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Chapter 294:Saying One Thing and Doing Another

8819words in this chapter2024-02-19

Seeing Huang Bingcheng agreeing so readily,even Yin Ji himself was somewhat puzzled.

As the saying goes,when things go contrary to the usual,they must have gone wrong.Yin Ji couldn't believe that Huang Bingcheng,Su Xin's confidant,would surrender to him so quickly.If that were really the case,it would only prove that Su Xin was blind.

But since Huang Bingcheng had agreed so readily,Yin Ji couldn't say anything more.He continued,"Next,there are some personnel adjustments that need to be arranged.All the chief constables of the state capitals who need to be transferred should go down and make arrangements."

Yin Ji issued the prepared transfer orders,and as soon as everyone saw them,they immediately revealed a hint of amusement in their eyes.

These so-called transfer orders were actually transferring the subordinates of Lu Xu and others.

Basically,these transfer orders had stripped away the chief constables at the innate realm under Lu Xu and others,but had brought in quite a few constables at the acquired realm for them.

Lu Xu and the others showed a hint of anger in their eyes,but Huang Bingcheng still suppressed them,not allowing them to act on the spot.

Because they had already discussed yesterday to listen to Huang Bingcheng,so even though Lu Xu and the others were angry,they forced themselves to suppress it and planned to ask Huang Bingcheng for clarification later.

Seeing that no one dared to oppose,Yin Ji revealed a hint of smile.He clapped his hands and said,"Next,let me introduce two people to everyone.These two are both honorary chief constables of my Six Gates."

As Yin Ji's voice fell,Jiang Heliu and Yue Qingping immediately stepped forward.

The so-called honorary chief constables were similar to the retainers hired by the major families,all working for money.

However,the honorary chief constables of the Six Gates were inferior to those retainers.At least those retainers could be considered as joining the family,while honorary chief constables couldn't be considered as joining the Six Gates.At best,they were just helping or being hired.

The two disguised figures of Jiang Heliu and Yue Qingping were somewhat influential figures in the local area of Jianghuai Road.They usually had little friction with the Six Gates.Yin Ji explained to the outsiders that he had spent a lot of money and favors to invite them to help out,which also made sense.

But if Yin Ji were to make them both genuine members of the Six Gates,it would be too obvious.Anyone could see through the loophole.

Although many of the chief constables present might not recognize Dai Wanchun disguised as Jiang Heliu,the aura of peak Nascent Soul Realm emanating from him couldn't be disguised,which made many of the chief constables present shudder.

With a peak Nascent Soul Realm expert helping Yin Ji,the cards in his hand were even stronger than Su Xin's initial setup.

Jiang Heliu's appearance served the purpose of bolstering Yin Ji's authority.Seeing the shocked expressions of the people below,Yin Ji was very satisfied.

"Well,today's meeting ends here.But as I am new to Jiangnan Road,I am not very familiar with the situation of each state capital.Anyone who wants to give me a detailed report can stay behind for a detailed discussion,"Yin Ji said lightly.

His meaning was already very clear:those who want to join me should stay,the benefits and such can be discussed slowly.From now on,you will be my trusted subordinates.

This statement caused most of the people present to show conflicted expressions,unsure whether they should stay or not.

Huang Bingcheng and the others didn't waste time and left directly.

As for the other chief constables of the state capitals,more than forty of them left hesitantly within half an hour,leaving only twenty or so behind.

Seeing this scene,Yin Ji's face darkened slightly.

He didn't expect that even after becoming the chief constable of Jiangnan Road,there were still so many people who didn't know how to appreciate favors.

In fact,having more than twenty people willing to join him was already quite good.It must be noted that when Su Xin first arrived on Jiangnan Road,there wasn't a single person standing on Su Xin's side.

Actually,those who left weren't necessarily against Yin Ji.Most of the chief constables of the state capitals just wanted to maintain neutrality.If you could demonstrate your strength and ensure that we won't suffer losses,then naturally we'll follow you.Conversely,it's the same.

However,Yin Ji misunderstood them all as stubborn factions standing with Su Xin.After accepting the allegiance of the twenty-odd chief constables,he directly ordered a trusted constable,"Remember the names of those who left.Consider all their tasks as failed next month,and deduct all their salaries!"

The constable was suddenly startled and hastily asked,"But sir,considering all their tasks as failed is feasible,but how can we deduct their salaries?"

The rule of the Six Gates since ancient times was that the rewards for completing tasks should be higher than the monthly salary.So considering all their tasks as failed was already a serious punishment.Was there still a need to deduct their salaries?

Yin Ji gave him a disdainful glance and said lightly,"Is this such a simple matter that I need to teach you?Just write down any reason in the task evaluation to deduct it directly.If I have to teach you such a simple matter,then you won't need to follow me in the future."

"Yes!Yes!I understand,"the constable hastily replied.

Yin Ji snorted coldly.He really felt like he needed to find a new trusted follower.This person was just too stupid.

Looking at Huang Bingcheng by Su Xin's side,although his strength was not outstanding,he could handle all matters properly.Yin Ji also needed to find such a person.

With these thoughts in mind,Yin Ji shook his head and left.

Just after Yin Ji departed,a black smoke rose from the ground,and the figure of Judge Cui emerged from within it.Clicking his tongue disapprovingly,he remarked,"His mindset is too narrow,only understanding coercion but not kindness.His methods are still too green."

With that said,Judge Cui disappeared once again.Since he had agreed to help Su Xin gather information,he naturally needed to thoroughly investigate the matter.

Since he had nothing to do recently,he decided to treat it as entertainment.Meanwhile,outside the Six Gates,as soon as Huang Bingcheng and the others left,Lu Xu and his companions began to question why Huang Bingcheng didn't refute Yin Ji's actions in the council chamber and agreed to suppress their rights.

Aside from Li Huai,the other three all asked,and Huang Bingcheng hastily explained,"Gentlemen,don't be agitated.Let me explain.We agreed to relinquish our authority to Yin Ji,but the personnel changes will take some time,right?This time frame is under our control.Even if we need a year to prepare,it's up to us."

Upon hearing Huang Bingcheng's explanation,Lu Xu and the others immediately understood.

His idea was actually quite simple:to say one thing and do another.

You tell me to transfer my subordinates to the state capitals below,I agree,but I just drag my feet on it.This way,the worst accusation would be that I'm inefficient.What can you do to me?

Anyway,until Yin Ji finds a good reason,he won't dare to act against them.Accusing them of being inefficient won't kill them.

As for expelling them from the Six Gates,that would be even more ridiculous.Once you're in the Six Gates,there's no way out.In the rules of the Six Gates,expulsion doesn't even exist.

Lu Xu and the others looked at Huang Bingcheng with complex expressions.This time,they realized they had underestimated him before.

Initially,Huang Bingcheng did indeed come from a small faction background,and both his strength and vision were only average.However,people can progress,and so could Huang Bingcheng.

He knew where his strengths and weaknesses lay.Strength was useless for him except for keeping fit;he didn't rely on it for a living.

So,he had always silently followed behind Su Xin,learning his way of thinking and how he handled things.

Huang Bingcheng had always been hidden behind Su Xin,quietly carrying out the tasks assigned by Su Xin,but after Su Xin left,Huang Bingcheng was also capable of holding his own.

After devising a plan,everyone went about their business.

After a few days,when Yin Ji saw that Huang Bingcheng and the others were not making any moves,he sent someone to urge them,but they brushed it off.

After several such occasions,Yin Ji finally realized their intentions,which made him furious.He scolded them in front of many chief constables,but it was futile.

If you scold me,I'll listen,but I won't do as you say.What can you do about it?

Yin Ji even had the impulse to act directly several times,but he managed to restrain himself.After all,not only Liu Fengwu and others were keeping an eye on the Six Gates in Jiangnan Road,but also the Iron Family.

When Su Xin got rid of people like Lei Yuan in the past,he had a legitimate reason.Moreover,he expanded the influence of the Six Gates,suppressing the entire martial arts community in Jiangnan Road,which could be said to have single-handedly restored the prestige of Jiangnan Road.But even so,he was criticized by Liu Fengwu for some far-fetched reasons,causing the rewards he should have received to be revoked.

If Yin Ji were to act against dissidents without a good reason now,the Iron Family would probably send someone to strip him of his position as chief constable of Jiangnan Road,and even Liu Fengwu wouldn't protect him.

With so many concerns,Yin Ji could only begrudgingly let it go.This also made the other chief constables of the state capitals somewhat disdainful after learning about it.

However,after this incident,the Six Gates of Jiangnan Road encountered an even bigger storm.The reason was that Yin Ji deducted all the rewards and salaries that those state capital chief constables who didn't directly join him were supposed to receive.

When it was time to distribute rewards and salaries each month,these people found out that not only did they not receive their due rewards,but they didn't even get their salaries.They were furious and went straight to the headquarters of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Road to reason with Yin Ji.