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Chapter 319:Xie Zhiyan's Worry

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Major sects have their own restrictions,so for those smaller sects,as long as they don't blatantly provoke,they naturally wouldn't engage in large-scale slaughter against them.

Similarly,those smaller sects wouldn't dare to provoke major sects unless they were out of their minds.

If others don't make a move against you,it's simply because you haven't crossed their bottom line yet.Once you touch upon the bottom line of those major sects,they will use their swords to show you the gap in strength.

"By the way,why did the Yijian Sect send you this time?With your status within the Yijian Sect,such trivial matters shouldn't fall on you,"Su Xin asked with some confusion.

The Yijian Sect isn't like the Xia family.The head of the family has to mediate many things,so young disciples from distinguished families have to start training early.

The structure of the Yijian Sect is similar to that of the Sword God Mountain,following an elite route.There are dedicated disciples responsible for mundane matters,while direct disciples only need to focus on cultivation.

Handling these matters with Xie Zhiyan's status would only waste time.It's more profitable to use this time for cultivation.

Therefore,leaders of major sects that follow the elite route will always keep direct disciples away from these messy matters,allowing them to focus on cultivation so that their strength can overwhelm everything else.

Xie Zhiyan explained,"There's no other way.This is a rule of the Yijian Sect.Since three of the four former sword masters of the Yijian Sect fell,and even more disciples in the middle and lower levels perished,the Yijian Sect decided that all disciples from now on must undergo some training in mundane matters.They can't just focus on cultivation as before."

Su Xin narrowed his eyes.He knew about what Xie Zhiyan mentioned.It was a major event that shook the entire martial world and was a key factor in the decline of the Yijian Sect.

This incident occurred twenty years ago and was related to the Exorcism Sect within the Nine Prisons Evil Sect.

The Exorcism Sect is an extremely unique demonic sect within the Nine Prisons Evil Sect.They excel not in martial arts,but in refining the bodies of powerful warriors to manipulate them as corpse puppets for battle.

Demonic sects have always been despised by the righteous path,and the Exorcism Sect is particularly unwelcome within the demonic sects because their techniques require a large number of powerful warrior bodies.

It's not easy to obtain the bodies of wandering cultivators or ancient warriors,so they turned their attention to the tombs and graves of major sects.

It could be said that the Exorcism Sect has done quite a lot of grave robbing,almost causing a joint pursuit and killing by both the righteous and demonic paths.

Therefore,the Exorcism Sect has always kept a low profile in the martial world.They don't wander around in the Central Plains when there's nothing going on.Instead,they hide in the deep mountains and forests of western Hunan to practice corpse refining.

The grudge between the Exorcism Sect and the Yijian Sect arose because of a corpse,the corpse of the founding ancestor of the Yijian Sect.

When the founding ancestor of the Yijian Sect passed away,he wasn't within the Yijian Sect.After establishing the Yijian Sect,he traveled the world alone and eventually disappeared without a trace.

However,twenty years ago,the Exorcism Sect unexpectedly discovered the corpse of the Yijian Sect's founding ancestor.

The founding ancestor of the Yijian Sect was a true martial realm immortal.His corpse had endured for millions of years,retaining his sword intent.If this kind of existence were to be refined into a corpse puppet,it would at least double the strength of the Exorcism Sect!

But when this news was accidentally leaked,it aroused the anger of the Yijian Sect.

After all,no sect could tolerate their founding ancestor being treated as a tool to be refined into a murderous weapon.It was an insult to the Yijian Sect.

So the Yijian Sect directly ordered the Exorcism Sect to hand over the corpse of their ancestor,otherwise they would never give up on pursuing them.

But the Exorcism Sect would never agree to such a demand.A true martial realm immortal's corpse could double their strength,making them one of the top three forces among the Nine Prisons Evil Sect.They couldn't just hand it over like that.

And the Yijian Sect was resolute as well.In order to maintain the dignity of the Yijian Sect,under the leadership of the four major sword masters,the Yijian Sect directly launched a life-and-death battle against the Exorcism Sect.However,the result was mutually damaging.

After this battle,three of the four major sword masters of the Yijian Sect directly fell,leaving only the youngest'Xuanxin Sword Master,'Meng Jingxian,alive.

And the rest of the disciples of the Yijian Sect also suffered heavy casualties,with nearly seventy percent perishing,causing the strength of the Yijian Sect to completely decline from its position as the number one among the Five Sword Sects.

The Exorcism Sect suffered even more.Almost the entire Exorcism Sect was completely wiped out by the Yijian Sect.All eighteen Xuantian gold corpses refined from the bodies of Yang Shen realm warriors were slaughtered,and the head of the Exorcism Sect also died under the sword of the Yijian Sect's Senluo Sword Master.

If it weren't for the remnants of the Exorcism Sect relying on the ancestral treasure of the Exorcism Sect to escape,there probably wouldn't be the Exorcism Sect in the martial world today.

However,after this incident,the Exorcism Sect could be said to have suffered a great loss.The remaining members hid in the deep mountains and forests of western Hunan for recuperation.In the twenty years since,they have never set foot in the Central Plains again,indicating the extent of their misery.

This incident shook the entire martial world at the time,after all,it was a battle of extermination between two top sects,with significant repercussions in both scale and impact,even affecting today's world.

Over these twenty years,not only has the Exorcism Sect not recovered,but even the Yijian Sect is in a similar situation.

Otherwise,the Yijian Sect wouldn't have had Xie Zhiyan,a direct disciple,intervene in such sect affairs.It's because the Yijian Sect is truly short-handed now.Even though they follow an elite route,even outer disciples responsible for handling miscellaneous tasks cannot just fill in the numbers.

Xie Zhiyan rubbed her head with some headache.Training in swordsmanship and killing people was fine for her,but dealing with these matters was something she truly wasn't good at.

At this moment,Su Xin suddenly said,"How about I help you?I'll handle the Zhou family and the Shen family matter for you."

Xie Zhiyan suddenly looked at Su Xin.It had to be said that Su Xin was most adept at handling such matters.

In terms of intellect,Xie Zhiyan believed she was not inferior to Su Xin,but it also depended on the situation.

Handling matters concerning the Zhou family and the Shen family,Su Xin,the chief constable of Jiangnan Dao,was undoubtedly the most capable.

He maneuvered freely in Jiangnan Dao,manipulating both second-rate forces and first-rate forces with Yuanshen realm warriors,shaking Jiangnan Dao.Now dealing with the Zhou family and the Shen family,who were considered bottom-tier even among second-rate forces,was simply child's play.

But Su Xin continued,"Of course,my methods may be harsher.People will die,and a lot of people will die."

Xie Zhiyan frowned."Can we do it in a more moderate way?"

Su Xin shook his head."No,you've seen the situation of both families now.They're completely blinded by rage.Without enough casualties,they won't relent.Moreover,with the method I use,I can make it a one-time effort for your Yijian Sect,and you won't have to worry about these two small families anymore."

Xie Zhiyan thought for a moment and then agreed.

Although she wasn't a femme fatale like Yin Xixue,she wasn't a woman with excessive compassion either.

From being at the bottom of the People Ranking to now,she had risen through killing countless criminals and villains.

Now,with her identity as a disciple of the Yijian Sect,she was somewhat constrained.If she didn't allow Su Xin to take drastic measures,she feared that after another month of waiting,there would be no progress in the situation.

"So,what's your plan?"Xie Zhiyan asked.

Su Xin said,"It's simple.Let's completely cripple both families.They are second-rate forces now,right?I'll make them third-rate forces,and then I'll involve several other third-rate forces in Moling Prefecture.Let them compete with each other.Your Yijian Sect just needs to watch from the sidelines and ensure that no single family becomes dominant among them."

One monk carries water to drink;two monks carry water to drink;three monks have no water to drink.

When there are more forces in Moling Prefecture,even if they want to fight,they won't be able to.They'll only have continuous friction and conflict among themselves.

Xie Zhiyan fell silent.Su Xin's method sounded simple,but in practice,a considerable number of people would die.

Now,whether it was the Zhou family or the Shen family,they each had about ten Godly Realm warriors.To turn them into third-rate forces,they would need to weaken their strength by at least ninety percent,meaning at least eight or nine out of these ten Godly Realm warriors.

Xie Zhiyan nodded."Well,thank you for this.When we return to the Yijian Sect,I will prepare something to thank you."

Su Xin shook his head."There's no need for thanks.Both the Zhou family and the Shen family are just second-rate forces.They have some wealth,which your Yijian Sect wouldn't even fancy.I'll just take it as payment."

Since Su Xin put it this way,Xie Zhiyan naturally had no objections.

After all,she was at her wit's end with these two families.Everything would depend on how Su Xin handled it.

However,Xie Zhiyan was still very curious about how Su Xin planned to instigate a deadly conflict between the Shen family and the Zhou family.After all,these two families were not Su Xin's puppets.He couldn't simply decide how many people from each family would die.

Su Xin took out a human skin mask from his mustard seed bag.It was a mask he had used before,portraying a handsome young man.

This human skin mask represented Su Xin's identity during his time in Shangshan City as Meng Qingze,a disciple of the Wanderer Sect's Zong Haoyang.

"Miss Xie,although the Zhou family and the Shen family are vassal families of your Yijian Sect,your understanding of them is not as deep as mine.

For example,this Shen family.The former wandering martial artist,Zong Haoyang,once fell in love with the eldest daughter of the Shen family,Shen Xijun.However,he was beaten and driven away by the Shen family,leading to Zong Haoyang's lifelong regret.Shen Xijun also entered a nunnery and remained unmarried for life.

And my current identity is that of Meng Qingze,a disciple of Zong Haoyang,and the current strength of the Shen family is obviously inferior to the Zhou family's.This is different from what I expected,so I want to'help'the Shen family first with this identity."