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Chapter 302:My Worth

8570words in this chapter2024-02-21

Su Xin's words caused a stir among the crowd present,and also stirred anger in the three elders of the Du family.The reason was simple:Su Xin's terms were somewhat exorbitant.

This time,in order to attract some powerful followers,the Du family gritted their teeth and offered several yellow-grade weapons from their family heritage as rewards.With Su Xin's strength,the elders of the Du family were originally prepared to let him choose one of the yellow-grade weapons.

But what was the Big Revitalizing Pill of the Shaolin Temple?It was a secret medicine of the Shaolin Temple.One pill could increase one's skill by ten years.Although it took nearly a year to refine after taking one pill,the potency of this medicine was astonishing.

The Big Revitalizing Pill of the Shaolin Temple was not like the Small Revitalizing Pill;it was not sold to the public.Even within the Shaolin Temple,only martial artists of the Yuanshen realm were qualified to enjoy it.

The precious Big Revitalizing Pill of the Du family was well known in Jiangning Prefecture.It could be said that apart from martial arts,it was the most valuable thing among the many inheritances of the Du family.It was something that their ancestors unexpectedly received help from a senior monk of the Shaolin Temple and was gifted,yet they hadn't dared to use it.

Now,the Du family was preparing to wait for their family head to break through the Nascent Soul realm before giving it to him.This way,they could directly increase his skill by ten years,leaping from the early Nascent Soul stage to the middle stage.

They certainly wouldn't bring out such a treasure.When Su Xin spoke up,the three elders immediately thought that this guy in front of them was simply provoking them.

One of the Du family elders said coldly,"Daoist Qingxuan,your appetite is a bit too big,aren't you afraid of overeating and dying?How dare you covet the Shaolin Big Revitalizing Pill?It's simply outrageous!"

Su Xin replied calmly,"This poor Daoist has a good appetite and is not afraid of overeating.Besides,one Shaolin Big Revitalizing Pill is not a big deal.This poor Daoist knows my worth.Otherwise,you can try."

"Arrogant!"One of the Du family elders snorted coldly and immediately stepped forward to confront Su Xin.

Seeing this,the others quickly retreated dozens of feet,leaving space for the two.

Both of these men were martial artists of the Divine Palace realm,and the damage they caused was quite significant.They didn't want to approach and get accidentally injured.

But at this moment,Su Xin shook his head and said,"One is not enough,why don't you three come together?"

Upon hearing this,the elder of the Du family became even angrier and snorted again,"Arrogant!Wait until you defeat me before speaking!"

This elder of the Du family couldn't believe that he couldn't even defeat a wild Taoist who was a wandering cultivator.

This Du family elder took his own weapon from his disciple,and it turned out to be two heavy swords.

Most people used heavy swords to overpower others,so one was enough.Using two heavy swords meant either extraordinary talent or practicing special martial techniques.

This Du family elder looked tall and mighty,as if he had practiced body-refining techniques.The strength of his blood and qi was much stronger than that of the same level martial artists.But compared to Su Xin,who had reached the sixth level of the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong,he was much inferior.It was needless to say that the reason he used two heavy swords was the latter.


The Du family elder shouted angrily,and his aura surged.The muscles on his arms bulged,even tearing his shirt apart.

The two heavy swords came crashing towards Su Xin like two mountains,endless fierce winds gathering in the center of the two swords,emitting a sense of suppression.

With a movement of his right hand,Su Xin already held an ordinary steel long sword in his hand.

The Rose Sword couldn't be used,but against these ordinary Divine Palace realm martial artists,a steel sword was enough.

Su Xin's sword edge lightly touched,without using any swordsmanship,just a simple thrust.It seemed that he was just like those who had just learned swordsmanship,but compared to the Du family elder's imposing manner,there was a world of difference.

However,these observations were only made by those martial artists who were not strong or who were not strong in their observation skills.The other two Divine Palace realm elders,upon seeing Su Xin's move,had their expressions changed instantly!

Because in Su Xin's simple thrust,they felt Sword Intent!

The ultimate dream of a swordsman was to comprehend their own Sword Intent.Only a martial artist who possessed Sword Intent was qualified to be called a sword cultivator or a swordsman.

For sects like the Sword God Mountain,who were so obsessed with swords to the point of being extreme,even comprehending Sword Intent was considered just the beginning.

Su Xin's simple thrust didn't exhibit any sword qi on the sword edge,but it brewed a peculiar rhythm,a rhythm of destruction!

In an instant,a violent annihilating Sword Intent burst out,and under Su Xin's annihilation Sword Intent,all the bursting attacks of the Du family elder were disintegrated,and even the two heavy swords made of mysterious heavy iron were directly cut into two pieces under this powerful force!

Su Xin's steel long sword lightly rested on the neck of the Du family elder,and then gently withdrew.

The onlookers were all stunned.With their vision,they couldn't understand what had happened in the field.

In their eyes,Su Xin simply thrust his sword,and the bursting attacks of the Du family elder dissipated,and the two heavy swords,which were powerful and heavy,were cut as if they were tofu.

If they didn't know the identities of these two individuals,they would have thought that the two were collaborating to put on a show.

Su Xin smiled faintly and said,"Do I qualify to claim that Big Revitalizing Pill now?"

Except for the Du family elder who was frozen under Su Xin's Sword Intent,the other two Du family elders didn't know how to respond.

Indeed,Su Xin's strength surpassed their imagination.The fact that he had already comprehended Sword Intent was somewhat terrifying.

When Su Xin suggested they all attack together earlier,he wasn't just bluffing.He simply used Sword Intent,and they couldn't stop it.If Su Xin were to use sword techniques,even if the three of them attacked together,they might not be able to withstand it.

However,they dared not agree to Su Xin's request for the Big Revitalizing Pill.

After all,this was the treasure of their Du family.It would be used by their family head after breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm.How could they easily agree to give it to someone else?

At this moment,a voice suddenly came,"The Daoist is indeed qualified for the Big Revitalizing Pill,but I'm not sure if I can trust you,Daoist."

The three Du family elders quickly turned around and saluted,"Family Head."

Coming out from the Du family's entrance was a middle-aged man with a square face,dignified and extraordinary.

He waved his hand to signal the three Du family elders not to be too formal but kept his gaze fixed on Su Xin,saying,"Daoist Qingxuan,the preciousness of the Big Revitalizing Pill is self-evident.Now,it's a matter of life and death for my Du family.How can I trust that you are not a spy sent by the Zhang family?If you are,taking the pill and then betraying us,wouldn't my Du family be ruined?"

In front of everyone,the Du family head straightforwardly mentioned the situation between the Du family and the Zhang family,which surprised Su Xin a bit.

But some people understood the implication in Su Xin's words.The key was in the second sentence.The Zhang family couldn't afford Su Xin.If they could employ him,would there be a need to send him as a spy?They could just bring their forces directly to destroy the Du family.

Of course,if these words were said directly,it would probably make the Du family furious.Therefore,Su Xin's words were somewhat ambiguous,but the Du family head was a smart man,and he naturally understood.

Indeed,after understanding this,the Du family head immediately agreed.

Such a strong Divine Palace realm expert must not be let go.

But the three Du family elders quickly intervened,"Family Head,you can't!If you give him the Big Revitalizing Pill,what will you do after you break through to the Nascent Soul realm yourself?We must keep the Big Revitalizing Pill.If Daoist Qingxuan wants something else,as long as we have it in the Du family,we will definitely offer it."

The Du family head shook his head and said,"Elder Wu,don't treat the Big Revitalizing Pill as a shortcut.It's just an icing on the cake.If my Du family can't survive this disaster,do you think I still have a chance to break through to the Nascent Soul realm?On the contrary,if my Du family can survive,we will definitely flourish again for decades.By then,I will have plenty of time to accumulate strength in seclusion.We don't necessarily need this Big Revitalizing Pill."

After hearing what their family head said,the three elders had to give up.

The Du family head turned to Su Xin and clasped his hands,saying,"Daoist Qingxuan,I agree to your conditions.Now,what do you think?Would you like to join my Du family?"

Su Xin also clasped his hands and smiled,"That is my wish."

"Alright,please come to the hall,Daoist."The Du family head made a gesture of invitation to Su Xin.

In his view,as long as he recruited Su Xin this time,it would be equivalent to recruiting ten martial artists at the innate realm.

Being able to cultivate Sword Intent proved that Su Xin's swordsmanship was indeed amazing,and his strength was not inferior to that of the Du family head himself.

So,as long as Su Xin sincerely wanted to join their Du family,once they went to war with the Zhang family,he and Su Xin could hold off half of Zhang family's strength.As for the rest,wouldn't the Du family be able to handle it?