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Chapter 311:Adding Fuel to the Fire

8936words in this chapter2024-02-22

The Sword Feather Armor presented by Niutou was exactly to Su Xin's liking—simple,understated,yet offering commendable defense.

Of course,it had its drawbacks,which were quite normal.After all,this Sword Feather Armor was meant to be used as an inner lining for a complete set of armor.If an attack managed to penetrate through the outer layer of armor,the intensity of that attack would be substantial.At that point,no matter how resilient this Sword Feather Armor was,it would be of no use.

Overall,Su Xin was quite satisfied with it.He nodded and said,"No problem,he's the one."

Su Xin's prompt agreement made Niutou feel a bit embarrassed.Throughout history,defensive treasures like this were rare and thus quite expensive,more so than weapons of the same level.However,despite the various characteristics of this armor,at best it was only equivalent to a ground-level weapon.Yet,the remains of the celestial soldier that Su Xin provided for him,even after repair,far surpassed ordinary celestial soldiers.Even though it would cost him to repair it,Niutou was still getting a great deal.

Moreover,Niutou never liked this type of close-fitting armor.So,in his hands,this Sword Feather Armor was essentially useless.

The thought of exchanging something he considered useless for a treasure made Niutou feel somewhat embarrassed.

As for Su Xin's request for his help in dealing with Jiang Heliu,Niutou found it even less noteworthy.After all,Jiang Heliu was only at the Divine Transformation Realm.Even if Su Xin didn't offer anything in exchange,just based on their shared identity as fellow members of the Underworld,Niutou would have helped him out if Su Xin asked.It would have been a gesture of goodwill to a new fellow member.

Therefore,feeling rather awkward,Niutou clasped his hands together and said to Su Xin,"Chujiang King,I and my brother Mamian have accepted this favor.Whenever you need anything,just ask."

Su Xin returned the gesture with a smile,saying,"It's just an equal exchange,no need to be polite."

Now Su Xin was beginning to see the benefits of the Underworld.Outside,he wouldn't have had the qualifications to converse on equal terms with a warrior at the Divine Transformation Realm,let alone hear them express indebtedness to him.

With the transaction concluded,after Niutou carefully stowed away his treasures,he asked Su Xin,"So,when are you planning to deal with Jiang Heliu?Are we going now?"

A glint of coldness flashed in Su Xin's eyes as he replied,"No rush.The timing isn't right yet.I need to wait a while longer."

The situation in Jiangnan Province was chaotic enough,but it wasn't at the point of complete upheaval yet.He needed to add fuel to the fire before intervening.If he didn't wait until the situation was at its worst,how could he demonstrate his importance?

Niutou nodded nonchalantly."Alright then.I'll be cultivating in the Underworld during this time.Just inform me when you're ready to act."

With that said,Niutou retreated to his palace to cultivate,while Magistrate Cui and the others dispersed.Su Xin,on the other hand,returned to Jiangnan Province,preparing to add another spark to the current situation there.

Su Xin now understood clearly:Yin Ji somehow colluded with remnants of the Wu Kingdom,and Jiang Heliu and Yue Qingping were currently undercover within the Six Ministry Gates.Dealing with them was simple.With the power he held,he could easily have Niutou secretly eliminate Jiang Heliu,then expose Yin Ji's true face himself and reclaim the position of Chief Constable of Jiangnan Province.

However,for Su Xin,who sought to maximize his interests,this seemed insufficient.This incident was initially provoked by Liu Fengwu's desire to send people to pick peaches.If Su Xin didn't give them a profound lesson,there was no guarantee that others wouldn't come to pick peaches again.After all,there was more than just Liu Fengwu among the Four Great Divine Constables.

He wanted the headquarters of the Six Ministry Gates to know that Jiangnan Province couldn't do without him,Su Xin.Only he had the qualifications to suppress Jiangnan Province.Others meddling would only ruin Jiangnan Province.

Back in Jiangnan Province,Su Xin lurked in the shadows,observing,ready to add another spark at any moment.

Currently,the martial world of Jiangnan Province,both within the Six Ministry Gates and among the martial sects,was in a state of panic due to Yin Ji's actions.Finding an opportunity to add fuel to the fire was quite easy.

In less than ten days,Su Xin found his chance.

Although the so-called taxation imposed by Yin Ji was despised by both the headquarters of the Six Ministry Gates and the Six Ministry Gates of Jiangnan Province,it was still related to Yin Ji's dignity.He had already collected taxes for a month.If he were to stop abruptly in the second month,wouldn't it be like slapping himself in the face?

This would undoubtedly be more embarrassing,so Yin Ji had to instruct his subordinates to continue collecting the so-called"taxes"from the major sects in the second month.

Although the constables below resented it bitterly,they had no choice but to once again play the role of"beggars"and go begging from the sects.

At this moment,in Qingyang Prefecture,upon receiving Yin Ji's orders,Zhang Ze,the Chief Constable of Qingyang Prefecture,could only send people to carry out the orders reluctantly.

In fact,Zhang Ze could be considered Su Xin's man.When Su Xin was assassinated in Qingyang Prefecture,Zhang Ze thought Su Xin would definitely blame him.Unexpectedly,Su Xin didn't say a word of reproach.

Moreover,previously,Su Xin had asked him to help the Fei family reclaim a piece of land in the guise of the Six Ministry Gates,promising him a share of the herbs produced on that land when turned into pills.

He knew Su Xin didn't value those pills,but he wasn't considered one of Su Xin's confidants at the time.Yet,Su Xin readily allocated the quota of pills to him,which deeply moved Zhang Ze.

However,though he was inclined towards Su Xin,he was helpless in the face of current circumstances,where might prevailed and Su Xin's fate was uncertain.Moreover,in the eyes of the headquarters of the Six Ministry Gates,Su Xin was already dead.Yin Ji held all the power,even Huang Bingcheng and others,who were once Su Xin's confidants,had been sidelined.Zhang Ze had no other choice but to go with the flow.

After the assignment was given,Zhang Ze gathered his constables and coughed before saying,"It's time again to collect taxes from those martial sects.Let's make it fair this time.Let's draw lots to decide.Two people from each sect,and we have nine minor forces around Qingyang Prefecture and three minor forces combined,totaling eighteen people.Let's start drawing."

Zhang Ze had someone bring out a box for drawing lots,and the faces of his constables instantly turned as if they had lost their entire families.

They hadn't forgotten how they were treated by those sects when they went to collect taxes last month.They were treated as if they were beggars.If this had happened during the golden era of the Six Ministry Gates,everyone would have endured it as a norm.

But in the six months since Su Xin had taken charge of the Six Ministry Gates,he had revived its prestige,making everyone proud.Now,they were being made to play second fiddle again.Who would be willing?It's easy to go from frugality to luxury,but difficult to go from luxury to frugality.

However,they also knew this was an order from above that couldn't be disobeyed,so they reluctantly drew lots.When the unfortunate eighteen people were chosen,those who weren't picked felt relieved,glad they didn't have to face embarrassment.

But it couldn't be said that all eighteen were unlucky.At least those chosen to collect taxes from the Fei family could benefit.

In the eyes of these constables,although the Fei family were descendants of the barbarians,they were quite considerate.When Su Xin helped them reclaim the land from the Qingping Sect,they became allies with the Qingyang Prefecture Six Ministry Gates.Later,even when news of Su Xin's death came and the Six Ministry Gates of Jiangnan Province made a fool of themselves,the Fei family remained respectful.Last time they went to collect taxes from various sects,they were treated with disdain,as if they were beggars.Only the Fei family treated them differently.

When they nervously arrived at the Fei family,they were warmly received,even by the two Divine Transformation Realm masters of the Fei family,who spoke a few words to them and arranged a banquet before letting them leave.When they left,they were even given a large package of cultivation resources as a gift,worth as much as three months'salary they had earned through hard work.All they had to do was pluck a bit out of these resources and hand it over to their superiors to justify their trip.

So,the others envied the two constables chosen to visit the Fei family.It wasn't about being looked down upon,but being treated as honored guests.

However,compared to the fortunate two chosen to visit the Fei family,the two chosen to visit the Qingping Sect,Yao An and Pang Qian,felt they had drawn the short straw.The reason being,the Qingyang Prefecture Six Ministry Gates had a feud with the Qingping Sect.Last time,when Su Xin ordered them to demand a piece of land from the Qingping Sect on behalf of the Six Ministry Gates of Jiangnan Province,although the Qingping Sect complied due to the authority of the Six Ministry Gates,they were deeply resentful.When they learned of the importance of the land to the Fei family,they were prepared to demand a hefty price from the Fei family.Unexpectedly,they were thwarted by the Six Ministry Gates of Jiangnan Province.

They didn't expect karma to come so quickly.With the news of Su Xin's death and the chaos caused by the Six Ministry Gates of Jiangnan Province,the Qingping Sect was no longer afraid of the Six Ministry Gates.So,when the people from the Six Ministry Gates came to collect taxes last time,they humiliated them and sent them away as if they were beggars.When this news reached the Qingyang Prefecture Six Ministry Gates,the constables were angry,but they were helpless.

When Yao An and Pang Qian went to the Qingping Sect this time,they felt miserable,and Yao An even prepared himself to be humiliated.But Pang Qian was somewhat unwilling.