial artist,wouldn't even have a chance to join a sect.Now,the ones recruiting in Xiangnan are top-tier martial forces like the Zheng Sword Alliance.Moreover,Di Yunfei is ranked 57th on the Martial Arts Heroes List,a formidable expert."

"Alright,you may go."Su Xin released the martial artist and pondered.

He had underestimated the allure of top Central Plains sects and renowned experts on these wandering martial artists.According to Iron Heart's information,these top forces didn't provide any extra assistance to their disciples who came to Xiangnan for training.Otherwise,if you had a transcendent expert protecting you,what kind of training would that be?

These individuals had come to Xiangnan alone,yet within just a few days,they had caused such a stir,attracting numerous martial artists from Xiangnan.Reputation,sometimes,could indeed be considered a part of one's strength.